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Skill Drain LimitedUsed Deck

Skill Drain
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Continuous Trap - - - - -
Activate this card by paying 1000 LP. Negate the effects of all face-up monsters while they are face-up on the field (but their effects can still be activated).
Average Rating Score 9.4(95)
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"Skill Drain" card reviews and rating scores

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japan イカキムチ…
2023/04/09 12:29
Yugioh Icon
The card that caused people around me to quit MD.
According to a friend who was a new user of Galaxy-Eyes, "His Continuous Trap, which is like skidding, is less interesting than controlling the first attack."
Both Master and OCG have been designated as restricted cards, but I think that Masters who only have single-player battles should put a little more effort into the permanent effect system. It's not like a match where you can deal with such prison cards with 15 side decks.
japan ティンダングルの慟哭
2023/04/03 12:02
Yugioh Icon
Old and strongest class suppression Continuous Trap.
An ally of the weak with vanilla and demerits...not even that.
In reality, Tearlaments, which can be deployed outside of monster effects on the field and can be actively broken, and strong toys such as Runick and Eldlich.
If you use it against a casual Deck opponent that has limited deck slots and can't crack the back with a theme card, it depends on the draw, but of course it's an easy win.
Tindangle Skidre is overkill against the opponent (one loss).
Personally, I've relied on it in my 《Firewing Pegasus》Deck, so I'm sad about it, but when I think about it, even vanilla beats, which are close to a stack of paper, are dangerous cards with single performance that sometimes you can pick up a win if you draw this.
An out-of-the-environment Deck with skidre has the fun of erasing demerit effects and vanilla beats, but in a fan deck showdown between friends, skidre is subtle because there is a risk of completely blocking the opponent, but in a serious environment it will be degraded. tend to be
I want to beat the environmental deck with bramagi! If you don't have a goal like that, it's subtly difficult to use.
japan カンゲツ
2023/04/02 23:04
Yugioh Icon
Pay 1000 LP to activate
A Continuous Trap that indiscriminately forces monster effects to negate.
The big points are "being a trap" and "indiscriminate"
If you activate it in response to the opponent's effect activation, you can crush it.
It is also possible to take advantage of indiscriminateness and overthrow the demerit effects of "Qlihort".
This kind of card is, so to speak,
"I'm going to play rock-paper-scissors from now on, but if you take out the scissors, I'll pretend it didn't happen."
It's like saying something like
It is also a presence that puts a lot of stress on the player by not letting them do what they want to do.
Therefore, I feel that it will be difficult to adjust in terms of design and regulations.
It was limited to 2023/04/01, but if you let it go too far, you can combine effects to achieve big things.
The foundation of the TCG will be shaken too much, and if we try to ban it, it will spur the end-of-the-century effect battle.
I think the limits are reasonable.
Ingenuity to protect if you want to make use of it (Counter Trap, etc.)
If you don't like it, let's devise a way to crush it (《Mystical Space Typhoon》etc.)
japan ゲトゥ
2023/04/02 22:20
Yugioh Icon
Monster effects continue to inflate, but destroy countermeasures? Today's Yu-Gi-Oh feels distorted, like scissors are confiscated in rock-paper-scissors. Solitaire will accelerate if you don't properly induce him to load the deck with countermeasures against suppression effects like Skidre.
japan 愛佳
2023/04/02 19:53
Yugioh Icon
Following 《Imperial Order》and 《Vanity's Emptiness》, this card is finally restricted
After all, it makes a big difference whether it comes on the first turn or not. Yes, I also tried to respond with 《Royal Decree》and relied on 《Imperial Iron Wall》.
In modern times, monster effects are important, so there are too many decks that would suffer if they were blocked, especially when 《Lightning Storm》was blocked by imperial order. , Is it the reason why you say that you are also affected and that other fields are not affected?
The biggest reason for the restriction may be the increase in his decks, such as his deck above, the enhanced [Dark World] and [Eldlich], which have a low impact on him, and the number of decks that can be unlocked by himself.
I used to ask many duelists which card do you hate the most right now? When I asked about it, the most common answer was 《Skill Drain》, so it may be one of the reasons why many people don't like it.
But I thought it would be interesting to use it to eliminate the disadvantages of Barbaros, sin, and express night.
If it's a limit, the probability of being drawn in on the 1st turn will drop, and if you break the basic 1 card, the 2nd time won't come, so it should be pretty easy.
I'm sure there are people who lament the restrictions, but it's not prohibited like the imperial decree, nihilism. yes.
However, cards that appeared more than 20 years ago are now demonstrating brutality, and I feel the length of the history of restrictions.
japan na_ma_co
2023/04/02 18:21
Yugioh Icon
It's been overlooked as a matter of course, but it's clearly not an unlimited spec. Is the limit reasonable? Goodbye, I didn't hate you
japan 波切
2023/04/02 14:32
Yugioh Icon
It's not uncommon to win a duel with just this card.
