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Stardust Dragon Used Deck

Stardust Dragon
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
- 8 Dragon 2500 2000
1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters
When a card or effect is activated that would destroy a card(s) on the field (Quick Effect): You can Tribute this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. During the End Phase, if this effect was activated this turn (and was not negated): You can Special Summon this card from your GY.
Average Rating Score 8.8(96)
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"Stardust Dragon" card reviews and rating scores

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japan パンピー
2023/05/14 14:08
Yugioh Icon
A 5Ds dragon that has been strengthened with the appearance of 《Stardust Synchron》and 《Stardust Trail》. The white and green tones of the illustrations look great against the white frame of his Synchro Monster.
In addition to the ability to interfere repeatedly, the effect is also good because you can escape from the field when the effect is activated.
However, there are many cases where it cannot be used in the current environment with abundant removal methods.
I'm worried that the effect will be meaningless if it's removed by 《Called by the Grave》.
Shooting Majestic Star Dragon》In the beginning, there are a lot of stronger blocking abilities, so there are few opportunities to use it alone.
However, the advantages of having a must counter such as the destruction effects of 《Raigeki》and 《Baronne de Fleur》are still there. If you put out the surplus of other control boards, or send items sent to his GY as materials, revive them with 《Garden Rose Maiden》and put them side by side, it will be a stronger lineup.
In GY, 《Shooting Majestic Star Dragon》increases the number of attacks, and since 《Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon》is an essential card, it can be said that it has a different role than before.
japan カディーン
2022/12/27 13:10
Yugioh Icon
Even in the main character Ace's basic form, which tends to be an underlay or an exchange ticket, he is a great boy who has the ability to withstand use alone.
In fact, Stardust's categorization took a long time after the Stardust release, so at first it was really competing with its single performance.
Unfortunately, at the time, the environment was full of bounces and exclusions, so the results were somewhat unsatisfactory. .
However, despite being such a beloved dragon, this child's behavior according to the rules is troublesome, difficult to understand, hard to understand, and easy to forget.
The definition of effects that destroy cards on the field, missing timing, chain processing involving simultaneous triggers, independence of release and self-regeneration, etc., touches on rules that are difficult for beginners. The early version, which had text that looked like a forced effect, was even more confusing.
For this reason, the main character, Ace, has sufficient ability, but the design has an irritated feeling that it has a side that does not allow children. I can't help but feel the difficulty of putting animation production into a limited text frame.
japan ジュウテツ
2022/12/27 12:15
Yugioh Icon
Among the level 8 Synchro Monsters that are not tied to S materials, I think that it is excellent in that it can negate the destruction effect with a free chain and destroy it.
It will be released according to the effect, but I think it's strength is that it will be revived in the end phase.
japan みめっと
2022/08/19 18:26
Yugioh Icon
The main character of the anime 5D's, Yusei's signer dragon, and Staro's spirit, level 8, is a Dragon S monster.
A general-purpose S monster that accepts the effect of sacrificing itself and destroying cards on the field regardless of the card type, and if the resurrection limit is satisfied, it will return to the field and accept destruction any number of times, destroying multiple monsters. I used to only use decks that would die in rage if I was hit directly by a series of backsplashes.
At the time, he fantasized about how good it would be if Alien's level 8S monster had such an effect, perhaps because of its unique stingray-like form and chest core. .
japan ねこーら
2022/08/18 19:42
Yugioh Icon
Overall Rating: Lots of support, almost essential for dedicated decks.
Malefic Stardust Dragon》and 《Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode》are cards that require this card.
When using monsters that specify Synchro Materials, such as 《Shooting Star Dragon》, it also goes through the support route.
This card itself can deal with all kinds of destructive effects, and is highly versatile even on its own.
japan ブルーバード
2022/05/17 10:27
Yugioh Icon
A strong card that is unusually used as a hero's initial trump card from the beginning. .
It acts as a scapegoat for destroying effects and comes back during the End Phase, so it has a good presence. It's a little slow to come back, but it's enough performance even if you think of it as a single use.
As a star 8S, there are many rivals, but since it is easy to use as the main character's trump card and there are many supports, if you use them, you can still fight.
japan 黙する炎獣
2021/01/01 17:26
Yugioh Icon
Yusei's ace monster and one of the signer dragons
Not as good as Brahmaji and his Neos, but has superior effect derivatives and supports such as Shusta and Staro.
