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Forbidden Droplet Used Deck

Forbidden Droplet
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Quick-Play Spell - - - - -
Send any number of other cards from your hand and/or field to the GY; choose that many Effect Monsters your opponent controls, and until the end of this turn, their ATK is halved, also their effects are negated. In response to this card's activation, your opponent cannot activate cards, or the effects of cards, with the same original type (Monster/Spell/Trap) as the cards sent to the GY to activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Forbidden Droplet" per turn.
Average Rating Score 9.5(32)
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"Forbidden Droplet" card reviews and rating scores

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japan 通行人
2023/07/16 21:49
Yugioh Icon
In the Mauri series, the cost is high, but it is excellent in handling, and it is very important that it can play a role of obstruction if it is set even in advance.
However, looking at it as a flip, the cost is still severe, and against his deck, which interferes with the entire field, it often becomes a hot stone.
Moreover, if it only processes one, it is also painful that if it is a monster, it can break through complete resistance.
It may be good to adopt it as a jam card and a flip card in a deck that has output but has a small number of interferences with normal deployment alone.
japan TAG
2023/07/14 6:04
Yugioh Icon
One of the three Sacred Treasures of the last-attack flip-up card, on par with 《Dark Ruler No More》and 《Infinite Impermanence》.
Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and is mutually compatible. Although this card has a high hand cost, it surpasses Awakage in that it does not target. surpass.
Also, since this card's effect includes changes in his ATK, it can be activated during the damage step, and it also has the advantage of being able to respond to the effects of monsters that face up during the damage step.
It's a card that can't be used casually due to the cost, but I think it's a good card that can do various things depending on the deck type and the user's knowledge and technique.
japan .
2023/06/28 0:00
Yugioh Icon
If you read the effect, the cost is heavy, right? I think, but if you try using it, you can chain it to your normal spell and use it as a cost, or use a monster with a GY effect as a cost to trigger the effect, and it's actually not that expensive (according to Deck) )
Also, depending on the cost, it can't be chained like super fusion, and the RBI reduction is very useful for attacking later, and it's also useful when hitting troublesome monsters in battle.
It's also strong that it doesn't target, whether it's the link destination of Spright Elf or Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax, it can silence troublesome people with target resistance anyway.
Personally, I think it's the strongest card that surpasses 《Evenly Matched》and 《Dark Ruler No More》because it's strong even if you set it first.
I like the production of Master Duel's popping
japan 金平糖
2023/06/11 21:30
Yugioh Icon
A classic card that is rolled afterward. I'm very happy that it's been reprinted in Rare Collection and it's easier to get.
The fact that it is a Quick-Play Spell is very appreciated, and if you chain it to a search card, you can inflate the cost by one. Also, even if you draw it in advance, you can use it as a hindrance if you turn it face down, which is a unique advantage that competitive cards do not have.
In general, it boasts high performance that matches the high rarity that appeared in the 11th period, but depending on the deck and hand, it is often not possible to cover the cost to activate it. Since decks that use traps to interfere are not expected to be effective, I think that rather than adopting them without thinking about anything, you will choose them according to the match with his deck and the environment in which you play.
japan asd
2023/01/23 13:44
Yugioh Icon
After the cost is heavy, it has benefits such as no chaining and half attack.
Infinite Impermanence》is more than enough if you are aiming for just one target, but this one works better for 《Herald of Perfection》, which can be disrupted multiple times, or the infinite interference set of 《Mist Valley Apex Avian》and 《Mist Valley Thunderbird》.
If you can prepare multiple costs, it is relatively easy to negate the entire opponent's board.
It's a difficult card to use unless it's his Deck that swings second, or it's easy to prepare a hand cost, but it's definitely powerful.
japan やっつけ先生
2022/08/21 6:37
Yugioh Icon
One of the strongest in the Forbidden series. Quick-Play Spell, ATK half, effect negate, chain seal and only strong things are written. Is it just broken? If you ask me, no. I can adjust it well in the middle of the day. Strong but expensive. It works well against opponents who rely on a single overwhelming monster like Aldek to interfere, but against opponents with multiple obstacles, it costs 2 or 3 copies, making it difficult to come up with. At one point I was even in the main, but now I've calmed down so much that I might see it on the side. It will continue to be used as a side card along with Hades.
japan 超弩級スライム
2022/06/23 21:44
Yugioh Icon
A card like 《Forbidden Chalice》with a cost, but with various enhancements.
