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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > V JUMP October 2006 and up > Predaplant Dragostapelia

Predaplant Dragostapelia Used Deck

Predaplant Dragostapelia
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
- 8 Plant 2700 1900
1 Fusion Monster + 1 DARK monster
Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; place 1 Predator Counter on it, and if it is Level 2 or higher, it becomes Level 1 as long as it has a Predator Counter. Negate the activated effects of your opponent's monsters that have Predator Counters.
Average Rating Score 9.3(24)
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"Predaplant Dragostapelia" card reviews and rating scores

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16% (4)
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japan フラクトール
2023/07/14 9:56
Yugioh Icon
A general-purpose Fusion Monster that has a strong effect, although the material designation is loose.
japan 波切
2023/05/16 18:31
Yugioh Icon
General-purpose suppression Fusion Monster.
It's a little heavy because it specifies a Fusion Monster as the material, but since the material specification is loose, it can be used normally for anything other than Predaplant.
Super Polymerization》and 《Branded Banishment》are good at sucking up the opponent's Fusion Monsters, and with 《Branded Fusion》and 《Tearlaments》, there are decks that can easily be put out with your own materials. Also, since this card doesn't have a "name turn 1", it's also strong to line up two of them.
Since it makes the opponent's level 1, it can also be strong against Synchro Decks. 《Spright》It can also stab the opponent.
However, he has a low ATK of 2700 for his weight, so I would like to prepare some kind of insurance so that the opponent will not destroy it in battle. If you have a card like 《Primeval Planet Perlereino》, you don't have to worry about that.
It's easy to mistake it for a "Dragon" from its appearance, so be careful.
japan かどまん
2023/03/15 16:42
Yugioh Icon
A Predaplant Fusion Monster with predator counters on it.
It has a powerful suppression effect that negates the effects of all opponent monsters and lowers their LV to 1.
A card that can also be used by itself, as it can also put a predation counter on the opponent's monster with a free chain.
Since the fusion conditions require a loose Fusion Monster,
For a long time, the fusion conditions, which require a little effort, were a bottleneck, and the decks that could be used were limited.
Since it became possible to easily perform fusion summons with [Branded] and [Tearlaments], the opportunities to operate have increased.
It has finally reached the point where it is reprinted in RareColle
japan 京太
2022/08/21 3:44
Yugioh Icon
Branded Fusion》→ A control agent who comes out of Ruberion and is on par with Mira Jade.
japan リアリティ
2021/06/04 22:40
Yugioh Icon
Requires his Fusion Monster in EX to make himself her Special Summon,
This Fusion Monster can be Special Summoned even in normal fusion, so I don't think it's that strict.
I think that it has a formidable effect for this Fusion Monster from the opponent.
Although it cannot interfere with Rank 1 monsters or Link Summons, it has a high chance of interfering with Synchro or Xyz Summons that refer to levels, so you can expect it.
His own ATK is modest, but it's a powerful effect, so it doesn't bother me that much.
Although it depends on the Deck used by the opponent, it is a novel performance impression that makes it difficult to Special Summon his Deck, which uses a lot of high-level monsters, and Synchro Monsters, whose materials require a Synchro Tuner.
Although I needed two EX monsters, I didn't really care. I think he is a Fusion Monster who is well worth the trouble.
japan ミドラ
2021/04/15 22:53
Yugioh Icon
A suppression type monster that Predaplant is proud of.
You can place a predator counter with Friche and negate the effect of the monster on which the counter is placed. Excellent effect that is completed in one body.
Popular as a loose fusion material to super fusion personnel, Shaddoll and he can also work as metas such as Invoked.
Of course, he can shine in the Predaplant Deck with various support such as resurrection and predator counters.
After the new addition, his Predaplant will be able to get this card out easily, increasing its value as a suppression agent.
Not only that, but since it goes so well with [Tearlaments], it has begun to be hired for business trips alone.
Coming here, the rapid advance of Dragostaperia does not stop.
japan ユメ
2021/02/14 17:58
Yugioh Icon
Along with Chimera Frecia, he is the main fusion monster of Predaplant. Without this monster, he can't do what Predaplant wants to do (prey on opponent's monsters). I will explain how to summon and notes on operation.
Regarding the method of summoning, there is no specific route, so let's try to draw in two important parts with the first hand. Two important parts are
① Fusion cards (or cards that can search them)
② Theraseniant (or a card that can access it)
It can be roughly divided as follows. If both +α and resuscitation cards and activities are complete, Stapelia can be issued. Using 《Fusion Recovery》greatly reduces the difficulty level, so I highly recommend it.
