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Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand Used Deck

Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Xyz Monster
Effect Monster
- 8 Warrior 2800 1800
2 Level 8 monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 face-up monster on the field; this turn, its effects are negated, but it is unaffected by other card effects.
Average Rating Score 9.5(79)
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"Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand" card reviews and rating scores

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5% (4)
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japan みめっと
2022/05/12 11:03
Yugioh Icon
One of the general-purpose rank 8X monsters that can be produced with two unbound materials.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Shadow Specters is one of the few Atari frames with extremely few general-purpose cards and powerful cards.
It negates the effect of one monster on the field with a perfect flitch, and exerts a powerful effect that grants complete resistance to effects other than this effect.
The negate of monster effects can be used flexibly to interfere with the opponent, and the perfect resistance can be used to defend yourself, but the perfect resistance is an external effect such as Equip Spell or Quick-Play Spell that raises the monster's ATK. It is also possible to prevent it from receiving etc., so this is also useful as a hindrance.
It can negate not only activated effects, but also permanent effects of monsters that are already in play, so its versatility is extremely high.
japan やっつけ先生
2022/05/09 22:22
Yugioh Icon
A rank 8 interfering monster that rivals Titanic Galaxy. If you want to stop spells, use Titanic, if you want to stop monsters, use Fergrant, and the powerful Xyz that continues to fight on the front lines as general-purpose interference. However, currently there is a competition with his Photon Lord at rank 8 of monster interference, and I have the impression that that one, which can also interfere with effects outside the field, is prioritized. Fergrand's RBI is higher, and there is a wide range of options to use effects for defense rather than obstruction, so I think it's totally possible to adopt this one.
japan ブルーバード
2022/03/05 10:34
Yugioh Icon
Rank 8, boasting first-class strength since its introduction. A card that makes you realize the strength of Friche. Also known as Benkei's nemesis.
There is Dingirsu as a general purpose rank 8 rival, but unlike over there, it can be used from the beginning and can be used as a hindrance, so it can still be differentiated from over there. Please note that with the introduction of this card, I gave up on the part of adding resistance to myself. It's strong if you think about it as a bonus.
When he first appeared, there were many themes that used level 8 such as Blue-Eyed, Dark World, and Dragunity, and he was not only used as a blocker card for those, but was also in high demand as a blocker card for Dragon Ruler, which can be used from Gensui Genki. . As a result, there were times when the price was close to 3000 yen even though the card came out of a normal pack.
japan 金平糖
2021/10/28 2:19
Yugioh Icon
Eight years after its first appearance, it is still a veteran who is ranked at general-purpose rank 8. While negate the monster effect of the field in the free chain, it has an effect that is troublesome because there are too many ways to use it to grant complete resistance.
As a control agent, it feels a little unreliable by modern standards in that it can't interfere with monster effects other than the field, but since it's a Friche, it also has unique advantages such as being able to negate permanent effects. . It also has the aspect of giving complete resistance.
Basically, it is used to negate the effects of the opponent's monsters, or to give your own monsters complete resistance, but of course the opposite is also possible. You can also use small tricks such as negate the effect of your compromise summoned monster to restore his ATK, or add resistance to monsters in the opponent's field so that they cannot be used as fusion materials. You can interfere with the fusion summoning of Guardian Chimera.
I think it has something in common with Tsuki no Sho in that it can be used in a very diverse and flexible way.
japan kou
2021/06/07 16:33
Yugioh Icon
A very skillful rank 8 that can protect allies and neutralize opponents. It may be difficult to play an active role in an inflationary environment, but his strength is still alive and well, so 10 points.
japan 死なない男
2021/02/01 21:20
Yugioh Icon
It is powerful to be able to negate monsters and grant complete immunity with Friche, regardless of yourself or others.
However, in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, the current situation is that this effect alone is somewhat unsatisfactory.