The effect of this thing itself is no longer strong enough to be prioritized, but if you still want to use it on the front lines, you can still use it.
japan プンプン丸
2020/02/05 10:00
Yugioh Icon
"Converging Wishes will become a new shining star. Be the path that shines! Synchro summon! Take flight, !"
Anime 5Ds Yusei Fudo's Ace Card
It is one of the main character status ATK 2500 with one synchro card that came out at the time of synchro appearance. Although it has an image of low support, it is said that it is difficult to provide support because the original specifications are high.  
Nowadays, it's easy to see the lack of power as the reason for its high specs, but back then it was a required level 8 Synchro card, and its effect was quite strong when negate destruction. The strength of 《Book of Moon》has been reconsidered.
Furthermore, at that time, most of the tuners I could use were level 3, so would I be able to synchronise to the extent that Cyber Dragon, which I could SS from my hand, would fall into the limit? It is one of the cards that had such an impact on the environment at the time that the strategy was set up.
At that time, it was an extremely strong card, so compared to Dark Magician and Elemental HERO Neos, which are superlative cards that put pressure on the main deck with his 2500 ATK, the difference in support cards is obvious. It is unavoidable that it will become.
japan ザーク
2020/02/05 1:47
Yugioh Icon
Inflation is so intense that it's not a very reliable performance with this one body, and compared to the other hero's ace, there are few supports that are easy to use.
Still, there are attractive derivations such as Starbucks and Shusta, so if you want to use it, it's still usable.
japan ジャンプ・シンクロン
2019/12/26 9:24
Yugioh Icon
so cool
The old text was not "When his Spell/Trap/Monster effect that destroys a card on the field activates", but "When his Spell/Trap/Effect Monster effect that destroys a card on the field is activated." Please note that it says "when activated"
japan サンパイ
2019/12/26 9:04
Yugioh Icon
Yusei's ace monster and representative of the destruction meta. Since it is a Dragon, it goes well with Link
japan 星屑推し
2019/11/23 13:11
Yugioh Icon
It's a card that's easy to summon because it has a good presence and isn't specified as a Synchro Material. I missed the wave of inflation, but as a card from over 10 years ago, there are still opportunities to play an active role.
Since it is vulnerable to removal and bounce, it tends to affect compatibility with opponents.
His original ATK is 2500, so let's use it as a set with 《Stardust Wish
japan ユメ
2019/10/25 0:45
Yugioh Icon
The compatibility with 《Skill Drain》is outstanding. If you have this card, you can rest assured that the first barrier of metabi [Hatsu Tebane Broom] is also safe.
Don't say you're sinking in Pankratops.
japan 痺れデブ
2019/10/13 11:34
Yugioh Icon
There must have been many boys who were attracted to this card. he was one of them.
Level 8 and 2500/2000 hero status, the effect is solid and prevents the destruction of cards in your own field, but considering that the number of removal methods has increased, it is a bit subtle, and the RBI is still unsatisfactory. These days, it's more of a Star Lightsworn release.
Although it is a card that makes you feel inflation, it still boasts a deep-rooted popularity and is a beloved card that ranked first in the 6th division in the vote of the 20th Shiku.
japan ゲンゴロウ
2018/08/02 10:12
Yugioh Icon
Stardust Dragon, the ace of the 5Ds protagonist Yusei. It is a general-purpose Level 8 Synchro that has the effect of negate the destruction effect by releasing itself, and the evaluation has risen somewhat under the new rules because the effect can clear the EX Zone by itself. The effect itself is strong enough, but there are level 8 rivals with no other restrictions, such as Scarlight and Ω, high-performance attackers who don't choose opponents (and Ω can move from EX on its own like Stada), and removal other than destruction is possible. It is difficult to adopt as it is because there are many and it is unsatisfactory for level 8 in terms of RBI.
However, there are plenty of support cards like the main character cards, and although it is a dedicated construction, it can evolve into powerful monsters such as Assault Mode and Shooting Star, so the demand is still undiminished. It's the only WIND level 8 synchro that doesn't have material restrictions (although Crystal Wing is usually prioritized), so it's easy to synchronize with WW, so it's being considered for adoption there as well.
