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"Icejade mirror crying in the north sky" Deck 2022

Gishki, Aquamirror Deck List Image

Deck Introduction/Deck Commentary

Deck Category / how to win
"Gishki, Aquamirror" / Beatdown
Key Card
Gishki Grimness
Deck commentary


Mixed deck of [Gishki] and [Ursarctic].
I adopted a [Bearty] monster to assist [Gishki], which is basically completed in the Deck.
[Ursarctic]'s use of the EX Deck is basically a Synchro Summon.
In some cases, it can also be used to release Ritual Monsters on the [Gishki] side to summon monsters with levels.
Place 《Evigishki Neremanas》and 《Icejade Gymir Aegirine》next to where you want to aim.
"Evigishki Neremanas" can be used once against monster effects, and "Icejade Gymir Aegirine" can be used against destruction and removal.


[Gishki] is the axis of the main Deck.
Deployment and release for low-level "Gishki" monsters, and the rest is Synchro personnel.
Focused Aquamirror》and 《Gishki Grimness》make it easy to search and develop.
Normal Spell "Focused Aquamirror" searches for "Gishki" monsters with no one-turn restrictions.
I don't have an "Aquamirror" card that uses the GY effect, but it might be worth pinpointing something.
The advantage is that you can search not only low class Ritual Monsters but also high class Ritual Monsters.
Gishki Grimness》is his WATER level 2 Fish.
Therefore, he can deploy from Beautunaful Princess, and if he succeeds in summoning or special summoning, he can special summon the "Gishki" monster from the deck.
As a disadvantage, if you activate this effect, you can only declare an attack with a Ritual Monster.
Therefore, except for Ritual Monsters, monsters in the EX Deck are considered to be more defensive.
Anyway, with this effect, Special Summon "Gishki Abyss" and search for "Gishki Shadow" or "Gishki Vision".
By discarding it and connecting it to the search for "Gishki" ritual cards, you can even perform a ritual summon.
That being said, in this Deck, I don't want to go straight to the ceremony, and I'd like to put the development of [Ursarctic] in between?
For the body that can be linked to a Synchro Summon, it would be nice to use 《Gishki Abyss》, which only has a search effect.
Even if you can't do the ritual, you should be able to connect up to level 10 synchro unless your hand is rotten.
[Ursarctic] is the use of EX Deck.
The basic recruitment is mainly level 8 "Ursarctic" tuners.
Also, if Special Summon succeeds, you can search for other "Ursarctic" monsters (Ursarctic Mikpolar).
After that, you can search for two "Ursarctic" monsters with one hand cost, and it can also be used as a substitute for the release cost of "Ursarctic" monsters (Ursarctic Departure).
You can draw one "Ursarctic" monster every time she Special Summons it, and you can reuse "Bearti" S monsters (Ursarctic Radiation).
Ursarctic Big Dipper》on the field is a pin stab.
To be honest, it's packed with powerful cards that can't be forgiven if it's not [Ursarctic].
In addition, all three types of "Ursarctic" Synchro Monsters are used.
It's a lot of wear and tear, but if you search for and set "Ursarctic Big Dipper" with "Ursarctic Polari", it can be suppressed for the time being.
From there, I'd like to deploy 《Ursarctic Septentrion》mainly to seal off monsters that don't have levels.
Please note that "Ursarctic" Synchro Monster cannot meet the resurrection limit.
Roughly speaking, other than that, we developed the "Ursarctic" tuner.
Perform a Level 10 Synchro Summon using the recently increased Level 2 monsters on the [Gishki] side.
EX Deck has enhanced defense.
Level 10 Synchro by [Gishki] level 2 monsters and [Ursarctic] level 8 tuners.
Mainly his WATER.
Level 10 synchro "Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying".
An effect that can substitute his GY card for effect destruction.
An effect that removes one card from the opponent's field and one from his GY when a card is removed.
To some extent, it will be mainly the comeback after her GY has accumulated.
Icejade Gymir Aegirine》of level 10 synchro.
Requires his WATER Tuner for Synchro Summoning.
You can make monsters on your field resistant to destruction and removal by opponent's effects during your opponent's turn.
It is an effect that activates, and by activating it in a chain with the opponent's effect, you can remove all the same name cards of her GY.
Furthermore, it exists in GY and can revive itself if the card is removed by the opponent's effect.
You can revive it regardless of whether it is an exclusion for the opponent's own deployment or an exclusion for this interference.
These level 10 Synchro Monsters can also be used for ritual summoning of [Gishki].
If you use it for the ritual summon of 《Evigishki Neremanas》, you can revive it as it is, so you can go without exhaustion.
In addition, it can be said that it is the commander-in-chief of level 10 synchros (Baronne de Fleur).
Regarding that, can you say that the biggest differentiating factor is that he is not WATER?