Specifically speaking, ① is three pieces of Fusion, Kinsey Prime Fusion. Fusion is the most important thing, so I recommend stacking 3 properly and throwing in some search cards.
As an operational note, it is better to summon using Chimera Fresia as much as possible. Because the control power of this card alone is not a big deal. It's important to put out this card, but it's also important to be able to secure the next one. Always create a situation where you can search for fusion cards that match the situation with Chimera Frecia.
that's all.
japan TAG
2020/07/20 18:53
Yugioh Icon
These days, there are many powerful Fusion Monsters, and the environment itself is more fusion-themed. If you add this card and super fusion, it will stick well in his deck, so it is highly rated. It's also a counter to Invoked and Destroy Phoenixguys who travel to various decks.
Since it has a high control power after it enters the field, it is a card I would like to use if there is a vacancy in the extras.
japan アルバ
2020/05/19 21:52
Yugioh Icon
Against Sandra, Mascarena + Raijin, Raijin + Chourai, a super fusion agent who can break down the formation that cannot be broken by starvation and become an anti-Anaconda Dragoon.
The effect after coming out is also strong, and it is like shooting a real Veiler with a free chain.
The versatility of the effect itself is high, and although he includes a Fusion Monster as a fusion material, his deck can be used without difficulty, so it has a reasonable business trip performance even for non-super fusion personnel.
japan ザーク
2020/05/19 14:23
Yugioh Icon
It's heavy because it requires fusion as a material, but the binding itself is loose, and since it can negate monster effects, it's easy to expect it to play an active role in fusion decks other than Predaplant.
If you play Predaplant, it's easy to use counters, and it's easy to bring 《Instant Fusion》, so I want to actively aim for summoning.
japan ophion
2019/07/02 15:57
Yugioh Icon
My personal favorite card.
Although fusion materials are a little heavy, there are many of his DARKs such as Lunalight and Fluffal, and it is easy to fuse with normal fusion themes that use a lot of "fusion".
The effects are self-contained, and since there are many Decks that rely on monster effects, it's easy to use even in Decks unrelated to Predaplant.
It's a triggered immediate effect, so it's good to be able to interfere with your opponent's turn.
It was reprinted in the Duelist Pack together with 《Starving Venom Fusion Dragon》as normal, so if you don't care about rarity, it's cheap and easy to get.
japan とき
2019/06/08 9:57
Yugioh Icon
No matter how you look at it, it's a dragon, thank you very much ( Plant )
Once per turn, it has an immediate trigger effect that places a Predation Counter on one opponent's monster, and an effect that negates the activation of the effect of a monster with a Predation Counter as long as it exists on the field.
Since it requires a Fusion Monster as a material, two stages of fusion are required unless 《Instant Fusion》is used. Will Predaplant use Chimera Frecia or Starve Venom as materials, which are relatively easy to produce? On the other hand, if he can prepare a Fusion Monster and DARK, he doesn't have to be a Predaplant and the effect is self-contained, so he can be used as a deck or a super fusion agent because he is good at multi-stage fusion.
The effect is quite good. The effect of placing a predation counter and the effect of negate are very self-contained, and it can be said that it is an effect that allows you to use 《Effect Veiler》once every turn. Moreover, with the added bonus of being able to control the level, it also interferes with Synchro and Xyz.
Except for the fact that the fusion material is a little heavy, it will be able to reign as a pretty good Fusion Monster.
japan シエスタ
2019/03/27 17:59
Yugioh Icon
It's a Predaplant fusion, but he doesn't specify a Predaplant for binding, so it's easy to summon if it's a darkness-centered fusion deck.
However, since it specifies fusion, it is usually quite heavy, and it is necessary to devise such as using 《Instant Fusion》.
Predation counters can be generated every turn, making it easy to use with cards that deal with predation counters, and even cards with counters can be level-controlled and negated, so the control over monsters is high.
However, it is powerless against targets with resistance, and it cannot be said that the RBI is high for its level. If you leave the field, the activation and permanent effects will be revived, so overconfidence is prohibited. As long as it's countered, it's negated, so if you put a counter on it with another Predaplant and then revive it during the opponent's turn, you'll be caught off guard.
There are various holes, but Predaplant has a high combo ability and has a highly versatile effect even when used alone.
Also, the adoption rate of super fusions is still high on the side, and the chances of seeing fusions such as Chimera are relatively high even these days. Depending on the environment, this card itself can become a member of super fusion. His success won't just stop with his Predaplant.
japan ポリエステル
