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Predaplant Deck List (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Showing 1 to 30 of 66

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"Predaplant" Deck List
"Predaplant" Card List
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Predaplantcategory Card Power:9.61

Deck Name category how to win view num Score Posted date
Predator Rikka (new substitute) Predaplant Beatdown 2412 146 22-04-11
Runick the eating plant Predaplant Special Victory 2515 30 22-03-19
Predaplant Pione Shaft/Improved Type Predaplant Beatdown 4820 50 22-01-20
New adoption Predaplant Pione shaft Predaplant Beatdown 2841 40 22-01-15
Predaplant (with Branded, 22.01 restricted) Predaplant Beatdown 5904 96 22-01-15
Predator Rikka (new substitute) Predaplant Beatdown 1769 36 22-01-01
Predaplant (mixed, 22.01 restricted) Predaplant Beatdown 3572 16 21-12-19
Great use of GY and Exclusion! Reconnaissance Predator Darklord Predaplant Beatdown 1790 6 21-08-30
Subsequent predation strategy Predaplant Beatdown 4021 50 21-04-15
Predator = Invader Predaplant Fan, Theme 4171 40 21-03-17
Predaplant (no hand trigger) Predaplant Beatdown 2967 0 20-11-08
Theme Beatdown with Predaplant + Dragoon Predaplant Fan, Theme 2415 20 20-08-30
Predator Plants Predaplant Beatdown 8850 0 20-08-18
Continuous attack! Greedy Venom Specialization Predaplant Beatdown 5487 0 20-06-08
Predaplant Hindsight Predaplant Beatdown 4991 0 20-04-20
Predaplant (20.04 limited version) Predaplant Beatdown 8856 92 20-03-17
Predaplant Kai 2 Predaplant Fan, Theme 4995 22 20-03-15
Dark Food Another World -Whole Dystopia- Predaplant Beatdown 5504 10 20-03-10
Predaplant Mod Predaplant Beatdown 5703 10 20-01-20
Predaplant Predaplant Beatdown 6210 0 19-12-14
Predaplant Predaplant Fan, Theme 4101 6 19-10-30
Character Deck (Yuri) Predaplant Fan, Theme 4737 0 19-10-04
Predaplant (stave type) Predaplant Fan, Theme 9524 10 19-08-25
predatory plant Predaplant Beatdown 3052 10 19-08-12
Predaplant beat (for free/in-person matches) Predaplant Beatdown 7791 30 19-07-18
Strike Back Predaplant Predaplant Beatdown 6414 6 19-07-04
Return first "Predaplant" Predaplant Beatdown 7154 3 19-06-13
Predaplant (new entry) Predaplant Beatdown 11650 104 19-06-13
New entry Predaplant Predaplant Beatdown 8112 73 19-06-12
Predaplant Predaplant Fan, Theme 3151 0 19-06-10

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Predaplant Deck Key Card Ranking

1位 Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio 12 Deck
1位 Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Starving Venom Fusion Dragon 11 Deck
1位 Predaplant Chimerafflesia Predaplant Chimerafflesia 11 Deck
1位 Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon 7 Deck
1位 Predaplant Chlamydosundew Predaplant Chlamydosundew 6 Deck

Predaplant Number of decks adopted/adoption rate ranking (cards in category)

This is the ranking of the category cards used in the Predaplant deck. Let's check the essential cards when building the Predaplant deck.

RankCard NameAverage number of hiresAdoption rate of 1 or more cards
1st Predaplant Chlamydosundew Predaplant Chlamydosundew 2.4 91%
2nd Predaplant Sarraceniant Predaplant Sarraceniant 2.3 86%
3rd Predaplant Chimerafflesia Predaplant Chimerafflesia 2.1 92%
4th Predapruning Predapruning 1.7 77%
5th Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio 1.5 93%
6th Predaplant Dragostapelia Predaplant Dragostapelia 1.5 86%
7th Predaplant Spinodionaea Predaplant Spinodionaea 1.4 62%
8th Predapractice Predapractice 1.3 53%
9th Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra 1.2 86%
10th Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon 1.1 73%

Predaplant Deck Adopted Number / Adoption Rate Ranking (cards outside category)

This is the ranking of the cards used in the Predaplant deck that are not in the category.In addition to powerful cards with high versatility, let's check if there are any cards that have good compatibility unique to Deck Predaplant.