Right now, it's easy to put it out at Rank 8, but since Dingirth and Eneaard exist as Rank 8 with higher priority, I have the impression that there are many opportunities to use it as the second candidate among Rank 8 Decks.
japan ヤマト
2020/01/15 23:17
Yugioh Icon
If I succeed in his Special Summon, I'm sure that he will have a high control power and will be able to make good use of his defense.
Because it is a free chain effect, it not only protects your monsters,
You can easily see it by blocking the effect of the opponent's monster.
At first glance it doesn't look like there is a hole, but he is powerless against monsters activated by GY, so be careful.
Also, just because you can negate the disadvantages, it is also necessary to ascertain that it is strictly prohibited to activate the effect blindly.
As ATK 2800 and rank 8, is it a passing point?
It's subjective, but honestly, I think his Xyz Monster has a strong peculiarity.
However, he may be an Xyz Monster who deserves the word "God" if he can handle it.
japan シエスタ
2018/05/18 16:52
Yugioh Icon
A standard rank 8 card.
He uses many level 8x2 and level 8 material designations, so it's easy to summon him with Deck.
The RBI is a little low among Rank 8, but it has the highest standard level, and it is well compensated for by the effects.
In a free chain, you can negate the effect instead of giving a perfect resistance to one monster in the field, and it is extremely strong against his Effect Monster, and if you are in your own field, you can give resistance and negate the disadvantages, especially his Barbaros. can also be made with your own material and goes well with it. In particular, it has the advantage of being able to target itself even if there are no cards on the field, and it is easy to remove materials.
As for the drawbacks, Kaiju is really weak against cards that are hopeless or simply have a high RBI, but it's a blessing because it supports honesty. If it's chained to an effect, interference will pass, so overconfidence is prohibited.
The recently released No.90 has advantages and disadvantages, so he wants to use them according to the deck and environment.
Aiming for rank 8, he's a card I'd like to have in any deck.
japan 備長炭18
2018/05/09 10:51
Yugioh Icon
One of the general-purpose rank 8.
You can use it flexibly, such as adding resistance to your own monsters or blocking the effects of your opponent's monsters.
Compared to other rank 8s, the RBI is less than 3000, so I feel that it is low because I am used to inflation.
japan アキ
2018/03/09 13:12
Yugioh Icon
This card is the representative of rank 8 Xyz Monster. You can Xyz Summon easily with the Dragon Deck, which has no material restrictions, and you can use this card's effect to add complete resistance to your monsters, or negate the effects of your opponent's monsters that have troublesome effects.
japan アメメ
2017/09/14 5:35
Yugioh Icon
One general-purpose rank 8
In addition to high hit points, it negates monster effects, and if you select yourself, you will not be affected by other effects during that turn.
His Deck, which is mainly composed of small monsters with Synchro and Xyz, will have a particularly difficult battle.
However, there are places where it depends on the opponent, and if it is his deck with the highest grade, fusion, or ritual opponents, high hit points will suddenly come out and you will be beaten to death easily.
japan なす
2017/07/15 13:02
Yugioh Icon
Rank 8 with effects that grant effect negate and effect resistance.
It can be used in a wide range of ways, such as negating the detrimental effects of your own monsters, inhibiting the activation of the effects of your opponent's monsters, and protecting your own monsters, including yourself, from effects. Another advantage is that it can be used during the opponent's turn. An excellent rank 8 with high versatility.
japan あだ
2016/08/23 4:09
Yugioh Icon
Rank 8 now available for 100 yen
japan 悩めるお花屋さん
2016/08/23 2:51
Yugioh Icon
Being able to choose perfect resistance or negate monster effects depending on the situation is still strong
However, recently, without any warning, there are more and more decks that can produce monsters (such as alternate white dragons) that surpass his ATK on this card, so don't be overconfident.
japan デルタアイズ
2016/08/15 12:48
Yugioh Icon
2800 RBI is also good, isn't it?
japan げおんぬ
2016/06/21 0:05
Yugioh Icon
Speaking of Rank 8 Xyz, this card. Excellent stability.
japan 怪盗七夜月
2016/06/20 20:19
Yugioh Icon
Monster version of ☆8's 《Forbidden Dress》.