It was also a help card that made it possible to fight with Fan Decks such as 《The Weather》and 《Charmer》, but from April 2023, it was suddenly designated as a restricted card.
Well, aside from 《Eldlich》, you can't use a theme like 《Runick》that has easy destruction negate cards.
Cards such as 《Pharaonic Advent》that can search for Continuous Trap have also appeared.
japan プンプン丸
2023/03/27 10:53
Yugioh Icon
A representative card used in meta decks that crush monster effects.
I don't know why this card should be restricted, because it would have to be removed with 《Mystical Space Typhoon》etc. in an environment full of monster effects. Clearly he's the card that kept the importance of Spell/Trap.  
It's also very disappointing that there were decks that could increase power with this card, such as Barbatos and sin, even casually.
japan 超弩級スライム
2023/03/27 8:48
Yugioh Icon
Continuous Trap to be regulated for the first time in 12 years
As long as this card is not removed by itself, it has a tremendous binding force that negates the effects of monsters on the field.
In addition to being able to deal with face-down removal like 《Mystical Space Typhoon》, it was also a card that chose a deck that could be used because it had an effect on the side that used it in the first place.
However, now there are many Decks that can't be hit by face-down removal, and there are quite a few Decks where the only countermeasure from the main is an access code. Of course, OCG can be dealt with by changing sides, but MD in single battles can't even do that, making it a more brutal card.
It was an unrestricted card for a long time, but finally became a restricted card due to the emergence of a number of decks of his compatible environment classes such as Eldlich, Labrynth, and Runick. It's not just that the power of this card is high, but it's probably due to the increasing polarization between decks that are almost unaffected and decks that stack only one.
A hand trigger that can deal with both monsters and his Continuous Trap would change that.
japan ルーナエ
2023/03/27 8:23
Yugioh Icon
This card is...
If you say so, will it become an existence that should be called the "demon king of hate" in the permanent meta trap world?
Many Duelists were against the many specifications that were too convenient only for the user, and even so, it could be used as a card to slaughter a formidable opponent, so it was unlikely that it would be regulated. I think it's also a card that was half given up.
That's right! Being able to negate the permanent effects of all monsters without targeting them is a pretty amazing flip performance! In that sense, I feel something similar to Mystic Mine.
It is also a little different from "Vanity's Emptiness" and "Imperial Order", which are convenient only for the player who goes first. I have escaped...
I think it's a card that's controversial not only for its regulation, but also for its very existence, but I don't really like to use cards like Macro Cosmos or to be used! At least that's true!
However, it doesn't matter to your opponent, so if you don't like it, you need to put in some methods to remove cards from his Spell & Trap card zone other than monster effects on the field, even if it doesn't affect board formation. hey.
japan ごまくま
2023/03/26 21:56
Yugioh Icon
Celebration limit decision.
Continuous Trap was often defended in a mysterious way.
Fans using this card Deck crying? This card used by Runick and Labrynth has overwhelmingly disappointed victims.
In the first place, even if you win with 《Skill Drain》, it has been said for a long time that ``it is just that 《Skill Drain》is strong,” and there is no basis for that.
However, it will be restricted in April 2023 because it is almost certain that you will lose if you can't remove it, and because he was responsible for the control of environment decks that can build a brutal control board without relying on monster effects such as Runick and Labrynth. I was.
Rather, I wonder why it has been overlooked until now.
Similar to 《Vanity's Emptiness》and the imperial order, it is his Continuous Trap that wins the game first, so I think there is a possibility that it will be banned like them eventually.
japan asd
2022/12/11 14:23
Yugioh Icon
A simple and powerful card.
Probably because of this card, the player population of Yu-Gi-Oh has decreased by about 20%.
A large number of new players in the early days of Master Duel have retired because of either this card or the Drytron Herald.
The fact that even decks with good compatibility tend to be put off due to the interpersonal reason of consideration for the opponent, this card shows everything.
Occasionally, I hear the mysterious advocacy that it is necessary to counter strong monsters, but aren't they ignoring the fact that monsters that are already weak are also sealed away...
A monster that can be used in a serious environment and is compatible with Skidre has a minimum power even if it can't be drawn in the first place.
From April 2023, the unlimited card will be changed to a limited card. Fans claiming that it's a good card that can compete with strong cards, while using Skidre against deck opponents, and people who defended with Solemn Judgment and Anti-Spell Fragrance while saying that back removal should be enough are screaming. However, I want you to be aware that you were freezing the field using the restricted level of power.
japan ハッ セフィロス
2022/11/22 16:10
Yugioh Icon
Eldo's Skill Drain Now... great for what you're doing! ! ! ! !
