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Shinobaroness Peacock Used Deck

Shinobaroness Peacock
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Ritual Monster
Spirit Monster
Effect Monster
- 8 Winged Beast 2500 3000
You can Ritual Summon this card with "Shinobird's Calling". Must be Ritual Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. If this card is Ritual Summoned: You can shuffle up to 3 Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls into the Deck, then you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Spirit Monster from your Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned this turn: Return it to the hand, and if you do, Special Summon 2 "Shinobird Tokens" (Winged Beast-Type/WIND/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 1500).
Average Rating Score 7.3(13)
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"Shinobaroness Peacock" card reviews and rating scores

7% (1)
76% (10)
15% (2)
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japan asd
2023/07/16 16:23
Yugioh Icon
The recruit effect of (1) cannot be used unless he has a Spell/Trap on the opponent's field, and cannot be used for deployment in the first attack.
If the bounce effect and recruit effect were separate, it would have been quite powerful...
Since putting out from the Deck ignores the summoning conditions, you can also put out a Ritual Spirit Monster.
Shinobaron Shade Peacock》and 《Shinobaroness Shade Peacock》can't use the search effect when Special Summoned outside of Ritual Summoning, but it will be useful to use the end phase effect of 《Stars Align Above the Shrine》twice.
japan yy0812
2018/12/15 20:12
Yugioh Icon
Isn't there a lot of his decks that stick in the current environment? I think it's the card with the best compatibility with Red Reboot.
japan 備長炭18
2018/06/22 17:47
Yugioh Icon
Orihime, a strange spirit who is also a Ritual Monster.
The effect is quite strong with deck bounce up to 3 of her spells and traps on the field. Moreover, she can recruit spirits from the deck, and Amano Iwato is particularly powerful.
However, it's hard to ignore the roughness of Ritual-specific consumption and Spirit-specific add loss. , Unlike Hiko Kujaku, it is also hindered by the fact that it cannot interfere with the opponent's monsters.
I feel like it's a bit of a shame because it's exciting to be able to do it.
japan オルゴール
2017/01/09 13:40
Yugioh Icon
Recruit and earn 4 ads on 3 deck bounces
Since P-cards and traps are used a lot these days, isn't there an opportunity to make use of their effects?
By the way, you can avoid the notification by chaining the effects of Wakon. No matter how hard I try to overcome the barrier, it's impossible...
However, it is a little disappointing that it is powerless against monsters and the RBI is about average ...
japan ラギアの使徒
2016/11/26 9:48
Yugioh Icon
A card paired with "Hiko Peacock". Bounces Spell/Trap cards into the Deck. It is quite powerful in that it can bounce pendulum cards and back cards to make it difficult to reuse, but the situation where it can be used is limited compared to "Hiko Kujaku". Since the recruit effect is from the Deck, it will be easier to handle than "Hiko Peacock". Returning at the end is quite a big disadvantage even considering that you can leave tokens, so you need to consider using tokens as well.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/10/15 16:46
Yugioh Icon
One of the ritual spirits that first appeared this time.
This is a deck bounce that makes it difficult to reuse his spells and traps.
It can be expected to play an active role against meta beat opponents who are commonplace in cancer.
Unlike Hiko Kujaku, it specializes in defense, but due to the fate of Spirit Monsters, it's a bit disappointing that it can't use its defensive power and can't become a wall.
Tokens can be left during the End Phase.
However, it hurts that Esprit's lower class is generally trash.
japan ルイ
2016/10/13 19:52
Yugioh Icon
Deck Bounce is reasonably strong without targeting Spells/Traps.
Recently, there are many texts that clearly state, "Exclude this card from GY~".
However, since you can only touch the back, the impression of being exposed is stronger.
Spirits can be recruited from the Deck, but the problem is that there are currently no monsters that can be used to recruit them.
It's a card I'm looking forward to.
japan プンプン丸
2016/10/13 16:15
Yugioh Icon
A relatively strong card that returns 3 Spells/Traps to the Deck. I can put back cards back, but I also appreciate being able to put P cards back into his deck. Recruit spirits from the deck, but there aren't many useful cards for spirits.
If you put out a ninja raven, you can keep your opponent in check by using this card that returns to your hand as a cost to increase your stats.
japan wairo
2016/10/12 22:02
Yugioh Icon
It is a painful place to step on a notice or a barrier almost certainly when this card is put out or is going to be put out to a cancer lying opponent.
That said, there is no doubt that he has a strong effect of ssing from the deck and leaving tokens.
The biggest problem is that none of the summonable spirits work properly.
japan アストラル
2016/10/10 11:02
Yugioh Icon
The compatibility between spirits and rituals is bad!
It disappears even if you put it out. The effect is not strong.
japan とき
2016/10/09 0:37
Yugioh Icon
From the shitty low class to the innovative Ritual Monsters.
Deck Bounce is currently the most effective answer to his Spell Trap, and his ability to crack the back is high. Additionally, lesser spirits can be recruited from the Deck.
The proper use of Hiko Kujaku depends on the spirit of Special Summoning and the location of the opponent, but I can use it according to the situation.
I would like to think that returning to the hand due to the nature of the spirit is rather reusable, but the recovery of the Ritual Spell and the disadvantage are severe...
japan oooos
2016/10/08 16:06
Yugioh Icon
A new ritual spirit, Orihime from the legend of Tanabata.
Her Spell Trap has a similar effect to Hiko Kujaku (Hikoboshi), but I can bounce three of them.
Hiko Kujaku, which has three monster bounces, is more powerful, so basically that should be prioritized.
It returns itself to the hand, but being able to leave a wall on the field is appreciated as a spirit.
japan ジュウテツ
2023/08/15 4:25
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Shinobaroness Peacock"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
RAGING TEMPEST RATE-JP037 2016-10-08 Rare

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 4,965 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 22,814
Card Type "Spirit Monster" Best Card Ranking 13th
Card Type "Ritual Monster" Best Card Ranking 70th


Japanese card name 霊魂鳥神-姫孔雀

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