RankCard NameAverage number of hiresAdoption rate of 1 or more cards
1st Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Starving Venom Fusion Dragon 1.7 89%
2nd Polymerization Polymerization 1.3 69%
3rd Lonefire Blossom Lonefire Blossom 1.3 79%
4th Super Polymerization Super Polymerization 1.2 82%
5th Instant Fusion Instant Fusion 0.8 55%
6th Aromaseraphy Jasmine Aromaseraphy Jasmine 0.7 51%
7th Allure of Darkness Allure of Darkness 0.7 32%
8th Thousand-Eyes Restrict Thousand-Eyes Restrict 0.5 43%
9th Harpie's Feather Duster Harpie's Feather Duster 0.5 47%
10th Monster Reborn Monster Reborn 0.4 42%

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@Ignister, A.I.


Abyss Actor, Abyss Script Accesscode Talker Adamancipator Adventurer Token Alien Ally of Justice Altergeist Amazement, Amaze Attraction Amazoness Amorphage Ancient Gear Ancient Warriors Appliancer Aquaactress, Aquarium Arcana Force Archfiend Armed Dragon Aroma, Aromage, Aromaseraphy Artifact Assault, Assault Mode Atlantean


B.E.S. Barbaros Batteryman Battleguard Battlin' Boxer Beetrooper Black Luster Soldier Blackwing Blue-Eyed Bounzer Brotherhood of the Fire Fist, Fire Formation Bujin, Bujinki, Bujintei, Bujingi Buster Blader, Destruction Sword Butterspy


Centurion tentative Charmer, Familiar-Possessed Chemicritter Chronomaly Chrysalis Clear Wing Cloudian Codebreaker Constellar Counter Crusadia Crystal Beast, Advanced Crystal Beast Crystron Cubic Cyber, Cybernetic, Cyberdark Cynet


D/D Danger! Dark Contract Dark Scorpion Dark World Darklord Demonsmith Deskbot Despian, Branded Destiny HERO Diavel Star, Treasure tentative Dinomist Dinomorphia Djinn Dododo Dogmatika Doodle Beast , Doodlebook Dracoslayer Dracoverlord Dragon Ruler Dragonmaid Dragunity Dream Mirror Drytron Dual Dual Avatar Duston


Earthbound Earthbound Immortal Elder Entity, Old Entity, Outer Entity Electromagnet Warrior Elemental HERO Elemental Lord Elementsaber Empowered Warrior Endymion Evil HERO Evilswarm, Steelswarm Evil★Twins Evolsaur, Evocator, Evoltile, Evolzar Evolution Pill Exosister


F.A. Fabled Fire King Firewall Fishborg Flamvell Floowandereeze Flower Cardian Fluffal, Frightfur, Edge Imp Forbidden Fortune Lady Fossil Frog Fur Hire Fusion Fusion Monster


Gadget Gagaga Gaia the Fierce Knight Galaxy, Galaxy-Eyes Gate Guardian Geargia Gem-Knight Generaider Genex Ghostrick Ghoti Gimmick Puppet Gishki, Aquamirror Gladiator Beast Goblin


goblin rider tentative


Gogogo Gold Pride Golden Lord, Eldlich, Eldlixir Gorgonic Gouki Gravekeeper Guardian Guardragon Gunkan Suship Gusto


Harpie Hazy Flame


heart tentative


Herald Heraldic Beast HERO Heroic Challenger, Heroic Champion Hieratic Dragon, Hieratic Seal Holy confectioner tentative Horus tentative