It is a special and complicated card in terms of effect processing, and it is necessary to remember that it may or may not negate.
japan スモールI
2018/07/12 20:14
Yugioh Icon
The effect is strong enough to work in the current environment,
The hit point is not very high at 2500, and it is easy to break through by itself.
japan SEA
2018/05/22 22:33
Yugioh Icon
The card that restarted Yu-Gi-Oh because of its existence. It's in line with the new rules, but unfortunately in this day and age, his ATK of 2500 is no more than the standard value, and it's no longer safe for him. Moreover, his GY meta card, 《Called by the Grave》, is currently prevalent, making it even more difficult to adopt.
japan シエスタ
2018/02/16 17:25
Yugioh Icon
Ace of the 5ds protagonist Yusei.
He is a level 8S with no material designation, and by releasing himself, he can negate the effect destruction and strengthen the position of his army.
It comes back at the end, so you can use it every turn, and you can use your own effects as triggers, so you can compensate for the weaknesses described later.
However, 2500 RBIs is low for his level, and in the current environment where more RBIs can easily come out, it is unreliable. Also, removal other than destruction has increased dramatically.
As mentioned above, even your own effects can leave the field, so if you close your eyes to the consumption, you can avoid it. However, he wants to be careful about GY exclusion.
Now that card power is inflated, it can't be said that he's not strong enough on his own, and perhaps because he's a Synchro Monster, who needs a basic tuner, he wasn't blessed with support compared to the other main characters, Ace.
However, in the 11th term, many powerful derivative species and dedicated support have appeared. The significance around this card became stronger.
If possible, I would like to line up cards with high control power next to it. I think it's an effect that embodies the bond that Yusei cherishes, as it strengthens the lineup.
japan アルバ
2018/02/07 23:01
Yugioh Icon
His Synchro Monster in its early days.
You can protect your card from destruction and the resurrection effect is excellent, but since it's a hero status, I'm worried about the lack of RBI for 8 Synchro.
Being able to react even if your opponent tries to destroy your own card is also a meta card for self-destroying moves.
Due to the nature of disappearing and reviving from the field, it is in line with the new master rule, but if the opponent knows that it will be useless towards this card and uses the destruction effect, will he temporarily withdraw from the field and cut down his LP? , It's only when I have the means to remove this guy who went to GY, so I don't think I'll have much chance to make use of it.
japan 備長炭18
2018/01/28 20:46
Yugioh Icon
One of the signer dragons.
As others have already written, it is noted that it is possible to actively open the EX zone to some extent.
Well, it's undeniable that it's a matter of luck, but the destruction negate effect itself is a useful effect, so you can still find a good reason to use it.
japan デルタアイズ
2017/12/08 23:19
Yugioh Icon
Efficiently empty the extra zone on square 4
I love the relief one.
japan アメメ
2017/08/26 14:11
Yugioh Icon
I haven't seen it recently with Staro, but if you can summon it after solidifying your back, it boasts a moderate amount of control. But, of course, it doesn't matter if it's alone.
The compatibility with the new rules is also excellent, but I guess I'm just lucky if I can do it. It seems to have little impact.
japan ナナ
2017/06/27 11:00
Yugioh Icon
Speaking of Yusei, it's this card.
His protective effect is a powerful effect that still works
It's a very annoying effect against your opponent.
japan なす
2017/05/23 22:48
Yugioh Icon
The effect that can negate destruction is quite strong. There are no restrictions on the materials used, and the illustrations are attractive.
japan ルイ
2017/02/18 18:23
Yugioh Icon
A dragon that does not allow effects that destroy cards on the field.
A card that can be expected to play an active role with new rules.
Since you can actively free up the EX Monster Zone, you can use it to summon new monsters from the EX Deck while protecting other cards from being destroyed (Konami feeling).
It can be activated on the field and released to send him to GY, so it's strong enough to be used to protect 《Skill Drain》.
At one point, it was even said to be essential in his Deck, which uses 《Skill Drain》.
You won't be able to meet the resurrection limit, but you can Special Summon with Star Lightsworn, so you can go on a business trip ◎
He was an ace in the anime as well, so I'd like to pay attention to what kind of activity he will be able to see in the future.
Let's get full marks with high expectations.
japan もも
2017/02/17 22:57
Yugioh Icon
Even if you put it in the ex monster zone by synchro summoning,
If you can use the effect, you can return to the main monster zone, which is a merit effect that his other Synchro Monsters do not have.
However, from now on, his ATK in the main deck will be important.
I will make this evaluation.
japan 凡骨
2017/01/21 11:19
Yugioh Icon
Who is the strongest among the ace monsters of the successive protagonists? If asked, I would definitely choose this one. It can be negate by releasing destruction, and it is too strong to revive again in the end phase (except for the resurrection limit etc.). No ~ ^ It's amazing that a card from 2008 can still be active... isn't it amazing?
