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Paleozoic Cambroraster Used Deck

Paleozoic Cambroraster
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Link Monster
Effect Monster
- - Aqua 1200 -
2 "Paleozoic" monsters
Unaffected by other monsters' effects. You can only use each of the following effects of "Paleozoic Cambroraster" once per turn. You can target 1 Set card in the Spell & Trap Zone; send it to the GY, and if you do, Set 1 "Paleozoic" Trap directly from your Deck. It can be activated this turn. If a Set card(s) you control would be destroyed by card effect, you can banish this card from your field or GY instead.
リンクマーカー左上 リンクマーカー上 リンクマーカー右上
リンクマーカー左 LINK - 2 リンクマーカー右
リンクマーカー左下 リンクマーカー下 リンクマーカー右下
Average Rating Score 6.8(11)
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"Paleozoic Cambroraster" card reviews and rating scores

9% (1)
36% (4)
54% (6)
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japan カディーン
2023/07/17 0:39
Yugioh Icon
Category exclusive link 2 monsters.
If you write that much, it seems to be strong regardless of the text, and the performance is actually very high, but due to the nature of Paleozoic, it becomes a very heavy and slow monster, and it is a tragic monster that can not easily create a gap to land.
Search for his Paleozoic Trap while removing prone every turn against the common Paleozoic monster effect resistance, and even if it is removed, he will watch over his allies from the shadow of the grass and leaves with a substitute effect.
But the problem is the material. 2 "Paleozic" monsters. Not containing, but two bodies.
In other categories, it's a binding that won't be a shackle, but it's almost impossible to put it out on the field in any other way than being revived by its own effect. You need at least 2 Paleozoic to line up 2 Paleozoic. Yu-Gi-Oh, who should have said something obvious, but it's a weak point, it's scary.
Furthermore, it is difficult to actively line up on your turn due to the nature of chaining to Trap. Send it to GY, lay down the trap, activate it, and finally one body. Furthermore, the bage that became the material is basically excluded. Even though he can search after that, he still puts pressure on the deck.
Well, it's so heavy, slow and cramped that you can't imagine it from the text.
By the way, there is a loophole in that even if you try to put it out, if the opponent's back is empty, you can't perform a valuation search, and even if it's prone, it will all be activated at the time of the link summon. You can set it yourself and divide it, but in that case you will lose the competition with 《Paleozoic Opabinia》.
As a result, it is treated almost exclusively for upswing, and it cannot be said that it is essential for Valje, which has a high accident rate. Whether or not I should fill the precious EX frame with this is not a small problem. If the material is a little looser...
japan いげん
2022/04/09 16:01
Yugioh Icon
The material is heavy... but Link 2, which has effects, is a very significant card for Paleozoic.
Most of what I'm doing is Opabinia, but the material is a loss for the link material...
On the other hand, if it goes to a set with an effect, it will open the way to Anemone, Bubble Leaf, and Link 4!
If you set the card to Marella and send Marella GY to Marincess Wave, you can continue to suppress it, and you can set up a bullish game with Parallel Port Armor and go for a kill.
Personally, I would be happy if resource recovery was included in the theme, but I think it's still a strong card.
japan nurupo2
2022/02/24 15:11
Yugioh Icon
It's strong, but there aren't many opportunities to go that far.
It protects the set card, but even with Dogmatika Punish, it's useless unless you clear 1200 RBI
It's also good to go through the middle of Link 4 with back removal around the middle stage, add one more Burge, or have the rotting Spell Trap converted to Burge.
japan えいてぃ
2022/01/01 15:57
Yugioh Icon
Why aren't you Link 1...? I don't know how many times I thought
Paleozoic The long-awaited Link Monster, with a typical cast and strong effects.
Putting aside the common resistance and (3) bonus, it's definitely excellent that he can set Paleozoic out of the deck while removing (2) prone.
It is also good that you can remove your face down and the effect of this card is applied even if you chain the card and face it.
Unlike Xyz, if you link summon him, the Paleozoic as a material will be removed as it is, and the resource management of the already difficult Paleozoic Deck will become even more difficult because it will be difficult to reuse.
Unlike Opabinia and Anomalocaris, it is also painful that he must be two Paleozoic bodies.
On top of that, since it's a link, there's no choice but to put it out in Attack Position, which exposes his weak ATK, which is unique to Paleozoic.
Those points can be solved if it is an iron wall type, but conversely, if there is no iron wall, it can be said that it is a good monster in Opabinia.
Is it the most wasteful to use Opabinia after using the effect as a material?
In the end, the material is too heavy, and it doesn't have the effect of improving the slow initial velocity, which I wanted to eliminate most in Paleozoic. Just one word.
japan とき
2021/10/20 15:35
Yugioh Icon
Link Monster is new to Paleozoic.
Resistance not to be affected by the effects of other monsters, the effect of sending a set Spell Trap in the field to her GY and setting a Paleozoic Trap, if the set card is destroyed by the effect, he will use this card of GY as a substitute It has an effect that can be removed.
