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Lightning Storm Semi-LimitedUsed Deck

Lightning Storm
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Normal Spell - - - - -
If you control no face-up cards: Activate 1 of these effects;
●Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.
●Destroy all Spells and Traps your opponent controls.
You can only activate 1 "Lightning Storm" per turn.
Average Rating Score 9(44)
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"Lightning Storm" card reviews and rating scores

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34% (15)
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japan 通行人
2023/07/16 21:25
Yugioh Icon
One of the second attacking card series
Before returning to MD, I had the impression of "What a broken card!", but honestly, it wasn't that strong.
・ Only when there is no face-up card ⇒ Mostly only the first hand on the first turn of the second attack, and the rest will be accident cards.
・ Destroy the monster in the attack position ⇒ You can't get out of control monsters that are defending, you can't get out of hand with resistant monsters, and the GY effect will be activated.
・Spell Trap destruction ⇒ His GY effect on Spell Trap, can't stop reuse, most recent cards are on.
I have the impression that he can be loaded with a deck because he has a lot of first moves and can kill the second attack if he passes.
japan ヘルカイザーまさお
2023/06/28 23:48
Yugioh Icon
eh! ? ? ! This card is too strong...! ! ?
Every time I use it...? becomes more and more.
No, I'm not weak
japan asd
2023/01/23 13:36
Yugioh Icon
Excellent backing card.
In recent years, the first player may play a seemingly incomprehensible way to play a monster with low defense power in the Defense Position, but in many cases it is to take care of this card.
Raigeki》is better for destroying monsters only, but it is highly versatile as it can be used for back destruction as well.
It's weak point is that it's easy to spoil after the second turn, but it's a big advantage when it's decided.
japan ハッ セフィロス
2022/11/23 14:45
Yugioh Icon
A powerka that can activate either Thunderbolt or her Harpie feather broom.
For the time being, unlike Sambol, it cannot destroy monsters in defense mode, so it can be firmly separated from Sambol. Also, if there is a face-up card in your field, it cannot be activated, so it is completely dedicated to the second attack. However, it was still too strong, and now it has become semi-restricted.
Evaluation is 9 points because it can not be activated if there is a face-up card in your field + only monsters in Attack Position can be destroyed. It's a card that's way too strong, though.
japan ねこーら
2022/11/05 16:08
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: It is very strong as a counterattack.
Monster or he can remove Spell/Trap cards, and can't be used with face-up cards, but can be used as a counterattack in the second attack.
Even if it's not the second attack, it's good to go first as a response when the opponent hits back.
In terms of not being able to destroy the Defense Position, it still cannot beat Raigeki.
If you send a card to your opponent, it is severely sealed, and if Kashtira is the mainstream environment, it will be meta.
japan OKA山
2022/09/12 12:14
Yugioh Icon
The power of Raigeki to return all monsters to nothing... The power of "Harpie's Feather Broom" to destroy all Spell Traps... I've got it, and now I have no enemies. I am the strongest!
In this revision, I went into One Leg Impel Down. I'm strong in the second attack
japan ブルーバード
2022/09/12 10:34
Yugioh Icon
A stupid card like an elementary school student thought. If you bring it 10 years ago, you will never believe it.
Shogi is the first hand 26 steps, Manda is the first hand dragon dance, and the second attack is the first hand Right, the sight seen from the face of the parent. Unusually for this kind of sweeper, it doesn't spoil even if you double it, so you can stack multiple copies with confidence.
It was thought that it would not be regulated due to the recent deregulation of Braho and Sambol, but this time it has been successfully quasi-restricted. …Isn’t it too late?
japan ナルユキ
2022/08/22 13:15
Yugioh Icon
It's an epoch-making flip card that looks like a fork between 《Raigeki》and 《Harpie's Feather Broom》, but it doesn't have the versatility to be used in any deck or situation.
Decks that use Field Spells, Continuous Spells, and Traps will block the activation of this card. Even if that's not the case, if there's even one monster left, you can't turn it over, and you can't use this card either.
However, if you look only at the written effect, it's very strong, so I think it's worth 8 points.
japan カディーン
2022/05/09 1:57
Yugioh Icon
The design clearly shows its role as a deterrent to the first-mover advantage.
A very obvious effect of mass destruction compared to cards with the same role.
Face-down cards don't count, so if you have a heavy draw-go type control deck, you can use it from the main deck, but if it's a one-sided reset, you'll have to turn it over from there, so when you go after the second game, you can use it from the side. Is it safe to hit it?
Basically, it can only be used in the first move, and since it doesn't have the right to "deploy until the counter is thrown out, and if you throw it out, immediately throw it away", which was possible with Raigeki, Sambol is actually clear as an ability to break the preemptive control. inferior to It's harder here than not being able to crack the defense.
