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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > Yu-Gi-Oh! - Super Fusion! Bonds Across Time and Space - MOVIE PACK > Malefic Cyber End Dragon

Malefic Cyber End Dragon Used Deck

Malefic Cyber End Dragon
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 10 Machine 4000 2800
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 1 "Cyber End Dragon" from your Extra Deck. There can only be 1 "Malefic" monster on the field. Other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. If there is no face-up Field Spell on the field, destroy this card.
Average Rating Score 9(42)
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"Malefic Cyber End Dragon" card reviews and rating scores

76% (32)
19% (8)
4% (2)
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japan 金平糖
2023/07/15 21:17
Yugioh Icon
Speaking of Malefic, this is the kind of card. It boasts the best usability.
It doesn't require his designated Field Spell like "Malefic Paradigm Dragon", unlike "Malefic Rainbow Dragon", it is possible to put the removal cost in EX, and the RBI is 4000, which is the best of all Malefic. It performs as it should. The fact that the races are different doesn't bother me too much because it's a deck that doesn't include Dragon supporters, and I'm rather grateful that the races are different and the "Archnemeses Eschatos" eyes are born.
Basically, his job is to play and hit, but since he can deal with 《Allure of Darkness》, he can at least be involved in the rotation of the deck. It has few habits and is easy to handle, so you can put it in multiple times.
japan タマーキン(封印)
2022/05/23 4:10
Yugioh Icon
Sin's easy 4000 RBI
This guy has quite a lot of work, such as Attacker, Parallel Gear and Hand Synchronization, Final Sigma, Baroness, Gustav Max as an Xyz material, and so on.
Under 《Skill Drain》, it has only demerit effects.
For some reason, the defensive penetration ability that the original Cyber End Dragon possessed was lost when it was converted to sin.
In Sin, it is a card that plays an active role as an attacker in the main deck.
It's a monster based on Cyber End Dragon, but due to the summoning conditions and effects, it's never adopted in Cyber style.
japan ブルーバード
2022/04/06 23:56
Yugioh Icon
The brain muscle that comes out under loose conditions despite being too big. Skidre Gravekeeper's trump card.
In addition, it's easy to put out in his Phantasm, which has obtained Paradise Lost. Gustavola! Recommended because you will be able to do it.
Although it is Cyber, compatibility with Cyber style is bad enough to die.
japan サイバー流伝承したい
2020/11/12 17:18
Yugioh Icon
I was thrilled to have Hell Kaiser's exclusive voice in Duel Links.
I don't have much in common with the characters.
It's difficult for him to play an active part in the Cyber style because he doesn't deal with the field much, but if it's a train or the main house, it's easy to play an active role as a material / attacker.
In the main house, recently a paradigm that can be produced with the same ATK and extras has come out, but it is easy to differentiate from the role of expanding the search range from the selector.
japan アルバ
2020/05/05 17:19
Yugioh Icon
The cost is 4000 without putting pressure on the main card, which was a tremendous impact at the time.
You don't have to put costs that tend to be garbage in the main, and the RBI is the best and Sin has the best performance, and it goes well with Skidre.
On the downside, it's Sin's only Machine, so it can't share dragon support with other Sins, but since it can receive mechanical support instead, it's not that much of a disadvantage unless you're building a dragon-like build.
japan Paradox
2019/04/26 23:49
Yugioh Icon
His Malefic monster is the strongest.
With the advent of 《Geomathmech Final Sigma》, Synchro Summoning with Parallel Gear became possible.
Although strong to begin with, he seems to have gained more appreciation for this card in Malefic in comparison.
japan ジュウテツ
2019/03/29 10:13
Yugioh Icon
Among the “Sin” monsters, since it is necessary to remove monsters from the Extra Deck, I think that cards with high ATK that can be played without putting pressure on the main Deck are excellent.
I think that 《Malefic World》, which corresponds to 《Malefic Territory》, is a good field spell to maintain.
japan 備長炭18
2018/02/18 16:34
Yugioh Icon
One of Sin's most popular items.
Like Stada, Sin's cost can be raised from the EX frame, so accidents with the main deck are less likely to occur than Rainbow Dragon, and the RBI is as high as 4000, which is second only to Truth.
