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Called by the Grave Semi-LimitedUsed Deck

Called by the Grave
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Quick-Play Spell - - - - -
Target 1 monster in your opponent's GY; banish it, and if you do, until the end of the next turn, its effects are negated, as well as the activated effects and effects on the field of monsters with the same original name.
Average Rating Score 9.7(71)
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"Called by the Grave" card reviews and rating scores

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japan フラクトール
2023/06/18 15:03
Yugioh Icon
Maybe a GY metacard?
Since it can stop all monster effects that target GY monsters or are activated by GY, the effective range is simply too wide, and many of the hand-induced monsters that are particularly popular in modern Yu-Gi-Oh can be neutralized, so those It is famous as an essential general-purpose card along with
If it has the same name as the removed card, it's all negate, so he can normally stop the effect even if it was triggered outside of GY, and it's also strong if you just use it for the purpose of removing it from his GY, like D.D. Crow.
It's a mystery that the semi-restriction is like a fixed position...
japan イカキムチ…
2023/04/09 12:35
Yugioh Icon
A card that promotes the advantage of going first. I personally don't like it because it's too strong, and I want it to be banned immediately, but if it's regulated, it'll become too much of a skill game, and new players won't enter at all, so it's something to think about.
japan ねおんちゃん
2023/03/12 1:53
Yugioh Icon
A kind of strongest general-purpose card with an effect that fits exactly what is required in modern Yu-Gi-Oh!
It can stop the majority of hand triggers, including 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》, and it is a card that is almost essential for passing advanced development, and at the same time, it is a card that does not stop with monsters such as 《Infinite Impermanence》. The value of unprovoked triggers has also been increased.
This alone is powerful, but in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, deployment is basically something that uses a lot of his GY resources, so if you activate it against a monster that your opponent has targeted as a resurrection target, it is powerful enough to stop the opponent's deployment. It also functions as a good obstruction card.
In terms of the amount of work that can be done by itself and the impact of a single effect, it is top class among all cards.
japan asd
2023/03/10 17:09
Yugioh Icon
It is mostly used for the purpose of stopping hand triggers, but it is a card that sticks in various situations, such as stopping resurrection and stopping effects that activate after release.
It's a card that can do something against most decks, but it's rotten against decks that use Macro Cosmos or Dimension Shifter.
japan かどまん
2023/02/11 9:54
Yugioh Icon
A modern general-purpose card that allows you to banish one of your opponent's GY monsters and negate its effect until the next EF.
He often sends the hand trigger, which has become a necessity in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, to GY when it is activated.
By chaining there and using this card, it can be blocked and 90% of the time is used for this purpose.
There is no 1t1d limit, so there is no accident even if multiple sheets are used.
If you don't have a chance to use it first, you can just lay it down and use it as his GY meta to prepare for the opponent's turn.
(*By the way, the negate period lasts until the next EF, so if you have the same card in your hand, it often happens that you can't use it.)
Being a "Quick-Play Spell" like this makes a world of difference in the value of this card.
Regulated due to its high adoption rate
japan ハッ セフィロス
2022/11/22 16:29
Yugioh Icon
From KONAMI's point of view, he's probably a card printed for the GY meta, but sadly, in the current environment, it's a ◯ card that negates hand triggers, and as a result, it's become semi-restricted.
It's not going to the point of banning it, but it's the card I personally want to limit.
japan .
2022/11/01 2:01
Yugioh Icon
A guy who appoints a parent with a dirty hand in the hand trigger...
i hate this
2022/09/29 18:51
Yugioh Icon
Designator, you have arms like a lizard. (Defiance with all one's might)
Needless to say, general-purpose obstruction Spell. If you attack first, it's a hand trigger meta, and if you attack second, it's a Quick-Play Spell that interferes with development, and you can kill two birds with one stone. Also, since he is a spell card, Sky Striker Ace will be a RBI booster, meta and interference. However, because of his spell card, it is necessary to set and use it in the second attack, so if the opponent tries to remove it in the first hand, it will disappear in an instant. There are weaknesses in the back.
japan ブルーバード
2022/09/29 9:41
Yugioh Icon
"I don't want (to die)" "No, he's the rule (human destiny)"
It's a very convenient card that destroys hand triggers, destroys the opponent's resurrection and his GY activation, and can interfere with monsters on the opponent's field if his GY has a monster with the same name.
