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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck List > DogmatikaDeck List > Ritual Dogmatika July 2023 version Deck and Deck Instructions

"Ritual Dogmatika July 2023 version" Deck 2023

Dogmatika Deck List Image

Deck Introduction/Deck Commentary

Deck Category / how to win
"Dogmatika" / Beatdown
Key Card
Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
Deck commentary


This is a Ritual Dogmatika Deck that introduces the popular Cartesia gimmick in the Dogmatika area.
The expansion of options has increased the ability to respond, and the accident rate has decreased.
Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
This is the Deck's main engine. With the introduction of Cartesia, it came out from various places, and the rotation power increased greatly, and the evaluation of this card became higher. Stack 3 if you call yourself a Dogmatika Deck.
Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous
This is the dark version of the newly introduced Ecclesia.
The basic move is to fuse Grand Guignol with Dark or Light cards in your hand and drop Bastard. But the basic movement is strong! There is no problem if you pay attention to the order that you can not deploy from EX on the Dogmatika side. Whoever thought of it is a genius.
Fallen of Albaz
I've been putting it in and out for a long time, but with the introduction of Quem, I put it in full swing (although it's a pinpoint).
I didn't feel happy even if it was dubbed, so I made it one.
Guiding Quem, the Virtuous
The third saint. Despian is really hard to use, but Dogmatika, who sends EX cards to her GY, does a good job. However, it is the same as Albus, and I am not happy if it is duplicated, so I put in one.
Diviner of the Herald
This time, the number of sheets has been reduced to 2 by introducing Cartesia. Kartesia is stronger! That's not to say that there are good things about this place. It's still useful because it can be used dexterously.
Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon
By introducing Albus in earnest, we decided to introduce it inevitably. The strength of this guy is inadequate explanation.
Albion the Branded Dragon
A fusion of Albus + Darkness or Light. I put it in for a choice, but this frame needs to be considered.
Granguignol the Dusk Dragon
Cartesia + a fusion created by darkness or light. Engine number two. You can send Bastard, or you can send Luluwaris. It is a monster that can transform into Luluwaris in response to the opponent's monster's special ability, and it can also transform into Dogmatika, expanding its responsiveness.
Titaniklad the Ash Dragon
Fusion created by Albus + RBI 2500. Even so, it's almost impossible to get it out of Albus...
Engine number three. Let's make them die from overwork and earn ads.
Dogmatika Alba Zoa
This is his deck's ace monster. To be frank, the extra destruction is a bonus, and the main thing is to give resistance to Dogmatika. A 4000 RBI + resistance that easily flies is quite troublesome for a deck that uses extras as its main axis.
I want to be able to get this guy out every turn.
White Relic of Dogmatika
I think that one is essential to deal with troublesome high RBI + resistance.
Despian Luluwalilith
The final form of Fuldris sister. Basically, it will be deployed from Grand Guignol. If sent to her GY with moderate interference, Ecclesia or Cartesia or Quem will be able to be called from her Deck. Please recruit according to the situation.
Even Cartesia + Maximus or Fuldris can be summoned directly into the field by synchro summoning, so let's synchronize when the time comes.
Herald of the Arc Light
The number of cards has been reduced due to the lifting of restrictions on the use of nadir. The number of times it can only be used for rituals has decreased compared to the previous deck, so I used two copies. The real intention is that the frame of the extra was tight...
Nadir Servant
Finally, due to the lifting of regulations, it is now possible to stack 3...! No, it's been a long time! For the time being, 3 stacks ◎
Fusion Deployment
A deployment card that allows you to draw Cartesia and Albus directly from her deck. I am strong even in the lead, and I can also roll up the back. It was dub and rotted, so I used 2 copies.
A support card like Orika from Ritual Dogmatika. Three stacks for now.
This time I reduced the number of Rituals a little, so I decided to use 2+2.
The card I adopted and the reason for adopting it are above, and about the card I used before but I pulled out
"Dogmatika Punishment"
Previously, it was used as an obstacle, but it ended up using extras, and after using Punishment, it was not possible to deploy from extras for 2 turns, and Cartesia was used. There is a point that I wanted to increase the number of monsters.
I used it to get Albazoa out of the Gospel and to increase the RBI of the Punishment, but Luluwaris is more delicious to send to GY, and he sends it to GY because of the Gospel rather than using it in Punishment. There are many, and in that case, Luluwaris is stronger, so it was rejected.
White Knight of Dogmatika
Same as Punishment, it was not possible to develop from extras, and the problem that it was not very strong in the first place continued to exist, so it was rejected...