You can seal a chain of effects according to the cost of the card, so you can seal a monster like Ardek that can be negate many times at once.
Furthermore, since it can block the effects of multiple monsters without targeting it, it can also be used to suppress monsters with resistance or multiple monsters.
A cost is required for that amount, and depending on the board, a card that does not require a cost is often sufficient, and in an environment where there is no clear imaginary, it is inferior to other cards. It is interesting that it has been adjusted to be compatible with the previous card.
This card itself is by no means a power card, but it is one that you will see occasionally in the environment as it is a countermeasure against monsters with brutal suppression effects.
japan OKA山
2022/06/17 16:13
Yugioh Icon
A Quick-Play Spell that absolutely hunts for early suppression. Perfect for knocking out 《The Ultimate Creature of Destruction》guys with a single card such as Aldek or Dragoon. However, now I divide the interference between multiple monsters, and divide the interference between traps and monsters, so I think Dark Ruler No More is easier to use when attacking afterward, Darklord hunting angels, HEROs, and heroes who suppress first. I don't know which one is worse anymore
japan カディーン
2022/03/27 18:46
Yugioh Icon
While his Forbidden series so far has had an awe-inspiring meaning, this is a heretical illustration that contains the nuance that it is unforgivable.
The effect is also quite a maverick and does not take targets, he halves ATK & negate effect + bans chain, which really reflects Dragoon's tyranny. While all of the Holy Grail Holy Spear Cloths were versatile and easy to understand, this one clearly shows its nature as a counter to a specific suppression.
It is extremely reliable for sending out an ace that has allowed it to land once, but the usability itself is extremely bad, and it is almost meaningless unless you use it with a well-written scenario. Has a nasty nuisance.
This card shows its true value when it breaks the control of Ace who is backed by the impregnable support of Back.
The background to this card's high reputation is that the control in Yu-Gi-Oh has evolved into something ``quick, strong, and hard to disturb'', and depending on the item, it may come out from here and there as a business trip set. There is a change in the environment that makes it necessary to split the side slot for the turn after being overwhelmed.
There is little point in using it unless it is his deck that completely suppresses the opponent at a level that does nothing, so if you allow a counterattack with this card, it will be a "hey, duel" from the opponent. It must be remembered that it is a complaint.
japan ブルーバード
2022/03/27 13:05
Yugioh Icon
Desperately attacking cards.
The negate effect is untargeted and silences the monster and even his spells. As for the cost, he is rather happy that he is a deck that refers to GY, such as Infernoid, and when he can't send it to GY, he can use the part that can be sent to GY for combos like emergency food. In an environment where traps tend to be neglected, Friche's him is easy to be shot by traps, and like night shots, if the activation of a card is interposed, the card you want to seal may be activated.
But this card was too crazy for him to be a Quick-Play Spell. There is also an aspect of the card that encourages the control of the first attack, just like the increased G.
japan あろー
2022/02/10 16:58
Yugioh Icon
A powerful back attack card.
It can penetrate even targets with resistance and suppress the surface of the control board, and as a bonus, the RBI is halved, which is very good.
Furthermore, since this card is his Quick-Play Spell, it's great that even if you go first, it won't spoil easily.
japan 京太
2022/01/12 21:16
Yugioh Icon
THE card. Originally an anti-dragoon weapon, it is still used to silence preemptive suppression.
japan お留守番
2021/11/21 8:59
Yugioh Icon
It costs a lot, but it's a negation that doesn't target, and it's a strong card that halves her ATK as a bonus.
As for the cost, there are deck compatibility, but now there are many cards that activate effects just by going to GY, and the effects are strong, so I think I can put it in most decks.
As an unusual usage, you can use monsters on the field as a cost to sacrifice escape from cards that target monsters on your own field, such as when summoned.
japan ウキキーボード
2021/09/23 21:53
Yugioh Icon
I'm going to bake it until it's sizzling, oh!
A rather brutal card. A card that you will definitely want in the second attack.