On the contrary, we have the option to go for the one that the other party wants to keep, so we are superior to the force of threat that forcibly pulls out the interference. If you pass, let's get drunk with victory.
japan 763
2022/05/02 10:13
Yugioh Icon
A card with low stability but explosive power
Due to the activation conditions, it is perishable anyway. It is also painful that only monsters in Attack Position can be destroyed. If you can hold it in the first turn of the second attack, it will be intense.
Basically, it is adopted as the second feather broom, and the removal of monsters is a bonus. Personally, I'm so annoyed that it's useless in a pinch, so I throw in Cyclone instead of Laist.
japan tierraの供物
2022/03/27 20:36
Yugioh Icon
The hot card that decided the victory or defeat of the duel in the YCSJ2022 final
You can select and activate one of two powerful destructive effects, and as an effect that overturns the opponent's board, it is unquestionably the strongest performance, but just having a face-up card on your field will prevent you from using it, and you will go first. There is also a fatal vulnerability that if you take it or draw it during deployment, it will be a complete accident card. Therefore, he is not a card that can be included in a deck, and many duelists are worried about the number of cards to use when building. By the way, I often draw this card in my first hand only when I win first, so I've already pinned it.
japan ぷれあです
2022/03/03 0:01
Yugioh Icon
It is a card that enters the top 3 cards that do not come when I personally want it.
Although it is a card for turning after attacking, it is necessary to note that monsters in Defense Position cannot be destroyed.
japan 作画崩壊神K
2021/06/29 4:19
Yugioh Icon
japan 京太
2021/06/02 17:11
Yugioh Icon
A representative flip card that can overturn the control of the first attack with a mass removal. Pancra, Reboot, and other cards of this kind were easy to be regulated, but this one was never regulated, probably because it was a rare first appearance. However, since it's been reprinted, it may be regulated.
japan ソリティアマスター
2021/06/01 21:38
Yugioh Icon
A wonderfully strong flip card. Eldlich, Altergeist, Dyza, etc. are the biggest nemesis in his Trap Deck. It has enough power to overturn a duel even with 1 or 2 copies on the side, and it was happily reprinted this time.
japan ミドラ
2021/04/15 21:43
Yugioh Icon
A dynamic card for the second attack that can use either Raibor or Feather.
Also great as a side deck frame.
japan 死なない男
2021/01/27 1:23
Yugioh Icon
You can't use it if you have a face-up card,
Powerful enough to choose Harpie's Feather Broom or Mirror Force, depending on the situation.
His spell card with new removal.
Assuming that he will use it on the first turn of the second attack, if he stacks 3, he is powerful enough to have 4 of Harpie's Feather Brooms.
It can be said that the weak point is after the middle stage when the presence of face-up cards increases,
It's still very powerful and could potentially be regulated.
japan アネデパミ
2020/12/17 11:34
Yugioh Icon
Back attack card
Sometimes it bothers me that I can't remove defensive monsters
japan はやとちり
2020/04/19 11:40
Yugioh Icon
His crazy spell card that lets you choose between Raigeki and her Harpie's feather broom. When the opponent is lining up suppressing monsters, he should use monster destruction, and when he is setting up traps or continuous spells, he should use spell/trap destruction.
There are many monsters with resistance to destruction, but the true role of this type of total destruction card is to break down the containment board and open up a path for expansion, and monsters with resistance can be defeated by battle or removal other than destruction after that. is.
However, the strict summoning condition that there are no cards in your field is a bottleneck. Even compared to 《Evenly Matched》, which can be used during the opponent's turn, it is a card that is difficult to activate except in the very beginning.
If you have monsters that are difficult to remove such as Borrel monsters and Astram, or Field Spells, you often cannot activate this card because of those cards.
When adopting it, you can either put it in as a dedicated shooter or put it in a deck that easily collapses the board.
japan みめっと
2020/02/08 9:01
Yugioh Icon
A sweeping spell that can be used only when there is no face-up card in the player's field using this card.
With the introduction of this card, it became possible to practically have up to 4 haha in the deck.
It goes without saying how much of a threat this is to the deceased Trap Deck.
On the other hand, monster removal is a card that is surprisingly ineffective against monsters in Defense Position, so basically it is safe to see him as a card that removes spells and traps.
Also, just like Awakage, if the opponent goes first and Gilles or Bon-Mawashi pushes a monster or his Spell Trap card, be careful.
As someone who likes Trap Decks, it's a 10-point card for my opponent to use, but I wonder why it's such a difficult card to use.
Postscript: It became semi-restricted in the October 2022 limit regulation.