I personally like it because it's so powerful that it's not an exaggeration to say that it's a death sentence with one last attack, but it's been regulated for a long time because it promotes the first advantage.
Note that you may be stopped by 《Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion》.
japan ナルユキ
2022/07/27 13:14
Yugioh Icon
It's stronger than 《D.D. Crow》. Not only cards that were in GY, but when such a hand trigger monster is discarded to her GY, you can negate the effect by chaining and banishing the card. G and youkai girl killer.
Even if you don't aim to negate, you can also use it in the same way as D.D. Crow, such as chaining to revive or salvage and excluding it. Spell/Trap cards are out of scope, but it's currently a minor issue.
Since the negate period is "at the end of the next turn", which is rather long, if you think that you have gained the tempo by excluding the opponent's general-purpose cards, you will also use the same card to lose 1 card and break the tempo. Be careful if you use it because it is easy.
japan カディーン
2022/06/06 22:03
Yugioh Icon
Triggered Immediate Effect Absolute Grave Man (maybe Woman).
It's easy to see what kind of intention Konami had in designing it, since it was recorded at the same time as Warashi-chan.
In fact, the presence of this guy puts a strong shackle on the operation of the Veiler tribe. indicates
It's difficult to give a unique evaluation of its success in the environment, as it has mixed merits and demerits. It's a necessary evil for me personally.
Also, negate him until the end phase of the next turn, so negating his 《Maxx "C"》is a path that everyone goes through.
japan 763
2022/06/06 21:34
Yugioh Icon
Cancer in the Yu-Gi-Oh world.
I think it would be better for Konmai to decide early on whether he wants to encourage or suppress the first attack.
Hidden effects are often forgotten. It is a daily occurrence that the same trigger that is activated on the next turn by negate the trigger will be negate.
japan 波切
2022/05/20 16:12
Yugioh Icon
Strong anyway. A versatile card that makes it hard to find a reason not to put it in any of his decks.
Since it promotes the advantage of going first, it should be restricted or banned, but then it will be said that "proliferating G" and phony monsters will not be balanced unless they are banned, so is it allowed? Personally, I think it should be banned.
In a mirror match, it's fun to make the mistake of forgetting to negate the previous turn and using the same monster on your own turn.
japan ぷれあです
2022/05/20 8:38
Yugioh Icon
Needless to say, in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, he is a card that goes into the deck regardless of whether he is in trouble or not.
Sometimes I forget to negate the effect until the next turn.
japan 岡C
2022/04/18 23:23
Yugioh Icon
Despite having a limited and powerful role as a meta for hand triggers, if the trigger doesn't fly, it will hinder the opponent's action by laying down. A pure power card that can also be a defensive card that hinders development. It doesn't seem like it will be banned, but it smells like it's going to be restricted
japan ルーナエ
2022/03/17 14:05
Yugioh Icon
Oh! Excuse me!
I'll get mad if you say something about this card or 《Crossout Designator》that even a monkey can do it! ?
If not, Imperial Order has also become a banned card, and I would like this to be a restricted card as soon as possible!
I want you to think again about why 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》can stop 《Maxx "C"》!
japan AIBO
2022/03/16 15:25
Yugioh Icon
For some reason, it was originally recorded as normal, and it's the strongest card.
As for how strong they are, 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》is Vegeta and this card is Goku. In fact, most decks have 3 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》, 2 graves, Goku and Vegeta.
So why is this card the best?
First, it's a Quick-Play Spell. This alone is strong.
Now comes the problem. Banish your opponent's GY monsters at no cost, and negate the effects of the banished monsters with the same name until the next turn.
strong. too strong. Being able to negate hand triggers is huge, but you can also destroy the core of his deck that uses GY, or suddenly banish his GY monsters to disable the effect of the second monster.