It was only born to crush that dragoon, and no matter how many people with target resistance or suppression effect exist, it will be silenced. 《Herald of Ultimateness》is not scary.
You can save money by sending Infinite Impermanence, which has a cost activated, or by chaining it to a pot and sending it to his GY, or you can even use the hand cost in illusions.
Since it is a Quick-Play Spell and has the effect of halving ATK, it is highly versatile as it can even be used as a combat trick for Dameste.
... but it also has a rather fatal weakness, unlike super fusion, the type of card that is the cost cannot be activated "in response to the activation of this card".
For example, if you try to stop a monster with a furiche effect by cutting one monster with this, you can activate an appropriate Spell Trap chain and put it in between, then activate that monster's effect and disable the chain cut. There are many.
As a specific example, if you try to silence the VFD in Virtual World with a single drop, you can use the VFD effect after putting "Virtual World Gate - Chuche" in between, or use "Abyss Dweller" after putting "Time Pendulumgraph" in Magician. Sometimes you can't negate as you think.
Or rather, even a wasteful act such as declaring an irrelevant card with Chain Crossout Designator will cause the chain cut of this card to stop functioning and the Despheni to escape.
You can make up for this shortcoming by increasing the number of cards used for costs and increasing the types, but since you can't hit your own monsters with this card's negate effect, unless your opponent has a lot of monsters, increase the types of costs. It's a pain that I can't take care of.
Even with this card, I can't stop a board like the aforementioned VFD Suzaku, so in the end VFD ended up in jail.
japan ソリティアマスター
2021/06/04 20:15
Yugioh Icon
I think it's a card that is simply strong against the second attack. I feel that being able to choose the cost on the field or in the hand is quite high in terms of combos and flexibility. However, the drawback is that his deck consumes a lot of cards and the cost is relatively high. In the first season, the adoption rate was quite high, but recently, the Awakage, which can be used as a trigger during the opponent's turn, has risen to the War Cup, and I think the number of decks that stack 3 is about Noid. This card weakened my favorite deck of the Timelord. Even though it's already weak against the negate effect, even the Sundaion, which has 4000 RBI even with the negate effect, turns into a small fry...
japan 死なない男
2021/01/24 17:36
Yugioh Icon
The latest card in the highly versatile Forbidden series that can almost certainly negate monsters that are not completely resistant with non-targeting effects and halve their ATK.
The number of monsters on the opponent's field can be made into his negate, and the cost of your field or hand is the same as that number.
Your opponent cannot chain cards (Monster, Spell, Trap) of the type used for the activation cost of this card,
If you use all of them as a cost, your opponent can't chain, which is very strong.
Also, as one of the techniques, for example, you can activate "Infinite Impermanence" yourself,
If you can activate this card by chaining it to it, you can use the activated Infinite Impermanence as a cost, so you can reduce the cost.
japan 備長炭18
2020/08/08 2:12
Yugioh Icon
Unlike the previous Forbidden series, he can only target opponent's monsters, but the effect has an environment-class return than any of his Forbidden series.
It's a powerful word that you can negate the effect and halve the RBI even with the number of costs, where mass deployment is no longer the norm and you can't make it with just one body. Since it's a Quick-Play Spell that can also use cards on the field as a cost, it's possible to combine it with removal or combos like Chinese pots and emergency food.
Similar to recent similar cards, the blatant monster effect, or rather, the ability to not chain with Dragoon as a metaphor is also strong.
The cost is the same as the number of monsters you want to negate.
japan TK
2020/07/23 15:26
Yugioh Icon
It's amazing, one piece
It's strong when the second attack uses it as a counterattack, but it's also strong when the Dragoon side puts it down.
You can also use it flexibly, such as if you use triggers and activate three battles, this guy will still throw Dragoon.
Even against solitaire decks, there are many cases where you don't need to negate the entire opponent's board, so I think he's easier to use than the ATK-lowering branching wave.
japan はやとちり
2020/07/19 12:52
Yugioh Icon
"Forbidden" Quick-Play Spell cards currently running in the environment.
hand. Use the cards on the field as the cost, choose the opponent's monsters as many as the number of discarded cards, negate the effect, and halve the ATK.
And it has a terrible characteristic that chains are impossible.
