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Dark Ruler No More Used Deck

Dark Ruler No More
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Normal Spell - - - - -
Negate the effects of all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls, until the end of this turn, also, for the rest of this turn after this card resolves, your opponent takes no damage. Neither player can activate monster effects in response to this card's activation.
Average Rating Score 8.4(35)
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"Dark Ruler No More" card reviews and rating scores

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japan TAG
2023/07/16 17:43
Yugioh Icon
One of the three Sacred Treasures of the second-attack flipping card, which is on par with 《Forbidden Droplet》and 《Infinite Impermanence》.
Compared to the other two cards, the absolute advantage is that it can neutralize all the opponent's monsters at no cost, and his Deck, which relies heavily on monster effects for counters, will be silent with this one card. .
On the other hand, it doesn't deal damage to the opponent on the turn it is activated, so it doesn't work well with his deck, which is a winning streak with one-kill hits like "Fluffal" and "Numeron."
If you activate this card, it will be used to build a suppression board after processing all the opponent's boards, so for better or worse, it is a performance suitable for deployment decks.
However, if you can line up two Level 4 units, you can use 《Ultimate Leo Utopia Ray》from 《No.39 Utopia Double》and equip it with 《ZW-Ashura Secondary Arm》to deal with the opponent's board alone, so it is an "Exosister". It will be a strong card for Rank 4 Xyz Decks such as , and "Time Thief".
japan .
2023/06/28 0:22
Yugioh Icon
The leader of the late attack that silences the preemptive suppression
The drawback is that it's a Normal Spell, and unlike the immediate spell "Forbidden Droplet", it can't be chained to the opponent's effect, so it's less flexible.
Also, the weak point is that it is easy to rot in advance
However, with no cost, you can vanilla control a large number of monsters with just one card, so it can be said to be an excellent card that can overturn the game.
japan 金平糖
2023/06/12 3:22
Yugioh Icon
One of the backhand rolls. Its lightness and range are attractive. It can be said that all similar cards can't interfere with face down, so I don't think it will be a factor that lowers the evaluation, although it is necessary to be careful.
Compared to competing cards, it doesn't cost like a drop, doesn't lose his Normal Summon like Lavago or Ratama, and can silence all monsters unlike Kaiju. It can be said that it is the best if it is limited to handling by itself.
However, as a compensation, it becomes impossible to damage the opponent on the turn it is activated. The effect only negates during the activation turn, so in order to win, it is necessary to process the board from here and return control if possible. That's why the example copy and paste isn't saying that much wrong, but I think the exquisite scent is the secret to being loved.
japan えいてぃ
2023/04/21 21:17
Yugioh Icon
Let's deal with this board
First, 《Dark Ruler No More》. It is a total negate that cannot be chained by monster effects
Next, let's set up the Crimson Blader at level 8 Synchro and destroy it in battle. Cribble effect activates
Finally, let's all allies play braho
Then the opponent can only put out level 4 or less
good job for today
A piece famous for the above smug face copy and paste that was popular for a while. However, in terms of performance, it is highly practical as a very useful second attack flipping card.
Just by using this card, you can silence all the monsters with interfering effects that line up in the opponent's field, and since it's impossible to stop this monster with monster effects, it's a preemptive suppression deck that has no means of interfering other than monsters. become the natural enemy of
Also, it doesn't have the name Turn 1, so even if he can stop the first one with a Counter Trap, I have to say that if he draws the second one, he can use it immediately.
However, since the damage received by the opponent becomes 0 during the activation turn, it is quite an exquisite adjustment that it does not fit in the second-attack one-kill deck even though it is a second-attack turnover card.
It will be used mainly in suppressive decks with low interference penetration in the theme to stabilize movement in the second attack.
