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Tearlaments Kitkallos ForbiddenUsed Deck

Tearlaments Kitkallos
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
- 5 Aqua 2300 1200
1 "Tearlaments" monster + 1 Aqua monster
If this card is Special Summoned: You can take 1 "Tearlaments" card from your Deck, and either add it to your hand or send it to the GY. You can target 1 monster you control; Special Summon 1 "Tearlaments" monster from your hand or GY, and if you do, send the targeted monster to the GY. If this card is sent to the GY by card effect: You can send the top 5 cards of your Deck to the GY. You can only use each effect of "Tearlaments Kitkallos" once per turn.
Average Rating Score 10(33)
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"Tearlaments Kitkallos" card reviews and rating scores

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japan 野菜
2023/07/16 15:51
Yugioh Icon
Prohibited on paper, restricted on MD.
If you go first, add a deployment card to your hand or GY to SS. We are proud of the specs that are given to the theme and whether it is barely permissible.
Instant Fusion》, 《Foolish Burial Goods》, 《King of the Swamp》, 《Terraforming》, 《Tearlaments Sulliek》, etc. have been dealt with step by step. I don't think so.
Tearlaments in MD as of July had the headwinds of the aforementioned regulations, but more than that, high resistance to 《Super Polymerization》, complete Ishizu With the implementation of , we have acquired a certain amount of countermeasures against 《Evenly Matched》, and it is still in the environment.
After all, no matter how much you reduce hits, as long as this card and Ishizu parts exist, the explosive power itself when hit won't change, so unless you ban them, Tearlaments will continue to rampage in MD where you can't take countermeasures on the side. Isn't it?
The Tributeed cup noodles, burial, genie king, and terafo are cards that were also used in many other decks, and it's distorted that the number of decks that will eat away at this card every time you try to extend its life in the future. I think it should be banned as soon as possible.
japan 波切
2023/07/06 17:02
Yugioh Icon
Is this a sample of what would happen if a designer didn't cut corners and created an EX monster for relay?
There is no need to talk about the effect, so I will omit it.
For some reason in MD, some people dream that this card will not be banned, but since (1) allows access to all Tearlaments cards, it's impossible.
It's an SR implementation for that purpose, and the focus will be on how far the ban can be extended.
Personally, I think it will be banned after 《Kashtira》is sold out.
japan Limit_
2023/05/26 14:31
Yugioh Icon
With the effect of ①, you can search for anything on her Tearlaments card, and with the effect of ②, you can send yourself to her GY for some reason, so you can easily feed GY.
Some of the duelists may develop hives from trauma or just looking at this illustration.
japan 超弩級スライム
2023/05/20 19:36
Yugioh Icon
A demonic fusion monster that can be put out easily
I think it's already at a level that needs no explanation, but with the 1st search effect and 3rd effect, he can gain a huge advantage due to the effect of the card sent to GY. Also, unlike "Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard" and "Agido the Ancient Sentinel", his GY Fertilization effect only applies to his own deck, so he can activate it without hesitation even in the mirror.
The weak point is that if the effect is negated by something like Infinite Impermanence, the 2nd effect will not connect to the 3rd effect, let alone search. I prefer negate to this card.
Even so, on the next turn, you can send it to his GY with the effect of Tearlaments Sulliek, so it's not that bad.
In the 11th term, there weren't many cards that were banned even if they were restricted, but considering that they were still banned, you can see how abnormal their power is.
japan ハッ セフィロス
2023/05/20 0:11
Yugioh Icon
MD group "This will be banned"
japan ルーナエ
2023/05/16 3:56
Yugioh Icon
In today's world, even if it's an EX monster, I don't think you should ever put out a banned card from the monster theme...
It seems that 《Spright Elf》, whose effect and Special Summon materials are almost universal, is still unavoidable, but this card is...
It's very sad that I did that in the third year of the 11th term, and I want you to properly reflect on it.
japan .
