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Xyz Reborn Used Deck

Xyz Reborn
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Normal Trap - - - - -
Target 1 Xyz Monster in your GY; Special Summon it, and if you do, attach this card to it as material.
Average Rating Score 8.1(32)
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"Xyz Reborn" card reviews and rating scores

31% (10)
62% (20)
6% (2)
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japan 愛佳
2023/07/16 23:26
Yugioh Icon
It is a card that can be said to be 《Call of the Haunted》and 《Back to the Front》for Xyz.
Xyz Monster can't use its effects without materials, so it's nice to be able to do that.
Since it can be used in a free chain, it would be nice to revive Number 39: Utopia and Number 101: Silent Honor ARK during your opponent's turn.
Compared to the synchronized version of "Descending Lost Star", there's a big difference...
japan ブルーバード
2023/06/21 14:25
Yugioh Icon
Evilswarm Ophion》's friend. Rest easy with Gale and Raikou! When I thought about it, it was too famous that this guy revived all the materials and the death cry of the Synchro Deck resounded. 《Eradicator Epidemic Virus》, Magic Deck, and in modern times, Mirai Ryuo can voluntarily send the resurrection destination to her GY, so it doesn't spoil easily.
To put it the other way around, I have the impression that I can't think of any other monsters that are compatible with Opion. Due to its nature, Xyz Monster has a lot of activation effects, and has anti-synergy with Reborn, which is activated during the opponent's turn. Also, having to summon him once and then send him to GY is troublesome and roundabout.
Suffice it to say, Baguska is a good match, but there is no gimmick to voluntarily send to her GY like the Opion Virus, so it is a delicate point.
japan 青山
2021/03/14 12:35
Yugioh Icon
A wonderful card that can be revived while replenishing X materials, searchable with 《Generation Force
1. Use as a chain for prone removal
2. Treated with combat effects
3. What is the meaning of having materials?
This pattern tends to be common, so let's adopt it in the Deck where you can put out X monsters that can be used in such situations.
・So-called suppression tag
・ The one that can use the effect with Friche
・ A guy who has a meaning in having the material
Something must be the aim
Weak points are perishability and slowness, it takes a little courage to start hiring
I think it's a pretty well-balanced card compared to other resurrection cards.
japan 備長炭18
2020/03/30 0:46
Yugioh Icon
It's an Xyz-exclusive revival card, but due to its nature, it replenishes itself as an Xyz material.
Most cards use their effects with a single Xyz material, and it doesn't matter if the Xyz material is a monster or not, so there's nothing wrong with general-purpose cards.
Since it's a Trap resurrection card, most of him don't use Deck, but with the recently released Time Thief, Trap is a plus, and in that sense I think he's still active.
japan シエスタ
2019/12/17 18:02
Yugioh Icon
As it is often said, the uniqueness of being able to replenish the X material is a big point.
However, there are many Xs that use two or more materials, and in the current environment where speed is increasing, quick-attack expansion cards such as fishing that can be connected to the second body or another card tend to be prioritized. Existence is an impression.
japan なす
2017/10/20 18:24
Yugioh Icon
A trap that revives your Xyz and becomes a target material.
You can immediately activate the effect of using the target material without ending with complete resurrection. A welcome card for his Xyz deck.
japan アルバ
2017/05/20 3:51
Yugioh Icon
A resurrection trap for Xyz.
The number of general-purpose resurrection traps compatible with libido is increasing day by day, but most of the Xyz use materials to activate their effects, so if you resurrect with general-purpose resurrection, there are many cards that will become vanilla, so you can replenish materials and completely resurrect. This card that gives you is just a special revival, but it's a certain ability.
That said, if you can't Xyz, it can cause accidents, and there are types of Xyz that can be activated by using two materials, so it's not a good idea to pile up haphazardly just because he's the Xyz main deck.
Sometimes it is more stable to set up a second body in the fishing system.
It works well with Zodiac, but Drancia can also be used as an attack during the opponent's turn.
japan 乾パン
2017/05/19 22:26
Yugioh Icon
A powerful card stronger than Monster Reborn in the Xyz Deck.  
japan にしん
2017/03/08 19:05
Yugioh Icon
Due to the new rule, he went from the extra zone to GY.I wonder if he can return the Xyz Monster to the main monster zone and increase the demand for an Xyz Deck that can hold 1 Xyz material...
japan Meteor
2016/03/30 11:30
Yugioh Icon
There are a lot of people who use two materials these days.
Powerful card, but hard to use
japan exa
2015/08/04 21:51
Yugioh Icon
In order to deal with various situations, his main pattern is not to stack multiple copies of Xyz Monster, but his strength is that even in such a pattern, he can bring out powerful monsters again. It's even better if it's a monster whose effect can be used during the opponent's turn.
japan ラーメン
2015/07/02 23:46
Yugioh Icon
You can revive Xyz with materials that would only be vanilla if you revive normally, and there's nothing wrong with completely reviving Friche
