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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > DUEL TERMINAL - Invasion of the Invels! -LIMITED EDITION 1 > Gishki Abyss

Gishki Abyss Used Deck

Gishki Abyss
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 2 Fish 800 500
When this card is Summoned: You can add 1 "Gishki" monster with 1000 or less DEF from your Deck to your hand, except "Gishki Abyss".
Average Rating Score 8.8(24)
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"Gishki Abyss" card reviews and rating scores

62% (15)
33% (8)
0% (0)
4% (1)
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japan まくろる
2023/05/27 8:59
Yugioh Icon
Ritual Monsters related to Gishki, or monsters that can search for Ritual Spells.
Because it's a fairly old card, there is no turn 1 restriction for specifying card names, which is now becoming common sense. Therefore, if there is means for repeating the search, the search can be performed multiple times.
In Master Duel, PHHY pairs such as 《Evigishki Neremanas》have not yet been implemented, so there are many cases where the power is not enough. If you revive it with 《Spright Elf》etc., you can use it twice along with the first summon, so depending on your hand, you will be able to make a powerful move.
japan かどまん
2023/05/19 14:48
Yugioh Icon
There are search target status conditions, but all monsters required for the same theme are supported.
He has been a regular for a long time, but in 2022 he strengthened Gishki.
A new card called "Gishki Grimness" that can directly call this card has appeared.
In addition, by saying ☆2 together, it was connected to his Spright element of the environmental theme, and it was decided to shine all at once.
There is no turn 1 limit on old cards, so with 《Evigishki Neremanas》or 《Spright Elf
It is because you can revive many times and acquire a large amount of advantage
japan ブルーバード
2023/05/18 14:31
Yugioh Icon
As the Gishki version of Airman, he has been very active as a first move since long ago, but he became able to revive from Nereimanas and became even more capable. Since there is no turn 1 for each other, you can handle searches many times.
The drawback is that it is easy to stand up. Combine it with a level 8 Soul Ogre to make it a 10-star Ritual Monster, combine it with 《Plaguespreader Zombie》, which works well with Gigas, to make it Rank 2, or convert it with Al Mirage.
japan ジュウテツ
2022/11/01 7:00
Yugioh Icon
Searching for 《Gishki Shadow》《Gishki Vision》leads to searching for "Gishki" Ritual Monster and "Gishki" Ritual Spell, which I think is excellent.
japan ねこーら
2022/09/11 15:30
Yugioh Icon
Overall Rating: Gishki's most important searcher.
The search range includes "Shadow Gishki" and "Gishki Vision", allowing access to practically everything related to Gishki's rituals.
In addition, if he has WATER, he can Link Summon Marincess Coral Anemone after searching, and with its effect, he can be revived and search again.
A monster that has become even more important with the new appearance of Gishki.
japan 金平糖
2022/02/17 20:15
Yugioh Icon
Gishki searcher. I'm happy to support Special Summon.
There is a limit that you can only search for DEF 1000 or less, but since both Shadow and Vision are within that range, you can access almost all Gishki cards. The only monsters you can't bring are 3 types of Aerial Beast Markers and cards with the same name.
Gishki can be operated as if it were upwardly compatible with Manjugod. I was a little worried that I would get stuck after searching, but now I wonder if I should use it as a link material.
japan 超弩級スライム
2022/01/14 10:23
Yugioh Icon
"Gishki" monsters with search effects
The summoning right is necessary, but it has an effect that is easy to use even in the first hand. The search range is wider than text because it can pass through shadows and visions.
After putting it on the field, it was difficult to handle due to its low level, but the appearance of Link improved it to some extent. However, if you draw more than one, there is still no use for that turn.
It is also great that it supports 《Beautunaful Princess》.
japan シエスタ
2020/12/12 15:18
Yugioh Icon
The search range is narrower than Aerial, but depending on the axis, there's not much difference, and above all, it's great to be able to summon and bring it immediately.
It can also be activated by Special Summon, and due to its low status, it is blessed with surfacing, salvage support, and support, and there is no restriction on activation of the same name.
Unlike Vision Shadow, it doesn't have a release reduction effect, so the point where it tends to stand still is easier to deal with due to the increase in the card pool.
I think it's one of the must-haves for Gishki.
japan アルバ
2020/12/03 22:47
Yugioh Icon
A Gishki version of Manjugod that can search for most Gishki and virtually all Ritual Monsters and Ritual Spells.
It has levitation and salvage capabilities and favorable status.
It is a weak point that it tends to stand still with low status after using the effect, but I want to cover it with water spirit arts and almirage.
japan 備長炭18
2018/02/20 17:44
Yugioh Icon
This competence you can see with Gishki.
Gishki Ritual Monster - You can search for both cards that can search for spells, and you can also search for some Ritual Monsters.
