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Beautunaful Princess Used Deck

Beautunaful Princess
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 1 Fish 0 0
When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can banish this card; Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Fish monster from your Deck, except "Beautunaful Princess". You can only use this effect of "Beautunaful Princess" once per turn.
Average Rating Score 9.4(27)
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"Beautunaful Princess" card reviews and rating scores

85% (23)
14% (4)
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japan かどまん
2023/07/14 9:07
Yugioh Icon
Minor Fish Recruiter
Since it is excluded by the cost at the time of activation, such as 《Effect Veiler》《Infinite Impermanence
You can slip through the obstacles cleanly, but on the contrary, it hurts when you get hit by 《Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring》etc.
The effect is compatible with both NS and SS, and since it's 1 ☆, it's also excellent that you can call it from "One for One".
Recruiting targets are wide and low class, so it is not inferior to recruiters of other races such as Ronfa.
If it is not a minor fish, it is a card that is already regulated
In fact, due to the lack of power of this race, there have been few turns until now.
Recently, it has been increasingly used as a key card for strengthened 《Gishki》and 《Shark》.
The theme of Fish like 《Gotis》also appeared, and it is also a card that is gradually approaching the regulation line behind the activity like a fish that got water.
japan asd
2023/05/15 12:00
Yugioh Icon
Fish Recruiter.
You can effectively inflate Fish below level 4, or call whatever you like depending on the situation.
japan 金目鯛融合
2023/04/23 15:06
Yugioh Icon
If Urara were to come, it would be a bad result, but the same goes for the other cards.
With the Shark Deck, you can stack almost 6 copies of 《Buzzsaw Shark》, and you can increase the stability.
japan みめっと
2021/08/25 18:00
Yugioh Icon
A level 1 fish monster that is an all-purpose recruiter for lesser fish.
Due to its nature of being removed from the field at a cost at the moment of NS / SS, it is extremely strong against cards that negate monster effects on the field, and it is excellent that it does not step on the grave because it is excluded. Even if you use Longi, it will be too late to chain this effect.
It's also great that he has a wide variety of ways to SS himself, and if his Fish, starting with Dead Leaf, has an SS triggering effect, you can pull the trigger.
If a low-class monster that is the absolute starting point appears in a race or theme, it can be said that Fish's eternal property that can make the starting action thicker than three.
japan 金平糖
2021/08/25 14:06
Yugioh Icon
An amazing card that allows you to increase the number of initial cards by 3 without any risk. I think it's a level of effect that would be unforgivable without Fish.
Due to its excellent status, it corresponds firmly to the map of One for One and Piri Reis. If one day there is a strong Fish theme, it will almost certainly be regulated.
japan シエスタ
2020/12/12 15:25
Yugioh Icon
The wide range of recruiting effect is still excellent.
The arbitrary point of time is plain, but it's a point to note, but I'm glad that it's strong against Veiler and the like because it leaves the field immediately after being summoned.
In order to prevent reuse from resurrection and salvage, it will be excluded after activation, but it is strong against his GY meta such as grave.
I think it's a card with a lot of good points and a high potential for the future.
japan 備長炭18
2020/04/08 19:25
Yugioh Icon
Fish's recruiter supports summons and Special Summons, so you can connect them even if you hold them directly in your hand or put them out one by one.
There are many themes that can be used, such as his Gishki with Abyss, Shark and White, etc.
It is one of the few drawbacks that it is difficult to reuse because it excludes itself, but it is still really easy to use as a lubricant, so if there is a frame, I would like to use it.
japan なす
2018/02/25 1:18
Yugioh Icon
You can exclude yourself and recruit lesser fish other than the same name.
Even though he misses the timing, Recruit is still powerful. 《One for One》correspondence is also a strength.
japan ジュウテツ
2018/01/03 11:31
Yugioh Icon
When you have "Silent Angler" in your hand, you can recruit "Royal Swamp Eel" and connect it to a level 8 synchro, or recruit "Saber Shark" and connect it to rank 4 or rank 3 or 5 of WATER, depending on the situation. I think it's good to be able to do it.
After regenerating "Fishborg - Archer", you can Normal Summon "Beautunaful Princess" and recruit a Fish monster whose level corresponds to the Synchro Summon destination. In this case, if you plan to enter the battle phase, you should be aware that it will be difficult for him to use anything other than WATER as the synchronization target.
If 《Beautunaful Princess》is used for the self-regeneration cost of "Fishborg Archer", it can be salvaged with 《Whitefish Salvage》and so on, so there is no waste.
japan ヒコモン
2016/03/22 12:49
Yugioh Icon
What you are doing is the same as 《Lonefire Blossom》. There is no reason why the Special Summon from the deck is weak, even if it is a fish of level 4 or less. In addition to dealing with Special Summon, it comes with a bonus that you can avoid Veiler with your own effect. It is also blessed with a level, such as being compatible with 《One for One》.
japan 雷音@菅野獅龍
2015/05/03 14:09
Yugioh Icon
Mermail will be strengthened again... really (ry