Ice Barrier Icejade Igknight Impcantation Infernity Infernoid, Void Infinitrack Invoked Inzektor Iron Chain


Jinzo Junk Jurrac


Kaiju Karakuri Kashtira Koa'ki Meiru Kozmo Krawler Kuriboh


Labyrinth Wall Lady of Lament Laval Libromancer Lightray Lightsworn Link Monster Lunalight LV, Level Up! Lyrilusc


Machina Madolche Magical Musket, Magical Musketeer Magician Magikey Magistus Majespecter Majestic Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Malefic Malicevorous Mannadium Marincess Materiactor Mathmech Mayakashi Mecha Phantom Beast Megalith Mekk-Knight Meklord, Meklord Emperor Melffy Memento tentative Mermail Metalfoes, Heavymetalfoes, Raremetalfoes, Fullmetalfoes, Parametalfoes Metaphys Mikanko




Mist Valley Mokey Mokey Monarch Morphtronic Mystical Beast of the Forest, Mystical Spirit of the Forest Mythical Beast Myutant


Naturia Nekroz Nemeses Nemleria Neo-Spacian Neos Nephthys Nimble Ninja, Ninjitsu Noble Knight, Noble Arms Nordic, Nordic Beasts, Lord of the Aesir, Nordic Relic Nouvelles Number Numeron, Numeron Gate


Ocean Dragon Lord Odd-Eyes Ogdoadic Ojama Orcust


P.U.N.K. Paleozoic Parshath Patrollship Pendulum Pendulum Monster Penguin Performapal, Performage Phantasm Phantasm Phantom Beast Photon, Cipher Prank-Kids Predaplant Prediction Princess PSY-Frame Purrely, Expurrely


Qliphort, Apoqliphort


quiet voice tentative


R-Genex Raidraptor


raika tentative


Rank-Up-Magic, Number C, Barian's Rank3 Xyz Rank4 Xyz Rank5 Xyz Reactor Rebellion Red-Eyes Reptilianne Rescue-ACE Resonator Rikka Ritual Beast, Spiritual Beast Ritual Monster




Rokket, Borrel Roland Rose Dragon, Rose Runick


S-Force Sacrifice Salamangreat


sangen tentative


Satellarknight, Stellarknight Scareclaw Scrap


sennen tentative


Shaddoll Shiranui Simorgh


sirokimori tentative


Six Samurai Skull Servant Sky Striker Ace, Sky Striker Smile


snake eye tentative


Solfachord Speedroid Spellbook Sphinx Spright Springans SPYRAL Star Seraph Stardust Starry Knight Steelswarm Subterror Sunseed, Sunavalon, Sunvine Super Defense Super Quantum Superheavy Samurai Supreme King Dragon Swordsoul Sylvan Symphonic Warrior Synchro Monster Synchron


T.G. Tearlaments


tennpairyu tentative


Tenyi The Agent, Hyperion The Bystial


the Evil Eye the Forbidden One the Melodious Diva


The Phantom Knights, Phantom


the Timelord


The Weather


the World Chalice, World Legacy


Therion Thunder Dragon Time Thief Tindangle Toon Topologic Transcendosaurus Traptrix, Trap Hole Tri-Brigade Triamid Trickstar True


U.A. Umbral Unchained, Unchained Soul Ursarctic Utopia


Valkyrie Valmonica tentative Vampire Vaylantz Vedas tentative Vendread Venom Vernusylph Virtual World, Virtual World Gate Volcanic VS Vylon


War Rock Warrior Watt Welcome, Labrynth White Aura tentative Wind-Up Windwitch Wingman Witchcrafter Worm


X-Saber Xyz Xyz Monster


Yang Zing Yosenju Yubel


Zefra Zexal, ZW, ZS Zoodiac Zubaba

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"Predaplant" Deck List
"Predaplant" Card List
"Predaplant" Product List

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