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Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring Used Deck

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster
Tuner Monster
- 3 Zombie 0 1800
When a card or effect is activated that includes any of these effects (Quick Effect): You can discard this card; negate that effect.
●Add a card from the Deck to the hand.
●Special Summon from the Deck.
●Send a card from the Deck to the GY.
You can only use this effect of "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring" once per turn.
Average Rating Score 9.8(133)
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"Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring" card reviews and rating scores

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japan Yuu·Takasaki
2023/06/27 22:17
Yugioh Icon
The strongest hand-inducing card that had an outrageous impact on the environment, and the most hated of most decks
Whether you attack first or second, it will never spoil, so almost? Adoptable for all Decks
japan まくろる
2023/05/18 20:59
Yugioh Icon
One of the hand trigger cards that represent modern Yu-Gi-Oh!
Can be glared for most of the effects of touching the deck.
However, since it can only be used once per turn, it is necessary to carefully determine when to use it.
However, currently, even if you block it once with Urara, its movement will slow down, and it will often be difficult to deal with it.
It may be a standard that it is used exclusively as a counter card against 《Maxx "C"》used by the opponent.
By the way, the effect will be activated even if it is excluded due to the activation by throwing it away. Advantages that have an unexpectedly large impact.
japan ラーのよくタヒぬ龍
2023/05/16 19:17
Yugioh Icon
Every time this guy is used, I think (Tahine!). I'm playing Master Duel, but I don't have enough points and I don't have a single card.
It's actually strong, so I want to throw it into the sea like Exodia.
japan かどまん
2023/01/20 23:42
Yugioh Icon
Rather than a broken card from Maximum Crisis
Existence that transcends them and becomes a necessary evil of Yu-Gi-Oh OCG
"Effects that take cards from the Deck, summon cards, and include them"
The defensive range of negate all this affects any deck
When constructing his deck for modern Yu-Gi-Oh, this card is the first to get on board rather than the theme.
In addition, you can negate the typical 《Maxx "C"》, so it won't spoil even in the first place.
The sight of dogfights where triggers negate triggers has become a familiar sight with this card.
Both are reprinted frequently, but the price doesn't go down
Demand is always there, so if Strak is reprinted, you should secure it.
japan カディーン
2023/01/05 10:21
Yugioh Icon
Youkai girl lead. The most chained card in Yu-Gi-Oh history. Maybe the number of times I've been chained is also number one.
Overwhelming first move kill that negates all the effects of touching the deck. Her deck doesn't exist that this guy can't pierce, and it's an existence related to the core of Yu-Gi-Oh. Since it became easy to obtain with Strak recording, it became an environment where even casual people throw ponpons. Dodgeball is for conversation only.
The fact that it can even destroy draws is extremely brutal, and it's a nightmare counter for router spells, who have increased from around the 5th season by discarding one card and drawing two cards. It doesn't give even the faintest hope to a duelist who has an accident. Will the bruises shine too?
For better or for worse, it has provided unforgettable experiences to many duelists, and boasts top-class popularity in the secondary creation world. He entertains us with a wide variety of art styles, from a mysterious creature that chomps, to a surreal scene where the nominated female brat and an old man Shinsen fight.
It has a necessary evil element in the environment to some extent, and plays a role of one of the few brakes against the unstoppable speed increase, but for archetypes and categories that can not climb the environment, it is a kind of punishment that stops the breath. It is also true that it functions as a foot cut.
If it's a tournament, it's unavoidable, but in free play, it's a bit too cruel. If you're a top duelist, have the gentlemanly leeway to always carry a Flip Fan Deck in your case. Beginners must cherish it and sink it in the swamp.
japan 波切
2022/12/21 16:20
Yugioh Icon
It is one of the cards that are treated as infrastructure for modern Yu-Gi-Oh, and its performance is 100 points out of 10.
While other hand trigger cards basically have the trigger condition of "discard from hand to his GY", this card "discards from hand", so there is no problem even under 《Macro Cosmos》or 《Dimension Shifter》Strong enough to use.
It's not uncommon for the game to end just by using this card in a theme with a thin initial movement, and has driven many past theme fan Decks to waste.
However, recent themes have been designed assuming that the opponent is holding this card, and the number of moves is abnormally high, and gimmicks that make this card ineffective in the first place are adopted, so you can't let your guard down. Specifically, it is powerless against "effects that set it directly on the field, effects that remove it from the Deck, effects that Special Summon from the EX Deck, etc."
In addition, it is often said that it is a "necessary evil to suppress the development of the first attack", but it can be said that it promotes the advantage of the first attack because it also stops the 《Proliferating G》used to suppress the development of the first attack. .
On the other hand, the second attacking side can also easily one-kill, so it is also true that the game will end if both sides do not have a way to stop the development.
Modern Yu-Gi-Oh has collapsed due to Konami's sloppy game design, but it seems impossible to change course now. Not even a card game that was originally balanced.
That's why the most interesting part of this game might be to accurately throw Urara and decide the must counter.
japan もにゅめ
2022/12/21 14:05
Yugioh Icon
Speaking of modern Yu-Gi-Oh, this card. 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》, which has become Yu-Gi-Oh's flagship monster, is a necessary evil and an indispensable card for survival in modern Yu-Gi-Oh.
Card manipulation from the deck is an action that almost all decks do, and it often crashes when these are stopped.
What's more, I was able to negate the opponent's 《Proliferating G》, and this card routinely flew from my hand in the air as both a preemptive suppression and a post-attack obstruction...
Moreover, the dangerous part of this card is that it "contains" any effect, so for example, effects such as "draw a card from the Deck and destroy the opponent's card" can all be negate.
As a specific example, 《Guardian Chimera》's ``① Can be activated when this card is successfully fusion summoned by the effect of a spell card. Select and destroy as many cards on the opponent's field as the number of cards you have specified." contains a draw effect, so it can be chained with 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》, and if the draw effect is negate, the subsequent destruction effect will also be destroyed. No action is taken.
Because of this, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is often useful not only in the preemptive domination meta, but also in the middle of the Duel in unexpected ways.