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/06/22 12:46
Yugioh Icon
Yusei-kun's partner.
A dragon that never allows cards on the field to be destroyed.
☆ As an 8 synchro, the ability value is modest.
If it tries to destroy cards on the field, you can release yourself to protect the cards on the field. Since the activation location is his GY, it's okay even during 《Skill Drain》.
You can return to the field during the End Phase when this effect is activated.
It can also be summoned by Star Lightsworn.
Is Stardust Dragon aware that Star Lightsworn's effect can be activated when multiple cards are destroyed?
In addition, his Stardust Dragon, summoned by Star Lightsworn, cannot be returned during the End Phase even if released to protect the cards on the field, so be careful.
japan 怪盗七夜月
2016/06/20 20:34
Yugioh Icon
This is the original key card of the immovable Yusei.
An ability that can be used on 《Skill Drain》.
Even Star Lightsworn can do it.
Isn't it good?
japan ラウライカー
2016/03/10 1:54
Yugioh Icon
The eternal ace that has continued to support Yusei.
It's been reprinted to such an extent that it's almost impossible to make fun of the reprint king, but I wonder if there are many people who have that much affection for this card.
In the current environment, methods other than destruction are increasing, but most of them target monsters, and Spell Traps and P Zones still have the image of being destroyed, so it will be a great fight to protect them.
There are many derived cards, and the good thing about this card is that you can play around with it.
japan sento
2016/03/08 20:58
Yugioh Icon
The destruction negate effect is powerful! However, now there are more removal methods other than destruction, and there are many cards that surpass RBI. You can rely on it to protect the Pendulum zone and his Spell/Trap zone!
Based on business trips with star Lightsworn
japan 迷走の聖刻印
2016/02/21 2:53
Yugioh Icon
was it reprinted?
Yusei's Ace card at level 8
Has the effect of negate destruction by releasing the destruction effect
After you release it, it will come back, so you can release it as many times as you like
Let's play an active part in a business trip set with star Lightsworn
Level 8 has a lot of rivals, so it's not something you can do poorly.
japan 音響Em
2015/12/22 15:54
Yugioh Icon
It's nice to have a sense of security if you line up with multiple monsters
japan リョン吉
2015/12/10 1:48
Yugioh Icon
I think many people will like the character of this card more than the illustration, the effect that protects it from destruction, and the animation and performance.
In terms of performance, it is difficult to play an active role alone even in a free environment because the number of removal methods other than destruction is increasing and it can be easily destroyed in battle.
Level 8 general-purpose Synchro has many powerful cards, so it is good to use this card with synergy with other cards in mind.
japan あの人は今………。
2015/08/24 13:16
Yugioh Icon
While Senkoryu (probably with the wrong kanji) stands out, the PSY frame seems to have an excellent point because it allows you to retreat from your own field. I think this card is excellent even in this time of inflation.
japan 風鼠
2015/06/06 8:59
Yugioh Icon
One of the best level 8 synchros with a thick layer. Destruction negate is powerful, even the powerful removal spells Blaho and Feather Broom can be negate. I feel a little uneasy about the RBI, so I want to assist with other cards. I also have a feeling that the frame is likely to be eaten by the Senkou Dragon...
japan ラーメン
2015/03/19 19:57
Yugioh Icon
Needless to say, it's excellent to be able to negate the destruction effect, but it's also true that when you actually use it, it doesn't feel as strong as it says.
The problem is still the low hit points, and compared to the Flash Dragon, which is often broken through with hit points before the destructive effect is used, and can be resistant to combat, it is more flexible and easy to listen to. Because it is good, it is often given priority over there.
That said, this one is superior in terms of being able to negate multiple destruction cards such as Mirafo, Braho, and Feather, so it has both strengths and weaknesses, but it's still powerful, but it's a card that leaves you feeling a little unsatisfactory. It is also true that there was no complaint if it was 2700 RBI.
Is it just that the other Dragon ★ 8 synchros are too good?
japan かのん
2015/03/04 6:54
Yugioh Icon
Yusei-kun's ace monster!
I hated this card when it first came out, but now I use it a lot.
Regardless of now, at that time, the effect of being able to negate destruction once per turn was an exceptional level of performance.
Of course, it's still strong enough, and it's even easier to use with Staro and Ultimaya.
japan モートン
2014/08/28 23:59
Yugioh Icon
Defense level 8 Synchro.