It's a semi-restricted card, with Sambol being unrestricted, so cards that remove all backs are seen as much more important than monsters, of course! And thank you!
japan アキ
2019/12/18 14:31
Yugioh Icon
Since it has the effect of both Pseudo Raibol and 《Harpie's Feather Duster》, it is a powerful card, but it can only be used on the first turn of the second attack or when it is recessive, and if the Field Spell is face-up, it cannot be used casually. . I think it's a card that has some peculiarities.
japan はわわ
2019/10/23 15:00
Yugioh Icon
A card for attacking on the side.
Depending on the board, it's usually strong to hit pseudo-Sambol or feather broom and total removal.
Depending on the conditions, anything other than the second attack 1T will be rotten, so if the theme can be used as a cost, it's even better.
japan プンプン丸
2019/10/23 11:52
Yugioh Icon
Since the condition is "when there are no face-up cards in your field", the [Set card] is OK, so it can be used in his deck that uses a lot of reverse effects. That said, it's definitely a card that depends on the situation on the field, so it's not a card that can be played easily like "Raigeki" and "Harpie's Feather Broom".
It's a card that has an attractive advantage, so it's easy to focus on that, but I don't think he'll be able to get into the deck unexpectedly because he can't reach the itch. I think it's a card that chooses Deck.
japan ABYSS
2019/10/23 6:34
Yugioh Icon
A card with a wonderful story that allows you to use the restricted class Sambol and feather brooms properly.
However, it's a card with the same name, turn 1, and the activation condition is only when the field is empty, so it's basically a card that can only be played when you're outnumbered or on the first turn of the second attack, so it's well-balanced.
Recently, cards like Nibiru and 《Dark Ruler No More》that eliminate the absolute advantage of getting ahead are increasing, and this card seems to be riding that trend.
japan 刹那
2019/10/22 12:43
Yugioh Icon
If you have it in your hand on the first turn of the second attack, there is probably no other card that is as reliable as this one.
The effect is a card that combines Sambol and Feather Broom, and it is also highly evaluated for being able to use it according to the situation.
Due to its performance, it is a card that can be said to be one of the answer cards for recent advantageous situations.
Although there is a condition that you have no cards in your field, as I mentioned earlier, it is possible that your field will be completely empty in the first turn of the second attack or in the middle to late stage when the turn has progressed to some extent, so I said so. It can be said that it is an excellent card as a counterattack option.
japan クロス
2019/10/20 14:10
Yugioh Icon
The feather broom and braho are all in one, so it's good to use them according to the situation.
japan デルタアイズ
2019/10/14 18:41
Yugioh Icon
It's also a deterrent to the first game, but basically it's a Hanehoki after the second one.
Both effects don't accumulate in Metabeat
japan まじっく
2019/10/13 23:59
Yugioh Icon
The fact that it can be activated by choosing to destroy the opponent's girlfriend's face-up monster or his Spell Trap is exactly the card that symbolizes the inflation of Sambol + Feather Duster.
It's an effect that's a combination of restricted cards, but since it has the condition "when there are no cards in your field", it doesn't go well with his deck, which has a tendency to advance.
It's an excellent card that strengthens the second attack, but since it's a "powerful sweeper that you want to use on the first turn", it's basic to stack multiple cards, but even if you draw after deploying monsters, it doesn't empty the field. It should be noted that it is completely dead because it cannot be activated for as long as possible.
I choose scenes that make full use of the effect, but what is written is powerful. such a card.
japan 備長炭18
2019/10/13 21:02
Yugioh Icon
A card that looks like a combination of Raibol and Feather Duster.
Even though there is a turn 1, you can choose to use either the opponent's monster or the total removal of his Spell / Trap, and it is easier to stack 3 than the card Braho that is shot in a similar situation. The activation condition, which assumes that you have no cards in your field, is a match for the effect.
As a general-purpose removal, it has some peculiarities, but it has the impression that it has a suitable power.
japan exa
2019/10/13 20:24
Yugioh Icon
If you only watch the tournament, there will be various drawbacks, but Yu-Gi-Oh is not only that. If you play casually without a sideboard, this card will shine regardless of the opponent's deck type. Crying at Mr. A's skidre, and when Mr. B puts in a cyclone, he cries at Deck. You will be freed from these thoughts.
japan もも
2019/10/13 11:50
Yugioh Icon
Mixed Spell Cards of restricted card classes with activation conditions.
However, I don't think the activation conditions are difficult at all, and depending on the Deck, I think that the fact that you can select the effect may actually make it easier to use.