It has strong resistance, but ATK is low and you can not expect it to be in the field. I'd like to overcome that by using Paleozoic Trap with the card swap effect, but I'm worried that it's just a swap, so I can't increase the add.
Also, he wants 2 Paleozoic as link material, and it takes a little extra money and trouble to put out this card with a Paleozoic that only has Trap monsters or Xyz Monsters that use them as materials. It hurts to be able to get 《Toadally Awesome》out of the same material.
japan 信天翁
2021/09/09 9:53
Yugioh Icon
At first I thought it was a Troymare Phoenix, but now I think it's a Halifiber
The effect of 2 is very easy to use, as you can remove the unnecessary face down, or you can use the face down by chaining it.
It is strong except for the fact that the material is heavy. A card that allows Paleozoic to expand links.
japan ねこーら
2021/02/13 13:29
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: It is easy to derive from 《Paleozoic Opabinia》, and it is easy to take advantage.
If GY has a “Paleozoic” Trap card, by activating the “Paleozoic” Trap card searched for with 《Paleozoic Opabinia》, the link materials will be prepared.
Paleozoic Opabinia》doesn't have a specified material, so it's not too difficult to connect from a general purpose.
You can banish "Paleozic" Trap monsters as Link Materials directly, and if you set Paleozoic Leanchoilia with this card, you can return to GY.
The effect of (2) is to place the set card in his GY and he searches for Paleozoic.
Place his set Paleozoic Trap card on GY → Another him activates Paleozoic set → His Paleozoic placed on GY becomes a monster.
In addition to being able to deploy in such a flow, it is also null as a means of removing the opponent's trap card.
(3) is intended to be used after making yourself a link material.
Let's protect the face down card that is the lifeline.
japan 超弩級スライム
2021/02/09 15:15
Yugioh Icon
Link Monster from Paleozoic
The effect of ① is a common effect of "Paleozic".
The effect of ② sends the card set in his Spell & Trap zone to his GY, and sets a "Paleozoic" Trap card from the Deck.
Cards sent to GY can be cards on your own field, but in that case you can do the same thing with 《Paleozoic Opabinia》, so you want to choose cards to send to GY from your opponent's field.
The third effect would be a convenient effect for Paleozoic, which is based on trap cards.
As for the link material, it's a little heavy with 2 "Paleozic" monsters. If you use only Trap cards as materials, you can get Rank 2 monsters, and the cards used as materials are excluded. Therefore, if there is a 《Paleozoic Opabinia》that has used up all of its materials, I want to prioritize it as a link material. That being said, depending on the situation, it should be active commensurate with the material, so if you think about putting it out only in such situations, the weight of the material shouldn't be much of a problem.
In general, there are times when you want to use it depending on the situation, so one is probably a card you want to put in the EX Deck.
japan ゲトゥ
2021/01/13 9:20
Yugioh Icon
Since it can be derived from 《Paleozoic Opabinia》, Valle is simply enhanced. (2) If you send the opponent's set to his GY with an effect, Opabinia + Valje 1 will replace Cambro Luster + Valje 1 without loss. It will be a strong lineup as it can counter all the Spell Trap total destruction that Budgee is not good at. Valje itself has high business trip performance, so it seems that various combinations including this card will be possible.
japan アルバ
2021/01/08 23:41
Yugioh Icon
Link 2 is immune to monster effects, and you can set a Vale Trap while removing your opponent's Set Cards or by replacing your own Set Cards you don't need.
Furthermore, it is certainly strong that it says that you can protect set cards by using yourself as a cost.
However, it is difficult to put it out unless the material specification is quite crooked and it is quite close to the budget, and there is a certain amount of lag even until it is put out.
Due to the material designation, Opabinia and Mochi can be made with the same material, so the priority is lower than those.
Did you warn of the versatility of the dinomi that the material designation was not "two bodies including Valle" but a rigid one limited to Valle?
japan コングの施し
2021/01/07 9:37
Yugioh Icon
If you can get it out, it's usually strong!
Being able to get your opponent to lie down and deploy Paleozoic is very strong!
but! heavy! anyway! I'm happy with the new one, but since the materials are bound by his Paleozoic, it's almost impossible to deploy first, and I have the impression that it's going to be difficult to deploy in one turn.
This card definitely has the official intention of "Use it in Paleozoic!"
Being able to protect the card with the second effect is strong.
It's not even a single card, so it's very powerful to have a vane duster, etc. that destroys it at the same time.
However, at Rank 2, he can search for Paleozoic, even though it's not a set, and he can activate it from his hand, so I think he'll have to give up his main power.
I haven't used it yet, so it's a good card.
It's the first Link Monster, or Effect Monster, so it's the material for his Topologic monster in Valle's Dark Horse.
This would be an advantage that would be difficult to make use of in Xyz.
You can also send your prone to his GY, so it seems to mesh well with the theme of Trap, which has GY activation as well as Valje single.

Decks with "Paleozoic Cambroraster"

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Rating Score Rank 5,915 / 12,768 Cards
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Japanese card name バージェストマ・カンブロラスター

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