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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck List > Noble Knight, Noble ArmsDeck List > A powerful and dandy flame Noble Knight Deck and Deck Instructions

"A powerful and dandy flame Noble Knight" Deck 2023

Noble Knight, Noble Arms Deck List Image

Deck Introduction/Deck Commentary

Deck Category / how to win
"Noble Knight, Noble Arms" / Beatdown
Key Card
Emperor Charles the Great
Deck commentary


It is a Link 1 monster that can be Link Summoned by using the evolved form of 《Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles》, which appeared in the spring, by using S Charles equipped with an Equip Card as a material. By doing so, he gains the Spell/Trap negate destruction effect. It can be used in combination with 《Infernoble Knight Captain Roland》to remove Friche as it is, and it can be said that the dexterity and power of the card that can grant various obstacles depending on the equipment card is very high.
This card was the ace monster in the quoted recipe, but with the banning of 《Smoke Grenade of the Thief》, it became impossible to easily handicap each turn. Angelica's Angelic Ring》will be used together. Even if the equipment card changes, the fact that this card is an ace does not change.
The basic development remains the same, but by adding a little leverage to the final development, we added 《Great Shogun Shien》and 《Angelica's Angelic Ring》to the board, making it possible to negate (almost) all spells.
There are probably many people who distrust the 《Great Shogun Shien》of the recipe. Actually, I thought the same thing at first because I incorporated the gimmick with reference to the advice of experts, but it's okay. It is a card that stands firmly on the final stage.


First of all, regarding her deck, the first weak point is that there is no initial movement. Since it will always move with a combination of two or more, rather than going through a fixed development over and over again, it will feel like adding ad-libs as appropriate after suppressing the base movement.
The basic development of this deck is to link summon "Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights" while sending "Infernoble Knight Turpin" or "Infernoble Knight Ogier" to her GY. I'm going to write about the development from there.
①: 《Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights》L Summon. Search for 《Eka the Flame Buddy》with effects.
(2): Special Summon Infernoble Knight Ricciardetto with Smoke Grenade of the Thief as the Isolde effect, and Special Summon Infernoble Knight Turpin or Infernoble Knight Ogier with the effect.
③: S summon 《Angelica, Princess of Noble Arms》with Licha +☆4 Homura Noble Knight. Search for "Noble Arms Museum" with effects, then search for ""Infernoble Arms - Durendal"" with effects.
④: Activate the effect of GY's ☆ 4 Flame Noble Knight on Angelica, Special Summon "Infernoble Knight Captain Roland" from EX with Angelica's effect, and send ☆ 4 Flame Noble Knight not using the effect to GY (other than Olivier)
⑤: Equip yourself to Roland with the ☆4 flame Noble Knight effect, and Special Summon it with the museum effect. In addition, equip Durandal to ☆ 4 Homura Noble Knight or Roland.
(If you haven't used the effect of "Infernoble Knight - Renaud" so far, crush Durandal, search for Rinaldo, Special Summon Rinaldo, and collect cards such as "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried".)
⑥: Roland +☆4 Homura Noble Knight S summons 《Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles》. (If you're not using Durandal's effect, Special Summon any Flame Noble Knight from GY.)
⑦: Equip yourself to Charles with Roland's effect. L Summon Emperor Charles the Great with 1 Charles. Equipped with S Charles.
⑧: L summon 《Ra'ten, the Heavenly General》with remaining flame Noble Knight + Isolde.
⑨: During the End Phase, Equip 《Angelica's Angelic Ring》with the effect of L Charles. Equip 《Great Shogun Shien》from Deck.
⑩: During the opponent's Standby Phase, Special Summon Eka the Flame Buddy from your hand with Raten's effect. Special Summon the equipped 《Great Shogun Shien》with Eka effect.
With this, 《Emperor Charles the Great》+ 《Ra'ten, the Heavenly General》+ 《Great Shogun Shien》+ 《Angelica's Angelic Ring》basic board is completed.
Furthermore, by adding "Revolution Synchron" to the initial move of this development, "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" can be added to the final board by passing "Power Tool Dragon" once with ☆ 4 Homura Noble Knight (preferably Ogier) and Leboshin.
Infernoble Knight Ogier》dropped 《Immortal Phoenix Gearfried》and recovered it with Rinaldo, 《Noble Arms Museum》connected S Charles to her Special Summon and connected to 《Baronne de Fleur》. Ad-libs are added to the route. The effect of Homura Noble Arms cannot be used twice per turn, so be sure to use it properly and remember it.
In addition, regarding the reasons for using 《SPYRAL Super Agent》, I was very conscious of Isolde and Rank 4 Xyz Monster. If you connect to Isolde, the above development is possible, but with this conventional Deck, there is no point of compromise if you eat Maxx "C" in his Special Summon once, and the match is completely unfavorable. I was forced. However, by making Level 4 Warrior the card leading up to Isolde, a clear compromise of 《Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir》was created. In addition, Warrior's 《Exosister Asophiel》, which can connect to Isolde with surplus cards while removing the board on the second attack, and 《Heroic Champion - Claivesolish》, which can force the game to end with a RBI, also provided a tailwind. Dandy has uncertainties and it is difficult to throw three, but I adopted it because of its strength in the second attack and high value in match battles. A Level 4 Warrior who doesn't use summoning rights would satisfy the conditions, so The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine that can make Time Thief Redoer a rank 4 frame, and Photon Thrasher that doesn't create a chain block would also be within the adoption range. It might seem like an anachronism, but with Isolde and Rank 4, these roles can't be taken lightly. In addition, Level 4, which doesn't use summoning rights, works well with the aforementioned Revolution Synchron. Since Reboshin himself can be treated as a single tuner, it is powerful to search for Ogier with the power tool and use the summoning power to summon Ogier with "Infernoble Arms - Durendal".