What's more, for some reason this card is a "Tuner", ATK is 0, and it's a fire attribute Zombie, so it's also powerful in terms of status, and in some cases, it can be used other than hand triggers, and depending on the theme or card, 《There are also rumors that you can search for Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》or not...
However, in modern times, there are more and more Decks that can't stop with just one 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》. There are many things to be careful about, such as rotting if you have two.
Also, be aware that effects such as effects that are set directly from the Deck to the field (such as The Weather Deck) and effects that are added from the Deck to the EX Deck (such as 《Heavymetalfoes Electrumite》) cannot be negate.
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》, which makes me feel safe when it's in my hand, and annoyed when it's used by my opponent, was sent from my hand to his GY today as well...
However, the number one problem is that this card, which requires 3 copies, is too expensive for those who are new to modern Yu-Gi-Oh...
japan asd
2022/10/22 15:43
Yugioh Icon
A card trigger that boasts an overwhelming adoption rate.
Most of the effects that touch the Deck are negated effects, but there are also effects that do not work, such as "putting it on the field from the Deck" and "setting it on the field from the Deck".
For the second attack, it is an important means to stop the development of the first attack, and for the first attack, it is also a card that can defend against a multiplying G.
japan 金平糖
2022/10/18 14:17
Yugioh Icon
strong. that's all.
It can be said that it is enough evaluation alone. The range that can be negate is wide, and all of them are stuck in modern Yu-Gi-Oh.
Since you can't destroy it just by negate it, if you stop the monster effect that searches for it at the time of summoning, you lose 1 card. In such a case, declarations and notifications will perform better, but the overwhelming advantage of this card is that it is ``no cost'', ``can interfere with a wide range'', and above all, ``can be activated against advance deployment''. Supporting dominance.
With a few exceptions, such as Erdo, who uses excellent reasoning, there is no reason not to use him in the development type, whether it is a trap type, serious, or casual.
japan ブルーバード
2022/09/13 21:08
Yugioh Icon
I'm not a self-proclaimed poor JK, I don't care about Morpeko, and I have absolutely nothing to do with Uma Musume.
A female brat that interferes with the duelist's basic actions despite his bad personality. However, if you trust her properly, she is also a saint who will take on the role of a duelist and protect you. How many times has she been saved by this female brat...? If she really turned into a Nendoroid or a plastic model, I might worship her every morning. Urara Thank you as always! (ry
Three stacks are recommended as a modern Yu-Gi-Oh's human right, but if she's not confident in her control, or if it's not a good deck, pin stabs are fine. Because there is a turn 1 card with the same name, and if you have more than one card in your hand, it will go bad, and it will eat up your Deck throttle. Instead of stacking multiple copies of this card, stack 3 《Proliferating G》and draw this card. Inflating with hand triggers that don't have turn 1 such as Effect Veiler and D.D. Crow. Above all, you can save money without buying a card unnecessarily because it is pin-punched. It's an important skill for living in the future to save money and enjoy the duel.
japan ナルユキ
2022/07/21 16:19
Yugioh Icon
Pekora────That wasn't it, Urara Thank you as always!
Search, Recruit, Draw, GY Fertilization, etc. It is a hand trigger that has the potential to surrender the turn without letting the opponent do anything by negating the initial card that the opponent uses for deployment.
Of course, I would like to negate it as well, as I would hesitate if 《Maxx "C"》is used when I play first.
However, there is a turn 1 limit, so if you add a dub, it will be rotten. On the other hand, if you reduce it, you won't be able to draw in the first place, and the opponent's space expansion → the control formation that can't be turned over, and the game will be over.》It's been whispered without a joke that it will be made with 3 cards.
japan カンゲツ
2022/07/12 22:23
Yugioh Icon
One of the youkai girls
Negate it in response to effects that move a card in the Deck somewhere other than the exclusion zone.
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG gathers materials for Special Summon by making full use of search, recruiting, GY sending, etc.
Call out more and more sleeping aces in the EX Deck to dominate the board
It has become a game of "mainstream to spin at high speed--Bruno".
If you don't do well, you may end up with the first move and the match will end. For that reason as well, cards like this that can stop the opponent's solitaire must be accepted as a kind of "necessary evil" and "deterrence".
It's easy to forget, but this girl is a tuner like all youkai girls.
Once in a while, please remember the use as a tuner.
japan くず
2022/06/27 16:52
Yugioh Icon
I feel like something is wrong when this card, which has 3 copies in every deck, and the required cards for other themes are lined up with 10 points.
japan E−HERO愛用中のクリムゾン・ノヴァ
2022/06/25 18:08
Yugioh Icon
This is probably the one with the most gap between feeling good when you use it and feeling bad when your opponent uses it.
It's easy to see how Saatchi is supporting the modern Yu-Gi-Oh, and there are many decks of his that sink when hit by this guy. 《Called by the Grave》and 《Crossout Designator》are countermeasures, but conversely, if they aren't in your hand, you're in a pretty dangerous situation. For that reason, it is becoming mainstream to activate the appropriate search effect first, and then activate the favorite search effect after the Urara flies over there. It was also a tuner, so I was able to connect it to 《Crystron Halifayre》. (Currently, Hari-san is banned, so it's impossible) Anyway, it eats 《Proliferating G》and 《Nana Jar》, so it's still a useful card in your initial hand!
 …On a different topic, 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》was reprinted in the Structure Deck [-The Legend of the Jewel-] released today, so I bought 3 boxes and opened them, but the rarity was normal. It was disappointing that it was different from what I imagined.
japan あんぽんたん
2022/05/31 20:26
Yugioh Icon
I love everyone
It's a must-have card except when you're casual with friends. Inflation has progressed further and penetration has decreased, but it is still strong (needless to say). It's probably a card you'll need until the end of Yu-Gi-Oh, and when it's no longer needed (or banned), I think that's the end of Yu-Gi-Oh.
japan フラクトール
2022/05/31 20:15
Yugioh Icon
Left Arm Offering》, 《Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing》, 《Winds Over the Ice Barrier》, etc., are so popular that there are many cards whose evaluation changes due to the existence of this card. You can see how durable and powerful it is.