Although it is inferior to Tachyon, it has relatively high firepower,
Since it's a Dragon, it's nice to be able to turn it into FGD as well.
japan sento
2016/03/08 21:11
Yugioh Icon
Strong in all respects!
First, an effect that negates a monster effect. Even though it's strong at that point, you can add destruction resistance (such as bounce) to your own monsters! strong!
Honest compatible with LIGHT, and can be played with a wide range of decks at level 8 x 2! Strong!
japan ジュウテツ
2016/02/26 16:40
Yugioh Icon
In addition to giving himself strong effect resistance, his own ATK is also high at 2800, so I think it's a high-class monster in both offense and defense. I think it's great that you can use the effect during the opponent's turn.
When used against opponent's monsters, in addition to the negate effect, there are also uses such as making it impossible to receive the benefits of strengthening cards, so I think it's good.
It's rank 8, but I think it's easy to put out with the "Galaxy" Deck.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/02/26 14:01
Yugioh Icon
I finally got it (crying)
Protect your allies or hinder your enemies
It's strength is that it can be used not only on your turn but also on your opponent's turn.
With a rank 8 Xyz, he might be a little difficult depending on the deck, but he's a companion to a deck that can hit hoihoi and 8☆
Dark World Dark World Dark World
japan アルバ
2016/02/24 18:33
Yugioh Icon
Until this one came out, there were many types of rank 8 cards that were given in return, so this revolutionary card appeared as if to fill the void.
Level 8x2 is heavy, but it can be put out smoothly with a deck that can be put out.
The effect negates the effect of the target monster and puts it in an invincible mode other than battle.The main target is yourself, but it can also be used to prevent support cards from being received, or to erase the opponent's effect like a holy grail. Very powerful for.
It is hard because he has 2800 hit points.
Even so, as with all cards of this type, the resistance will not be activated unless the effect is applied, so it is better to be careful that if you hit multiple removals on the same chain, it will sink easily.
Mainly the Holy Grail and Breathle, and recently there's also a notice like "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit".
Since it can't activate Dameste, it's also vulnerable to cards like Shrink, which interferes with the opponent with free chains, and his Gorgonic Guardian, which lowers the RBI.
japan 迷走の聖刻印
2016/01/18 23:58
Yugioh Icon
No one was waiting for this card to be reprinted...
That said, I've been indebted to this card many times.
At Rank 8, 2800 RBI is low, but it has the effect of simultaneously giving monsters the effect of negate and complete resistance that is not affected by card effects.
Counter Trap If it doesn't come out, it won't be removed when it comes out, and it has a good hold
Effect negate cards aren't weak, so you can block and defend your opponent's deployment just by putting them out, two delicious things in one
The negate judgment is the same as the effect veiler, it will be misfired if you leave the field
Also, if you negate the other party and then get blahoed, you'll get hurt, so be careful
It's extravagant, but it's not enough
I wanted 3000 RBI
I'm looking forward to strengthening the Vergrant category
japan ゆくら
2016/01/18 23:39
Yugioh Icon
Nekroz of the original Fergra
Since it can be used to protect or drown out the effect
There is no doubt that it is annoying to the person who was served
In addition, since he is Rank 8, he has a minimum RBI, so he can't break through.
For the time being, there was a trend that if you can get a rank 8, you should get it out.In particular, after hitting with a level 8 monster, if you use this card in the main 2, he will be able to make a further blow to the opponent.