The basic usage is to block the opponent's blockage type monster in the second attack and counterattack, but because it is a Quick-Play Spell, it can be used like a trap even in the first attack, and it can be said that it is very excellent in that it does not spoil.
In addition, cards like Shirayuki and “Infernoid” that can be Special Summoned even from GY, cards like “Shaddoll” that can activate effects with GY, or Spell/Trap cards that activate effects and do not want to remain on the field when processing effects. , If you send a card that doesn't lose even if you discard it to GY, you can activate it as if it were virtually no cost. It will be a very powerful card in these Decks.
Similar cards that cannot be chained include 《Herald of the Abyss》and 《Dark Ruler No More》.
Herald of the Abyss can actually remove a monster, but the opponent chooses the card to remove and the LP cost is required.
Dark Ruler No More is inferior in that it can negate the effects of all monsters, but the damage dealt becomes 0.
Even though it requires a cost, you can see how good this card is as it can be used effectively even if you go first, and you can pass through damage. However, the former two cards are more effective on some boards, so there is room for consideration as a card to put on the side.
And because it is a card that plays an active role in the environment, it is traded at a price of nearly 1000 yen per card. Until it is reprinted, it can be said that it is a card that consumes a lot of wallet points.
japan ゲトゥ
2020/07/14 10:52
Yugioh Icon
The ability to use cards on the field as a cost is excellent. After using Tenki or other search effects, you can make effective use of the cards that remain on the field in vain. There is also an ATK half reduction effect and it is hard to rot. I think this will become the mainstream for monster effect countermeasures.
japan マット
2020/06/26 22:42
Yugioh Icon
The more monsters you want to negate, the higher the cost, but it's a negate effect that doesn't target, and it's highly safe because you can't chain cards of the same type as the card sent for the cost. ATK is halved and damage can be dealt without problems on the turn you use it, so you can attack while breaking through dragoons. As a matter of fact, the weight of the cost cannot be ignored. If you can't recover, you will be killed on the return turn, so think about the situation of your hand and use it.
japan とき
2020/05/03 0:34
Yugioh Icon
An environment candidate featuring illustrations that make a clear distinction from his Forbidden cards so far.
Send any number of cards other than yourself from your hand or field to his GY, and select that number of your opponent's Effect Monsters to negate the selected monster's effect and halve his ATK. It has an effect that cannot chain the same type of effect as the card sent to GY. Phew, complicated and strange...
His intense ATK fluctuation, negate the effect while sealing the chain, and his heavyweight Forbidden series card with a heavy cost in return for having the most intense effect in the Forbidden series. Therefore, it has the highest breakthrough power, especially the chain seal. Among them, breaking through large monsters with suppression trigger effects is a good thing, and by cutting monsters, sealing chains, breaking through suppression, and halving his ATK, you can easily break through with monsters.
As a Quick-Play Spell with unprecedented breakthrough power and problem-solving power, this card can serve as a partner for breaking through control.
japan 奇怪賊
2020/04/20 18:40
Yugioh Icon
The cost is higher than the barrier wave, but it is a Quick-Play Spell, multiple selections, ATK halved, no damage limit, chain not possible depending on the cost, and the impression that it is stronger if there is a search monster.
Even if you have established a control formation such as Dragoon or Astram, you can overturn it, and conversely you can aim for one kill.
He's also a Quick-Play Spell, so he can deal with Hope Zexal, who came out first and banned Argent overseas. Until now, it was just Mugen, Holy Grail, and Power Hand.
japan アルバ
2020/04/19 23:53
Yugioh Icon
The new work of his Forbidden series that has been long overdue.
You can negate the effects of your opponent's monsters by the number of costs while halving the RBI.
Furthermore, since it doesn't target, it can only be seen as an effective countermeasure against dragoons.
The comparison target is 《Dark Ruler No More》, as it is often said.
There is no cost, but it is hindered by anything other than monster effects, and it becomes impossible to scrape off LP that turn when used.
The drawback here is that the more opponents you want to negate, the heavier the cost.
As an advantage unique to this one, it can be used as a blocking card because it is a Quick-Play Spell.
However, even in this case, the existence of costs must be kept in mind.
Since the cost can be procured from the field, it is possible to say that the monster targeted by the shadow and veiler will escape.