Also, don't stop increasing G with a face like you're correcting the advantage of going first.
japan スノコ
2022/05/30 17:58
Yugioh Icon
Probably the most used hand trigger card.
It has a simple yet incredibly strong effect that almost negates the effect of touching the deck.
There is no trigger that is so frustrating to be hit by an opponent.
Despite that, it seems to be popular, and there are sleeves and mates in Master Duel.
japan ねおんちゃん
2022/04/21 1:08
Yugioh Icon
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is not strong or weak, but it is almost impossible to construct without it.
Unless you're one of those people who likes to be forced into a cold, boring game with unrestricted development, there's no reason not to pick up three.
All modern Yu-Gi-Oh cards are probably adjusted to a proper game speed only after being suppressed by this card.
japan けーの
2022/03/29 22:52
Yugioh Icon
Amaze Attraction "Yu-Gi-Oh" ticket
It is a ticket that allows you to participate in Yu-Gi-Oh by purchasing two or more tickets for 1500 yen each.
If you don't have a ticket and lose at rock-paper-scissors, you can enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh in reading mode.
Please note that if you play first, the game will be over if your opponent has 《Maxx "C"》.
(2022/6 postscript)
Decided to be included in Hogyoku Strak
However, since it is expected that people who want to stack 3 cards in multiple decks, or those who sell construction decks will buy and hunt, whether it will be less than 1000 yen ...
japan AIBO
2022/03/16 12:23
Yugioh Icon
Apparently this is my 100th rating for this card.
From this number of evaluations, you can see that she is a deco girl who is loved and loved by everyone.
It's an effect that has the essence of Yu-Gi-Oh, or any card game, where it can be chained to an opponent's effect and negate the effect that jumps out of the Deck.
There is certainly a Deck of his that doesn't stop at this one card. However, it is true that this single card can stop most of his deck movement. If you hit it blindly and use it in the wrong place, your opponent's deck won't stop, so I think it's important to use this card to know where to stop it and how to harass your opponent (Must Counter).
Personally, I like the different illustrations on the soles of Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. It seems to be smooth. Excuse me.
japan やっつけ先生
2022/03/05 7:34
Yugioh Icon
Yu-Gi-Oh's strongest card in terms of versatility and ability. It's almost impossible that Urara doesn't fit in if you're serious about assembling. It's a human rights card that needs to be thought of as something to eat and build. There are some strange voices due to the high rate of adoption, but I don't think Urara will be regulated in the game room where the card pool is expanding and speeding up is always a concern. Yu-Gi-Oh is a necessary evil.
japan しぐれん
2022/02/23 15:36
Yugioh Icon
Stop at Urara → Fan Deck
Unstoppable → Gachi Deck
japan ねこーら
2022/01/30 13:26
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: One card I want to hold in the initial hand of the second attack.
Because he can stop draws, searches, recruits, and GY fertilize, he can affect movement in almost any deck of his.
Since it can stop the opponent's deployment in a high-speed environment, I want to use it as much as possible to prevent the opponent's deployment.
If the opponent moves and forms a board that is impossible to turn over, you will lose.
Well, it's not always possible to stop it because it can be dealt with by holding Called by the Grave or other deployment cards.
Also, since it cannot be used during the Damage Step, it cannot be used if battle destruction is triggered.
It doesn't matter if it's the opponent who goes first.
japan 黙する炎獣
2021/11/03 19:39
Yugioh Icon
Modern Yu-Gi-Oh essential hand trigger part 1
Search Recruit GY The Girl Who Absolutely Stops Fertilizing
In addition to that, it is an excellent monster that supports level 3 undead tuners and tension, and does not rot even when placed on the field.
When building a deck, I want to include 3 copies of this and 3 extra G, or at least 2.
japan ricotti
2021/10/19 23:04
Yugioh Icon
Modern Yu-Gi-Oh is an era of card-induced games where these youkai girls rampage.
Winning or losing depends on how you can overcome the opponent's hand trigger
Depending on the situation, it is possible that she will stop the initial movement and the game will end as it is.
It is necessary for the user to determine how effectively to hinder the opponent, and for the user to determine how to force the opponent to hit.
japan 刹那
2021/09/04 14:17
Yugioh Icon
There is no card that is so boring to be used against opponents.
I personally feel that it's a fucking card that makes me want to say that.
As you can see from the effect, the range of interference that interferes with the opponent is too wide, and you can stop most of the opponent's actions with this single card, so you can understand how the effect that makes the duel boring is written in the text. right.
While unilaterally stopping the opponent's actions, on his own turn, he unabashedly unfolds and lays down a suppression board, so of course he's a duelist who doesn't have a good impression of this card and has hate. It is also convincing that there are many.
There are many people who say that it's bad not to take countermeasures, but even if you take countermeasures, there's no way you can conveniently bring countermeasure cards to your hand in each duel.
Also, there is an opinion that this card is a necessary evil against preemptive suppression. My theory is that just by changing from pre-emptive control to post-attack control, what we're doing at the root doesn't change.
That's why I can only hear a convenient excuse for a necessary evil.
Even if you concede that it's a necessary evil, it's the worst quality to say that you can stack 3 cards without limit, and a card with this performance should be at least around the limit.
Well, the worst thing is that if you don't print a card like this, you can't stop the current preemptive control game... but if you print it, it's a good place to put the cart before the horse. Gane?
japan ティンダングルの慟哭
2021/04/24 18:48
Yugioh Icon
Yu-Gi-Oh's Necessary Evil
It is a deterrent to preemptive control, and if it is not done, the game will end.
Air ends when you shoot into the Fan Deck
However, if the advance deployment is completely stopped, it will be suppressed from the second attack or will end with one kill.
In the first place, fan decks often don't have slots to load them.
Decks that don't have a single initial move and require a theme card as a hand cost tend to slow down due to pressure on the frame even if the opponent is stopped by a trigger.
As a result, the disparity between Decks that are naturally induced and his Decks that are not is widening.
There is a sense of tacit understanding that this line is not necessary and casual
japan えいてぃ
2021/03/16 0:43
Yugioh Icon
In recent years, there are many decks where he uses suppression cards and obstruction cards to block the opponent's movement, and there are many cases where he won't even be able to duel without somehow interfering with it.