If you use the effect of "Gishki Grimness", you can only attack with Ritual Monsters.
If he deploys on the [Ursarctic] side, he will not be able to use Link Monsters because he will only be able to produce monsters with levels.
Since he doesn't have gray hair power in the sense of ATK, he wants to use it as a field or cost, etc. If he uses his GY effect of Ice Barrier, he can only use WATER monsters.
The stronger the effect, the more restrictions there are.


He thought that 《Icejade Gymir Aegirine》and 【Ursarctic】 would go well together, so when he checked the deployment methods and effects, they certainly didn't seem to go well together, so he thought about Deck.
In that respect, [Gishki], which can produce a lot of level 2 monsters, seems to be relatively good, and when I looked into it, it was also written.
Ice Barrier》I feel like the three cards were the cause of the accident, but it's hard to say what to put in the pin.

Deck self-score
deck score
Each item description
Deck Maker
Yu-Gi-Oh! Icon 無記名 ( Total 408 decks )
Posted date : 2022/10/22 08:41
Main Deck (20 Types・40)
monster (12 Types・24)
NumNameAttributeLevelTypeATK / DEFcheapest price
1 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Megatanus WATER 8 Beast-Warrior 2400 / 0700 ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Megapolar WATER 8 Beast-Warrior 2500 / 0700 ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Megabilis WATER 8 Beast-Warrior 2800 / 0700 ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Miktanus WATER 7 Beast 0700 / 1700 ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Mikpolar WATER 7 Beast 0700 / 2000 ¥40
2 List of decks using this cardGishki Shadow WATER 4 Sea Serpent 1200 / 1000 ¥29
3 List of decks using this cardGishki Grimness WATER 2 Fish 0600 / 0700 ¥10
3 List of decks using this cardGishki Abyss WATER 2 Fish 0800 / 0500 ¥50
2 List of decks using this cardGishki Vision WATER 2 Sea Serpent 0700 / 0500 ¥38
3 List of decks using this cardBeautunaful Princess WATER 1 Fish 0000 / 0000 ¥380
3 List of decks using this cardEvigishki Neremanas WATER 10 Spellcaster 3000 / 1800 ¥40
1 List of decks using this cardEvigishki Soul Ogre WATER 8 Aqua 2800 / 2800 ¥90
spell (7 Types・13)
1 List of decks using this cardOne for One - - - - ¥15
3 List of decks using this cardFocused Aquamirror - - - - ¥20
3 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Departure - - - - ¥80
2 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Radiation - - - - ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Big Dipper - - - - ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardGishki Nekromirror - - - - ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardGishki Aquamirror - - - - ¥240
trap (1 Types・3)
3 List of decks using this cardIce Barrier - - - - ¥10
Extra Deck (8 Types・15)
2 List of decks using this cardSwordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying WATER 10 Wyrm 3000 / 3000 ¥400
2 List of decks using this cardIcejade Gymir Aegirine WATER 10 Aqua 3000 / 1500 ¥90
1 List of decks using this cardBaronne de Fleur WIND 10 Warrior 3000 / 2400 ¥150
2 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Grand Chariot WATER 7 Beast-Warrior 2700 / 0700 ¥50
2 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Septentrion WATER 7 Beast-Warrior 3000 / 0700 ¥30
3 List of decks using this cardUrsarctic Polari WATER 1 Beast 0700 / 1000 ¥60
2 List of decks using this cardMarincess Coral Anemone WATER - Cyberse 2000 / ¥15
1 List of decks using this cardMistar Boy WATER - Aqua 1400 / ¥30
Main deck minimum construction amount ¥4209

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