I feel like I'm being pushed by a powerful rival called Flash Dragon, but being able to protect Torrent Funeral and Braho with this one card is a big deal.
When using Staro, be careful because you can not activate it unless you put it in.
japan デュランダル
2014/05/02 21:47
Yugioh Icon
Now... monsters that can be obtained at no rare.
A card that you can buy about 2 cards for less than 500 yen at a card specialty store.
japan 雲黒斎
2014/03/24 6:38
Yugioh Icon
When I say Synchro, the first thing that comes to mind is probably this card.
Just being Yusei Fudo's trump card is romantic enough.
Destroy by negate destruction. So, black holes, GBA, 《Gemini Spark
And so on, there are many cards that can be supported.
However, since it has 2500 points, it is not uncommon for it to be easily defeated in battle.
Also, it is vulnerable to removal other than destruction and DD Crow.
So I think it's a good balance.
japan 福人ズッコケ
2013/11/29 17:50
Yugioh Icon
A reliable dragon that is one of the general-purpose synchros, and whose performance has caused many destructive effects to cause anxiety.
When released, it will temporarily leave the field, but it will return to the field during the End Phase, so in effect, it will be possible to interfere with "Destruction" in general once per turn. It can be easily summoned with 《Starlight Road》, and its ATK is sufficient for a top-class monster, so it once boasted an overwhelming defensive range against meta-beat opponents who focused on removal.
Weakness is "removal other than 'destruction'". Specifically, "Compulsory Evacuation Device" for "bounce" and "Dimensional Prison" and "Caius the Shadow Monarch" for "exclude". The flood of superlative monsters in the current environment is also a headwind, and it is not uncommon for him to be beaten from above with his higher ATK than this, without having to remove it with an effect.
Also, this card summoned with 《Starlight Road》cannot self-regenerate after being released, so don't make a mistake.
japan 空気
2013/09/10 15:46
Yugioh Icon
"The effect activates after release, so it can be activated on 《Skill Drain》."
Many people are surprisingly unaware of this.
I'd like to put it in a deck that uses 《Skill Drain》.
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/08/16 23:27
Yugioh Icon
Although the hitting point is somewhat unsatisfactory, the negate effect that corresponds to the general destruction effect is very strong. If you release it with an effect, it will return to the field again, so it can be used repeatedly, making it highly versatile. The derived species "Stardust Dragon/Buster" is also very powerful, and is an excellent monster that can be used in a wide range of ways, from his general deck to his exclusive deck.
japan たたた
2013/06/24 23:09
Yugioh Icon
Destruction negate is troublesome, loosely bound, and an excellent monster that appears in Staro
However, I also feel that I can't reach the itchy places, such as the lack of hit points for the level, or the fact that it doesn't support battle destruction.
japan SOUL
2013/03/13 13:48
Yugioh Icon
I'd like to use this card for the level 8 Synchro I use when I'm deploying a large number of cards.
It's a stable type, so it's a candidate card to use when you can get a Level 8 Synchro, even if you simply don't have a purpose.
It's also a card you need to use Staro and his Malefic Stardust.
japan DD
2013/03/09 10:27
Yugioh Icon
Among the Synchro Monsters, it is quite easy to get out and busy monsters, such as coming out of Staro and Samopuri. The disadvantage is that if he is Special Summoned from Staro, he cannot return to the field after negate the destruction effect. Also, even if it is put out in a regular way, it is extremely vulnerable to "removal cards that are not destructive effects" such as Dark End, 《Compulsory Evacuation Device》, and 《Dimensional Prison》. However, being able to stop the total destruction of Dark Hole and Black Rose is powerful. The illustration is also cool, so it's one of my main products.
japan ファナナス
2013/02/01 13:12
Yugioh Icon
A Synchro Monster that is particularly excellent among the thick level 8 synchros. By releasing itself, you can prevent destruction as many times as you like, so it has a good presence and has control power. However, overconfidence is prohibited because the RBI is modest at 2500. I would also like to prepare a first aid. It's very good at being summoned from Staro, which is why it's used in various Deck extras.
japan 企業ブラック
2013/01/31 10:11
Yugioh Icon
The summoning conditions are simple, but the effect is strong and the offense and defense are okay. Pretty easy to use.
japan アルアル
2013/01/29 21:10
Yugioh Icon
Yusei's Ace Monster
An excellent child who can negate cards with destructive effects once they come into play
Just Magical Dimension and Snipe Stalker
Note that cards with indeterminate effects are not supported.