Because he is excellent, it becomes a standard when evaluating him with rank 8, which is rare, and he is a terrible card that makes him an excellent rank 8... (mostly this guy)
japan レックス
2015/11/22 19:23
Yugioh Icon
sno.39! Attack! effect! Vergrant "Sorry". Strong. Almost the same as the Holy Grail, Lord of Forbidden, Seiyari. can be used twice. Do not raise or lower the attack. strong. There is also an RBI, and the defense is so-so. strong out.
japan カンノーネ
2015/11/07 22:18
Yugioh Icon
The person who comes to mind for the time being when it comes to Rank 8. In addition to being able to grant immunity to effects other than this card, which is a top-class resistance, it also has amazing versatility that you can use it to interfere with your opponent. In addition, he has up to 2800 RBIs of Rank 8.
japan ぷれあです
2015/10/02 10:31
Yugioh Icon
It is the leading monster of Rank 8 Xyz.
Mainly used for interference, it has 《Forbidden Chalice》and holy spear effect, and it can be used during the opponent's turn, so there's no reason for it to be weak.
It has high utility and versatility, and is a must-have for dealing with level 8 monsters.
japan 音響Em
2015/07/13 20:43
Yugioh Icon
I wonder if there will be a card that can overcome this with rank 4 (2 materials)...
japan ラーメン
2015/02/08 9:39
Yugioh Icon
It can be used to protect your own monsters from being removed, or it can be used to negate the effects of annoying monsters on your opponent's side.
It is not "cannot be destroyed" but "cannot be affected by effects", so neither target cards nor removal other than destruction work. This card's natural enemies are sentences, warnings, veilers, etc. This card's summons and effects themselves are negate. It's about a card, I don't have combat resistance, so I'd like to be able to deal with it if more than 2800 RBIs fly.
japan ファイア野郎
2014/12/29 11:13
Yugioh Icon
To put it simply, Xyz Monster can add resistance to Effect Veiler and Venominaga to monsters.
It is resistant to his ATK of 2800, and even though it can be seen, the monster with the effect veiler inside is extremely powerful.
In order to break through, you want to hit your own monster and defeat it, but since Honest is powerless,
Let's defeat it by strengthening with Spell / Trap cards.
If it's a deck that makes it easy to make rank 8 Xyz Monsters, then this is a card I'd like to use.
japan 村長
2014/09/03 17:57
Yugioh Icon
I think this control force is too dangerous without material binding.
I am convinced that he is a representative of rank 8 without complaint.
japan りりかる
2014/09/03 10:32
Yugioh Icon
It is a card with the highest suppression power among Xyz monsters, partly due to the fact that it is not tied to materials.
Decks without high ATK often stop with just this one
Since it can be used both as a defense and as a hindrance, the mental damage it inflicts on the opponent is tremendous. …On the other hand, if the opponent uses it, it will quickly turn into a card that will be in trouble.
However, since the hit point is 2800, it may be unexpectedly destroyed in battle, so
just be careful
Honest, Dragons, Yayachikuri~
japan はなみずき
2014/08/06 12:31
Yugioh Icon
Even when I flirted with Kaodora Shaddoll from the Darkness, he followed me...
It is a card that can be called a companion.
Contrary to the simple condition of specifying two level 8 materials, it is possible to add perfect resistance to not being affected by card effects. Moreover, it is possible to negate the other party because it is a free chain.
There aren't many cards where you can feel at ease just by standing here
japan ああああ
2014/08/06 10:23
Yugioh Icon
My ace card in his Deck...
It has the best effect of "not receiving effects", and it can be activated even during the opponent's turn...
On top of that, it looks cool, ☆ 8 × 2,
It's an attractive card that's easy to play.
japan hio
2014/08/06 8:24
Yugioh Icon
You can use the highest resistance of "not receiving effects" in a free chain, and also on your opponent.
This alone is brutal enough, but with 2800 hit points, it's extremely difficult to surpass it without any effect.
By the way, if you use a shield swordsman as a material, you can acquire combat resistance.
Even though it's for the purpose of boosting rank 8, it's undeniable that this general-purpose strength is overkill.