Negate all monster effects on the "field" with 1000 LP. The strongest Continuous Trap that still works today. 《Vanity's Emptiness》? I don't know this child.
It works well with decks that can pop large monsters such as Blue-Eyed, and compromise summons such as Qliphort.
It would be fine if it just hits you with the disadvantage like Qliphort or Sin, but because some ruined nobility ignores the effect of Skidre and develops, it's hated by all Yu-Gi-Oh players. Well, I use it too, so I can't say.
This card will be a restricted card from April 2023. The reason why this card is regulated is because of his performance in Runick. The increase in powerful and compatible decks such as Eldlich and Runick may also be a factor. However, unlike the single Master Duel, in ocg, you can easily counter his troublesome Continuous Traps such as 《Skill Drain》by changing sides. Will the day come when this card will be deregulated?
japan くず
2022/09/29 17:06
Yugioh Icon
Unlike the emptiness and oppression of his colleagues, it has many flaws, so it's a combo-oriented evil meta card that escapes regulation.
It's good to be stabbed by the opponent more than himself, so it's used to finish his deck with RBI, his GY effect, and his Continuous Spell/Trap but lacking power to the tournament level.
japan ブルーバード
2022/09/23 23:13
Yugioh Icon
Thank you very much for your help in Dark World. No kidding, this card will keep Dark World going for another decade. Although it competes with King Grapha and rank 8 control forces, it is worth adopting because it has the power to blow them away with a snort. It used to be an expensive card that cost about 800 yen per card, but it's finally reprinted in Dark World's Strak R.
Decks that are difficult to control by setting up monsters can corner your opponent just by shoving this card around. A little while ago, cosplayer Enako-san used this to completely kill her opponent and caused a bit of a broadcast accident.
Also, because it is a negate that does not take targets, it is also a strength to break through target destruction resistance.
Note that if the monster leaves the field before the effect resolves, the monster's effect will pass through. A long time ago, the board was returned with a combo of Torrent Funeral and Bralo. Pancra is Skidre's good partner and natural enemy. Also, 《Stardust Dragon》is a very good matchup because you can protect your skid with 《Starlight Road》and your own effect, and you can overcome the disadvantage of Sin state.
Postscript: Give back Skidre!
japan ねおんちゃん
2022/06/04 2:17
Yugioh Icon
A suppression tag that is exquisitely maneuverable.
It's exquisite that it only affects the field, and of course it's a weak point that allows the opponent to deploy it with the GY effect, but the fact that you can activate the effect by releasing yourself as a cost. It is excellent, and with this, for example, 《The Black Stone of Legend》can be used without hesitation.
Most of all, this is also a weak point, so it is necessary to have some countermeasures against destruction by the opponent's GY effect and his spell... But the benefits are certainly greater.
His Deck, which was built on the premise of Skidre, is excellent in that it can be realized quite easily that a disadvantage does not become a disadvantage. .
The reason why it was relatively loose regulation (unlimited other than MD) is probably not a card to make a strong deck even stronger, but a side to raise his slightly underpowered deck so that he can fight against a strong deck. Probably because it's a strong card. Well, it's a sad reality that you have to rely on win-win cards in order to fight with a weak Deck.
When I thought about it, his Runick, who can strongly suppress monsters without relying on them, rampages, and there are twists and turns, and it is a splendid limit. Now he has about half his Phantasm control and less than 25% Red-Eyes control. Help
Also, I think 《Eldlich the Golden Lord》was designed with this card in mind from the beginning, but what are you going to do about the hole that was left out?
japan tierraの供物
2022/06/03 18:58
Yugioh Icon
Continuous Trap continues to stand at the strongest rank as an obstruction card since its appearance. With just this, that hated Schlaig, Despheny, and Albert become just uncles in cosplay.
However, the strong restriction of negate the monster's effect naturally turns its fangs against itself, and unlike "Vanity's Emptiness", which easily self-destructs, or "Imperial Order", which has little effect on itself, it cannot be used roughly. The number of decks that can be installed is more limited than I thought, and I personally wonder if this is the reason why Skidre is not regulated. [Eldlich] and [Graydle], which mainly activate effects with GY and are not affected by Skidre, [Amorphage], which mainly interferes with P effects, and [Altergeist], which can activate all monster effects even under Skidre by nature. would you be a candidate?
It is still necessary to be careful that cards of the "Release and activate" type cannot be negate. In the current environment, "Toadally Awesome" for paper and "Tenyi Dragon-Vishda" for Masdue.
japan フラクトール
2022/05/22 16:41
Yugioh Icon
One piece of Continuous Trap that can be said to be synonymous with Metabi.