This can also be said for Forbidden Droplet, which is often compared, but it is not an all-purpose card that fits in any of his decks, but its power is high enough and versatile, in a sense it is an ideal card game. It can be said that it is one piece. There is no doubt that it is a card that has different tastes from that aspect, but if you can master it, it is ruthlessly reliable, so it has a high favorable rating.
japan ねおんちゃん
2023/04/21 10:21
Yugioh Icon
One of the flip cards for anti-monster control board that makes up the best of 《Forbidden Droplet》.
Compared to the other popular 《Forbidden Droplet》, it is overwhelmingly superior in that it does not consume cards, but it is greatly inferior in that it has the disadvantage of not being able to take damage against that which can lower ATK.
Due to its nature, it is considerably inferior to 《Forbidden Droplet》against a deck like 《Herald of Ultimateness》, which is dominated by a small number of decks, but due to the purely insane development power, Tearlaments and multiple suppression monsters are lined up infinitely. Against Spright, which has the concept of sharing roles with monsters, there is the problem of using up your hand in the first place, and you want to choose this against such a deck, or you have no choice but to choose it. There are many.
Lava Golem》and 《The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode》can also be used to silence multiple cards at the same time, but since they cut off the summoning right, you need the summoning right for basic deployment, which consumes a lot of cards. It will be the most powerful card for such as.
However, when shooting against Tearlaments as an example, the drawback of being negated by 《Tearlaments Cryme》will inevitably resonate. The weakest point compared to 《Forbidden Droplet》, ``cannot block chains other than monster effects'', hurts...
japan くず
2023/04/21 6:57
Yugioh Icon
The more inflationary the environment, the more valuable it is
In the worst case, as long as you have this and Uraura, you can make a one-chan at a tournament with any deck
japan あんっ
2023/02/23 2:16
Yugioh Icon
It's a powerful card that can silence a control board with just one copy, but it's a disadvantage that it can't deal damage, so unless it's a deck, he's a special victory type, so unless it's a deck, you'll have to give your opponent another turn.
Modern environmental themes often deal with the board once and move on the next turn. is required to be
It is often necessary to consult with Deck often, as it is often only a temporary fix even if it is adopted without thinking.
japan asd
2023/02/21 10:39
Yugioh Icon
A card that can be used or not depending on the environment.
It is very strong against his deck, which is dominated by monsters only, but Forbidden Droplet is a rival.
Even if the opponent has 5 bodies, it can be silenced with 1 card, so I think this will be easier to use as the environment gets closer to the end.
However, if you can't deal with all the opponent's monsters that have been negate effects, it will be tough in the end.
Personally, I feel that it is a card that works especially well in decks that can create sweeper cards like 《Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder》.
japan お留守番
2022/06/04 11:02
Yugioh Icon
A piece that is often tampered with by copy and paste.
I think the effect itself is not bad. It's a no-cost, temporary skid that can only be used against opponents, so it's not bad to use it on the return turn.
However, it has the drawback that it doesn't deal damage, and it draws out first, making it difficult to play an active role after the opponent destroys the board.
Compared to Hitseki, Ichiseki has a cost, so it can be difficult to shoot depending on your hand. ATK is also halved.
The advantage of this card is that it doesn't require a cost, so I think it's suitable for his deck, which uses a certain number of copies in the initial move.
The price is quite cheap, and it has been reprinted in Struc, so I think it's a card that shines even in casual situations such as real friends, remote, and social gatherings.
japan 763
2022/05/08 20:05
Yugioh Icon
One that I personally feel is underrated.
Negate all your opponent's monsters at no cost would be really powerful. Unlike Hitseki, the activation does not negate him due to changes in the number of monsters in the field. In the first place, when a drop is required, it's usually when you want to turn over a monster's control board, so I feel that the ability to chain traps and spells is almost a bonus. Regarding the zero damage constraint, even though the effect is negate, it's extremely difficult to remove all the suppressed monsters and still kill the opponent, so I personally don't care.
However, the fact that it's not a Quick-Play Spell is certainly a factor in the bottleneck when it comes to your hand first. In MD, it's frustrating that it can't be chained to VFD's negate effect.