Warrior It would have been nice to have at least a tie...
japan アルゴサクス
2014/08/04 3:39
Yugioh Icon
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the strongest rank 8, and it has control power.
Full effect resistance is a cheat effect, and a strong card that can also hinder the opponent's development.
It is also highly evaluated that the RBI has reached the highest line. Thank you for your help.
japan darusisu
2014/07/25 1:29
Yugioh Icon
If you're not sure what to put out at Rank 8, just put this one out. A card that says so. A card that can block various monster effects and has 2800 hit points, making it extremely difficult to break through from the front. A very dependable monster that has both offensive and defensive effects.
japan さもぉ
2014/07/10 0:46
Yugioh Icon
It's scary because it doesn't receive any effect, it doesn't become a target.
The effect is too strong, so it's high.    
japan 木刀
2014/05/31 9:27
Yugioh Icon
I don't get any effect...Is it a resistance that can be applied so lightly...
It's a very difficult monster to break through. The oddly high RBI is also very disgusting. The versatility of the effect is also high, and she can be said to be an Xyz Monster without complaint.
japan イマジナリーフレンド
2014/05/20 18:18
Yugioh Icon
Since the RBI is very high, I have a hard time exceeding a little when it is issued.
I want Xyz's strong guys to bind their materials. (Although there are also opion-like ones)
If level 8 is easy, it's boring to concentrate here.
It's not funny that this guy comes out like Galaxy or he is Gagaga. I'm tired of seeing
In the second half of the duel, I'm going to win, so it's okay to use this guy, but when this comes out first, I always feel that he doesn't enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh.
japan アルト・エア
2014/03/24 17:51
Yugioh Icon
It's no exaggeration to say that he's already the strongest, and it's no exaggeration to say that he's a super powerful card.
Complete resistance to "not affected" by the high level status of A2800.
There is also a negate effect, so you can't break through even if you use Diamond Club King.
Against rank 4 decks, it stands as a mighty wall.
However, Rank 3, Rank 5, and Rank 6 have 3,000 RBIs, so it may not always be stable to stand first.
japan シロタ
2014/03/06 16:19
Yugioh Icon
It's not just about having a good time
Even if it is a single unit, the negate and resistance grants that can be used during the opponent's turn are powerful.
RBI is also stable.
japan wisteria
2014/02/23 10:48
Yugioh Icon
Anyway, it's troublesome when it comes out. In the current environment, it is difficult to hit 2800 RBI without going through the effect. Effects that are not affected by other card effects also have the ability to negate effects, and can be used to prevent the opponent's development. At Rank 8, there is an air of being out of control for the time being, so I personally want it to be restricted.
japan ABYSS
2014/02/22 21:57
Yugioh Icon
Highest suppression power among Rank 8.
The versatility of the effect is very high, such as using it on yourself to gain complete resistance that makes it immune to all effects, and negate the opponent's effects.
Since the RBI also has a superlative line, it is difficult to break through combined with the effect.
Rank 4 natural enemy.
japan ノノ
2014/02/22 10:20
Yugioh Icon
Well, the Fergrand effect is too amazing, isn't it ~.
Rank 8 has been strengthened at once!
japan サンダー・ボルト
2014/02/22 5:57
Yugioh Icon
One of the most powerful cards in Rank 8. In addition to enough hit points, it can be a stable force because it can grant a strong resistance with a triggered immediate effect that can withstand even removals that do not involve destruction such as Compulsory Evacuation Device . It is a powerful monster that can move dexterously as it can be used to destroy the opponent's girlfriend's ATK variable monsters and resistant monsters in battle.
japan モートン
2014/02/12 0:17
Yugioh Icon
A rank 8 monster with excellent suppression power.
It has a lot of delicious effects such as adding resistance to yourself and negate the opponent's effects. It's weak against 《Dark Hole》and torrent burial, but...