It is one of the hand trigger cards that exist as a deterrent, and this card can be said to be a representative of hand triggers because it prevents any cards that "interfere with the deck", which is the most annoying thing to do.
If you use it, you can deter the opponent's development, but if you use it, your movement will be hindered, and depending on the situation, you will not be able to move as you want, and depending on the situation, it will stop there, so many Duelists hate it.
However, for the reason I mentioned earlier, it's a necessary evil in order not to become the first game, in order to play a duel properly.
If you want to fight, grab it first.
japan 死なない男
2021/01/30 0:22
Yugioh Icon
Hand trigger/hand trap A card that feels like the ultimate here.
Being able to negate the "effects of Yu-Gi-Oh cards" in a wide range is a spectacular effect that can be said to be ironic about inflation.
It is a monster that is always present in the environment, and if you can draw it in your hand on the first hand or not, the game will change greatly.
It's not my favorite card, but I feel like I have it in my Deck.
japan 怒裏留
2020/11/18 22:18
Yugioh Icon
In practice, a deck that doesn't have 2 or 3 cards is probably rarer.
It is an effect that blocks effects such as searching from the Deck, recruiting, direct burial, etc., which "pull cards directly from the Deck", but basically there is no such thing as a Deck that fights without pulling a card from the Deck at all in today's environment. , The biggest reason is that any deck opponent can be stabbed more than a certain amount. No matter what you build, you will never be able to avoid being disturbed by this card.
It is also a deterrent to advanced development and one-kill, and it is also true that in the current Yu-Gi-Oh, this single card plays a role in greatly suppressing the game speed.
In addition, due to its versatility, it is often said that it is a card that should be generated with the highest priority in Master Duel, but the exact opposite is true. deaf.
The reason for this is that the purpose of using this card is to interfere with the opponent's development and earn your next turn, and it is meaningless if you can't develop satisfactorily on that earned turn.
It should also be kept in mind that there is no weaker card than this card for decks that are not fully equipped to rotate.
japan gaya
2020/10/11 14:13
Yugioh Icon
A devilish little girl who even eats cockroaches. She has an effect that sticks to any deck, so I would like to stack 2 or 3 copies in a serious deck or her deck to counter it. Also, since it has a tuner, it will also assist in deployment. Just a monster with no weak points found.
japan クリアム
2020/10/11 14:07
Yugioh Icon
A hand trigger that rarely spoils
Considering the turn 1 limit due to the unusually strong effect, it is necessary to study the timing to use it according to the opponent's deck.
A trump card for the very first move
The shock when being driven at the right time is traumatic (if you use it yourself, it will become a habit)
japan ノクト
2020/10/10 1:02
Yugioh Icon
A piece that symbolizes modern Yu-Gi-Oh, for better or worse.
The card power of each theme is too inflated, and without this card, you can easily summon a suppression card like the ultimate falcon, so it's a necessary evil to suppress the first attack suppression game. It is a reality to calm down with the thought.
On the other hand, it is difficult to create a slot for this essential card in the Fan Deck, and it cannot be denied that the threshold (switching cost) of the game as a whole has become high due to the high price.
In addition, it is also a card that crushes the winning streaks of fan decks and mid-sized themes, so it is also a presence that attracts hate from casual players.
I've created a wall that can't be surpassed by serious and casual players, but without this card, the tournament environment will become a solitaire domination king, so this is a necessary evil for the game itself to be established. I think cards are indispensable.
If you don't use it yourself, it will be suppressed, and if you are used by the other party, you will wither, so I understand that you tend to be criticized honestly. If you actually use it, it's okay. But...
I think it's just a card game story and the analogy is too jumpy, but it's like "holding a core and controlling a core" in reality.
japan ユメ
2020/04/27 20:10
Yugioh Icon
A must-have card if you want to make the most of your Deck. Even at the fan deck level, it's difficult to get around without throwing cockroaches and this card like a shuriken.
A piece that symbolizes the inflation of Yu-Gi-Oh and has determined the direction of the game.
japan 幻魔教の主教
2020/04/13 23:08
Yugioh Icon
Annoying! Urara! ! Why can't you make me feel comfortable in a duel! !
It's pretty painful to hit this against a card that blocks all processes from the Deck (laughs). Although...
japan 十代マン
2020/04/12 15:02
Yugioh Icon
"Summon Airman" "Infinite Embrace then"
If you don't have a grave, this card is so influential that you have to be conscious of putting a decoy in first. Now that I can stack three copies, I have to think about further interference. this is yugioh
japan みめっと
2020/02/09 17:49
Yugioh Icon
It's a hand trigger monster that can negate most effects that touch the Deck, and it's a card that I wanted you to pay at least 1000 LP as an activation cost.
Its defensive range is overwhelmingly wide, and it is also a card that raises the hurdles for hand triggers later on.
It is also a card to keep life alive when the opponent goes first, and conversely, it is also a card to completely mount and prevent counterattacks by crushing the opponent's G when you go first. It can be said that having a is the greatest sin.
It's a card that can be said to be an accidental hand when Urara doesn't have it in the first hand. It is a quagmire of putting Urara.
With the introduction of this card, cards that require high costs such as "Ties of the Brethren" and "Left Arm Offering", especially cards that discard cards or release monsters on the field and are within Urara's defense range. Always needed care for this card.
Basically, it is a card that is worth adopting even if other cards are pushed aside along with 《Maxx "C"》.
Especially when the opponent is holding his deployment deck, so that the opponent recognizes himself as an opponent.
By the way, I like the appearance of the youkai girl the most, I'm glad Urara is Urara.
japan ちょこまん
2020/02/03 16:30
Yugioh Icon
Without this girl, she'll be fucked in an instant...
There is no card that makes me feel so relieved to have it in my hand
Even if it can't be helped that it has the name Turn 1, it's still one that I want to hold in my first hand.
Otherwise, in the case of the second attack, it will be a heavy atmosphere...
japan 奇怪賊
2020/02/02 8:39
Yugioh Icon
At one point it was an amazing card with a 300% play rate (3 stacks in any deck).