2023/05/14 22:22
Yugioh Icon
illustration cute
The effect is
①《Foolish Burial
②《Monster Reborn
③Agid Kerbek
Not cute
japan AIBO
2023/04/11 10:21
Yugioh Icon
First of all, a word. So cute!
Being hugged by such an older sister.
Well, the chase.
Chained GY Fertilizer, Chained GY Fusion. okay, that's fine It's not a bad thing. rather fun.
However, in modern times, the number of people such as Baroness, Grapha, Dragostaperia, and others who can easily be negates has increased rapidly.
On top of that comes the Tearlaments' Lurkaloth and the Tearlaments' abundant Trap interference.
Furthermore, I would be horrified if Ishizu's mudra or Keldow returned his GY to the deck.
In conclusion, all Ishizu parts are bad.
First of all, I want you to ban all Ishizu parts cleanly.
japan タラバガニ
2023/04/11 2:13
Yugioh Icon
I was born wrong.
It's easy to put out, and it's decided that you can't search or send GY, SS, GY fertilizer...
Designers were out of control in 2022, and not only this card, but a large number of cards were regulated, and it was already chaos...
I think this card is especially symbolic of that.
japan かどまん
2023/04/06 16:33
Yugioh Icon
One of the Tearlaments amalgamations, summed up for duelists away from the OCG these days
A monster like El Shaddoll Construct from the 11th season
[Tearlaments] with non-standard effects will sweep the environment more than [Shaddoll] at the time.
All effects from ① to ③ are connected, and it corresponds to 《Instant Fusion》.
Because of the lightness of the footwork that can be an initial member even though it is an EX card
Everything you want to do within this theme can be done from this card.
Prohibited in OCG, implemented with restrictions from the beginning in MD
It seems that the ban here is also a matter of time
japan まくろる
2023/03/06 12:32
Yugioh Icon
If you say it's prohibited, well... it's true... card to be.
However, the illustrations are good and I want to worship them in OCG Structures, so I'm wondering if they will come back to the limit.
The deck of OCG Structures basically refers to the limit regulation in the outline stage of drawing the duel (I think), but the director of the high school edition loves cards drawn by women, and Akahoshi-kun is a fusion It should be easy to give Tearlaments a turn, given their fondness for the theme.
It's sad that I can't worship the face of Kitkaros onee-sama there.
Participated in Master Duel from 2023/04/10. Limited from the appearance, the rarity is SR and the ○ death flag is raised, but I want to wait a moment.
This card is the engine of his Tearlaments. In Sky Striker Ace, Kagari is like XX, in Orcust, Galatea is like XX, and in Swordsoul, Chixiao is like XX (probably).
At the very least, I want them to stop being banned lightly, and there should be other ways than OCG, which has commercial entanglements.
japan シエスタ
2023/02/02 17:48
Yugioh Icon
The main engine of Tearlaments, as many people have said.
For Tearlaments, it's a loose material specification and a polite level and effect corresponding to "Instant Fusion", and it works well with just one card. Anything from the first move to the turnaround.
In addition to the power of Tearlaments, it was installed in the EX and was easy to use, so it was banned.
Besides this, his Tearlaments and related things are strictly regulated, and you can see his rampage. (although still working hard)
Both Lurukaros and Illustrated Ads are expensive, so it's a pity that I can't use them, but I can't complain.
japan アルバ
2022/12/18 11:17
Yugioh Icon
A dangerous fellow who broke the fastest fusion record.
It has three effects: search and field monster replacement effect, and GY manure.
It's not a broken effect one by one, but I can't deny the feeling that one card has too many effects for the looseness of the material.
What makes this card even more dangerous is that all effects lead to the next development by random GY fertilizer.
With GY Fertilization, fusion with Ishizu and his Tearlaments monster effect, and with Spell Trap, it leads to search, so it contains a lot of advantages beyond what is written.
Since it itself can be used as a material for powerful Fusion Monsters such as Lurcaros and Stapelia, it was a monster capable of providing strong deployment support, preparing interference, and securing resources that was not worthy of its lightness.