With 2800 hit points, it is a monster that is difficult to defeat at lower classes, so it is no exaggeration to say that it is the strongest rank 8 monster.
japan わがじゃん
2014/01/23 11:08
Yugioh Icon
A blond young man with a crimson-eyed black dragon behind him. It's kind of like the mediocre duelist that made the president say, "You've beaten God!?"
Well, as an aside, the effect is simple yet powerful, and it has outstanding versatility and rank 8 stability. You can't break through this guy that a good person uses, really.
japan 黒生
2013/11/30 2:25
Yugioh Icon
It's strong enough to protect itself and other monsters from Ark Knight, but depending on the situation, it can also seal the opponent's RUM.
If you want to break through with 4 axes, is giant hand + removal card the most affordable?
japan NEOS
2013/08/06 9:17
Yugioh Icon
Because it negates the effect and has an effect that activates on the opponent's turn, pressure is given to the opponent.
Since there is no material restriction, it is interesting to put it in his deck of Blue-Eyed and Galaxy-Eyes.
The status is also so-so, and the point of LIGHT cannot be overlooked.
japan 青(じょう)
2013/08/05 11:58
Yugioh Icon
The first stable rank 8 xyz without binding finally came out.
japan ペアルック
2013/07/27 11:30
Yugioh Icon
This is a strength that goes into decks not only in Hour but also in Dark World, Fire King, Scrap and many more, as well as his Blue-Eyed Deck in the recently released SD25. Exactly tough and invincible strongest!
japan Mr.ジャッジ
2013/07/23 0:32
Yugioh Icon
Personally the best hit frame this time.
Thanks to this guy, the 8th Sacred Axis has become more stable.
I use two myself.
japan セラ
2013/07/21 23:49
Yugioh Icon
New Star at Rank 8
If you add resistance, you can't find a way to deal with it other than winning in RBI.
Needless to say, its strength
It's not an exaggeration to say that it's almost essential for his Deck, which is mainly Rank 8.
japan 聖なる破壊
2013/07/20 18:41
Yugioh Icon
I like the illustrations, the effect is excellent, and it's the best. I bought a box today and the first Urrea that came out. When I was relieved, at the very end, the marina, which could have been a daw, came out and sank.
japan 真紅眼の黒牛
2013/07/20 3:50
Yugioh Icon
Blue-Eyed, Dragon Ruler in Sacred Time, I feel like I've come to suppress magic.
In particular, it is clear that it is one that you definitely want to include in the Blue-Eyed Deck!
However, with the introduction of these cards, maybe magic and Dragon Ruler won't be regulated?
japan 夜の帝王
2013/07/18 17:49
Yugioh Icon
I saw the effect twice.
"It can be activated during the opponent's turn"... sounds good.
One more reason to buy Shadow Specters.
japan 爆弾卵
2013/07/18 14:34
Yugioh Icon
This guy is really strong... If I decide to go first with Gimme Pappe,
Friend: “What is this?”
I said, "~Hmmmm (commentary)~This is what the card says."
Tomo: “Huh?! Isn’t that a cheat!?
Despite the exchange of
It's a secret that my friend Doyagao Max's super-dimensional robot Galaxy Destroyer pulverized it.
When I heard later, I was happy that it was the top solution (laughs)
japan スクラップトリトドン
2013/07/18 11:45
Yugioh Icon
Rank 8, which is a cheap tile even if you put it out in the main 2 that finally came! I never thought that a card like this could be created with the two covers of Trainstrak and "Supervise" Strak...
A convenient card that can be used as a 2800 that can add effect resistance to itself, or as a visible demoche.
Because of its versatility and ease of use, which is very different from other numbers, it shines as a useful Ulrea in this pack.