Although there are loopholes, the effect of crushing searches and draws is great, and it sticks in any deck and is adopted.
Also, the tuner is large and can be made of synchronized material, so it is less likely to rot.
His low ATK FIRE makes it easy to send to GY, so combo with Heat Rio is also effective, or rather, this one that was reprinted in Struk is probably a good target.
However, since it is currently a semi-regular system, the possibility of being picked as the first hand has decreased, and the number of cases where recruitment has been postponed has increased. 10 points without complaint when the restriction is lifted.
japan ABYSS
2020/01/23 13:17
Yugioh Icon
Among the powerful hand trigger monsters, it has a particularly wide negate range.
Can stop most types of effects that interfere with the deck.
It can be said that there is almost no deck that this card does not stick.
If you don't stop your opponent with this card, you'll be spun around and die.
japan シロ
2020/01/16 7:33
Yugioh Icon
One of the hand trigger girls that negate Search, Special Summon, and GY Send from Deck.
If you use Galaxy-Eyes, you look like a hell of a demon.
In the current environment, most of the effects are on her deck, so it's a highly versatile card that can be used for any of her decks.
However, if you hit the wrong timing, it will be an empty shot, so the player needs to determine the opponent's aim.
Also, since it's a tuner, you can also sync it if you don't care.
japan お空は青い
2019/06/02 6:12
Yugioh Icon
It's bad because it works not only for searches, but also for 《Pot of Desires》.
japan ニセチノミー
2019/05/17 8:42
Yugioh Icon
Instant water heater for enjoyment
japan すいせん
2019/05/17 8:14
Yugioh Icon
Since I have this daughter, I will be building her deck with 38 cards, that kind of card. The only downside is that it can't be activated with a damage test because it's named Tan 1 and "negate the effect". "Remove from Deck", "Set from Deck" and other types with various costs can slip through.
japan カンベイ
2019/05/14 0:45
Yugioh Icon
A hand-inducing little girl that some people might have seen more than their parents' faces.
It can interfere with all sorts of effects that touch the Deck, and because it is highly ambush, it is heavily used by many duelists.
If you challenge an environment-class battle, always be aware of the existence of this card.
japan Dark
2019/03/20 4:42
Yugioh Icon
Standard restrictions
I don't touch the deck anymore (search, recruit, fertilize) I don't have a deck
""Semi-"" restriction, and re-recorded in Struct
Every time I see this card, I feel like I'm officially stupid
Now unlimited! You did it! ()
Unlimited, unlimited...
_ people people people _
> Unlimited <
japan エンジョイ勢
2019/02/21 11:13
Yugioh Icon
A hand-inducing girl leader that destroys a wide range of useful effects.
However, since there is a turn 1 limit, if you do not determine the situation to use it, you may end up allowing the opponent to deploy after being whiffed, so you need to be careful in that respect.
japan アキ
2019/02/21 9:45
Yugioh Icon
The strongest hand trigger card that negates draw, search, recruit, and GY manure. Any of his decks will have a strong effect, so when it's reprinted in "Structure Deck - Soulburner", it's said that if you buy Urara, you'll get a pre-constructed deck of his. However, it also has a weakness and can be negated by name turn 1, 《Called by the Grave》, so you can never let your guard down.
japan 天気使い一年生
2019/02/15 18:53
Yugioh Icon
I feel like it's a necessary evil, but I still think this is terrible.
It's funny no matter how you think about it because the range of correspondence is too wide.
It's so powerful that I think it would have been nice to divide it into 3 pieces for searching, recruiting, and GY dropping.
japan ハーピィの穴場
2018/12/27 14:17
Yugioh Icon
It's a must-have if you're building a serious deck with the highest hand triggers.
To be honest, it doesn't feel good even if I trigger a hand card. However, the dilemma that if you don't put it in, it will be expanded as you like and you will lose. Recently, he has increased the number of decks that can still move even if he stops once, so it must be a necessary evil.
japan プラント・プラン
2018/12/09 14:32
Yugioh Icon
The most powerful hand trigger card. The effect of negating search, recruit, and his GY fertilizer is quite strong. Even extra G, which is a hand trigger card, can be negate. It was a fairly expensive card, but it was reprinted in "Structure Deck -Soul Burner-", where you can definitely get one. But even so, this card is the only one with a high price tag, so you can see how powerful this card is.
japan そうた
2018/12/06 15:49
Yugioh Icon
The card that is said to be the strongest phantom recorded in this Soulburner
You can negate not only Special Summon, but also effects sent to your hand or his GY, so this is an indispensable card.
Even in normal, it will be a card you want as much as it is essential.
japan ディニクアビス
2018/12/03 2:57
Yugioh Icon
I think this is the biggest reason why Konami blatantly reduced the number of reissues of Maximum Crisis compared to other packs. Needless to say, his strength continues to wield rage both in free skates and in competitions.
japan アンダる
2018/11/11 18:34
Yugioh Icon
If the strongest trigger is G, the best trigger is definitely this card
Although the card power is low, it is excellent to stop G in the deployment system and to reliably perform work of 1: 1 or more in the beat.
I honestly don't like this card
japan Bさん
2018/11/01 20:32
Yugioh Icon
Hmm strong. so i hate it
Well, it won't rot in the first place.
To be honest, it's okay to limit it (laughs)
japan るうぃる
2018/08/07 14:01
Yugioh Icon
Full insertion is a natural level of hand card induction.
I wonder if this card was created because search and recruit draws have become so commonplace that one-sided games are established.
There are probably very few decks where this card doesn't work. In a sense, a card whose hand trigger has the same value as the Divine Trap.
It's a necessary evil, and it's like an expensive card that you should always have.
Card performance is 10 points without complaint. (I'm not saying there are no weaknesses)
japan ゲンゴロウ
2018/07/29 10:40
Yugioh Icon
A little girl who has the highest strength and usability even among hand triggers that are said to be bad if you don't hold it, and also has the highest price due to its high illustration ad and versatility. It's harder to find a build that doesn't touch the deck in today's environment, so it's almost guaranteed to be thrown against just about any of her decks. In addition to stopping the forward rotation, it can be thrown against cockroaches that interfere with your progress, can be used under 《Macro Cosmos》, and can be used as a Hari Fiber in case of emergency. Yes, it far surpasses other general-purpose cards in terms of restricting deck construction.