Due to the ritual + fusion theme, there are more deployment routes than his previous deck, so I will introduce it briefly.
Ecclesia or Nadir + Diviner
Summon Diviner, effect Ardek to his GY

Albazoa search with Ardek effect

Use Diviner as material to summon Almirage L, use Ecclesia as a special effect, Dogmatika Trix Search

Dogmatikalamity》search with Trix effect, activate Gospel and send to Extra Luluwaris GY Arbazoa Ritual Summon

Bastard to GY with Trix effect because Albazoa is there

During the end phase, use Bastard effect to search Frudris, and Luluwaris effect to search for Quem Recruit.
Albus to GY with Quem effect
Result Albazoa grants resistance to Dogmatika + negates the monster effect of Hruldris + Albus fusion from Albus resurrection by Quem 2 interfering with fusion summoning plus α
Even if you don't draw Diviner, you can just draw either Albazoa or Gospel, so it's a pretty good precedent development. It's OK to draw Trix, just search for the other side with Ecclesia.
Introducing the development when using Cartesia and Ecclesia
Required cards are Cartesia + Ecclesia or Apostle of the Bottom + Light or Dark Monster
Summon Cartesia, fuse with the light monster in your hand with the effect, and fusion summon Grand Guignol

Bastard to GY with Grand Guignol effect

Since Grand Guignol is there, Ecclesia is special, and Fuldris search is done with the effect.

In the end phase, Cartesia effect recovers itself, Bastard effect recruits Quem, and Albus goes to GY
Result In Grand Guignol, in response to his Special Summon effect of the opponent's monster, Luluwariris special + Frudris' effect negate + Quem effect, fusion from Albus resurrection with 3 interference plus α



Deck self-score
deck score
Each item description
Deck Maker
Yu-Gi-Oh! Icon アベシ ( Total 19 decks )
Posted date : 2023/06/30 17:16
Main Deck (21 Types・41)
monster (12 Types・23)
NumNameAttributeLevelTypeATK / DEFcheapest price
2 List of decks using this cardDogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted LIGHT 8 Spellcaster 2500 / 2500 ¥45
2 List of decks using this cardDogmatika Maximus LIGHT 8 Spellcaster 1500 / 3000 ¥40
1 List of decks using this cardThe Iris Swordsoul LIGHT 8 Spellcaster 2500 / 2500 ¥15
3 List of decks using this cardDogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous LIGHT 4 Spellcaster 1500 / 1500 ¥50
3 List of decks using this cardBlazing Cartesia, the Virtuous LIGHT 4 Spellcaster 1500 / 1500 ¥700
2 List of decks using this cardFallen of Albaz DARK 4 Dragon 1800 / 0000 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardGuiding Quem, the Virtuous LIGHT 4 Spellcaster 1500 / 1500 ¥110
2 List of decks using this cardDiviner of the Herald LIGHT 2 Fairy 0500 / 0300 ¥700
3 List of decks using this cardEffect Veiler LIGHT 1 Spellcaster 0000 / 0000 ¥80
1 List of decks using this cardD.D. Crow DARK 1 Winged Beast 0100 / 0100 ¥18
2 List of decks using this cardDogmatika Alba Zoa LIGHT 12 Spellcaster 4000 / 4000 ¥25
1 List of decks using this cardWhite Relic of Dogmatika LIGHT 4 Spellcaster 0500 / 2500 ¥80
spell (8 Types・15)
1 List of decks using this cardHarpie's Feather Duster - - - - ¥50
2 List of decks using this cardFusion Deployment - - - - ¥200
1 List of decks using this cardBranded Fusion - - - - ¥220
3 List of decks using this cardNadir Servant - - - - ¥60
3 List of decks using this cardDogmatikamatrix - - - - ¥30
2 List of decks using this cardCalled by the Grave - - - - ¥350
2 List of decks using this cardDogmatikalamity - - - - ¥50
1 List of decks using this cardDogmatikamacabre - - - - ¥25
trap (1 Types・3)
3 List of decks using this cardInfinite Impermanence - - - - ¥400
Extra Deck (10 Types・15)
1 List of decks using this cardRindbrumm the Striking Dragon DARK 8 Winged Beast 2500 / 2000 ¥40
1 List of decks using this cardMirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon DARK 8 Wyrm 3000 / 2500 ¥140
1 List of decks using this cardAlbion the Branded Dragon DARK 8 Dragon 2500 / 2000 ¥38
2 List of decks using this cardGranguignol the Dusk Dragon LIGHT 8 Spellcaster 2500 / 2500 ¥550
3 List of decks using this cardTitaniklad the Ash Dragon DARK 8 Dragon 2500 / 2000 ¥25
1 List of decks using this cardElder Entity N'tss LIGHT 4 Fairy 2500 / 1200 ¥80
2 List of decks using this cardDespian Luluwalilith LIGHT 12 Spellcaster 2500 / 2500 ¥380
1 List of decks using this cardPSY-Framelord Omega LIGHT 8 Psychic 2800 / 2200 ¥70
2 List of decks using this cardHerald of the Arc Light LIGHT 4 Fairy 0600 / 1000 ¥50
1 List of decks using this cardSalamangreat Almiraj FIRE - Cyberse 0000 / ¥90
Main deck minimum construction amount ¥9831

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