However, due to its strength that cannot be removed by ordinary removal cards, it is said that it has been given the nickname of "Fan Deck Killer".
japan イェーガー
2013/07/17 18:20
Yugioh Icon
Better than Tachyon
I want to keep
japan ロデオボーイ
2013/07/17 17:09
Yugioh Icon
I'm glad this came out from the first day. A super capable rank 8 monster that works great together with Dark World Blue-Eyed. My friends said things like, "Isn't Furanken okay?"
japan 宵闇の変態
2013/07/17 6:25
Yugioh Icon
Has rank 8 finally received resistance? Moreover, like Mina-chan, it is cheat-resistant and does not accept the effects of Spell Trap monsters! You can use it on your opponent and play Veiler, which is crazy.
It will be a must-have card for her Deck, which uses Rank 8 a lot.
japan 光芒
2013/06/23 23:26
Yugioh Icon
After the reprinting of 《Herald of Creation》and the new card of the resurrection of the giant dragon one after another on 《Trade-In》, the name reminds us of Fergrant Dragon, who finally appeared. The change from dragon to knight reminds me of Imperialdramon (old
His Xyz Monster with the first resistance rank 8. By activating the effect, the target monster will be given Venominaga-class resistance. Since there has never been a rank 8 card that can be set up on the first turn, it is a must-have card for decks that can summon rank 8 cards such as Sacred Time, Blue-Eyed, and Photon.
japan ナル参照
2013/06/23 17:37
Yugioh Icon
Come out who said there is no resistance to rank 8
In addition to the high RBI of 2800 without binding, it is a convenient card that can both interfere and defend.
Somehow, 2800 Venomi mode is almost impossible to surpass. What the hell
How the hell am I supposed to beat him... (While playing tickling rhythm)
What do you mean you can apply it to yourself?
Q: If you target yourself with an effect, how will it be processed?
A: In that case, effects that are unaffected by card effects other than this card are applied. (13/07/20)
japan とき
2013/06/22 20:26
Yugioh Icon
Fergrant will be remade in a different form, and this card will be positioned as an evolution of the new card Noble Knight, not Fergra...
Putting that aside, this card will undoubtedly take the lead in Rank 8 in the future.
The effect is a terrifying thing that grants Venominaga mode while veiler immediately after triggering.
This versatility is amazing, you can turn yourself into Venominaga, you can protect other cards, you can use it to block effects like Dorka, and so on.
Moreover, 2800 RBI is enough to fight, and it is extremely difficult to exceed 2800 RBI's resistance to Venominaga.
Basically, I want to use it for myself and use it as a super-resistant large, but there are a lot of flexible options, and it can be said that it is good news for all of his decks that use rank 8.
Rank 8 is his Galaxy corps of power or stability to say this card?
Based on its overwhelming versatility, it has reigned as a representative of Rank 8 since its introduction, and its achievements have earned it gold. It should be noted that his Galaxy system, which has dark matter, is easier to use in the original Giant God Dragon Deck (ry
japan わたV
2013/06/22 11:11
Yugioh Icon
As far as I read VJ, it seems that it can be effective even if you use it on yourself.
Finally, a super-excellent monster with rank 8 has arrived!
The effect is triggered immediately and negates the opponent's monster effect + does not receive effects other than this card. This alone looks strong enough, but if you use it on yourself, depending on the judgment, you can gain the same resistance as Venominaga... amazing!
In Photon and Blue-Eyed, of course, there was an opinion that it would be better to remove Gimme Pape and Shikigami and put it in. Of course, even if you enter, you should absolutely put it in.
japan バーン信者
2013/06/22 8:45
Yugioh Icon
A member of our Galaxy Soldier group alongside the Pleiades. 《Galaxy Knight》has absorbed the power of her Galaxy-Eyes and released its true power (delusion).
I think that whether or not this card can be played and whether or not this card can be dealt with is the factor that separates the serious deck and the other deck. It has so much impact on the environment.