There are so many things you can do. It has the ability suitable for the word "general purpose".
japan 怒裏留
2022/03/05 9:02
Yugioh Icon
A card that looks like a GY meta at first glance, but is actually a card that is used as a hand trigger meta.
It is used to stop the hand trigger, which is a deterrent to super-deployment, especially preemptive suppression, and to pass that development, and it is also active in the environment.
This card is one that promotes the first advantage that has been regarded as a problem in Yu-Gi-Oh for a long time, and because it is a Quick-Play Spell, it is weak in the second attack, so it is a big problem that it spurs the first game.
Normally, a card that could be designated as restricted like Crossout Designator, or even more heavily banned.
japan けーの
2022/02/22 16:12
Yugioh Icon
One of the cards that should be eliminated immediately.
In Yu-Gi-Oh, which is so inflated that it is said that it is bad not to hold the trigger, a precedent encouragement card that negates the trigger that was held.
If the hand trigger doesn't fly, set it and use it as a hindrance card against the second attack. what's this.
japan 金目鯛融合
2022/02/02 21:29
Yugioh Icon
It doesn't matter when it's regulated. You can stop hand triggers. In particular, it is an essential class to stop "Triggers that need to be cut from the hand" such as Urara Veiler Increased G. Unlike annihilation, you can use it even if you don't have a card that corresponds to you, so it's a completely general-purpose card.
japan 金平糖
2021/10/29 2:51
Yugioh Icon
Needless to say, the hand trigger meta. Since it will be a negate until the end of the next turn, should I think a little about whether it will be triggered if the trigger that I have also comes?
It's obvious, but you can exclude it other than triggering separately. It is a strong card that can be used very flexibly, such as cutting resources to interfere with his GY fusion and his special summon of black and white dragons, negate the effect of the second monster's initial move, and there is no need to worry about it going bad. can be said.
japan クォ・ヴァディス
2021/06/13 13:23
Yugioh Icon
The impression of the hand trigger meta is too strong, and I forget to negate the same name effect until the next turn regardless of the place.
japan 死なない男
2021/03/06 1:13
Yugioh Icon
The GY killer boasts overwhelming convenience in the current environment.
GY has become a second hand card, and in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, this card will be a hard hit in many of his decks.
The role of killing the opponent's hand trigger on your turn is also important,
The power of laying this down and waiting for a monster to fall on his opponent's GY before activating it is amazing.
The strongest general-purpose card that is annoying when used, but exhilarating when used.
japan 〇×△
2021/02/17 17:41
Yugioh Icon
・Since it is a Quick-Play Spell, it can be used by chaining cards from the hand for both spell speed 2 + first and second attack, and it is possible to interfere with the opponent's turn by laying down like a trap card.
・Since there is no notation for turn 1 or even restrictions on the same chain block, there is no accident even if you draw multiple cards in your hand. It is possible to break through just by throwing on the same chain multiple times + "I thought it was an accident, but I'm glad I got multiple dubs")
・Exclude any one of the opponent's GY monsters + negate the effect of the same name until the next turn. It can also be placed as a card.
・It doesn't really rot. If there is a scene where this card rots, it's only about "his Deck with 0 monsters". For example, even with his Metabeat-type Deck, which at first glance seems to be completely ineffective, in the flow of the match, he can just remove one Metamonster that fell into GY, and the Metamonsters already on the field will stop functioning and break through... Oh my God.
・As for the disadvantage, if his deck type is different between you and your opponent, everything except hand triggers will be defeated.
Overall, a word of over-specification.
japan gaya
2020/11/16 6:43
Yugioh Icon
A card to counter hand triggers. I want to load as much as I can in the current environment.
japan 黙する炎獣
2020/10/06 19:24
Yugioh Icon
One card that is used as a countermeasure against triggers regardless of whether it is a serious Deck or a joke Deck.
Not taking up space in the main deck, unlike annihilation, is also one of the priority factors.