Thunderbolt and his Harpie's feather broom often don't fit in his deck, so it's a card that can be played.
japan wairo
2019/10/12 19:19
Yugioh Icon
New Total Destruction Spell Card
It goes without saying that the second turn is the first turn, but when the turn comes after the second turn, my field is often wiped out, so I don't think the conditions are that severe.
It's powerful to be able to use 2 types of effects properly, but I think it's a bit difficult to solve it with this one card because there are many combinations of interfering monsters + interfering traps on the board these days.
However, depending on the opponent, it can be a second-order turnover card that is better than Pankratops, so I think it will be a powerful option for the side deck in the future.
japan とき
2019/10/12 14:07
Yugioh Icon
A card that uses restrictive effects instead of having strict conditions.
It can be activated when there are no face-up cards in your field, and it has the effect of destroying all of the opponent's monsters in Attack Position or his Spell Trap.
A card that specializes in counterattacking on the first turn of the second turn, which has become popular recently. Can it be used even if it is conditionally cleared? You can use either his Attack Position limited Thunderbolt, which is both limited, or the Harpie's Feather Duster itself.
Will he mainly use Spell Trap removal for decks that use Spell Trap a lot, and Monster Destruction for decks that don't set much and focus on deployment? Due to the nature that can be used properly, it is also considered that the side can be saved.
japan ヒコモン
2019/10/10 19:27
Yugioh Icon
A super-dreadnought card that allows you to choose between 《Raigeki》or 《Harpie's Feather Duster》when there is no face-up card in your field. His deck that can be used from the main deck is limited, but it can be considered as 《Raigeki》, 《Harpie's Feather Duster》from the second one onwards. However, there are many decks that don't include 《Raigeki》, so the second and subsequent 《Harpie's Feather Duster》aspect is strong. Coming down with guns, he is strong against TRUE, Subterror, and Altergeist. Also, since Subterror is often face-down, it may be possible to use it instead, but in that case, will 《The Hidden City》be a hindrance?
japan アルバ
2019/10/10 19:11
Yugioh Icon
It's a card with something amazing written on it, that Sambol Modoki and Feather Duster have become one card.
Inflation has come this far... but surprisingly, the activation conditions are crazy and it's not a card that you can put in without thinking.
Coming back from an inferior position and the first turn of the second attack is the main use, and there are scenes where it will be rotten if you draw it in the middle, and there are many cards with similar roles that do not choose the scene to activate each effect.
As for destroying monsters, there are Sambol and Braho, so it seems unlikely that it will be used for this purpose, but for Decks where Tsuitsui and Reboot are difficult to use, Feather Duster effect can be expected to play an active role as Feather Duster from the second one onwards.
There is no difference in that the monster destruction effect can also be used properly with one card, so there is no loss if you use it as a side card.
For the main entry, he has to take a good look at the deck and the environment, but as a side card, it can be said that he is a promising rising star.
japan 究極
2019/10/10 17:53
Yugioh Icon
The best card for the first move when you are outnumbered. Few cards can deal with both monsters and spell traps, so that alone is valuable. That being said, it's not a demerit that can happen in play, so if you put it in from the main deck, you'll need to build with this card in mind, such as using it in a deck that is easy to open up or using it as a hand cost for Samopuri.
japan シエスタ
2019/10/10 17:11
Yugioh Icon
At first glance, the chimpanzee effect seems to have been invented by an elementary school student.
It is a luxurious effect that allows you to select two types of total removal depending on the situation.
However, it's a condition that makes it difficult to activate when you're superior, and monsters can only destroy his Attack Position, so it's not as easy a removal as you might think.
Also, like The Bystial and Tearlaments, there are decks that are deployed while this one is deployed first, and there are times when Sambol, which can be fired without any particular conditions, wins.
It can be said to be a necessary evil, but it suppresses the difference between the first and the next advantage, and like No101 and Sideline Infinity in the past, it is easy to be vigilant and put out in defense, and it is also difficult to neglect defense, so various environments 1 pieces that are throwing a stone.
japan 惑星調査隊
2023/11/09 12:44
Yugioh Icon
japan 愛佳
2023/09/12 21:48
Yugioh Icon
japan 名も無き決闘者
2023/09/12 20:33
Yugioh Icon
japan .
2023/07/19 14:53
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2024/03/05 12:16
Yugioh Icon
japan まくろる
2024/01/15 22:01
Yugioh Icon
japan 炎使いYP
2024/01/04 13:37
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Lightning Storm"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
IGNITION ASSAULT IGAS-JP067 2019-10-12 SecretSuper
Structure Deck: Cyber Strike SD41-JP034 2021-05-15 Normal

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Rating Score Rank 1,614 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 75,109


Japanese card name ライトニング・ストーム

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