It is also blessed with a good status, and as a Level 10 Machine, it can be used on trains where the field can be prepared by yourself.
However, compared to other Sins, it doesn't receive Dragon support and doesn't support melodies, and due to its high level, it's not suitable for synchronizing with Gear, so it's simple that the Sin Deck's role is only to hit alone. or
Having said that, 4000 RBIs that can cost one EX frame is enough performance, and I think it's perfect as Sin's main attacker.
japan シエスタ
2018/02/03 11:47
Yugioh Icon
One of the 4000 RBI Sin.
Like Stardust, you can pay the summoning cost from EX, so compared to Blue-Eyed and Red-Eyed, you can reduce the risk of accidents without putting pressure on the main deck.
Still, with 4,000 RBIs, he far surpasses Blue-Eyed.
There is also a paradigm with similar summoning conditions and the same RBI. Combined use is desirable.
Besides Sin, it can be used as a rank 10 material, or as a large attacker that can be easily deployed in his Deck that handles the field.
Since it's dark/machine, it's compatible with 《Limiter Removal》and Desperado Revolver, and it's easy to follow up on bad situations, and it's also blessed with status.
I think it's one of Sin's most user-friendly pieces.
japan なす
2017/09/18 7:43
Yugioh Icon
Level 10 Sin that is easy to put out.
Easy to connect to rank 10, even though it requires a Field Spell. It also has 4000 hit points.
japan ソレイユ
2017/09/18 3:47
Yugioh Icon
4000 RBI that comes out easily, if you want to adopt this guy or Suda
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/06/19 20:51
Yugioh Icon
In order to exclude his Cyber End Dragon in the Extra Deck, it won't cause a hand accident ◎
Furthermore, if you use 《Skill Drain》, the threat will increase even more.
With ATK 4000, the opponent can't rely on monster effects, so it's worth the fear.
japan げおんぬ
2016/06/19 20:46
Yugioh Icon
Can be used in Decks that stack 3 Field Spells. The disadvantage is that it puts pressure on the extra deck. Excellent compatibility with skidre. There are also two copies to supplement the firepower of the Gravekeeper Deck.
japan カンノーネ
2015/08/18 18:41
Yugioh Icon
A man who plays an active role like an idiot on the skidre train. Rather, sin treats it as just an RBI.
If you line up with Express Knight Derrick Lane and Skidre, it's usually dead
japan 混沌マン
2015/06/07 20:18
Yugioh Icon
Has a Field Spell in it? Do you have space in the Extra Deck? This is for you.
The appeal of this card is its brutal combination of high RBI and Skidre. The Cyber end is also recorded, and it is a card that can be used again.
japan (゜゜;)
2014/06/13 0:15
Yugioh Icon
With 4000 RBI, DARK Machine, and Lv10, it can be used not only as an attacker but also in various ways.
japan Sin嫁
2014/05/18 16:07
Yugioh Icon
As everyone says, Sin's top class card. Unlike Rainbow, there are few card accidents. RBI is higher than Blue-Eyed, Stardust and Red-Eyes. Since it's a Machine, you can put it in a Deck that uses a Field Spell as a single item. One kill by activating 《Limiter Removal》.
But it's also true that he's different among the Dragon Axis Sins. There's nothing to be afraid of if you use it with the recently released "Mound of the Bound Creator" or "The Seal of Orichalcos", which has become even more cooperating with the sharing of Field Spells.
japan 聖なる破壊
2014/03/09 10:32
Yugioh Icon
excellent attacker.
What does it mean that Field Spells can now coexist? that is···.
japan みらん
2013/09/20 21:37
Yugioh Icon
Ace of my winning deck
japan たたた
2013/06/25 22:36
Yugioh Icon
4000 RBI is a threat with this ease
It has many weaknesses, but it is definitely strong.
japan メダぷっちょ
2013/05/15 12:41
Yugioh Icon
4000 sin monsters that can be put out immediately
However, the difficulty is that the race is different from other sin monsters
japan せな
2013/04/09 2:38
Yugioh Icon
The higher the spec itself, the more sinful it is.
But under Skidre, the crime increases even more
I wish I could use the Ring of Destruction... it's horrifying.
japan Sin 時空竜
2013/03/29 23:49
Yugioh Icon
Sin Deck's trump card!
As long as you have a Field Spell on it, you only have to spend one card in your hand to get a super high RBI.
0 cards in hand, LP remaining, how many times have I pulled this card and won from a come-from-behind...
japan ともはね
2013/03/26 20:12
Yugioh Icon
Field Spell is used, but the RBI is an amazing 4000, and it's also delicious that it can be the cost of the Deck destruction virus. However, in recent years, there has been pressure from extras, and he tends to be taken over by Stardust. Is it a strength?
japan ファナナス
2013/01/24 15:20
Yugioh Icon