It was also a card that promoted the advantage of the first move, so it can be said that pure enforcement is appropriate.
japan 青山
2020/08/07 17:14
Yugioh Icon
It's not only a countermeasure against triggers, but it's also strong even when it's face down.
The existence of this accelerates the advantage of going first, so I feel that it would be better to issue a compatible card with strict restrictions and ban it.
japan ノクト
2020/06/17 23:10
Yugioh Icon
"Monster Reborn activated! Special Summon GY's Blue-Eyed Hakuryu!"
"Chain to the effect of Gills you summoned! Activate Urara!"
"GY's scherzoon effect activated! Special Summon from his GY!"
"Activate the effect of the Nephilim sent to GY! Add Shaddoll Spell Trap from GY to your hand!"
"Summon Trickstar Candina! Use the effect to add a light stage to your hand!"
Not only the GY use meta but also the same name effect negate during the turn is too cheat...
I think it's an essential card even if it's not serious.
japan サレンダーマン
2020/05/29 12:26
Yugioh Icon
A Quick-Play Spell with a similar feel to Silly Burial. To be honest, the versatility is so high that I want to stack 3 on any deck. Even if I don't put Urara and G in my deck, I want to put this one in.
A very good card that can interfere with 《Monster Reborn》and hand triggers. I can't say the pleasure I felt when I was able to exclude Urara.
japan たか
2020/05/23 23:25
Yugioh Icon
A must-have for fans Deck and Serious Deck
Fans who don't put Urara Masu G in Deck But if you don't put this in, you can't do what you want
If it's a serious Deck, it's natural to stack 3
japan ABYSS
2020/04/28 19:34
Yugioh Icon
His Quick-Play Spell in the hand triggered killer and GY meta.
A card that negates brutal hand triggers such as Urara G and pushes through what you want to do.
It can be used simply like DD Crow, so it's almost never spoiled, and it's a must-have in today's hand-inducing environments.
It is surprising that the original is normal.
japan ユメ
2020/04/28 19:04
Yugioh Icon
Best card for hand trigger.
If it is not a hand trigger, it can also be used as a long-term countermeasure. Decks that are strong in long-term battles often use GY frequently. Like Shaddoll or Dragonmaid.
Because of this card, GY is no longer 《Safe Zone》, so it's a sinful card.
japan youBB
2020/03/28 1:19
Yugioh Icon
A card that is screwed in as a matter of course as a hand trigger countermeasure.
As others have said, it's a very versatile card regardless of hand triggers, so it's a perfect card to include.
As a countermeasure, it was just called erasure, imperial decree, and impregnable wall.
japan みめっと
2020/02/05 10:21
Yugioh Icon
Basically, a card that penetrates the opponent's hand trigger and forces you to do what you want to do.
Since it is not directly related to the rotation of the deck, it is natural that drawing multiple cards along with the hand trigger army may interfere with what you want to do.
However, even if you subtract that, it is still strong enough to be used even if you set it on the field. It's one too many.
It's a card that reminds you of the reality that you can't win if you just do what you want to do, and if you have a monster with the same name in GY, you can negate monster effects on the field, so it's too good to be effective against most theme deck opponents. increase.
It is a card that has reached the level where it will definitely be adopted along with Obliteration in his deployment deck.
For those unfamiliar, remember that you can't remove her Spell/Trap cards like you can with D/D Crow.
japan SOUL
2019/07/11 22:13
Yugioh Icon
Deployment Deck A hand trigger countermeasure card for the purveyor.
Even if you don't get a hand trigger, you can use it like DD Crow, so it's versatile.
I'm not sure if I should put it in on the second turn after Saichen... If it's on the second turn, it's weak as a DD Crow, so I'll specialize in hand trigger countermeasures, but my opponent is the first move, so it's not necessary to trigger a hand, so I can pull it out. There are some people who don't want to pull it out because it may spoil, so if that's the case, I want this card.
japan すいせん
2019/05/17 17:26
Yugioh Icon
His deck doesn't use GY, so it rarely goes bad. The effect is not as weak as it seems. It is often chained with straw or longi. Will there be a change in the number of recruits due to the appearance of obliteration? As for Obliterate, he boasts a versatile meta range depending on the deck composition, but I think this one's strength is that it works alone.
japan カンベイ
2019/05/06 15:55
Yugioh Icon
Required card for the current environment.
