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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > MAXIMUM CRISIS > Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra

Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra Used Deck

Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 3 Plant 1000 1500
If this card is Special Summoned by the effect of a "Predaplant" monster: You can add 1 "Polymerization" Spell Card or "Fusion" Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra" once per Duel.
Average Rating Score 8.4(16)
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"Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ミドラ
2021/04/15 14:42
Yugioh Icon
Although it is seen only as a traveling agent, even the original Predaplant is strong enough.
In addition to Ofrys, it can be called from Spinodionea, making it a little easier to use.
Of course, if it comes to your hand, it will rot.
japan ザーク
2020/05/19 14:15
Yugioh Icon
Since the activation conditions are quite limited, it's a bit difficult to use, but being able to search for fusions in general is really convenient.
japan ユメ
2020/02/03 0:33
Yugioh Icon
A valuable Predator card that allows you to search for fusions... but it's surprisingly difficult to handle.
First of all, there is a Duel 1 limit. The reason is probably due to considerations to make it easier for Predaplant to handle the super fusion "Ultra Polymerization" and balance adjustments that are unique to the wide search range. It's deadly for a theme that uses "fusion" a lot, but for the time being, you can connect with Chimera Frecia except for the initial move.
Next, let's talk about what you have to do with Special Summon with the effect of predatory "monsters". Currently, he can Special Summon from Deck/GY, but he rarely uses the effect of Ceps, so if this card accidentally ends up in your hand, your luggage is confirmed from that moment.
The scary thing is that the two drawbacks are not independent, but synergistic. This is because the need to insert a second piece is born where you originally want to suppress it with a pin insertion. If you increase the number of cards, the probability that you will come to the first hand will increase, so it is very annoying.
Predaplant tends to be thought of as an Ofrico-only theme, and it's quite a headwind that the core Ofrith is regulated instead of this card. To be honest, it's okay to ban this card, so I really want you to return it.
japan キャンディー
2019/05/25 22:57
Yugioh Icon
No, no, ban this card, and give it back to Ohlis. Predation is not a business trip. First of all, even if I call Super Fusion with this guy, I can't afford to cut the hand cost from there...
japan ヒコモン
2019/05/08 12:53
Yugioh Icon
If he succeeds in a Special Summon due to the effect of the "Predaplant" monster, it was a card that was a business trip set because he was able to easily recruit from his deck with Ofris Scorpio, despite the strict restriction of once per duel. At that time, it was possible to search for 《Brilliant Fusion》, and by using this card to bring out M.X-Saber and his Invoker, it was possible to develop a mess. As expected, this business trip set has been viewed as a problem due to the rise of plant links, and has practically disappeared due to the restrictions on Ofris and Scorpio. By the way, the only drawback of the business trip set is the unloading of this card.
japan シエスタ
2018/12/13 13:17
Yugioh Icon
It has an effect that allows you to search for fusion in general, and although the conditions are somewhat limited, thanks to Scorpio, it is easy to activate in other decks of his.
Furthermore, since there are no particular disadvantages after searching, you can easily aim for mass deployment and high links from one Scorpio to yourself → 《Instant Fusion》→ Deceus Khalifa. When I see that there are no restrictions, which is rare these days, I feel like I'm asking you to go on a business trip with Scorpio.
The problem is when it comes to your hand. It doesn't work on its own and can only be activated once per game, so it's basically a pin hit, but if you're unlucky enough to end up in your hand, the effect tends to spoil.
Although it is a little difficult to handle, the merits are greater even if it is subtracted, so I will go on a business trip with Offris and play an active role.
Currently, my partner Scorpio is the limit, so I feel that the business trip performance has been greatly reduced and it has settled into the original sheath.
japan ポリエステル
2018/03/09 10:24
Yugioh Icon
Comes to hand and rots. Otherwise 9.
10 if there is a separate usage method in the head family.
It's a good card for pp, so there's a lot of regret left.
2017/12/21 16:03
Yugioh Icon
One of Predaplant's business trip set, by recruiting with the effect of Scorpio, you can use powerful fusions such as Instant Fusion and brilliant Fusion.
As a result, it has been misused by traveling to various decks
japan A〜リアン
2017/01/16 12:36
Yugioh Icon
Why did you set the trigger only to predatory Effect Monsters (Majigire
It's a card that works better when used on business trips than on predators, and there's no complaints about its performance.
japan akua
2017/01/16 11:20
Yugioh Icon
If you bring it from Ofuris Scorpio, you can do a fusion search and rank 3
Can be abused as a business trip set
Another advantage is that you can immediately launch starves and predatory Fusion Monsters from Scorpio.
japan ジュウテツ
2017/01/16 7:50
Yugioh Icon
If you recruit from 《Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio》and search for “Fusion”, you can immediately Fusion Summon it in Main Phase 1, which I think is great for the “Predaplant” Deck.
japan ランペル
2017/01/14 15:39
Yugioh Icon
Isn't it a cobra? Well, it's a cobra.
If you are Special Summoned by the effect of a Predaplant monster, it is powerful to be able to search for a Fusion/Fusion Spell from the Deck even once during a Duel. If you set it up with Ofris Scorpio and send it on a business trip, you can expect it to be quite active. If it's a fusion system, it's excellent because it can search for anything and immediately connect to fusion.
Within Predaplant, you can summon not only Ophrys, but also Spino, Dionea, and Cordyceps. hey.
japan とき
2017/01/14 15:25
Yugioh Icon
Hugh! (While searching for fusion cards)
Ophrys Scorpio's partner. You can only search for a Fusion/Fusion once per Duel.
Although Predaplant's effects require him to be Special Summoned, it should be easy to achieve with Ofrys Scorpio's non-standard Recruit effect.
You can become a rank 3 Xyz without fusing with Ophrys, and if you Xyz with Invoker, you can lead to Mormorat development.
If you're going to search, I'd like to show you that it's not just possible to fuse things like "Instant Fusion" and "Ultra Polymerization".
The existence of this card makes the threat of Ophrys Scorpio even greater.
japan デルタアイズ
2017/01/14 9:43
Yugioh Icon
That's right, she's a dude
When Special Summon succeeds, you can search for one Fusion or Fusion Spell card.
japan める
2023/08/15 20:36
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2023/09/27 10:11
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
MAXIMUM CRISIS MACR-JP010 2017-01-14 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 2,721 / 12,535 Cards
View Num 47,818
Type "Plant" Type Best Monster Ranking 48th


Japanese card name 捕食植物ダーリング・コブラ

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