As a result of Tearlaments trampling over the environment for more than half a year, it was banned, causing fatal damage to the deck, and overkilling many related parts.
In the same revision, many cards that were released less than a year ago were restricted, even if they were surreal or higher, and even Kashtira collapsed without going beyond one revision since it was established as his deck.
It's a level of ruthless regulation that has never been seen before. It was an unexpected result.
japan ブルーバード
2022/12/16 17:52
Yugioh Icon
Banned 8 months after release. As a Fusion Monster's fastest banned record, it beats that dragoon and ranks first.
In recent Yu-Gi-Oh, cards that are excessive as sub-gimmicks tend to be regulated due to business trips, etc., and main gimmicks are often allowed due to restrictions. The sub gimmick is easy to regulate because it can grasp the strong theme and can be used as a demon, but if you put a scalpel in the main gimmick, it will weaken as soon as you put a knife in it, and it will be difficult to balance. However, this time it was an unusual response that the main gimmick was banned from one shot.
In the case of this card, it was expected that 《Instant Fusion》, which can be popped out with one card, would be banned. As for simple, I had a lot of previous convictions such as Norden, the strongest Neptune, and Miresaku, so it was a situation where it could be banned at any time. However, it was decided that a simple ban would not stop it, or it was unexpected that a simple ban was allowed.
Losing this card has made it impossible for me to use Lurukalos in Tearlaments. Instead, they are seriously considering putting in 《King of the Swamp》, which has good compatibility with 《Polymerization》in Aqua.
japan ユメ
2022/12/16 15:59
Yugioh Icon
The central figure of the environmental break group who was finally black tagged after breaking his body as a result of continuing the cup noodle life every day. But that doesn't mean the crisis of cup noodles is over.
Miko Eve is another villain who turns the environment into a burnt field with just one copy, but unlike that one, she's not a woman who sleeps with anyone, so she's balanced.
100 points for illustrations, -100 million points for performance, which need not be talked about anymore, 10 points with a break.
japan ティンダングルの慟哭
2022/12/12 20:56
Yugioh Icon
A woman who died instantly when her head was cut off because she could not stop even with her arms and legs.
I won't go into too much detail about its insane effects.
All effects do not accept triggers due to the overwhelming amount of effort to earn ads.
Depending on the hand, it may come down on the opponent's first turn, earning an ad and setting up a Dragostaperia.
Due to the common effect of Tearlaments, it can be used as many times as you like, and the limit is meaningless, so one out.
The lower class searched by his own effect is his special summon with his own effect at the cost of himself, his own effect sent to GY activates her GY sending, and fusion summons himself with himself as a material.
(I return to Extra)
I don't understand this anymore.
His ATK is slightly high, and on top of that, it also supports 《Instant Fusion》.
A genuine monster that broke the record for the fastest dragoon fusion.
japan OKA山
2022/12/12 14:20
Yugioh Icon
Onyanoko was banned earlier than Dragoon
The reason why a theme that hasn't been around for a year has been regulated at the theme denial level is because of the strength of the theme. Lurukaros is also banned, and Fusion Monsters can only use good-looking guys with tentacles. Is this really a fusion theme? becomes. I wonder if Kashtira and the 11th generation Vi-sama story will really be okay from now on...
why! Why don't you die! ! Why are you still in the environment! ! It can be said that it is the biggest break in 2022 along with Spright. There are signs that MD will be implemented soon, so I'm curious about how to implement it. He probably wouldn't implement it with Spright in the first place.
japan タマーキン(封印)
2022/12/12 4:35
Yugioh Icon
A woman imprisoned about 9 months after implementation
Theoretically, it's a joke that steals 6 ads from 1 Instant Fusion card.
When it comes out, either search or she is GY manure 5 (6) will pass
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》You can’t stop with one shot
Since it is specified as a summoning condition for Lulukaros, I thought that 《Instant Fusion》would be sacrificed, but it seems that even that is not allowed.