Overall, is it a conclusion that it is better to choose one drop or Hades depending on the deck? I use Murakumo Dyza, so I'm strict with cards that consume a lot of resources, and it also has the drawback of rotting while 《Macro Cosmos》is active, so I use this instead of one drop.
japan 岡C
2022/04/22 12:40
Yugioh Icon
It's often compared to Hitteki, but what I personally want to do with this card is to neutralize the opponent's board without requiring a cost, and form a board that can't be returned with a small amount of resources after the opponent has deployed. I thought that it would be possible to bring it to the end of the game while competing with resources. Conversely, the one-kill deck that attacks second is a single choice.
japan BK201改
2021/08/21 10:18
Yugioh Icon
A card that is strong against the second attack. The one that negates the opponent's monster effect without question.
For the time being, Decks that use a lot of monster effects may stop functioning with just one card (especially for preemptive control)
japan アルバ
2020/08/26 23:33
Yugioh Icon
One of the expansion-type unforgivable man who came from overseas with Nibiru.
Disallows chaining by monster effects and nullifies all monster effects.
However, it becomes almost impossible to take damage to the opponent on the activation turn and bring it to the end of the game.
In terms of simple effects, one drop that can be used for defense is better, but the more opponents you have, the more expensive it will be, so it's hard to use it casually. There is also the problem of not being able to process tokens.
Therefore, being able to influence the whole without leaving unnecessary things at no cost is a sufficient element as an appealing point.
japan カンベイ
2020/08/20 12:54
Yugioh Icon
One piece that came to Japan with an extra pack.
It was a card that attracted attention from the time it was released and was useful as a breakthrough card.
However, recently (at the time of posting) I don't see much hiring.
This card's weaknesses are:
1. Can't be hit with Friche because it's a Normal Spell
2. He can't reduce LP by returning with 0 damage after activation
These two points. In particular, the latter is a card that can't be ignored as a card that switches the control board from the draw, and in some cases, it can only buy you time.
And above all, the factor that lowered the adoption rate of this card is the appearance of 《Forbidden Droplet》later. Faraway requires a hand cost, but like this card, it cannot be chained (and depending on the type of discarded, he can even break through Spell Trap), and the damage is 0 or the RBI can be 0, so it is excellent as a counterattack. , is starting to see adoption in most of his decks.
Comparing 《Dark Ruler No More》and 《Forbidden Droplet》, the former is undoubtedly the best for high-speed decks. With just one copy, he can neutralize all of the opponent's suppressors, and his deck, which is a high-speed deck like this, tends to lack resource recovery and counterattack means, so even if you can get through it with 0 damage, it will be difficult to recover in most cases. is. On the other hand, it is the latter that sticks in his slow to medium deck. His Deck of this kind often excels in rebuilding and turning back instead of spitting out a small amount of cards at once. This is possible.
The reason why the latter is overwhelmingly adopted is that there are very few high-speed decks in the current environment, and most of the latter are low-medium speed decks. Compared to high-speed decks, his decks can be moved without worrying about the cost of the hand, so the fact that they are used in battles between them is probably the reason for the higher adoption rate.
japan タナト
2020/08/20 8:48
Yugioh Icon
I changed my rating a little.
Basically, one drop is prioritized, but even if you have multiple suppression effects lined up, you can negate all of them with this one card, and the advantage is that there is no hand cost and it does not allow counters due to monster effects.
However, the price is still severe that LP cannot be reduced during the same turn.
Therefore, his deck that I want to use this card is, on the contrary, a first-attack development type deck that can build a strong control board as long as there is no interference from the opponent.
If you accidentally take the first attack, it will come in handy to come back from the second move.
On the other hand, if you just use this to destroy the opponent's field and end it, in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, where there are plenty of hand resource recovery methods, there will be many situations where you will be re-deployed on the return turn.
After all, I want to use it as a set with suppression deployment on my side.
japan TK
2020/07/06 16:42
Yugioh Icon
Even if the effect is negate, it is modern Yu-Gi-Oh that you have to break through his ATK close to 3000 after all
I feel like it would be better to invite Gameciel and use it for three battles.