I have the impression that it's a skillful card that can't be used haphazardly, so I wonder if his deck is a deck that can be used without worrying about the hand cost and can be set up with a small number of cards at the beginning.
But that means he's an Orcust...
japan シエスタ
2020/04/17 14:26
Yugioh Icon
From this Forbidden card, the saint is "Condemned Witch".
It is similar to her Forbidden card, the Holy Grail, that can change the RBI and negate the opponent's monsters.
Instead of requiring a cost, both breakthrough power and obstructive power are greatly strengthened, and this breakthrough power is reliable in the present day when suppression by resistance and monster effects has become commonplace.
However, there are other cards that compete against Monsters, among them Dark Ruler No More, which has a similar use, and it can silence all the opponent's monsters with no cost.
However, it is a Normal Spell, and it has both advantages and disadvantages if it is powerless against magic and traps and cannot deal any damage during the turn it is activated.
However, since it is a Quick-Play Spell, does it have the advantage of versatility? It's a versatile card that you can rely on.
japan ヒコモン
2020/04/17 12:25
Yugioh Icon
As already written, the comparison target is 《Dark Ruler No More》. Unlike over there, it requires a cost, but since it's a Quick-Play Spell, it's very convenient to be able to use it even if you go face down first. If you are lying down, you want to activate it by checking the mast counter. Costs can also be procured from the field. 《Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon》becomes a virtual enemy, but the fact that ATK is halved is also attractive. Since it's a "Forbidden" Quick-Play Spell, it can also be used to search for 《Condemned Witch》, but since it uses summoning powers, it's a little tricky.
japan ユメ
2020/04/16 19:29
Yugioh Icon
The effect of negate that does not target, and the bonus of blocking the attack chain by half, and the will of iron that absolutely neutralizes the interference. It costs money, but you can also use the Cyclone you activate as a cost, so depending on how you play it, you can use it for other purposes like emergency food. Also, it is possible to make a starting point for expansion by fertilizing GY.
If necessary, you can search using Miss Lost. You can use yourself as a cost, so business trips are also in your sights. too flexible.
Disturbance, combat tricks, disarming meta, GY fertilization...they are very versatile and have powerful effects. There is no doubt that it will be a strong ally for the second kill. As expected, I'll follow you forever! !
japan みめっと
2020/04/16 17:38
Yugioh Icon
In contrast to 《Dark Ruler No More》, which specializes in flipping, this is his Quick-Play Spell, so if you go first, you can use it to interfere with your opponent's actions.
It's also an effect that doesn't target, but unlike Barrier Wave, this one deals damage and halves the ATK of the affected monster, so it's a monster that has both a high ATK like Dragoon and a powerful effect. It is also effective for
Also, since it does not chain to the same type of card as the cost card, if you use a monster for the cost, it will not be chained to the monster effect like the barrier wave, but if the trap card is not included in the cost, it will also be the same as the barrier wave. And it will be negate by imperial decree.
After all, with a deck whose cost is just a cost and only consumed, the risk of being negate is much higher than with a barrier wave.
Also, since you must select the same number of monsters as the number of cards used as a cost, even if you want to take care of both monster effects and trap cards, if there is only one opponent's monster, only one of them can be used as a cost. You can't, and as a result you end up allowing counters to one or the other.
However, even considering all of these things, there is no doubt that it is a strong card that can be used both as a first attack, second attack, and a counterattack.
japan 愛佳
2023/09/21 0:02
Yugioh Icon
japan 銀マグロ
2024/05/02 0:18
Yugioh Icon
japan PORD
2024/02/16 16:16
Yugioh Icon
japan えいてぃ
2024/01/25 15:22
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Forbidden Droplet"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
RISE OF THE DUELIST ROTD-JP065 2020-04-18 SecretSuper
TACTICAL TRY DECK Phantom thief duo EvilTwin TT01-JPB-JPB23 2024-06-08 Normal
TACTICAL-TRY DECK Doomsday Assault Dragon Cyber Dragon TT01-JPA-JPA24 2024-06-08 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 801 / 12,858 Cards
View Num 80,384
Card Type "Quick-Play Spell" Best Card Ranking 32nd


Japanese card name 禁じられた一滴

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