If you want to use Lurukaros, use a substitute monster such as 《King of the Swamp》.
Say Adamancipator and 5 is too many
Even "Pot of Duality" is 3
It is a piece that symbolizes KONAMI's slash-and-burn business method that has gone too far in 2022.
At YCSJ, he also sold Tearlaments duel sets, so he just said he finished his role.
japan みめっと
2022/12/12 2:31
Yugioh Icon
Many of the restrictions on the theme in limit regulation are for the purpose of reducing the power to penetrate the stability and obstacles, not to completely collapse the concept and main movement set for the theme, so in recent years The main deck has almost no banned cards, but one card is enough and restrictions below the limit are less effective.
Moreover, in the case of this monster, not only does it have a solid effect related to the theme, but it was also penetrated by the fact that it is a fusion material with a specified name, and it became a banned card in January 2023 with the Limit Regulations.
In this revision, Tearlaments and Kashtira are subject to strict regulations that have not been seen in recent years, and some of The Bystial are also regulated. It has become a form that highlights how malicious and terrible the adjustment of the theme card was.
Instant Fusion》, which has been around for a long time at the expense of various monsters, was once made into a restricted card, but in this revision, it was not allowed to go further. .
japan くず
2022/12/11 23:33
Yugioh Icon
why did you print ? ? ?
It's decided that a broken theme EX card that comes out from anywhere, gets ads, gets insurance, and comes with insurance
I feel sorry for the character whose setting picture was released.
japan E−HERO愛用中のクリムゾン・ノヴァ
2022/12/11 22:11
Yugioh Icon
【preliminary report】
Prohibition announcement due to limit regulation
【preliminary report】
Prohibition announcement due to limit regulation
【preliminary report】
Prohibition announcement due to limit regulation
...a piece.
japan Rさん
2022/12/11 21:50
Yugioh Icon
Prohibition is commonplace! 《Instant Fusion》is exempted from regulation, but don't just print a broken card that is easy to deal with. Card-chan, who understands 《Tearlaments》, thank you for your hard work.
A theme that is still in the environment even if it is subject to multiple regulations. Ishizu and his Tearlaments are evil in their very existence.
japan ウキキーボード
2022/12/10 21:21
Yugioh Icon
A kind-hearted girl who is happy with just one cup of noodles.
When she lands, she uses the 1st effect instead of a greeting to perform an all-purpose search, and easily brings cards such as 《Tearlaments Sulliek》that can both develop and interfere with the opponent's turn.
The effect of ② in the field will lead to further development of her Tearlaments, and in conjunction with the effect of ③,
With the effect of ③ in GY, she keeps dropping it from the deck as if it were a souvenir, crying like a sea turtle laying eggs, scattering a large amount of following and resources and leaving to the sea.
If you've ever seen Kitokaros-san's way of life, earning ads anytime, anywhere, it's a certain Tenkou-san...
The scary thing is that if you get it from 《Instant Fusion》, all of the above will be done without any capital, so the feeling of “finished” is so strong that I want to cry.
Even if you block the effect with Bubble Shadow or Veiler, you can just send it to his GY with Salik on the opponent's turn and use the 3rd effect on the opponent's turn to develop it. The backlash to the 3rd effect is strangely difficult to stop, such as being caressed by the ``Tearlaments Merrli'' and Friche's ``Tearlaments Kashtira'' that were put out by the 2nd effect.
The best way to deal with such cards is to prevent them from appearing in the first place.
In such a situation, I get the impression that the only way to deal with it is to put Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries on the wanted list and remove it from the EX Deck, saying, "Don't use that card!"
To be frank, if Tearlaments were to be fully regulated, banning him would be the most effective.
There is also an expectation that he will follow a certain Tenkou route to survive by regulating cup noodles and surrounding cards, but as long as this person exists, Tearlaments itself will just change partners and it is unlikely that he will die, so it will be banned early and later. My personal guess is that we'll follow the Miko Everut, who quietly reappears in an adjusted version.