A great card that negates all monster effects on the field in exchange for a modest LP cost.
His Eldlich and his Qliphort are particularly powerful, as they have a high raw RBI and are less susceptible to bad effects due to their skidliness.
japan けーの
2022/03/04 9:19
Yugioh Icon
No. I have a strong sense of humor.
And, regardless of Deck's theme, this is the one that makes me feel that way.
It's not that Skidre is bad, but he thinks it's the modern Yu-Gi-Oh's fault that tends to be dysfunctional with just one Skidre at the time of deck construction, as it's all packed into monster effects.
In Ancient Yu-Gi-Oh, removal and search are shared with him with Spell Trap, which is why Spell Trap that destroys/negates Spell Trap is included from the main and is well balanced against Skidre and 《Vanity's Emptiness》. rice field.
Now that it has become a policy to suppress power cards with power cards, skidre seems to be treated like a necessary evil for Konami.
(Added April 2023)
finally reached the limit.
It seems to be Eld's prevention, which probably had rune weakening + mitigation.
japan タマーキン(封印)
2022/02/22 15:41
Yugioh Icon
A long-established store of 20 years in the metal bi world that denies about 80% of the "monsters" part of Duel Monsters
LP 1000, which is the trigger condition for what you're doing, is too cheap to get power
There are even restrictions overseas.
For some reason I was forgiven the other day (February 7, 2022)
Barbaros, trains, Qliphort, etc. can be compromised summons to eliminate the demerits of those with lower ATK, and use ATK to suppress them.
You can also use Eldlich or 《Unchained Twins - Aruha》to actively leave the field and use the effect when your turn comes.
In the past, the number of Effect Monsters was small and even rare characters were strong enough, but now the majority of monsters are Effect Monsters and most of them move due to the effects of Effect Monsters on the field, so the value has increased at a stretch.
In fact, the reprinted secret rare is one of the expensive cards
In Master Duel, he was recommended along with Eldlich and others on strategy sites and YouTube.
That said, "Skill Drain" isn't all-purpose, and you can't stop GY fertilization with activation conditions like Ad Vendread Majestic, Cherubini, and Isolde, and access codes can exclude you from the activation conditions, and Pankratops can't use itself. is released as a trigger condition, and the effects of those who disappear from the field when the effect is processed cannot be stopped, and they are targeted at Skill Drain and destroyed.
Still, the impact on the field is tremendous, and I have to say that the evaluation is 10 points.
When using it, be prepared to be told that 《Skill Drain》is only strong.
japan カディーン
2022/01/10 13:18
Yugioh Icon
The oldest in the metacard world. Its power is still undiminished.
In Yu-Gi-Oh, which advocates the settlement by fist-fighting between monsters, the effect of negate is extremely strong, and it is a card that must be kept in mind as a virtual enemy when building a Deck.
Despite having such influence, it is far from being regulated, and even when it is subject to semi-restrictions, it is immediately dismissed, and the darkness is deep, demonstrating the first time in "Dark King of the Abyss".
However, there are many loopholes in the effect, and if you understand the rules firmly, you will almost never be cornered to the point of malfunctioning with just one card. Knowing what works and what doesn't work on his deck and then going into a duel is a full-fledged duelist.
japan 金目鯛融合
2022/01/10 10:36
Yugioh Icon
In Qliphort, this card plays an active role as a factor that counteracts the disadvantage of Compromise Summoning. It's pretty restrained when you hit it.
japan ねこーら
2021/07/08 23:08
Yugioh Icon
Overall Rating: Strong against most Effect Monsters, with a few exceptions.
There are countless monsters that exert their effects on the field, and it is possible to greatly limit the means for the opponent to gain an advantage.
On the other hand, you can build yourself to avoid the effects of this card, and you can use demerit attackers to your heart's content.
As a meta card, it has a high performance and can be found in her deck in most environments.
The LP cost is as light as 1000, and it can be chained, so you can aim for at least one negate.
Since it is a condition to exist on the field when the effect resolves, there are quite a few cards that avoid negate, such as leaving the field when the effect resolves, releasing itself, and reviving from GY, but monsters in the Extra Deck are usually caught.
japan 死なない男
2021/01/28 21:02
Yugioh Icon
An excellent card that negates his Effect Monster on the field with a handy 1000 LP.
By negating Sin Cyber End Dragon and his Barbaros, he is also active in his deck, which is operated as a high RBI attacker with no disadvantages.