Originally, it was normal for power cards to be stopped by limit regulation, but Yu-Gi-Oh has reached the point where inflation is stopped by hitting the inflation, and it is the culmination of the 9th term, and it is impossible to attract hate to this card, which is highly rare and difficult to obtain. I don't think so.
It's sad that the hand triggers have gotten so strong that many slow-to-play Trap cards have lost their purpose. For better or worse, it is one of the cards that symbolize modern Yu-Gi-Oh!
japan 素早いアブラムシ
2018/07/29 5:43
Yugioh Icon
Yu-Gi-Oh has had rule changes since season 9.
35 or more Main Deck
Urara Usagi Deck 5 sheets
Extra Deck 15 cards.
japan ophion
2018/07/11 17:41
Yugioh Icon
A Deck that is not fully populated with this card cannot be called a Deck.
It's no exaggeration to say that this is an excellent hand trigger.
Since it is a tuner, it can also be used as a synchronized material in case of emergency.
The drawback is that it's expensive, and it's not compatible with 《Solidarity》.
japan 幽鬼十代
2018/06/01 21:13
Yugioh Icon
It will also be a semi-restriction, huh?
General-purpose cards What should have been a card to hold down has now become a general-purpose card...
Even so, you're a cute tomboy.
japan pKMnS
2018/05/27 9:20
Yugioh Icon
It's a re-recording of Urara.
japan 備長炭18
2018/03/04 10:48
Yugioh Icon
One of the hand trigger girls reprinted in Rare Collection.
Wide range to negate the effects of draw, search, recruit, and GY fertilization. The target to be negate can be activated anywhere, so the increased G is also included.
Because of that, it also causes a situation where the second attack's shooting increase G is stepped on and it is deployed as it pleases.
I think it's the strongest meta card that sticks in almost all decks.
And from too much versatility, it became semi-restricted in April's restriction revision. It's probably a wait-and-see, but depending on the future environment, it's possible to move to either limited or unlimited.
japan 光天使
2018/02/19 10:07
Yugioh Icon
I think that the hand trigger card itself is an interesting card, and I understand that the cards used will differ depending on the player.
However, I still think that this card is packed with too many general-purpose effects.
Since it is a general-purpose block and a hand trigger, it is difficult to interfere with this card itself, so of course it is 10 points.
KONAMI doesn't regulate hand triggers very much, so I don't know if the day will come...
japan はわわ
2018/02/13 23:38
Yugioh Icon
Harmful Dekohage
Cards too strong for hand triggers
japan アイギス
2018/01/30 23:04
Yugioh Icon
Whether it will be reprinted in rare collection or not. Let's put aside those rumors...
This card is usually 3 in his deck at tournaments. It flies in order to stop the initial movement, so I don't feel good at all on the side of being hit. Because of its high versatility, the market price is higher than other induced little girls. Except for stopping the initial movement ... mainly waiting for increased G is a strength.
It's a personal opinion whether or not you can have a pleasant duel because of this guy, and it's hard to say because the situation at the time of being stopped is different, but judging from the card's performance, it's 10 points.
…Isn’t this a limit already?
japan くらっこ
2018/01/30 11:06
Yugioh Icon
I have nothing to say.
japan シエスタ
2018/01/23 18:01
Yugioh Icon
One of the vertices of the hand trigger that appeared with the P monster apex Zarc.
In an era where you can negate any effect that interferes with the Deck, and searches and recurs are taken for granted, this card is almost never spoiled and has a very high surprise attack. Boasting a adoption rate of almost 100% in the current environment, each other's nerves are worn down by the existence of this card.
Also, since it is a tuner, it can be used effectively even if it is put on the field.
Although it is to prevent the preceding game, it is not an exaggeration to say that if you are going to a tournament with 3 decks stacked in most of the current environments, you will not be able to stand on the foundation without Urara + 3 extra G, and this will lead to the fixation of the deck, and this time it will induce a hand. I think it would be nice to have regulation because it is becoming a game, but if that happens, there is a possibility that pre-games will be rampant again. Which one is better depends on individual differences, but I think that it has become a necessary evil level even though it was originally used to suppress suppression games. This card makes me think about various things. With the appearance of this card, his Deck, which has retired from the forefront, is no doubt a card that has thrown a stone into the environment. Saatchi and Rikuru should appear in the future and will continue to play an active role in the environment.
japan 悩めるお花屋さん
2018/01/07 11:18
Yugioh Icon
Kajii Hanasaki's dog is like a motif, so it's a lucky charm for this year.
A power card with a range that is so wide that it can be said that there are no decks that are too wide to stick. Even so, it is often said that Usagi and G are both necessary evils in order to prevent the first game.
Well, the official is coming to kill his Trap, so there's a lot of that aspect that draws attention to hand triggers.
japan はやとちり
2018/01/06 12:12
Yugioh Icon
In today's card pool full of solitaire factors, it's a card you need no matter how many decks you win. It is often criticized because it is almost impossible to deal with, but it continues to be said that it is a necessary evil.
After all, without hand triggers, whoever wins rock-paper-scissors wins, and it becomes a rock-paper-scissors tournament.
but the price is high. too high. That's what makes this card such a necessary evil. The target age for Yu-Gi-Oh is 9 years old or older, but I can't buy it with my pocket money at that age. Even in junior high school, he is busy building a deck, so there is no room for this card. I want you to do something about this.
I think there are a lot of duelists who don't have this card in anticipation of (pretending to be) regulated.
When this card is regulated, it will be when Yu-Gi-Oh is deflated to the point where it stops at the level of Valor, so I don't think that time will ever come...
(Because the new master rule, which is too restrictive, did not stop inflation, but rather accelerated it.)
japan もも
2017/12/23 17:56
Yugioh Icon
Cards needed to survive in the environment.
I just think you're too attached to the environment.
No matter how you look at it, the admins will deal with the trolls.
japan Koyata
2017/12/21 13:00
Yugioh Icon
I can't duel comfortably. each other. Therefore 1 point.
japan シンクロ信者
2017/12/11 10:52
Yugioh Icon
A bad card that doesn't allow you to duel comfortably.