In the early stages, he may become an accident agent, but even considering that, it is a card that can be piled up in multiple copies in his Deck, which is mainly Xyz.
It's supposed to be a card that costs around 500 yen, but I feel like I got a great deal even though I had two cards in my storage.
japan プンプン丸
2015/06/27 9:42
Yugioh Icon
It's strong, I'll revive you in a state where you can use Infinity's effect, and you can even use it during your opponent's turn.
japan 卓あん
2015/03/04 22:06
Yugioh Icon
'Cause you're back in Sideline Infinity now, right?
If you use this guy, it will be pretty easy to line up two bodies and it will be terrible.
japan SOUL
2014/01/10 23:31
Yugioh Icon
Being able to easily revive even a high-ranked Xyz from a single card is simply powerful.
In the Constellar box, the dominant Pleiades are just the right resurrection target for this card.
I think it would be a good idea to hire him as he is the main player in Xyz, especially the one who produces powerful high-ranked Xyz.
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/08/20 0:49
Yugioh Icon
When reviving an Xyz Monster, it's just vanilla, but in the case of this card, after being revived, this card becomes an Xyz material, so if it's an effect that can be used with a single material, it can be used. great advantage. Since it only supports Xyz Monsters, it can be rotten, but if you mainly use Xyz, it's a powerful card that can be used without any loss.
japan ゼンマイ
2013/01/30 11:54
Yugioh Icon
But Freezerdon-sama
japan ファナナス
2013/01/26 19:27
Yugioh Icon
Living Dead for Xyz. The adoption rate isn't very high, but his proficiency in Xyz summoning makes him a candidate for adoption in Deck. Compared to Living Dead, it's a drawback that it's easy to rot, but it's very attractive that it's strong against his Spell Trap removal like Cyclone. The compatibility with his Constellar, which can revive Tremys and Pleiades, is outstanding.
japan ミソ
2012/11/28 16:21
Yugioh Icon
Since it does not remain in the field with a free chain, in some cases it is better than Living Dead. It works well with the Pleiades, reviving 2,500 RBIs, and it also bounces one and even tremis, so it's scary.
japan みかんゼリー
2012/08/13 14:16
Yugioh Icon
"Monster Reborn" by Xyz.
The proud point of this card is that it replenishes materials.
It's a Trap, so I don't appreciate it being slow, but with this, Xyz Monster will restart him properly, so he's more than good enough.
If it's a Deck with Xyz as the main deck, I definitely want to use it.
Please don't cry Freezerdon...
japan NEOS
2011/12/29 21:40
Yugioh Icon
A resurrection card that is useful when you want to use the effect again, or when you want to put out an Xyz Monster that does not work without materials.
There is a turn lag, but it is never a loss to revive with one more material.
It is unnecessary for Lagia, which uses pearls that are originally ineffective and two materials, but...
japan うぃな
2011/12/05 10:59
Yugioh Icon
A simple yet very powerful card with complete resurrection + material replenishment and no waste.
Replenishment of materials is extremely important for a vanilla Xyz even if he is revived. card.
2011/11/22 15:46
Yugioh Icon
A card you definitely want to stack if it's an Xyz axis.
A disappointing card related to resurrection + material replenishment and Xyz so far is a lie.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2011/11/19 22:18
Yugioh Icon
The Xyz resurrection card that finally came out. Moreover, there is a degree of self-material replenishment and exhaustion.
In Decks where Xyz is a key card, there is definitely room for consideration.
Freezerdon was a victim. Xyz Reborn, victim of its appearance...
japan WWW
2011/11/18 22:04
Yugioh Icon
secondary gouken
japan Lion
2011/11/18 20:46
Yugioh Icon
A card that revives Xyz and makes it more than just vanilla.
It is also good that it is a complete resuscitation.
A card that you definitely want to include in a Deck centered around Xyz Monsters.
japan とき
2011/11/18 12:56
Yugioh Icon
What's the difference between Synchro resurrection Traps?
Even if Xyz is revived normally, it will just become vanilla. This card allows such Xyz to use its effect even after being revived.
I definitely want to use it in a Deck that revolves around powerful Xyz. If you don't have Xyz, it will spoil, so you need to be careful with the number of cards you use.
By the way, regarding the fact that one of the major uses of Dr. Freezerdon was cut off.
japan ねこーら
2023/11/29 0:39
Yugioh Icon
japan みめっと
2024/07/05 12:50
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2024/03/16 7:11
Yugioh Icon
japan 2014/08/12 10:06
This is the fear of the return of the Pleiades.
Although it's only Xyz, it's filled with materials for complete resurrection, so there's no way this isn't strong.
Please make it a little cheaper m(_ _)m
japan 2011/12/10 16:09
Help me teacher! Freezerdon isn't breathing!

Decks with "Xyz Reborn"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
ORDER OF CHAOS ORCS-JP076 2011-11-19 Super
Duelist Set Ver.Lightning Star DS13-JPL40 2012-11-23 Normal
Booster SP-Wing Raiders SPWR-JP045 2015-11-14 Normal
tournament pack2019 Vol.1 19TP-JP114 2019-01-01 Normal

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Rating Score Rank 3,395 / 12,892 Cards
View Num 142,237


Japanese card name エクシーズ・リボーン

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