This card is currently the best solution for many hand trigger cards, and after its introduction, it was a factor in the rise of his Link Solitaire decks such as "Troymare Gouki" and "Good Stuff Link".
It was just a normal card recorded in FLOD, but as you can see from the fact that it climbed to the top rare card of the 20th secret card given to everyone who purchased over 10,000 yen a year later, it is very It is a highly rated piece.
japan ophion
2019/04/01 9:44
Yugioh Icon
An essential card class card that ranks shoulder to shoulder with Increased G and Urara.
It is reassuring to have it in your hand simply as a countermeasure against Urara.
…This kind of card is often not in your hand when it matters most…
japan ジュウテツ
2019/04/01 9:33
Yugioh Icon
I think the Quick-Play Spell, which can deal with GY usage, GY-activated effects, and hand triggers, is excellent.
japan wings
2019/03/10 12:15
Yugioh Icon
A powerful card with the effect of DD Crow + Effect Blocking.
In addition to activating GY, he can also trigger cards that went to GY by hand triggering, so it can be used as a hand trigger countermeasure.
However, since it is a Quick-Play Spell, it cannot be used with 《Secret Village of the Spellcasters》, so be careful.
At first, I didn't expect him to be able to target cards sent to GY with hand triggers, so even if it interferes with hand triggers, he can't use it unless GY has a card with the same name." Thought it was.
japan ミドル朝原
2019/02/21 12:31
Yugioh Icon
most hated card ever
If this card is a meta that specializes in hand triggers, you'll understand why he negates all of his GY activations, such as Shaddoll, and eventually allied monsters negate the effects of monsters on the field if he's in GY.
The card's power as a single unit is too high compared to the meta, so it's a good card to put in.
just put a limit on it
japan エンジョイ勢
2019/02/21 11:09
Yugioh Icon
A countermeasure against hand triggers that is currently used in almost all decks.
However, since it affects your own turn, you may not be able to stop the opponent's development.
Therefore, in addition to hand triggers, you should consider using it to crush the main engine of the opponent's Deck and crush GY activation effects.
japan アキ
2019/02/21 10:09
Yugioh Icon
A Quick-Play Spell that negates trendy hand triggers. An essential card that can determine the outcome of a Duel if it is not fully loaded. 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》's natural enemy.
japan sin FWD
2019/02/03 22:12
Yugioh Icon
Cards that do a lot of damage to hand triggers and some fan decks.
essential card
japan プラント・プラン
2018/10/07 12:15
Yugioh Icon
A spell card born in the midst of many hand triggers.
This card can be used to counter the interference from Urara and Usagi when the first attack is deployed. However, it also affects you, so you may need to prepare another hand trigger. There is also a relationship between GY activation, and the difficulty is that it is weak against straw. That said, it's almost always included in a deck that's centered on development. It's a normal card, but for that reason it's a very powerful card.
japan kamaboko
2018/07/29 10:16
Yugioh Icon
It has established itself as a hand trigger meta, but other effects that are triggered by GY can be stopped, and if a card with the same name is dropped, the effect that is triggered on the field can be negate, and it is excluded from GY, so it interferes with resurrection. A versatile card that almost never rots.
It is natural that it is traded at a high price even though it is normal.
japan シエスタ
2018/05/22 16:58
Yugioh Icon
Is this one answer to KONAMI's hand trigger?
Although it is a GY meta, the removed card and the card with the same name are sealed until the next turn, and can be treated as a countermeasure against monster effects such as hand triggers that are rampant in the current environment, and in this environment that is becoming faster, it is said to be a haste attack that can be played from the beginning. The dots are very large.
As mentioned above, he is usually easy to use as a GY meta, and compared to psy/γ, he can be expected to play an active role even after the middle stage, so he is very unlikely to spoil.