Also, since it was reprinted in GS, the ease of obtaining it is also a good point.
japan ゲッター@オリカ職人
2013/01/26 21:31
Yugioh Icon
There was a time when I stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh once before, but after watching Yu-Gi-Oh GX I wanted to play again, but I remember having a nightmare because of this card's effect.
At that time, I was strong just by coming out, and I couldn't do anything about it. However, it has become relatively easy to obtain now, and it no longer feels so threatening.
Hence this score.
japan みくみく
2013/01/09 21:51
Yugioh Icon
This card is the crab bride.
ATK is low for level 8, so it's a little weak in battle, but the destruction negate effect that protects other cards is powerful.
A similar card called Senkoryu, which is highly versatile, has also appeared and its adoption rate is dropping (apparently), but unlike over there, this one can protect all allied cards from total removal, so it is possible to differentiate Staro. Even more so if you have it.
However, in either case, he is vulnerable to sending GY and excluding him, so overconfidence is prohibited.
japan だいぽん
2012/12/21 20:02
Yugioh Icon
Sound, Cosmic Flare!
If your opponent uses it, you won't be able to cast removal spells. But when I use it, I feel like it can be easily removed. His ATK has a strong effect to some extent and is a good line that is not impenetrable.
I think it's a card that is so well adjusted that it's hard to believe it's an early Synchro card.
japan ゆいっぺ
2012/12/14 15:49
Yugioh Icon
japan 葱猫
2012/12/08 13:26
Yugioh Icon
I used to use it. I've gone somewhere now ><.
japan 未確認非行物体 
2012/11/25 11:18
Yugioh Icon
Break resistant. However, the RBI is low.
Raise your RBI like a lemon.
                        by Yamayu
japan Guliko
2012/11/10 11:27
Yugioh Icon
His Synchro Monster with pseudo-regime against destructive effects.
It's reliable when you put it out, but it's annoying when you put it out. Although it has such an effect,
It's flaw is that it's powerless against exclusions and bounces.
It's easy to get because it's reprinted many times, and it's also great that it's versatile.
japan HERO大好き
2012/11/06 22:39
Yugioh Icon
A friend gave it to me, and since then I've become stronger
japan ファイア野郎
2012/11/04 21:17
Yugioh Icon
5Ds protagonist, Yusei Fudo's ace monster.
He can be called a Synchro Monster because he is very strong because he can use the effect destruction negate effect many times.
Just be aware that his ATK of 2500 is not reassuring and is useless for bounces and eliminations other than destruction.
In addition to Synchro Summoning, the fact that it can be summoned from Star Lightsworn is also attractive.
It's a very useful card to have in your Extra Deck.
japan ボチヤミサンタイ
2012/11/01 22:12
Yugioh Icon
crab bride card
The true heroine of Gods (Black Rose Guile!)
Aside from that, this guy is very good, and whether or not he takes a target just by standing, the destruction effect will be negate.
However, his stats are poor for a level 8 (I think this is because he follows the ace card of the successive protagonists), so his strength is not very strong.
By the way, although he can beat Lemon, his ex-Kin, in terms of effect, he beats him purely. such a relationship
japan らいむ
2012/10/26 14:05
Yugioh Icon
I'm worried about the status, but the destruction negate effect is still super good.
With this, if he has 2800th ATK, he's definitely 10.
japan 銀燕
2012/10/13 19:00
Yugioh Icon
Due to its effect and derived species, it is truly a "buddy" that can be a threat if it becomes an enemy, and a reassuring companion if it becomes an ally.
japan ジュラック黒豆
2012/10/05 18:08
Yugioh Icon
It's strong because it can be used in Starlight Road.
japan ナル参照
2012/10/01 19:58
Yugioh Icon
Being borrowed for two years (a certain king), being beaten many times with a whip (a certain black rose), being kidnapped and being swayed (a certain Sin), being caught by tentacles and being confined (a certain machine) Monarch), and Hoshikuzu-san, who received all three gods (a certain Lord of the Aesir). Mot da! Mot!
De M.
japan ゼクス
2012/09/19 17:37
Yugioh Icon
My favorite destruction negate and resurrection go-to guy!
japan 二酸化炭素
2012/09/03 21:17
Yugioh Icon
Mr. MARU "Star, Dust, Dora, Gon no Sukeeeeeeeee!!!"