2018/03/09 10:35
Yugioh Icon
Simple + Kinji is common? If you put it out, you can suppress it with generation and set.
Above all, it is an important post that can stably supply counters every turn.
I want it to stay for as long as possible.
japan ジュウテツ
2017/10/25 7:54
Yugioh Icon
I think it's excellent that you can interfere with monster effects and change levels with free chains.
Since the fusion material is heavy, I think it would be good to borrow the power of 《Instant Fusion》and 《Predaplant Chlamydosundew》.
japan gyfud
2017/05/17 19:38
Yugioh Icon
OCG original predatory Fusion Monster. It is possible to place a Predation Counter in Free Chain, and in combination with the effect of (2), you can block the opponent's effect by chaining it to the activation of the opponent's monster's effect and placing a counter on it. Due to the nature of the Predator Counter, it can also indirectly interfere with the opponent's Synchro and Xyz Summons, so it is possible to suppress the opponent's development.
The neck is still the point that Fusion Monster is specified as a material. If you try to use it normally, it will consume a lot of money, so I wonder if the summoning route with the lowest consumption would be to use Kinsey to fuse while removing the opponent's monsters with Simple Sausaku.
It's a pity that he's a Fusion Monster because he's a card that can be played easily with Predaplant, like Chimera Frecia, because the material designation is light.
japan ヒコモン
2017/05/16 12:23
Yugioh Icon
It has the effect of placing a predation counter in the free chain and the effect of negate the effect of the monster on which the predation counter is placed. It has considerable control power against monster opponents, but if this card is gone, monster effects will also pass through, so there are quite a few weaknesses. Although the material is loose, it is quite heavy because it specifies a Fusion Monster.
japan デルタアイズ
2017/01/06 14:58
Yugioh Icon
I'm indebted to Lunalight. If there is room in the first attack or the main 2, I will put it out as a check.
japan ランペル
2016/11/23 18:22
Yugioh Icon
A new fusion of Predaplant! I thought there was a new one that could be used as a material for Greedy, but Stapelia alone is usually strong enough, and depending on the situation, it can be excellent because it can interfere with the opponent's turn. The materials are fusion and he is DARK, so I'd like to fuse with a monster called "Instant Fusion". In case of emergency, it is OK to fuse with Chimera Fresia, so I can call it quite a lot. The effect is to put a predation counter on the opponent's turn with a fly hell effect. With this, you can interfere with S and X by putting predation counters on your opponent's turn!
Furthermore, the effect of ② negates the effects of monsters with predatory counters. This makes it possible to negate the effects of monsters with predatory counters in ①, so it's a pretty good monster. If you combine it with a card that puts a lot of predator counters on it, you might be able to suppress it with a lot of negates? In any case, I'm glad that a powerful new product has arrived.
japan A〜リアン
2016/11/21 9:21
Yugioh Icon
New ace of predation, Konami seems to be selling that he can call Greedy even if he is a stepping stone other than Starb, but he says that there are many situations where this guy is better than Greedy...
The RBI is a modest 2700, but Hydra-chan is a predator, so the RBI problem doesn't matter. Besides that, I want monsters that can easily be countered, such as Kids and Planetary Pollution, other than Dorothea.
japan トム
2016/11/20 20:16
Yugioh Icon
[Dark] monsters are the main and [Fusion]-themed decks of him can easily be put out even if it's not "Predaplant". The 1st effect, which can also be used during your opponent's turn, "Puts 1 Predator Counter on a monster. Level 2 or higher monsters with Predator Counters on them become Level 1." . ATK is 2700, so minus 1 point...(;^_^A
japan ラーメン
2016/11/20 20:15
Yugioh Icon
Her new Predaplant amalgamation, no predation involved in its material designation.
The effect is a triggered instant effect that puts a predation counter on a free chain and a permanent effect that negates the effect activated by a monster with a predation counter. It's not bad as a general purpose, but it will shine best in Predaplant, where you can place predation counters other than yourself, but be aware that permanent effects that don't trigger can't be negate.
At first glance, the material is quite heavy, but any Fusion Monster will do, so using 《Instant Fusion》will reduce the burden.
japan みめっと
2023/08/18 19:48
Yugioh Icon
japan 愛佳
2023/08/18 19:35
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Predaplant Dragostapelia"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Duelist Pack-Legendary Duelist Arc 5 DP22-JP053 2019-06-08 Normal
V JUMP October 2006 and up VJMP-JP124 2006-10-01 Ultra

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 1,088 / 12,628 Cards
View Num 64,006
Level 8 Best Monster Ranking 75th
Type "Plant" Type Best Monster Ranking 20th
Card Type "Fusion Monster" Best Card Ranking 46th


Japanese card name 捕食植物ドラゴスタペリア

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