Recently, this card comes flying from Dragon Ruler, but with "Galaxy" it can be deployed almost every turn, and it can be easily dealt with with Galaxy-Eyes. The control power when lined up with the Pleiades is overwhelming, and depending on the deck, he may be unable to deal with it, and the game may end as it is.
"I collected 6 of them on the first day of sale, but the price soared as expected."
japan Masuky
2013/06/22 1:14
Yugioh Icon
Rank 8 Star of Hope
Is Kita the one who can finally put it in for the time being?
The effect is a mixture of the Holy Grail and the Holy Spear.
By the way, what happens if you choose yourself is awaiting a ruling
japan E−HERO愛用中のクリムゾン・ノヴァ
2024/02/15 16:34
Yugioh Icon
japan 2014/08/06 7:48
You can choose either "tolerance that does not receive effects" or "disturbance that negates effects" once per turn. To be honest, I think it's a magical effect
japan 2014/08/01 11:49
Despite being an Urrea, he is expensive. Players like expensive cards, and if they say he's Rank 8, he's stable.
japan 2014/07/22 11:00
Super Super General Purpose Shit Pot Card Super Super General Purpose Shit Pot Card Super Super General Purpose Shit Pot Card Super Super General Purpose Shit Pot Card Super Super General Purpose Shit Pot Card Super Super General Purpose Shit Pot Card
japan 2014/04/25 18:02
Depending on the deck, this guy will be shut out
I want you to make it so that you can't target yourself
Or 2400 RBI
japan 2014/03/25 21:57
strong! cool! expensive! A Rank 8 Xyz with all the triple threats.
With no strings attached, he can be cast from Blue-Eyed and Synchro Star 8, as well as from Gagaga and the like.
japan 2014/01/22 22:52
Rank 8 to negate monster effects in the same way
There is a space-time dragon from Galaxy-Eyes, but this one is a monster
It's only, but it can also be used on the opponent's turn.
If the opponent doesn't have his Spell Trap of removal type,
Most of the time, there is no choice but to win with RBI, and this guy itself is 2800
So it becomes very difficult. Arknight too
Not being able to use it is huge.
Looking at this card, bloo-d is really strong
Am I the only one who thinks this?
japan 2013/10/06 10:55
When combined with 《Swordsman of Revealing Light》, the control power is a word of the best part.
It is often said that it is impossible to combine it with 《Swordsman of Revealing Light》, but since it is incorporated into its own effect, it can be used in conjunction with resistance effects.
japan 2013/08/07 11:45
This is the result of overlaying the disappointing Fergrand Dragon and the easy-to-use Phoenix Gearfried in Dual! However, if you use Fergrant Dragon as a material, it will be difficult to resurrect...
Well, wouldn't it be nice to make a roaring face with Fergrant Dragon and Phoenix Gearfried as materials in romance? Fergrant Dragon is just a nuisance in Dual
japan 2013/08/04 21:39
It's frustrating to hit a friend! !
japan 2013/07/31 14:07
I got general purpose rank 8. It's no exaggeration to say that as long as you have the Xyz material, you can only defeat it by going over the RBI! This person is strong...
japan 2013/07/22 8:32
A Rank 8 New Star Appears! !
Use it on an enemy monster to destroy its merit effect,
Use it on allied monsters to eliminate the disadvantages and add resistance,
How you use it is up to you! !

Decks with "Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand"

* is adopted as a key card.

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Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
SHADOW SPECTERS SHSP-JP056 2013-07-20 UltimateUltra
THE RARITY COLLECTION TRC1-JP036 2014-12-20 Secret
GOLD PACK 2016 GP16-JP014 2016-02-20 Gold

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Rating Score Rank 786 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 613,777
Type "Warrior" Type Best Monster Ranking 45th
Rank 8 Best Xyz Monster Ranking 2nd
Card Type "Xyz Monster" Best Card Ranking 44th
Level 8 Best Monster Ranking 44th


Japanese card name 神竜騎士フェルグラント

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