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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > STARSTRIKE BLAST > Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi"

Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi" Used Deck

Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi"
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster
Tuner Monster
- 3 Machine 500 1600
This card must attack if able. When this face-up Attack Position card is selected as an attack target, change it to Defense Position. When this card is Normal or Special Summoned, select 1 monster on the field, and change its battle position.
Average Rating Score 7.8(8)
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"Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi"" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ねこーら
2023/07/16 13:39
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: I would like to adopt it by taking advantage of the difference in level from 《Karakuri Gama mdl 4624 "Shirokunishi"》.
For Karakuri's battle position change, there is Karakuri Gama mdl 4624 "Shirokunishi", which can change the opponent's battle position to stop the attack, but there are few moves to make during the opponent's turn.
Tuner of the same level also has 《Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi"》and it is difficult to prioritize.
It's not that you can't use Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido" to get a draw and connect with his level 11 Synchro Monster, but there are other options such as Karakuri Super Shogun mdl 00N "Bureibu".
japan 備長炭18
2020/04/03 23:48
Yugioh Icon
2 x 4 = 8
When it comes into play, it can be attack-sealed or defensive-sealed, and it has a higher combo property that can be used on your own monsters, rather than simply making it easier to destroy the opponent's monsters in battle.
If it's Karakuri, Kaitai Shinsho or Mujirō would be appropriate.
However, his current Karakuri is Etoad, thanks to the Hoshi, it's easier to change the battle position on your own/opponent's turn. It ended up in a virtual competition with Komachi, who became a support.
Therefore, I think it would be better to use a small number of them, including Toad Reservation, as a recruit target for Mureibu, or use it for combo purposes as a supportive 《A/D Changer》that can be used even during the opponent's turn.
It's a card that I want you to have at least one sleeping in your Deck.
japan ナル参照
2013/04/09 19:27
Yugioh Icon
A staff officer in a military organization such as the army, as a staff member of a high-ranking commander, who plans and guides operations and tactics.
The effect is a battle position change that can be said to be super important for his Karakuri.
The mediocrity is very high, such as using the effect of Takenori and calling it with libide to eliminate the opponent's attack.
If Komachi is a runaway, this is the type that will definitely go. no matter what, it's super necessary
japan みかんゼリー
2012/04/13 22:31
Yugioh Icon
Since you can defend yourself, you can evade special attacks, and of course you can also energy-con your opponent.
In addition, ad securing is delicious when combined with no anger and Kaitai Shinsho.
A simple piece that does a good job.
japan †黒翔 隆星†
2011/06/23 16:51
Yugioh Icon
This is strong even for general use, and can be used to suppress attacks by turning it at the forefront
japan SOUL
2010/12/24 22:59
Yugioh Icon
It has a fairly good effect and is also a tuner, so there are many ways to use it outside of Karakuri.
And he is very useful in Karakuri to activate the draw of zero rage.
At first glance, it seems that Mujin is active, but in reality, it is because of the existence of this card.
Since the usage is different from 224, it would be desirable to have 2 to 3 stacks of both.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/19 14:29
Yugioh Icon
It is a tuner for Karakuri and has the effect of built-in energy control.
Since it can be used as a defense by itself, even if it doesn't use Karakuri's peculiar self-destruct attack k.
Also, it can be used with Mujing and Kaitai Shinsho, and can be used as a trigger for 《Karakuri Trick House》.
In the same frame, 224, which can produce a general in one turn, came, but this one has a good enecon effect when it comes out, so it's case-by-case.
Due to his low ATK, even his Deck of Frontline Ground Machines is good enough to travel.
japan とき
2010/08/04 11:51
Yugioh Icon
It can be used not only for Karakuri, but also for front-line gadgets and ancient machines.
However, his true longing is in his Karakuri. One piece that becomes the axis in Karakuri.
Super draws that make use of Mujing and Kaitai Shinsho usually start because of this guy.
He has a strong rival named Komachi, but his excellence is also indispensable for Karakuri. Is it possible to simply use the change effect at the time of summoning to break through the high RBI?

Decks with "Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi""

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
STARSTRIKE BLAST STBL-JP021 2010-07-17 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 4,043 / 12,858 Cards
View Num 43,551


Japanese card name カラクリ参謀 弐四八

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