In terms of versatility, although there is a cost, it can be said that 《Forbidden Droplet》is easier to use
Even so, power is power, even if it doesn't suit the environment
Rotten but powerful
so 8 points
japan みめっと
2020/02/05 10:06
Yugioh Icon
A card that silences suppression by monster effects.
This card makes me feel like I can't get rid of sentences and decrees.
Due to its demerit, it cannot be attacked and killed all at once, but since there is no activation cost, there is no risk when it is negate, so it is a good power that can be used easily.
With the appearance of this card and Itteki, it seems that the limits of Decks that lay down an absolute domination lineup with only monster effects on the field have become somewhat limited.
japan アキ
2019/12/17 17:19
Yugioh Icon
Dark King of the Abyss》"Eat it! 《Dark Ruler No More》!!"
Resurrected Demon King Ha Death "Guha!?"
It's powerful to negate monster effects, but it hurts when the damage to the opponent becomes 0, and it's also painful that it's not an effective means against the popular Releaser Lagoon.
japan はわわ
2019/10/26 14:16
Yugioh Icon
A card to destroy the control board.
However, it's painful that it can't deal damage, and it's a shame that it doesn't support hand triggers.
I don't like the environment where this guy is required.
japan 刹那
2019/10/26 9:10
Yugioh Icon
It's undoubtedly strong because it negates all the effects of the opponent's monsters and cannot activate its effects.
Originally, a card with this kind of effect is a type of card that is used when you want to decide the game at once when you are in a situation where you are inferior or when you are superior. It will only be a useless struggle to surpass.
Furthermore, in the current environment, even if you negate all the effects of the opponent's monsters with this card and then annihilate the opponent's monsters with RBI, it would be rough and really just a mere fact that the board would be easily destroyed on the opponent's return turn. It's just an impression that it's a temporary card...
At least if it was his Quick-Play Spell or Trap card that can be used during the opponent's turn, it could have been used to negate the effects of the opponent's monsters and block the board development, so it's really a shame...
Wouldn't it be nice to at least give the effect damage rank after that?
japan プンプン丸
2019/09/27 8:25
Yugioh Icon
I think that it is enough as a meta performance. If you have 3 stacks, the probability of drawing is high, so you can choose to attack second without worrying about suppressing first.
As expected, if you stop "GY and hand trigger" and allow monster damage to pass through, that's the only factor that causes a one-sided development, and it's just the strongest card in my opinion. I think this is fine as an adjustment.
Yu-Gi-Oh will be boring if you make a versatile card that says, "This one will solve everything!" Considering the merits and demerits, the real pleasure is playing with him whether to put it in the deck or not.
japan デルタアイズ
2019/09/25 0:30
Yugioh Icon
A piece that can be a deterrent to rock-paper-scissors games
However, as it is often said, he does not interfere with his hand or GY and does not receive damage, so he chooses which Deck to use and his opponent.
japan ヒコモン
2019/09/20 12:27
Yugioh Icon
A card that can instantly reverse the suppression of monsters. Dragon Link allows him to come back even when lined up with Borreload S Dragon, Red Archfiend Abyss, and Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy. However, although he uses the right to summon, he also has Ratama, so I choose his Deck as well. Also, due to Dragon Link regulations, it's not possible to connect to the Abyss, so it's a little tricky to say whether it's necessary to use this card, which does 0 damage. Special Summon can be dealt with with 《Nibiru, the Primal Being》, so as a hypothetical enemy, it might be suppressed with Apollosa.
japan シエスタ
2019/09/18 9:05
Yugioh Icon
A control force that gives a glimpse of the ability written in the text of "Dark King of the Abyss".
Strong against opponents who solidify the board with monsters.
However, since magic and traps, of course, do not extend to hand cards and GY, it is not almighty. Also, since damage cannot be dealt, it is necessary to consider the return turn.