An addiction card that makes you feel good when you have it. 5 points because it's both extremes.
japan A
2017/12/10 23:54
Yugioh Icon
There are two people above who say "I'm KAKKEEEEE who gives low ratings to strong cards" lol
Cards that are the best answer for modern Yu-Gi-Oh that repeats solitaire
Human rights that are said to be a necessary evil to prevent the first solitaire one kill
The price seems to change considerably depending on whether it is reprinted in the rarity collection
japan ズバババン
2017/12/07 12:44
Yugioh Icon
If you build a serious deck, it's a versatile trigger that will pile up guns for the time being.
Although there is a turn 1 restriction, it is possible to seal search, recruit, and GY from the deck, and in the current Yu-Gi-Oh, the less the deck that does not stick, the more powerful meta you can easily use from your hand. As long as it is written in the text, it can be processed or negated even if it is undetermined.
I can deal with his Deck destruction without hesitation.
Of course, there are holes that cannot be negated with this, such as effects set from the deck (such as Metaphor), effects equipped from his deck (such as Hangar and Picofa), and effects removed from the deck.
It tends to attract hate, but conversely, if it doesn't have such a strong meta, it could just be a wall-beating solitaire game.
japan 京太
2017/11/19 12:45
Yugioh Icon
human rights. If you don't have 3 cards, you're not qualified to call yourself a Duelist.
A game of luck whether you can hold this guy for the first time
Addendum: In modern times, it has become possible to obtain it properly with reprints such as Strak.
japan 霊夢
2017/11/14 17:18
Yugioh Icon
The effect is an honor student
If you don't apologize for the activation timing
A daughter who once becomes a stopper.
The price is the neck
sometimes hurt.
japan 雪見アイス
2017/10/27 2:24
Yugioh Icon
An honor student in the Yu-Gi-Oh world.
japan くろゆき
2017/10/12 21:43
Yugioh Icon
The strongest card trigger.
Since it's turn 1, it's necessary to determine when to use it, but conversely, if you can determine it, you have the potential to stop almost any of his decks.
Also, as usual, it's a tuner, so it's hard to rot in any situation. Since it's undead, it can be fully utilized as a tuner, especially in an undead deck.
Currently, his Deck is the top deck that can move even if this card is used, and it is difficult for mid-ranking players to rise to the top thanks to this card. Even though it's for the purpose of suppressing the preceding game, it's probably an overkill effect.
japan TK
2017/09/24 17:58
Yugioh Icon
He's something special, and unless you're playing against a Deck, you'll have no trouble activating it as a general-purpose essential card.
Due to the many opportunities to activate it, it relies heavily on the duelist's knowledge and experience to maximize its effectiveness in every situation.
Also, due to the nature of "negate the effect", the demerit restrictions accompanying the activation are left as they are.
japan ソレイユ
2017/09/06 2:55
Yugioh Icon
A strong card that sticks in most of his decks.
The biggest drawback is the high price.
japan ボス
2017/08/30 14:18
Yugioh Icon
A card that can cancel most of the important effects in Yu-Gi-Oh. But I don't like cards like this that you have to have.
japan たら
2017/08/18 0:22
Yugioh Icon
Deck, my daughter won't let me touch her
Recently, the number of cards and search cards that can be deployed on their own has increased (although it's scary that they've increased in the first place). It goes without saying how important it is to stop the development of something once without a doubt.
It may be an excellent meta card if used in the environment, but if you are aiming to win a tournament with a fan theme, it is a card that can only be a threat and is too strong to fight in a fan deck.
If you look at the environment, I think it's a necessary evil, but it's a tough duel with this card, like in the anime, where you fight with the trump cards that you put out in your own way. It's more of a card to win the duel than to play, so I don't think it's understandable that people like that don't like it.
In duels between fan themes, let's take them out of the deck.
japan SEA
2017/08/16 8:35
Yugioh Icon
An almost indispensable card in the current environment. The downside is that it's too strong and too versatile
It creates a factor that narrows the range of construction, and above all, money flies.
japan あだ
2017/08/13 17:49
Yugioh Icon
A card for crushing a duelist's wallet.
japan シャイニング
2017/08/13 15:28
Yugioh Icon
A card that can't be helped to stop the preceding game
It seems that it has not stopped
japan エクスクローラー
2017/07/26 18:40
Yugioh Icon
A piece that gives you a tremendous sense of security when you have it, but a tremendous amount of discomfort when your opponent throws it.
The dilemma is that you want to be in the restricted rank, but if you do, the preceding game will accelerate.
Performance is second to none.
japan youBB
2017/07/16 12:56
Yugioh Icon
Illustrations are also good!
But I hate it! ! !
I don't like cards like this "A deck without this card is not a deck", because it narrows the range of construction
Personally, I want you to ban it immediately
japan なす
2017/06/14 12:49
Yugioh Icon
Search/Draw, Recruit, GY Manure/Deck Can stop compression, and doesn't rot due to its width. It can also be used as a tuner. The highest peak as a meta card.
japan アームド強化来
2017/06/10 10:36
Yugioh Icon
On top of this card's effect
Has the effect of GY activation
Unless a perfect upgrade comes out someday, it will continue to be adopted by various duelists for a long time.
Even if it appears, it will probably be a 6-card system with a meta function along with this card.
I have nothing to say about this card
It's easy to use and doesn't have complicated combos.
Have a clear and powerful simplicity
In a sense, not limited to hand triggers
A card like the goal of the meta
japan まじっく
2017/05/25 18:38
Yugioh Icon
It's not just a cute card. It boasts the strongest performance among general-purpose hand triggers. It can be said that it is a meta card because of the speeding up of duels. His environment-level deck requires stacking 3 cards, and with this card alone, Higuchi is needed even in the supermarket (´;ω; `) Takai
Stopping searches, recruiting, and GY sending is a great deterrent in these days when preemptive suppression is rampant. By stopping the effect of the card that triggers the opponent's development, it is now an important card that greatly affects the outcome of the game depending on whether it is held in the opening hand or not.