However, it is important to note that it also affects you and lasts until the next turn, making it difficult for you to interfere.
Perhaps because of that demand, the second-hand price is very high for its rarity, but I'm thankful that it's normal, which is easy to get in a pack, and there are other things in the same pack, such as bubble shadows, that are in high demand.
A very strong piece in the current environment.
japan ヒコモン
2018/05/18 12:47
Yugioh Icon
A quick-play spell that can be triggered against any hand trigger. In particular, being able to block Urara on the 1st turn of the first attack is a big deal. However, it lasts a long time until the end phase of the next turn, so if you use this card to prevent Urara and Increased G during your turn, you won't be able to interfere with it during your opponent's turn. Also, other than hand trigger countermeasures, he can chain effects of monsters that activate GY, monsters with the same name already in her GY, and GY effects that target his monsters. Due to its high versatility, it is traded at a price that is second only to 《Infinite Impermanence》in the same pack, even though it is normal.
japan サメ頭シャチ顎
2018/02/23 1:05
Yugioh Icon
A good card that throws a stone at the recent peak of hand triggers.
Note that since it seals a card with the same name, you may not be able to use your own hand trigger.
Is it not a no rare or a fund decker rescue? When I looked at the market price, it has already soared, so if you want to buy it, hurry up.
japan デルタアイズ
2018/02/10 23:26
Yugioh Icon
A Quick-Play Spell that can be used normally as an effect negate after the middle stage besides the hand trigger meta.
2 turns is bigger than I thought.
japan illjiji!
2018/02/09 23:34
Yugioh Icon
What was "Showdown of the Secret Sense Scroll Techniques"?
Most of the hand triggers can be crushed with this card, and after the middle stage where GY is easy to accumulate, you can also use it like a holy grail by excluding cards with the same name as cards on the field.
Since the lockdown period is long, if you set the hand trigger to negate, you will be angry with yourself, so you need to be careful about that.
…Is it because the hand trigger hate is higher than normal but not good at Suurea?
japan はわわ
2018/02/09 14:57
Yugioh Icon
A card that is useful not only for interfering with the opponent, but also as a countermeasure against hand triggers.
Can work in the current environment
japan ツルギ
2018/01/26 18:16
Yugioh Icon
Disappear His Quick-Play Spell version of D.D. Crow.
In addition, negate the effect of the removed monster and the same name card until the end of the next turn.
In fact, it is a versatile card, from the normal resurrection/GY use meta to negate hand triggers. GY Exclusion and effect negate , it's good to think flexibly about which one to use.
However, I also negate my own card effect with the same name. It's up to you whether to take countermeasures at the construction level or open up.
Going forward, we may need a build that doesn't rely on hand triggers.
japan カンノーネ
2018/01/22 21:22
Yugioh Icon
There are many cases where the deck with the same name as the key card is in his GY, but 80% of the time it is operated as a negate that triggers the hand.
A great person said that the meta of the meta is weak, but these days it's not uncommon for the number of card triggers to exceed the number of theme monsters, so it's almost not rotten, and the power of the card triggers is increasing year by year, so this card's evaluation is unlikely to go down.
japan もも
2018/01/22 11:54
Yugioh Icon
The effect target range is wide and it is possible to get yourself involved, but it is an answer card for hand triggers.
japan 備長炭18
2018/01/20 23:19
Yugioh Icon
In the current situation where hand triggers are piled up and the difference of one turn is fatal, this is one card that I definitely want to use.
However, excluding hand triggers used by the opponent means that you will not be able to use that card until the end of the next turn, so it is important to make sure. Since it's a Quick-Play Spell, it can be targeted by 《Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion》, and it needs to be kept face down in order to activate during the opponent's turn. .
japan wairo
2018/01/20 23:01
Yugioh Icon
At first, I thought it might be subtle, but when the effect was activated, it was a card that could crush anything as long as it was in GY.
The range that can be negated is much wider than it looks
japan わがじゃん
2018/01/20 11:27
Yugioh Icon
It's a man who absolutely destroys hand triggers.