There is a drop in a similar card, and in exchange for the cost, it is moderately strong against magic and traps, and it also weakens and damages, and since he is a Quick-Play Spell, it is possible to interfere, so it is versatile. There is a share over there.
However, there are many situations where this card is more effective if it is a no-cos and comeback from the second attack.
It depends on the environment, but I'm sure it's a useful one.
I would like to use this card to break the board of my opponent who has used it to consolidate the board, and this time I want to consolidate the board and compete with the difference in resources.
japan くろゆき
2019/09/17 22:14
Yugioh Icon
Now let's just let it unfold and hit .
This card has been rated for a long time. It is used for turning back like Ratama etc.
You should choose what kind of cards to use according to the Deck.
japan exa
2019/09/14 20:21
Yugioh Icon
It is a powerful Spell for the second attack that seals monsters on the field without even allowing a chain. This card itself doesn't have the ability to gain advantage, and it doesn't block hand triggers, so once this card is decided, it won't be possible to return it unless it has a lot of breakthrough power.
The true value of this card is that it's not a Monster, and I think it's valuable as a countermeasure against first-strike suppression, as it can be put into a Deck that completely binds monsters together (cannot stack hand triggers).
japan ドレミファ
2019/09/14 20:10
Yugioh Icon
Strong. I think it's a typical example of being strong but without limits.
It's useful when you don't want to accumulate too many triggers for free.
japan とき
2019/09/14 17:06
Yugioh Icon
It's not a hand trigger, but it's also a very ironic card about the current environment.
It has an effect that negates the effects of the opponent's monsters until the end of the turn without allowing the activation of monster effects against this card. You cannot damage your opponent during the activation turn.
A card that has the potential to be the best answer to the suppression caused by so-called monster effects. Before this card, Savage Dragon, Apollosa, Lemon Abyss, and other recently popular suppression cards will also be available only for his ATK. Of course, it is also useful for removing the resistance of cards with strong resistance.
From the fact that the damage dealt becomes 0, there is no doubt that it is a card for crushing the oppression of the opponent. However, it cannot be effective against cards that appear after activation, so be especially careful with cards that trigger cards.
It is especially effective against monsters that have effects that negate the activation of cards. This card is suitable for environment-class decks that can break through the situation by releasing the suppression.
japan 備長炭18
2019/09/11 11:35
Yugioh Icon
As usual, this card also landed.
Skidle the opponent's monsters for only one turn... and it doesn't end in overseas quality.
First of all, since it is a Normal Spell, it can be used immediately after being drawn, and cannot be removed by Cyclone or the like. Even if it's effective for only one turn, it's almost usable because it guarantees removal and deployment without worrying about the opponent's board.
And the number one problem is the safety of blocking the opponent's monster's effect chain at the time of activation. I can say
Some monsters can be dealt with by using Spell/Trap, but most of them can be neutralized without resistance.
In overseas countries where this card can already be loaded, it is used together with Meteorite, and it even ends up being the second choice.
I'm sorry, but when I hear that it's about the same as Sorcha and Butte, even if it's used differently, I don't think it's that heavy.
It does not affect GY or the hand, and monsters revived after activation are not covered, so it has more holes than Magic Bell Cave, but it is a top-class quality among cards that deny monster effects.
japan けーの
2023/11/06 12:39
Yugioh Icon
japan 愛佳
2023/08/25 12:44
Yugioh Icon
japan カディーン
2024/05/27 15:24
Yugioh Icon
japan やりくりゾンビ
2024/05/11 23:46
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2024/03/12 19:34
Yugioh Icon
japan PORD
2024/02/16 16:48
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Dark Ruler No More"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
EXTRA PACK 2019 EP19-JP068 2019-09-14 SecretUltra
Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers SD39-JP030 2020-07-04 Normal
Structure Deck: Albaz Strike SD43-JP030 2021-12-04 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 2,803 / 12,891 Cards
View Num 58,028


Japanese card name 冥王結界波

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