It's a highly convenient jamming card, and in this environment, no matter how high the adoption rate is, it's hard to put restrictions on it, so it's a card that can be expected to play an active role for a long time.
japan 後日談のアンデッド
2017/05/13 11:17
Yugioh Icon
Search, recruit, send GY from the deck, and hit everything. In other words, it sticks to all decks.
An all-around meta, and unlike Veiler, you can discard it from your hand and use it during your turn!
Stop printing power cards without thinking!
japan トリッター
2017/03/20 23:13
Yugioh Icon
January 1st annual hand trigger card. Search destruction that exceeds 《Mind Crush》. A card that seals not only the card to search, but also the special ability from the deck and the effect sent from his deck to his GY. Moreover, it's hard to stop because it's a hand trigger. It will be a permanent soaring card. ...what happens next
japan Merlion
2017/02/14 21:34
Yugioh Icon
One of the little girl series that can be used after Yuuki and Floating. Roughly speaking, a card that can do almost anything.
Negate any of Search, Rick, or GY Feed with Ton 1.
In other words, you can block most patterns in the current environment with this one card.
To be frank, I feel that the shadow of Efeve has become even thinner, and it is strong at a level where demand is abundant. What's different about this one is that it doesn't target, but its effect is limited, and it has a tan limit of 1.
Recently, there are many cards with target resistance, so it might be better to stop here.
But remember Epheve every now and then.
japan ネタ使い
2017/02/07 12:30
Yugioh Icon
Various cards have come out so far, but it's easy and meta performance that makes me think that it won't disappear from the environment in the future unless it's regulated.
When building an environment deck, it will definitely be adopted as the main
Well, 1) send a monster to her GY, 2) give him a Special Summon from the deck, 3) add it to the hand from the deck, unless you get a card that does all of these things one at a time.
japan あえです
2017/02/05 19:59
Yugioh Icon
Offu. Decoppa Chirolita, which got the first place in the evaluation ranking.
Ed "It's not a wig! And (ry")
...The Veiler's effect is limited to his Deck and can be used even during his turn, as it also supports Spell Trap. Stops the effect of messing around with the deck. A meeting or something. According to the ruling, the Golden Chest cannot be stopped. On the other hand, it seems that it will not be popular after Nitern because it is still slow as usual. I wonder if there's a strategy like Wailer-senpai's "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring can actually see your pants"?
japan ター坊
2017/02/01 21:30
Yugioh Icon
Weller's position!
A cute ghost that crushes the opponent's preparation stage. There are a fair amount of low-level removal spells, and that's where Veiler comes into play, but even so, there are more preparations to make. Moreover, he is also very sensitive to Spell/Trap cards, so let's ruin the starting point of Alive and Kaikyoku.
japan わがじゃん
2017/02/01 19:58
Yugioh Icon
...is a little too broad.
Up until now, the hand trigger was strong, but it's not the same.
A super power card that makes even Effect Veiler look hazy.
There are 3 effects, but I think it was just right with about 2 of them.
Well, it's good because it's a deterrent, but if you use it, you'll be disappointed.
And a super soaring card for the first time in a while. I wonder what it is
Why does this guy have cat ears? Isn't that a little too bland?
japan saitoon
2017/02/01 18:10
Yugioh Icon
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit》was once priced at 4,000 yen, but now it's 6,000 yen. Hey wife.
japan 負導師
2017/01/29 22:49
Yugioh Icon
It says to absolutely kill Infernoid
Lawn mowing? 《Left Arm Offering》? monge? name reasoning?
Urara: "It's no good ^^"
GY Fertilization, search, and recruit are very important actions in the current environment.
The growing G that is put in to suppress the preceding deployment will also be crushed, so the preceding acceleration will be ry
Even though it's not as good as Sakura, it has many scenes that can be used at the rabbit level, and the illustrations are high, so it became a big hit card for Maximum Crisis.
As of January 2017, secrets cost about 6,000 yen.
Take it, you idiot! !
japan ルイ
2017/01/29 18:08
Yugioh Icon
Noid: "Cut off your left arm!"
Urara: "No."
Meta performance is amazing! The price is even better! Don't think you can do anything in the meta just because you look cute! But it's actually cute, so I'll forgive you ←
Search, draw, recruit, and GY fertilizer cards that lubricate the deck are completely destroyed. A card that makes you feel the will of iron and the strength of steel.
Above all, the most wonderful thing is that the "discard to GY, send to GY" that tends to be common with cards like this is not a cost, you just need to discard it.
Therefore, even if 《Macro Cosmos》, 《Dimensional Fissure》, etc. are put up, it can be used without problems.
Because it is an undetuned tuner, the fact that you can fully receive undesupport also boosts its strength.
It doesn't support the Hermit, but if you use Transmodify on this card instead, you can say that the advantage is that you can pull the Hermit.
what? Is it crushed with Urara? I don't know, that's out of my jurisdiction.
This is the best bourgeois card of the season. Be proud of yourself if you have one.
japan 2022/04/20 16:15
One of the strongest class hand trigger monsters.
How many times have I been helped by this card, and how many times have I been hindered by this card...
Not only can you interfere with your opponent's actions, but you can also negate the increased G that was activated during your turn.
It is very reassuring to hold it in your hand.
japan 2017/02/01 23:44
It doesn't rot at all even if you stack 3 of them. It's built into PSY, but it's the solidity of negate + Barlow twice in one turn. The second attack is inflation at a level that can't be talked about without this, so it can't be helped. However, I think it's too versatile and restrictive, so it's better to think carefully about collecting 3 singles.

Decks with "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
MAXIMUM CRISIS MACR-JP036 2017-01-14 SecretSuper
Structure Deck: Soulburner SD35-JP019 2018-12-08 Normal
Structure Deck: Legend of the Crystal Beasts SD44-JP014 2022-06-25 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 307 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 397,765
Attribute "FIRE" Best Monster Ranking 26th
Type "Zombie" Type Best Monster Ranking 3rd
Level 3 Best Monster Ranking 15th
Card Type "Tuner Monster" Best Card Ranking 22nd


Japanese card name 灰流うらら

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