Sin of the strongest class. In addition to boasting the highest class RBI, it is a big selling point that it functions alone without putting pressure on the main deck. There are many people to apologize to, such as Sin Blue-Eyed and Sin Rainbow. It is effective to insert it into meta beats that use Field Spells such as Gear Necro Valley and 《Skill Drain》.
japan crow
2012/08/15 9:37
Yugioh Icon
After skidding with the opponent's Gravekeeper, I think I've lost if this lands in Necrovalley.
I think it's a limited class because it's too strong
japan にぁる
2012/08/07 0:33
Yugioh Icon
Easy 4000 RBI
sin is definitely the strongest monster
Gets stronger with each new field category
japan わたV
2012/07/02 11:46
Yugioh Icon
Personally, I think sin is the strongest monster.
4000 RBIs that can be easily put out as long as you stick Saien into the extra.
I'd like to have it in his deck that uses Field Spells as much as possible.
japan hide1201
2012/07/02 6:42
Yugioh Icon
It became stronger because Skidre Gear Valley became stronger.
Looking forward to further strengthening10
japan 日和
2012/03/19 20:50
Yugioh Icon
2012/03/16 21:56
Yugioh Icon
The fear that 4000 will come out suddenly.
It is a kind design that can be summoned by excluding her extra Cyber End.
It may be Malefic's destiny that he disappears when the Field Spell is destroyed.
japan らいだあ
2011/11/22 20:36
Yugioh Icon
It hurts to be given 4000 all of a sudden
japan スクラップトリトドン
2011/05/17 23:02
Yugioh Icon
4000 RBIs come out of nowhere. Times have changed...
Moreover, since it is a Machine, one-shot kill with a limiter is within range.
Thanks to the easy performance that you can get out just by excluding from extras if you have Field Spell,
One of the highest peaks in Sin and enough for business trips.
japan †黒翔 隆星†
2011/04/26 17:19
Yugioh Icon
It's a little disappointing that the piercing effect has disappeared... and it can't be helped that it can't be revived.
If you put it in an ancient machine, it might spin faster than Sin
japan とき
2011/02/26 10:05
Yugioh Icon
Far from being a sin, he's an amazing 4000 RBI that can be used on a deck.
The condition of excluding the Cyber end from the extras is unusually light, and it seems like Sin Stardust can be easily adopted in Decks with Field Spell.
The disadvantage common to Sin is troublesome, but it seems to be worth the price in that it easily kills 3000 overs that are difficult to defeat in normal battle.
Of course, even the original Sin will be an ace with lightness and RBI. Is it the Sin monster of the highest peak both in name and reality?
japan ねこーら
2023/09/16 12:38
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2024/03/25 21:19
Yugioh Icon
japan 2014/06/04 13:51
It is no exaggeration to say that the opening 4000 monsters are Special Summon monsters.
However, in reality, Special Summon can be obtained simply by excluding specified cards from the Extra Deck.
I can do it, so if I close my eyes to the maintenance and disadvantages, I'm still an attacker
It's a terrifying machine.
Skill Drain》only erases the disadvantages of this card.
They just go on a rampage.
However, due to the effect of this card, neither resurrection nor return is possible, so
Overconfidence is prohibited.
japan 2014/02/05 21:12
As a 4000 dark machine that does not overwhelm the main deck,
As a force, of course, there are various ways to use it.
If there is 《Skill Drain》, the RBI will say something.
Also perfect for his Tribute Summon in Gauze.
japan 2014/01/06 17:02
Ace attacker in Sin
The accident rate is low compared to other Sins, and the RBI is high.
If you're going with Field Spells, it's worth the extras to include this
japan 2014/01/02 8:42
Dew 2012-03-16 21:56:27 [5]
The fear that 4000 will come out suddenly.
It is a kind design that can be summoned by excluding his Cyber End as an extra.
It may be Malefic's destiny that he disappears when the Field Spell is destroyed.
It's easy, it's easy
japan 2013/07/25 21:00
10 points without complaint
Monsters that almost fit in Ricky's deck
One piece that can't be complained about crushing the opponent's high RBI, trap stepping, darkness, magic deck correspondence

Decks with "Malefic Cyber End Dragon"

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Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Super Fusion! Bonds Across Time and Space - MOVIE PACK YMP1-JP004 2011-02-26 Secret

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Rating Score Rank 1,637 / 12,858 Cards
View Num 202,179
Level 10 Best Monster Ranking 41st


Japanese card name Sin サイバー・エンド・ドラゴン

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