However, it is not possible to earn an advantage, and since it cannot be searched in the first place, it is unknown how popular it will be. But Yu-Gi-Oh players who have a grudge against hand triggers will be delighted with this card. When such a card comes out, it's environmental.
japan 京太
2018/01/18 1:47
Yugioh Icon
It's not Norea.
A card that can crush Urara cheaply
japan ルイ
2018/01/17 18:33
Yugioh Icon
Opponent's (self) hand trigger absolute crushing old man. From the illustration, it must be a remake of Dragged Down into the Grave.
There is a risk that your own hand triggers will be blocked, but if you can get through this, you can win! When you say, you can use it without hesitation and it's no cost.
Well, I'm determined to be strong.
Deathscythes are getting a lot of use these days, but it's a relief when you destroy a Deathscythe with a feather broom against an AF.
You need to set it to use it during your opponent's turn, but you can use it anytime during your own turn, so it has advantages and disadvantages compared to hand trigger monsters.
Both as a normal rare frame and as a meta frame, it is very high performance, so the price seems to go up.
So I highly recommend getting all 3 as soon as possible.
japan はやとちり
2018/01/17 16:48
Yugioh Icon
A card for the deck that spins around and overwhelms the first attack. In short, protect. Destroy the opponent's hand trigger. That alone is strong. If it's a system that activates with GY, it can be crushed instantly, so it's effective against hand and gradle.
japan なす
2018/01/16 0:12
Yugioh Icon
A Quick-Play Spell that banishes 1 opponent's GY monster and negates its effects, including those with the same name.
Even though it can affect you, it lasts until the end of the next turn, and it is a very good meta card for effects that are activated by sending yourself to her GY as a cost, such as a GY effect or hand trigger.
japan とき
2018/01/15 20:07
Yugioh Icon
In addition to the effect of the Quick-Play Spell version of DD Crow, it has the effect of negating the effects of the removed monsters and monsters with the same name until the end of the next turn.
DD Crow and 《Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion》are easier to use for normal use, so I would like to focus on preventing the effect of banished monsters, which is a job that only this card can do.
The true value of this card is that you can forcibly negate the effect by removing the card sent to her GY by hand trigger. Since it's a Quick-Play Spell, you can use it from your hand if it's your turn.
However, it is valid until the end of the next turn, so if you stop the hand trigger, you will not be able to use that card. I don't want to stop Urara and Usagi half-heartedly and not be able to use myself...
japan A
2018/01/15 1:15
Yugioh Icon
To trigger he can remove the hand trigger sent to GY to stop the effect
Also, since it can be used simply as a Quick-Play Spell version of DD Crow, it is convenient to use other than trigger countermeasures.
Modern Yu-Gi-Oh is a card that is expected to soar in the future because hand triggers are commonplace in the environment
Thank you for pointing this out, Keita-san!
japan アルバ
2018/01/13 11:06
Yugioh Icon
One of the many GY metas in this bullet, DD Crow limited to Quick-Play Spell version monsters.
With this alone, DD Crow is enough, so you can negate the effect of the monster with the same name as the banished monster until the end of the next turn.
From the effects in the second half, he can also use the monster effect meta rather than the GY meta, and he can chain to the effect activated by GY and remove the card to negate the effect.
The range to negate is everything regardless of field or GY, so it can also be a hand trigger meta, but be careful that your own hand trigger is also sealed.
japan 脳筋中毒者
2023/12/06 23:46
Yugioh Icon
japan PORD
2023/11/09 17:08
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japan 愛佳
2023/09/23 22:40
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japan などたく
2024/04/04 4:27
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japan 劫スト
2024/02/23 20:22
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japan あああ
2024/01/16 13:42
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Flames of Destruction FLOD-JP065 2018-01-13 Normal
Structure DeckR -DRAGNITY DRIVE SR11-JP033 2020-08-29 Normal
Structure Deck: Albaz Strike SD43-JP029 2021-12-04 Normal

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Rating Score Rank 466 / 12,768 Cards
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