The effect activation is different from others, and he is also compatible with Special Summon, so it is even easier to use even if you recruit with yellowtail.
japan たなぼた
2016/02/15 23:33
Yugioh Icon
10 points for competence as Gishki. There are 8 illustrated ads in Gishki. Because she has beautiful legs. .
It's like Gishki's lubricant. If you want a Ritual Monster, get a Vision. Search Shadow if you want a Ritual Spell. The race also corresponds to the effect of Burihime, and it can be searched for itself.
I'm surprised it didn't get an 8 rating.
japan カンノーネ
2015/07/09 9:06
Yugioh Icon
Your lower body is too weak compared to your upper body
A man who stabilizes the initial movement. Basically, search for those who want Vision and Shadow.
Narrowly used, in Hour of Gishki, if you start with him and eventually create Trishula with him, Gustkrake, and Guard of his Flamvell, you can say goodbye to all the cards in your first hand.
japan ナル参照
2014/08/02 2:25
Yugioh Icon
shark. fishing or shooting spears.
Gishki searcher. My main job is to search for cards like Vision and his Gishki. It is also appreciated that he, who tends to be found in this kind of card, supports not only Normal Summon, but also Special Summon and Flip Summon. I'm also grateful that it corresponds to Princess Yellowtail because it's a fish.
It's a pity that the status is overwhelmingly disadvantageous against negate effects such as Veiler and Bresle...
japan モートン
2014/02/08 0:42
Yugioh Icon
Gishki lubricant. You can quickly replenish the essential cards Shadow and Vision. Also, it works great with beasts, and the effect will be activated even when you catch a fish.
Its only drawback is its low stats, but you can reduce the damage by making it a blue cost or returning it to your hand once with Birdman.
Anything below 1000 DEF is fine, so you can bring Zeal Gigas or Gust Krake. You can compress it once you go through the vision w
japan ホワイトらて
2013/11/20 17:00
Yugioh Icon
She is Gishki's death from overwork.
Its main role is to search for shadows or visions. A representative card that can be caught from the beast because it supports Special Summon. Beast Summon Abyss Fishing Shadow Search is no longer a template, and if you add Beast and Abyss, it's level 6, so level 6, such as Squid, can be ritual summoned as it is.
Gishki is a card you want to stack 3 copies.
japan 3108810
2013/10/11 9:17
Yugioh Icon
In fact, you can call Gigas and Gust directly... Do you know that?
If it was a sea dragon, it would have been terribly broken.
japan ファナナス
2013/02/10 11:55
Yugioh Icon
Gishki searcher. Although its stats are low, it is a very powerful card that benefits from surfacing and salvage, and gains an advantage just by putting it into play. Gishki beasts and hoisting from surfacing give you a repeat advantage
It is quite powerful just by summoning Shadow and Vision, which are the core, into your hand, but there are many other monsters that can be summoned, such as Gust Krake and Zeal Gigas.
japan みかんゼリー
2012/11/05 23:19
Yugioh Icon
Gishki's powerful searcher.
You can also search shadows and visions, so you can summon Ritual Spells or Ritual Monsters with this one.
And the most delicious thing is that it supports Special Summon.
It's a very useful card because you can search not only for beasts, but also for surfacing.
japan おんぼろ
2011/05/19 23:36
Yugioh Icon
He became terrifyingly strong due to the appearance of the vision.
He can also be a target of levitation and can be caught from Beast as an explosive ad. 《Fish Depth Charge》is acceptable because it is a fish.
The balance with FBG is also good, and Gungnir and Trishura can be easily put out.
To be honest, isn't he the strongest among Gishki?
japan とき
2011/01/09 10:44
Yugioh Icon
Gishki's Airman-like piece. Although the ability is low, the search ability is a masterpiece.
Shadow and Noelia are pretty good search destinations. Attacker's chain is also ○.
If you revive with the effect of the beast, you can not only reuse the effect, but it is also very powerful to call Gungnir with FBG. In this case, the search is half-filled.
One of the key cards in Gishki's tactics. It boasts excellent ad securing ability.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/12 21:42
Yugioh Icon
Although he is a weak child by himself, the Airman effect cannot be overlooked.
The main target is the Ritual Spell, Grandpa Shadow and the Rookie Ritual Gust Krake.
The new Gishki's beast can still be used to catch fish, so low stats don't matter so much.
japan 想夢
2010/08/05 0:20
Yugioh Icon
Anyway, the difficulty is that it is weak by itself,
However, every turn with a combo with Forgotten Temple of the Deep
Deck search is also possible.
japan asd
2023/10/30 11:56
Yugioh Icon
japan はわわ
2024/01/13 13:53
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Gishki Abyss"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
DUEL TERMINAL - Invasion of the Invels! -LIMITED EDITION 1 DT10-JP014 2010-08-03 Normal
SECRET UTILITY BOX SUB1-JP074 2022-12-24 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 2,001 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 50,603
Level 2 Best Monster Ranking 100th
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 13th


Japanese card name リチュア・アビス

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