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Creation Resonator Used Deck

Creation Resonator
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster
Tuner Monster
- 3 Fiend 800 600
If you control a Level 8 or higher Synchro Monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).
Average Rating Score 6.5(19)
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"Creation Resonator" card reviews and rating scores

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63% (12)
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japan ねこーら
2023/07/16 13:23
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: The effect is strong and it is good to search with 《Resonator Call》or 《Cupid Pitch》.
If you deploy it with Crimson Resonator and use it for a Synchro Summon, the effect is completely useless, and it is difficult to match the level and the conditions of your own Special Summon to access the high level range of Red Archfiend.
If you search with 《Cupid Pitch》, he's level 8 or higher, so it's easy to connect with Synchro Monsters, so why not put it in there with the aim of deploying?
japan ジュウテツ
2023/06/25 7:25
Yugioh Icon
In the "Red Archfiend" Deck, when you want to expand from level 8S to level 12S, multiple tuners are required, so I think it's an excellent effect for supporting expansion in that case. I think it's a strength that 《Resonator Call》can solve the difficult point of inserting more than one due to its nature.
japan ブルーバード
2023/06/24 20:18
Yugioh Icon
It used to be the biggest reason to use 《Resonator Call》. It is not easy to search for monsters that can self-SS under relatively loose conditions. Skudra and 《Road Warrior》are a good match.
Now that he has a full range of Resonators, he is no longer a Call Resonator, but he is still the only Level 3 Resonator that can self-SS. Above all, if you take advantage of the part that can be searched from 《Cupid Pitch》, you can still use it as a combo part.
japan みめっと
2023/06/24 16:11
Yugioh Icon
The monster in charge of her WIND of his Resonator with 6 attributes that Jack used in the anime 5D's.
The effect is a very simple ability that allows you to SS from your hand when a level 8 S monster, including Lemon, is in your field. Among the 6 attribute Resonators, the usefulness is on the higher side.
It's very important to be able to bring these monsters into your hand when you need them, so it's nice to have multiple ways to search, starting with 《Resonator Call》.
It can be differentiated from Synkron Resonator, which has a self-SS ability with better conditions, due to the difference in level.
japan asd
2022/12/02 8:12
Yugioh Icon
It has a conditional Special Summon effect, and is a high-priority card for his Level 3 Resonator slot.
japan 金平糖
2021/10/13 23:32
Yugioh Icon
A piece that has recently gained popularity because it can be searched with the effect of Louis Cupid. I would like to re-record it someday.
Recruiting with Death Guide is also possible, so it is a card that has a high affinity with the development of Harilladon.
japan サンパイ
2020/01/24 18:44
Yugioh Icon
One of the best Resonators. I want to aim for continuous sync
japan シエスタ
2018/04/11 12:47
Yugioh Icon
Special Summon can be performed under the condition that there is a level 8 Synchro in your field. Unlike Synchrones, there is no turn limit for Special Summons. designed card. For normal use, it was released in the 5Ds period, so it is suitable for Vice Rezone, and by combining it with a level 3 non-tuner, it is possible to connect from Rising to Abyss. Magic King or 《Marauding Captain》will be easy to use. Furthermore, if you have a Synchron in your hand, you can create a lineup of Belial and Abyss by using Belial from Abyss, collecting Crie with Synchrones, and deploying Crie to Belial at the cost.
In addition to Double Tune, it has a wide variety of uses such as costs, so I think it's a card that can be used preferentially among level 3 rezones.
japan まちもっち
2016/10/20 16:45
Yugioh Icon
Red Archfiend is easier to get out of the Resonator Deck than before, so it's very useful.
It's WIND, so I'm grateful that I can fulfill the SS conditions of Taketon Borg, and it's nice to be able to easily get Abyss out of Rising~!
japan メンタル豆腐デーモン
2015/07/14 20:19
Yugioh Icon
Excellent as his Resonator from 5Ds
Combine with Synchron Resonator, which has a similar self-ss effect, for Burning Soul!
japan みかんゼリー
2012/03/24 16:44
Yugioh Icon
It's obvious that it's for Nova Dragon, but it's also possible to put out the recently introduced Astral Dragon all at once.
It might be easier to carpet Novadra, but it's worth using because you can call it with Call Resonator and get an instant SS.
japan 7878
2011/08/06 22:20
Yugioh Icon
A little hard to use...
At the very least, I wanted it to be ``If his Synchro Monster is face-up on his field, he can Special Summon this card from his hand''.
japan †黒翔 隆星†
2011/06/23 16:43
Yugioh Icon
can change depending on the situation
japan NEOS
2010/12/12 23:10
Yugioh Icon
Conspicuously difficult to use.
You could call it a tuner for Scarred Nova.
The rush after that is also subtle.
A kind of Resonator is the least salvation(?)
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/20 16:26
Yugioh Icon
It writes that Skanova should be taken out.
Although the rezone engine has arrived, if asked if you would be willing to use it, you would probably say no...
The long-awaited rezone reinforcement appears in EXVC! Even though the conditions are a little tough, it's a Tuner with a Special Summon effect, and there's exclusive reinforcements, so you should be paying attention!
japan とき
2010/10/27 0:57
Yugioh Icon
Red Nova Dragon》says to use it.
At the adjusted Synchro Magnet level, it's no big deal.
It's just that it's too weak, and it's finally average with this spec.
But his Resonator explosion in EXVC gives hope to this card as well.
It's especially compatible with 《Resonator Call》, so will it work?
japan かどまん
2023/07/21 17:28
Yugioh Icon
japan 2013/04/16 21:34
Use your own effect to SS and use level 8 Synchro and Synchronize to create a Star Dragon.
japan 2010/08/04 15:33
Even if it's completely upward compatible with 《Synchro Magnet 》, how strict is this condition...!? ! !
You don't even want to spend 《Synchro Magnet 》...! ! !

Decks with "Creation Resonator"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Structure Deck King's Heartbeat SD46-JP005 2023-06-24 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 6,449 / 12,858 Cards
View Num 55,927


Japanese card name クリエイト・リゾネーター

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