However, non-field effects cannot be negated,
Pankratops, Lone Fire Blossom,
Also, be aware that cards whose effects cannot be negated will be used even if they are on the field, and the effect will pass through.
japan 姫友
2020/12/16 1:32
Yugioh Icon
Metabi always takes care of me. I want to control it with 《Macro Cosmos》and Necrovalley.
japan 黙する炎獣
2020/12/15 16:34
Yugioh Icon
In the recent environment, he is teaming up with Eldlich and rampaging one
Disadvantages It's a good card that gives attackers a place to stay, but I hope it's about time to be thrown into the limit.
japan みめっと
2020/10/25 21:27
Yugioh Icon
The permanent meta in Yu-Gi-Oh OCG has long been said to be SS Bind, GY Bind, and Monster Effect Bind. I think it's safe to say Deck.
Among them, there are many cards that metabolize monster effects, but I think that this card is almost equal to this card when it comes to sealing permanent monster effects.
Destruction & double-sided resistance of the target and meta-type permanent effects can be erased in an instant. This means that only the effects of monsters that exist face-up will be negate.
Not only effects that activate in the hand or GY, and monster effects that activate after release, but also effects that chain to the activation and turn the monster face down or return it to the hand, even if it was activated on the field. Even if there is, most of the monster's activation effects and trigger effects will be effective.
If you make good use of this property, you can easily incorporate even a Deck that uses a lot of monster effects, and yet you can drive your opponent's Deck to a dysfunctional level. It's a very restrictive Continuous Trap.
You can use this card in a deck that relies on monster effects to remove back effects, such as not including a useless Spell Trap on the first turn that only removes Spell Trap. Just getting hit by it can be a dead end, so I feel that it's difficult to pull out Nagisa from the side as well.
2020/05/19 16:07
Yugioh Icon
A card that has a very powerful effect and can clog up some of his decks just by using it.
However, it is not very effective against his deck, which is a type that pops out monsters with high firepower such as Qlihort and Blue-Eyed, and if you are not good at it, you may bring your opponent into an advantageous situation. Caution is required.
japan 槍ヶ岳
2020/03/09 15:08
Yugioh Icon
If a friend starts using this card, shame on yourself for being so cornered that you can't win without using it.
japan ユメ
2019/11/25 17:16
Yugioh Icon
The king of metacards.
Although it came out 17 years ago, it still sticks in a lot of his decks today. In addition, in that it functions stably in both the first and second attacks, it stands apart from ordinary meta cards. This is a great advantage for Decks where you can put this card in with confidence.
There are probably a lot of people who use this card as a trump card against his latest deck.
japan よだれ鶏
2019/08/05 22:53
Yugioh Icon
It was released on November 21, 2002, but the evaluation and number of cases are amazing.
Currently, there are fewer monsters that can be countered by Macro Cosmos, but negate each other's monster effects is powerful enough.
However, please note that costs cannot be negate.
Requires an LP cost of 1000, but a monster that is easier to handle
It's a lot, so I wouldn't worry about it.
Classic 《Beast King Barbaros》and “Dark World”
"Kaiju" and "Tytannial, Princess of Camellias"
"Stardust Dragon" or "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode"?
It will be difficult, but using both 《Macro Cosmos》and 《Skill Drain
is also possible.
In the anime, Mr. T uses it.
japan パシフィスの人
2019/07/15 12:03
Yugioh Icon
Angai Recently, the strongest card that can be used even on the draw
japan プラント・プラン
2019/07/15 11:03
Yugioh Icon
A powerful trap card that seals out monster effects just by paying 1000 LP.
Although it will affect you, you can also use this to increase his Beast King Barbaros ATK to 3000. Also, there are decks of him that go well with this card, such as [Qliphort] and [Sin].
One of the strongest meta cards. However, as I mentioned earlier, it also affects you, so Deck is probably a meta card that makes it easier to choose.
japan kitty
2019/06/10 21:20
Yugioh Icon
A pioneer of the monster effects meta. It's often in high RBI decks like trains and his Blue-Eyed
japan シエスタ
2018/09/06 17:22
Yugioh Icon
A representative existence of the monster effect meta. A card with a very high influence in the present day when it tends to rely on monster effects that neutralize the effects of all monsters on the field.
Such an effect can be activated permanently with LP 1000.
Monsters tend to be a pure RBI game, and naturally you need to build it in a way that gives you an advantage.
As you know, Sin and him are excellent at matching cards like Barbaros, which have high hit points but also have drawbacks, as they benefit only from their hit points.
Also, Rogue and 《Thunder King Rai-Oh》effects that release itself as a cost do not negate, so they can be used together. Conversely, you need to be careful when dealing with them, so you can't be overconfident. An understanding of the rules is also required.
Basically, it's a card that is based on the premise that only you can move to your advantage, so it's reliable and fun for you, but it tends to be a boring card for your opponent because it tends to be one-sided. Recently, he has a lot of effects that activate with GY, so it's less likely to be one-sided, but at least it's a card that's hard to handle among fans.