He can summon most of Mermail just by summoning/Special Summoning, huh? card. Adding this will increase your chances of winning. This is why Atlantean Mermail can't stop! !
japan ナル参照
2014/07/10 23:11
Yugioh Icon
There should be such sweets. It was perfect for snacks.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is a fish attribute version of Ronfa. Unlike over there, although it uses explosive power, it's strength is that there are plenty of monsters that can be put out. Since support cards such as 141 and effect negate systems such as Veiler Bresle are not affected, it can no longer be said to be a deterioration of Ronfa.
However, all he does is use summoning rights to summon monsters from his deck. The only thing you can do with Mermail cards like Pike is discarding your hand, and with Shark, you can end up with a poor result, so you can't use it carelessly. I would love to use it for cards that can lead to the next such as Hammershark, Gishki Abyss and his Scrap Shark.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2014/05/03 0:19
Yugioh Icon
A new fish that gives the Shark Deck super strength like a mermaid shark.
Almost fish Ronfa. Moreover, since it disappears as soon as it appears, it has high performance so that it can be recruited without any time to hit the veiler.
Unlike mermaids, you can only call low-class fish, but you can call fish of level 2 or lower, which was not possible over there, and you don't have to use summoning rights.
Either way, the enhancement of Fish by these two bodies is something to behold.
japan モートン
2014/03/31 1:51
Yugioh Icon
Personally, I think it can be used more than 《Mermaid Shark》. Fish revolutionary.
The big strength is that it also responds to Special Summon. Because it is level 1, it can also be activated by Special Summon in One for One.
Since it's level 4 and below, he uses it to cast Abyss Spike, Abyssage, Gishki Abyss, etc. that can also be activated by Special Summon. Especially for him, Gishki Abyss is a valuable card that can be played in Defense Position due to his low ATK.
japan B
2014/02/27 11:49
Yugioh Icon
Ronfa effect. It's limited to the lower class, but it's still a "reinforcement" class racial support.
Exclusion is also a slight negative point,
A combo with 《Oh F!sh!》etc. is also an effect you might want to consider.
japan 青(じょう)
2014/02/26 20:11
Yugioh Icon
An excellent guy who can handle both summons and Special Summons.
If it comes to your hand, you can think of it as an indirect search success.
There are a lot of talented people who can bring him, and in the future, he will be one of the cards that will be relatively evaluated as Fish is strengthened.
japan とき
2014/02/16 18:48
Yugioh Icon
As expected, it is limited to lower grades, and it is adjusted to trigger when it comes out, but Fish Ronfa.
Low-level support for WATER and Fish is plentiful and can be converted into exhaustive recruits.
Since it's a Special Summon, it's not compatible with things like Doublefin, but there aren't any cards that are particularly incompatible with it other than summoning reactions. A new card to help spin the Fish.
japan みらん
2014/02/16 10:18
Yugioh Icon
Great card.
Shark Coelacanth It looks like it can be used for Deck.
I'm glad the fish have been strengthened.
Let's do our best (laughs)
japan えいてぃ
2014/02/16 9:51
Yugioh Icon
It's compatible with 《One for One》and he can activate its effect even during Special Summon... Useful child!
It's a bit painful to remove it after using the effect, but with something like Nimble Sunfish he can be sent to GY and then surfaced to activate the effect. It will help Fish with its versatile search effect.
Of course, it is also compatible with the original purpose of the Shark Deck. If I hadn't ruled it out...
japan 光芒
2014/02/16 0:47
Yugioh Icon
Naming with amberjack and furikko. Yu-Gi-Oh cards have a good sense of their own.
The effect is a simple and powerful effect, and if Fish is the main character, you should definitely include it. I was able to do a simple move like 《Rescue Rabbit》where 2 SS → Xyz, but unless I use 《One for One》etc., the summoning right is used up, so I can have 2 monsters. Let's use it in
japan ABYSS
2014/02/15 6:14
Yugioh Icon
The effect is strong.
However, in the current situation, the impact is that it's easier to put out Saber Shark.
japan ナッシュ
2014/02/13 17:18
Yugioh Icon
Shark Deck Supernova! !
Angler NO73 from Saber again! became easier
japan SOUL
2014/02/13 16:03
Yugioh Icon
Although I can't put out advanced, the fish version of Lone Fire Blossom is here.
Recruitment targets include Gishki Abyss, Abyss Pike, and Wind-Up Shark.
You can consider throwing in a variety of Decks that contain powerful Fish.
japan フラクトール
2023/08/14 13:37
Yugioh Icon
japan E−HERO愛用中のクリムゾン・ノヴァ
2024/03/07 18:04
Yugioh Icon
japan 2014/03/28 23:43
Recruiting Saber Shark is a big advantage
Rank 5 Abyss and Krizero are now easier to get out.
It also supports Special Summon, so if you recruit Hammer Shark by ss from Hammer Shark, multiple level 3s will line up and it will be easy to get tri-edges.
It is also miso that it is soberly meshed with the effect of Aero Shark
japan 2014/02/18 0:28
Combined with Hammer Shark and Saber Shark, it is excellent in that you can prepare for Limora from the first turn without relying on Rabbit.

Decks with "Beautunaful Princess"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
PRIMAL ORIGIN PRIO-JP036 2014-02-15 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 948 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 86,919
Level 1 Best Monster Ranking 54th
Attribute "WATER" Best Monster Ranking 59th
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 5th


Japanese card name 鰤っ子姫

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