Both S Charles and L Charles have effects that are close to obstruction, so the development of the second attack will depend on the turnover of the EX Deck. 《Black Rose Dragon》is probably the top of the list. Even if you can stop the movement to some extent, you can force yourself to get a one-kill from rank 4 or 《✪ Phoenix Gear Blade》, but if you look at it heavily, it is recommended to use a flip card that does not spoil even in the main deck.


①《Evenly Matched》, 《Forbidden Droplet》, 《Dark Ruler No More
Needless to say, it's a card that rolls up after attacking. Does Evenly Matched have a role only in the second turn because it uses Field Spell? Since it can be expected to be used by GY and collected by Rinaldo, is it possible to win the battle by just avoiding the monster's interference?
②《Cosmic Cyclone》《Harpie's Feather Duster
back removal. Since there is no card to crack the bag in the main deck, you may want it for long-term competitions and events.

Deck Maker
Yu-Gi-Oh! Icon コングの施し ( Total 40 decks )
Posted date : 2023/07/13 12:16
Main Deck (24 Types・40)
monster (13 Types・25)
NumNameAttributeLevelTypeATK / DEFcheapest price
2 List of decks using this cardNibiru, the Primal Being LIGHT 11 Rock 3000 / 0600 ¥100
1 List of decks using this cardImmortal Phoenix Gearfried FIRE 9 Warrior 3000 / 2200 ¥187
1 List of decks using this cardGreat Shogun Shien FIRE 7 Warrior 2500 / 2400 ¥30
1 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight Oliver FIRE 4 Warrior 1000 / 1500 ¥10
3 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight Ogier FIRE 4 Warrior 1500 / 2000 ¥20
3 List of decks using this cardSPYRAL Super Agent EARTH 4 Warrior 1900 / 1200 ¥60
1 List of decks using this cardEka the Flame Buddy FIRE 4 Warrior 1500 / 0200 ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight Turpin FIRE 4 Warrior 1400 / 1700 ¥15
3 List of decks using this cardAsh Blossom & Joyous Spring FIRE 3 Zombie 0000 / 1800 ¥580
3 List of decks using this cardRevolution Synchron EARTH 3 Machine 0900 / 1400 ¥150
3 List of decks using this cardMaxx "C" EARTH 2 Insect 0500 / 0200 ¥780
1 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight Ricciardetto FIRE 1 Warrior 0500 / 0000 ¥15
1 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight - Renaud FIRE 1 Warrior 0500 / 0200 ¥20
spell (10 Types・14)
1 List of decks using this cardPot of Prosperity - - - - ¥130
1 List of decks using this cardReinforcement of the Army - - - - ¥19
3 List of decks using this cardHeritage of the Chalice - - - - ¥180
1 List of decks using this card✪ Phoenix Gear Blade - - - - ¥30
1 List of decks using this cardAngelica's Angelic Ring - - - - ¥10
2 List of decks using this card"Infernoble Arms - Durendal" - - - - ¥10
1 List of decks using this card"Infernoble Arms - Almace" - - - - ¥40
1 List of decks using this cardCrossout Designator - - - - ¥247
2 List of decks using this cardCalled by the Grave - - - - ¥340
1 List of decks using this cardNoble Arms Museum - - - - ¥10
trap (1 Types・1)
1 List of decks using this cardInfinite Impermanence - - - - ¥480
Extra Deck (14 Types・15)
1 List of decks using this cardBaronne de Fleur WIND 10 Warrior 3000 / 2400 ¥240
1 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight Emperor Charles FIRE 9 Warrior 3000 / 0200 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardCrystal Wing Synchro Dragon WIND 8 Dragon 3000 / 2500 ¥170
1 List of decks using this cardBlack Rose Dragon FIRE 7 Dragon 2400 / 1800 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardPower Tool Dragon EARTH 7 Machine 2300 / 2500 ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardAngelica, Princess of Noble Arms FIRE 5 Warrior 1200 / 2400 ¥25
1 List of decks using this cardInfernoble Knight Captain Roland FIRE 5 Warrior 2000 / 0500 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardExosister Asophiel LIGHT 4 Warrior 2100 / 1800 ¥15
1 List of decks using this cardHeroic Champion - Claivesolish LIGHT 4 Warrior 2500 / 2000 ¥50
1 List of decks using this cardNumber 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir EARTH 4 Fiend 2100 / 2000 ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardEmperor Charles the Great FIRE - Warrior 3000 / ¥30
2 List of decks using this cardIsolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights LIGHT - Warrior 1600 / ¥65
1 List of decks using this cardRa'ten, the Heavenly General EARTH - Warrior 2200 / ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardAccesscode Talker DARK - Cyberse 2300 / ¥80
Main deck minimum construction amount ¥8308

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