I don't want to remove Magic/Trap removal cards because of this card.
japan はわわ
2018/03/21 3:10
Yugioh Icon
One of the strongest meta cards that negates monster effects on the field.
With a deck that can easily adopt this, it is also good that you can overwhelm the enemy with a high RBI.
japan 備長炭18
2018/03/20 18:26
Yugioh Icon
One of the pretty major meta cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! With this card as the axis, it's also worth considering a build that employs monsters that are advantageous only to you. It is also an essential card for understanding the rules.
japan 京太
2018/03/14 23:59
Yugioh Icon
If you buy a rare collection, there is a high probability that this guy and the macro will be included.
Hari fiber also stops at this guy
japan ジュウテツ
2018/03/05 9:49
Yugioh Icon
I think this is also an excellent monster effect countermeasure card if it can cover the disadvantages that are affected by it.
With the "Qliphort" deck, his ATK at the time of compromise summoning is restored, and the effect at the time of release can be activated, so I think it is a good match.
japan アキ
2018/02/18 11:57
Yugioh Icon
Not only does it negate the effects of monsters with powerful effects and make them normal monsters, but it also works against monsters with detrimental effects, so it's not bad. The more the opponent uses his Effect Monster, the easier it is to hit.
japan もも
2018/02/10 22:46
Yugioh Icon
A representative meta card, it has the strength to create his Deck based on this card.
japan アメメ
2017/08/27 2:11
Yugioh Icon
One of the strongest meta card candidates
Its effects are so severe that it can cripple most decks.
If you have a cyclone, you can easily deal with it, but if you don't have it, it's pretty tough.
That said, there are plenty of Cyclone-type cards, so it's just an excuse.
At least I think it's safe not to use it with relatives or freelancers
japan デルタアイズ
2017/07/22 0:40
Yugioh Icon
A representative of Continuous Trap that does not allow monster effects on the field.
I am indebted to Blue-Eyed.
japan なす
2017/07/21 18:43
Yugioh Icon
A Continuous Trap that negates monster effects on the field.
It's a Continuous Trap, so it's easy to get rid of, but it blocks monster effects, so it sticks in a lot of his decks.
In addition, he can be used to negate the disadvantages of Barbaros, Gunner Dragon, and disadvantage attackers.
japan はやとちり
2016/12/17 15:46
Yugioh Icon
violence. It is a card that strongly feels the will to make only yourself advantageous.
It will not be a problem to use it in tournaments, but if you use this card for free or between friends, you will not be able to duel, so be careful.
Of course, it's already listed, but there are many cards that go well with it, such as 《Beast King Barbaros》``Variable Machine Beast, Gunner Dragon'' and ``Qliphort'' series.
A monster that has an effect that activates when sent to GY... It works well with "Hand" and Recruiter.
In addition, he uses excellent cards such as 《Exiled Force》《Archfiend Eccentrick》Rock "Koa'ki Meiru" series, which is a monster that activates his GY by releasing himself, while restraining only the opponent. can do.
By the way, the reverse effect cannot be activated. This is because the Flip Monster is still on the field because the effect is triggered right before it is sent to GY.
japan げおんぬ
2016/06/21 0:23
Yugioh Icon
I think the other party would be annoyed if it was used. Skidre Qlihort and Skidre Gravekeeper are famous.
japan ルフィ
2016/05/09 22:53
Yugioh Icon
A card that sticks in pretty much any of his decks.
If you put it in something like Blue-Eyed, it might be a good match because it has a high RBI...
japan ダーマ
2016/04/04 16:41
Yugioh Icon
Vanity's Emptiness》has a self-destructing effect, so I still feel like I'm holding back, but this guy...
It's a pretty bad card that negates the effect just by paying 1000 LP.
Some people fall into the hated category
Dark World has no effect that activates on the field, and he activates on GY, so it is completely immune to the effects of Skidre. You can create a terrible situation where only the opponent loses the monster effect that is the basis of Yu-Gi-Oh.
But well, Dark World is a fairly old theme, and it's hard to compete with the recent wrecks without skidding, so I think Qliphort is the worst.
While having a zombie function called Pendulum, using Skidre eliminates the disadvantages and makes it a brain muscle theme at once. It's one of the few examples where skidre is only a benefit.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/03/08 17:26
Yugioh Icon
A card that negates the effects of monsters on the field.
I often see Dark World, which mainly discards the hand (to GY) and activates the effect (in GY), and is used to make his compromise summoned Qliphort brain muscle.
Canceling the disadvantages of your own monsters...
Also, maybe a Meta Beat Deck or his Deck (Rock Deck) that doesn't rely on monsters?