Stardust Dragon "..."
japan ユウ
2012/08/26 16:23
Yugioh Icon
Dominate the field with Bramage, Neos, and Star
Hope? What do you mean?
japan ドナルドが怒鳴るぞ
2012/08/24 11:07
Yugioh Icon
my buddy! It's no exaggeration to say that I use it. As a result, my brother tore it up and threw it away.
2012/08/22 22:04
Yugioh Icon
Mr. Crab's ace where the main character ace received 2500 ties.
It is a threat that negates destruction effects. Effect destruction countermeasures are perfect with this guy!
There is only the main character ace, and there are plenty of support and derivation, and it is still strong.
japan ドラゴンX
2012/08/18 16:46
Yugioh Icon
negate any effect.
japan ミュウ
2012/07/18 23:59
Yugioh Icon
The Stardust Dragon is a link between the Siva Dragon and the Meteor Dragon...
Because it only negates destruction... Sending GY is k...
japan Kamogawa
2012/07/15 1:00
Yugioh Icon
I guessed this guy when I was 10 years old, and the release date.
Leri. I was so happy. It was a crazy price at the card shop. . . It was taller than the box, so...
But it's easy to get, and Holo doesn't even cost 1000 now.
But it was amazing. I was watching anime :p
I want some more points.
japan マスター
2012/06/16 23:20
Yugioh Icon
Needless to say, Ace Card. Synchro's been killed by restrictions lately, but there's still hope for this guy! Please don't do something rude like Scrap.
japan しょひひ
2012/03/22 19:50
Yugioh Icon
It's pretty safe to have this guy.
2500 with 8 may be subtle, but you can get by with the effect.
japan みかんゼリー
2012/03/17 2:17
Yugioh Icon
Since it is the main card of the main character, it is blessed with support cards and evolution cards.
The illustration is cool and the dragon is loved by everyone.
The gold pack plunges the price and makes it more accessible with the star Lightsworn.
The effect of protecting your own cards from destruction is very reassuring.
The RBI is low, but let's cover that point well.
It must be a versatile star 8 synchro.
japan うぃな
2012/02/25 11:08
Yugioh Icon
In addition to a reasonable RBI, the destruction negate effect that does not decrease, and the excellent evolution destination, support card, and dignity as a main character card are enough.
Synchro is facing a headwind due to revisions to restrictions due to Xyz, but it seems that this card's position will not be shaken.
japan 光芒
2012/02/10 23:45
Yugioh Icon
A card synonymous with Level 8 Synchro. It has one of the most versatile ace cards of the successive protagonists. With this, if his ATK was higher, he would be pretty harsh.
japan m
2012/01/29 22:26
Yugioh Icon
The representative of Level 8 Synchro.
It has a very reliable passive destructive effect, negate, and even self-revives.
From what I've heard so far, it sounds like a broken performance, but the balance is good because of the exquisite ATK of 2500.
It's a powerful card, but it has flaws such as bounce, removal, and weakness in combat, so don't overestimate it.
japan ゼロ
2012/01/29 20:09
Yugioh Icon
Speaking of 8-star Synchro, this card is the first thing that comes to mind...
You can use a powerful effect every turn that can negate destruction effects.
ATK 2500 is the promise of the main character's ace monster.
japan シンクロン
2011/12/28 12:08
Yugioh Icon
The ace monster of Yusei Fudo, the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh!
There is something about the hero's ace monster, and its ability is very powerful. Isn't he the strongest ace monster of all time?
``When the effect of his Spell/Trap/Effect Monster that has the effect of destroying cards on the field is activated, releasing this card negates the activation and destroys it. ] In other words, it prevents the destruction effect that is the removal method of monsters.
In addition, he is easy to put out even in Synchro Monster. In addition to Synchro Summoning, it can also be used as a Support Trap, and there is also an evolution type.
It must be said that it is strong.
japan Dann
2011/11/10 18:38
Yugioh Icon
My wife.
Assault Mode, Majestic, Shooting, Malefic, and various evolution possibilities.
The Storm is back, so Staro is a must.
If you have a destructive effect, you won't be afraid of anything anymore → Snast, 《Magical Dimension》……orz
2011/11/04 14:09
Yugioh Icon
stardust dragon
japan TALES
2011/09/02 12:50
Yugioh Icon
It's a card that's in high demand now that the Great Storm is back.