In that case, for the time being, 《King of the Swamp》will have no choice but to work hard and make it look like 《Tearlaments Rulkallos》.
japan やっつけ先生
2022/11/05 3:36
Yugioh Icon
Other people are writing, but it's a clear broken card. why did you print level. It writes only strong things, and is almost self-contained. Search, GY drop, SS, Yu-Gi-Oh's strong effects are all packed in. And as for GY Fertilizer, 5 sheets is not half bad. It's a theme-specific card, so it's not very versatile, but its simple power is top-class in Yu-Gi-Oh! It holds up well to the notorious banned cards. Tearlaments, which continues to be the overwhelming environmental leader, faces significant regulation. And Kitkaros would be at the top of that list. It wouldn't be banned since there is an infusion that names this card, but it could be quite restrictive. In the first place, it's not a good card to have unlimited or semi-restricted performance.
japan Sigu
2022/07/14 3:24
Yugioh Icon
strong. A card that cannot be attached to anything other than 10 points.
(1) Access to all cards in the category. You can bring traps and set up interference, or you can send low-level Tearlaments to GY for continuous fusion. It's not a fusion summon but a special summon, so it can be activated from a resurrection.
(2) Deployment of any Tearlaments. Not only low class monsters but also fusions can be revived. Kaleido Heart cannot be used as a fusion material, and it is a little troublesome to recover him after he is removed and placed in GY, so it is good to revive him with this effect. Since his GY is sent by effect, not by cost, he can easily turn into an ad if it's Tearlaments. Of course, if you send yourself to her GY, it will also lead to the effect of (3).
(3) He can feed his GY by 5 cards. It can be easily activated by using your own (2). Depending on luck, if Tearlaments is sent to GY, it will lead to further development.
It can be fusion summoned from Reino Heart or a single 《Supreme Sea Mare》, and since it is level 5, it also supports 《Instant Fusion》. Contrary to how easy it is to put out, it's easy to earn an advantage, and it can be said that it's an extremely excellent monster that never rots from the beginning to the end.
japan ジュウテツ
2022/05/02 17:49
Yugioh Icon
The effect of searching or sending the "Tearlaments" card of (1) to GY is excellent, and if you send this card to GY while reviving the "Tearlaments" monster with the effect of (2), you can get 5 cards by the effect of (3). I think it's excellent to be able to fertilize things GY.
With the "Tearlaments" Deck, I think you can fusion summon this card relatively easily.
japan フラクトール
2022/04/25 15:57
Yugioh Icon
A strong card that can do search or GY sending and development and his GY manure with one card
Cards that can be used as a foothold for further development while preparing your hand, especially for fusion summons such as 《Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart》.
Luck is involved, but if you can drop 5 cards, something will fall.
japan ラーメン
2022/04/25 3:07
Yugioh Icon
The first Amalgamation of Tearlaments, Tearlaments feels like playing this card first.
Search or Send GY, Special Summon, GY Fertilizer, and it has a perfect effect that is complete with one card. Search for Meilu, send yourself to GY as it is, and Special Summon it, it will become 8 GY Fertilizers at once. In addition, since Spell Trap can also be brought, it is possible to bring Trap and set up obstruction, but in pure construction, the latter will be the main one.
It's good that the hit points are soberly high, and it can barely surpass the midrash in the majors.
japan 銀マグロ
2023/11/16 23:37
Yugioh Icon
japan カディーン
2023/09/22 1:03
Yugioh Icon
japan あまちょこ
2024/04/12 0:35
Yugioh Icon
japan たたた
2024/03/29 11:33
Yugioh Icon
japan asd
2024/03/15 9:48
Yugioh Icon

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Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
POWER OF THE ELEMENTS POTE-JP042 2022-04-23 SecretSuper

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Rating Score Rank 1 / 12,768 Cards
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Japanese card name ティアラメンツ・キトカロス

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