Since it also negates the effects of your own monsters, the decks you can use are limited, but depending on your opponent, you can drive them to stop functioning with this one, so it may be a card that some people hate.
japan あだ
2016/01/26 16:14
Yugioh Icon
You can crush both Penmaji and Lightning
Actually it's just a fan deck crushing
japan 茶魔王
2016/01/03 15:17
Yugioh Icon
If you put this in, no one will fight you
This is because the basic way of fighting in Yu-Gi-Oh is to make full use of the effects of monsters and fight each other.
You can understand if you negate until 3 turns, but the effect is too strong. Restriction level.
One of the evil cards that weakens Yu-Gi-Oh!
japan youBB
2015/10/08 13:07
Yugioh Icon
There are any number of loopholes, if it's bad that you don't have Veerer, then it's probably bad that you don't have Cyclone.
japan exa
2015/09/15 0:41
Yugioh Icon
A limited number of him will only unilaterally support his Deck, otherwise his Deck will stop functioning unless there is a Psych or the like. Duel often turns into a cyclone lottery, so if you use it in free battles where you don't change sides often, your opponent will naturally drift away. It just has a big impact on the whole.
japan カンノーネ
2015/09/07 12:18
Yugioh Icon
One of the fundamentals of the game, monster effects are negate on the field as long as they are on the field.
There are still many things you can do, such as effects that activate in your hand, effects that activate with his GY, and Spell Trap, but basically the monster effects are the main focus...
I want to destroy it with a cyclone.
japan アルバ
2015/09/07 10:05
Yugioh Icon
One piece of meta permanence.
A card that sticks in most of his decks these days, mainly due to Effect Monsters.
It is not uncommon for the gimmick to collapse with this one piece and lead to a painful development.
It is compatible with Sin and Barbaros, who trample down the disadvantages and only RBI remains.
However, due to its strength, there are major restrictions on the user, and it is relatively difficult to pierce, even if it is said that it cannot be stabbed completely, I had the impression that Deck would use it.
Recently, the number of themes that can be used to unilaterally dominate with high hit points that can be easily continuously generated, such as Dark World's Grapha and Dragon Ruler, and Barbaros that can be continuously searched, such as Kurifo and Trains, has increased. It is becoming a card that unilaterally imposes a disadvantage on the opponent.
Easy games where you can win just by activating this are easy to occur, so it feels like there is no way to stop the restrictions like overseas.
japan めんどい
2015/09/06 23:03
Yugioh Icon
Strong but not omnipotent and there are many ways to deal with it. By the way, the effect negate also means that the demerit effect can also be negate.
japan EXデッキ焼き
2015/07/27 22:17
Yugioh Icon
With the appearance of Synchro Xyz and P-Monsters, this card has been recognized as a powerful meta theme, and there are voices calling for restrictions and bans on the following cards, although their usefulness is acknowledged, but currently there will be no restrictions. For Shaddoll and him coming to Japan this season, GY themes such as Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, Cyclone, Galasai, and 《Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit》, which are highly surprise removal cards and permanent cards, are getting tougher. . There are themes such as the battle front collapse with this one, but you have no choice but to accept it. There is no such thing as a card without weaknesses, so building his deck for various situations is also a duelist's job. Of course, it's a card that blocks the opponent's strategy, so let's use it while carefully ascertaining its usage.
japan 音響Em
2015/07/27 18:49
Yugioh Icon
The mere fact that a theme does not impede movement in this way is a strength of that theme.
japan デッキビルダ~る
2015/07/20 1:40
Yugioh Icon
I thought it would be restricted, but it's a lucky card that's blocked.
Personally, I want a numbered reprint because it stopped at the gold series.
japan 雄也
2015/05/21 18:25
Yugioh Icon
A card that honestly wishes you to die. It's boring.
japan かのん
2015/04/10 0:06
Yugioh Icon
In the past, he was only Barbaros or Gunner, so he's still cute enough to use
It was a card, but since sin Cyber came out? It's like
It's like Qliphort, but after being put in... something's wrong! It's a card that has become.
It also works well with normal Normal Monster Decks and Uria Decks.
japan ラーメン
2015/02/08 19:41
Yugioh Icon
A typical "reliable as an ally, extremely irritating as an enemy" card, in most decks, if your opponent puts this card in the early stages, the duel will suddenly become boring, completely denying the current era where monster effects are mainstream The degree of dislike is quite high because of the outrageous power that makes it.
On the other hand, it is a very reliable card when used in decks that are compatible with Yang Zing.
Currently, there are monsters such as Ice Hand and Eccentric Archfiend that can be broken without being negate by this card, so it's a drawback that you can't expect that much of a player, but it's still a strange card to use up for a short period of time. have the power
japan otsk
2015/02/01 12:40
Yugioh Icon
I used to use it a lot in the past, but now I feel like I want it to die.