It hurts to be excluded in confinement
japan らいだあ
2011/07/08 19:42
Yugioh Icon
It's too great to negate the destruction effect w
Well, "Bottomless Trap Hole" is abon though ww
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/19 13:35
Yugioh Icon
The main character's ace monster, but he is a card that is essential to the deck.
In addition to being able to easily stop removal by destroying effects, 2500, which can be reused many times, is not weak.
However, recently more than 2,600 monsters have appeared, and it can be sold at 《Compulsory Evacuation Device》, so overconfidence is prohibited.
In addition, the number of breakthrough methods other than removal has increased, and breakthrough with Xyz has also increased, and compared to the dueling dragons of juniors, I have to take advantage of the fact that I can protect the back, and I can not keep up.
Although it became cheaper by scattering with GS, it is a little painful that it became an environment where you can not lie down.
Please note that it was decided that the effect of "negate and destroy" cannot be stopped.
japan NEOS
2010/10/22 19:45
Yugioh Icon
Take flight, Stardust Dragon!
Powerful because it nullifies destructive effects and can self-regenerate.
Yusei's favorite card!
japan とき
2010/09/02 20:33
Yugioh Icon
A level 8 synchro symbol with a reliable destructive negate effect.
Since the appearance of this card, I feel that the difference between "destroy" and "send to GY" has become clearly conscious. That's how powerful this card is. However, it should be noted that it is not a card that can be relieved once it is played, such as bounce, exclusion, and battle.
Don't forget the advanced versions of Starbucks and Shooting Star, as well as Malefic Stardust and Starlight Road.
His Synchro Monster boasts excellent stability that can be called a textbook of 8-star synchro, but is it a little tight especially in the recent inflation? Currently, there are things like Flash Dragon that can be kept on the field, so it feels like it has become a card that can be used to develop into Shooting Star, etc., or to focus on protecting other cards.
In the new master rule environment, it seems that after activating the effect, it will be revived in the main zone, so it has a point of difference with Senkoryu, but instead it has become difficult to get Shooting Star.
japan おんぼろ
2010/08/08 23:25
Yugioh Icon
One of the five legendary dragons controlled by Signer. Also known as Stardust Dragon.
Flying back, flying back. Aniki who is strong, annoying and dependable.
It's safe to make stardust → Goyo Rariat is a path that everyone goes through.
japan フッキー
2010/07/30 21:42
Yugioh Icon
Maximum stability with this card and a defense trap!
A hero card.
japan かどまん
2023/09/15 12:55
Yugioh Icon
japan 2013/12/19 18:25
I'm worried about the RBI, but the effect is reliable.
If you are uneasy, there is a powerful derivative.
It's a little uneasy to expose it alone.
japan 2013/08/02 0:55
That Mr. Yusei's trump card can be obtained at such a low price Amazing
japan 2013/01/29 19:33
It's still a nasty piece for some reason. With Stada, Mirafo, Abyss, and Groundbreaking are not scary.
ATK is low, so if you use it in the current environment, don't forget to follow around.
Starbucks, Majestic, Shuster, and many derived monsters have interesting effects.
japan 2012/10/05 20:45
It's cheap because there is normal now
japan 2011/09/24 21:49
2500... so-so hit points
It's a first-class product that makes you want to be a Stardust Dragon.
japan 2010/08/08 23:29
☆ If you say 8 synchro, this is it.
The destructive effect negate is normally strong.

Decks with "Stardust Dragon"

* is adopted as a key card.

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Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
THE DUELIST GENESIS TDGS-JP040 2008-04-19 HolographicUltimateUltra
DUELIST PACK - Yusei hen - DP08-JP014 2008-10-18 Super
GOLD SERIES 2012 GS04-JP009 2012-01-07 Gold
DUELIST EDITION Volume 3 DE03-JP015 2012-08-11 Ultra
THE GOLD BOX GDB1-JP069 2012-08-25 Gold
THE RARITY COLLECTION TRC1-JP005 2014-12-20 Ex-Secret
GOLD PACK 2016 GP16-JP009 2016-02-20 Gold
20th ANNIVERSARY DUELIST BOX 20TH-JPBS3 2018-12-22 Secret
QUARTER CENTURY CHRONICLE side:UNITY QCCU-JP049 2024-02-23 UltimateUltra

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Rating Score Rank 2,000 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 805,741
Card Type "Synchro Monster" Best Card Ranking 87th


Japanese card name スターダスト・ドラゴン

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