I feel like I shouldn't make a deck that goes well with this.
I want it to be restricted (earnest)
japan わがじゃん
2014/12/14 19:31
Yugioh Icon
It's an interesting card that really adds color to the deck, but it's a problem that this card, which should be a meta for the powerful Effect Monster in the top environmental category, goes well with his Qliphort, which is in the top environmental category. I think so.
japan D
2014/12/10 17:20
Yugioh Icon
A card that can suppress the effects of monsters that get worse year by year. However, it cannot be stopped if it is activated outside the field or if you are away from the field when the effect resolves. It is powerless to remove with Spell Trap, but conversely, if you look at the must counter there, it will be more than enough. ATK is a card that can be said to be a savior for demerit attackers who are difficult to use.
japan ゆくら
2014/10/21 23:52
Yugioh Icon
My least favorite card
This guy's influence is immense
Load monsters such as Lilo with this one sheet
Recently, the number of cards that break Spell Trap has increased
Because this guy negates monster effects
Most decks have no choice but to respond with cyclones, hurricanes, etc.
It's enough to hinder your opponent
Conversely, since there is an operation with the effect negate as an advantage
still hate
Also make your own monsters immune to his Trap effects in Yang Zing
It is also possible to unilaterally contain the opponent
It is often used in decks that do not use effects on the field or decks that mainly use GY effects.
japan 福人ズッコケ
2014/10/07 18:31
Yugioh Icon
The greatest resistance of an increasingly brutal Effect Monster.
There are two types of derivation, Mental and Soul, but among them, it has an outstanding influence over the entire field where monsters tend to congregate, and it is especially a tremendous threat to Fulmon, who relies heavily on monster effects.
Permanent negate, which destroys many monsters, is rather beneficial to his Barbaros and Sin, and is almost harmless to his deck, which mainly activates GY.
Due to its wide range of influence, there are only a few decks that can be handled, but it is an easy-to-understand meta card that clearly indicates suitability and suitability for him, as he is not good at all decks.
japan ホ・ワイト
2014/07/27 17:21
Yugioh Icon
Card No. 1 that makes the opponent lose the fighting spirit (maybe...
You can tell if Cyclone or Storm is in your hand by looking at your opponent's expression.
japan SOCOM
2014/02/16 20:18
Yugioh Icon
A powerful card for the Dark World. Xyz? Valer? What can you do with vanilla like that?
However, it seems that he is on very bad terms with Mr. Metamol and Mr. Raven.
japan SOUL
2013/11/30 15:04
Yugioh Icon
Negate monster effects is quite influential.
It can wreak havoc on many decks, so if it's a deck that doesn't suffer much from this, consider throwing it in.
japan たたた
2013/09/11 0:40
Yugioh Icon
Effect meta that can be put into various decks such as Skidre Barba, Vanilla, Dark World, etc.
Really frustrating when used with locks
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/08/20 1:06
Yugioh Icon
A brutal card that can block Effect Monsters at a cost of 1000 LP. Although there is a hole, in most cases in the current environment where Effect Monsters are used frequently, it will stick. Also, by making a hole and creating a structure where only you are not affected, or by using the effect of this card, such as "Barbaros", it will become an even more powerful card.
japan 聖刻大好き
2013/06/04 0:02
Yugioh Icon
This card is as tight as 《Chain Disappearance》if you use the Holy Era
japan ともはね
2013/03/26 20:03
Yugioh Icon
It is a card that is not accumulated for those who use it. However, with the introduction of Pot of Duality and the easing of restrictions, it is becoming a key card. Destruction from Effect Monsters, deployment, and searches are all at once useless.
2013/02/14 9:02
Yugioh Icon
A card that should be called my pronoun
The meta system is the only deck of his that does not lose power no matter how the environment changes and can compete against any deck.
japan ファナナス
2013/01/31 16:49
Yugioh Icon
One of the representative meta cards. Basically, it is suitable for the side, but there is also a Deck that can be used from the main by making good use of the weakness that the effects of monsters in the hand and GY can not be negate. Dark World and Skidre Gear Valley are leading the way. Seal the effect with this card and beat with high RBI monsters. Recently, he often relies on Effect Monsters, so the influence of this card is immeasurable. Don't use too much for free
japan ファイア野郎
2012/10/30 19:27
Yugioh Icon
An Effect Monster meta card that blocks effects that are activated on the field.
With the increasing number of excellent Effect Monsters and the tendency to rely on them, there are even Decks that stop functioning with just this one.
However, you cannot negate effects that are activated in your hand or GY, so be careful.
It is a powerful support card for compromise summon monsters like Barbaros and demerit attackers with high ATK, and it can also be used in Dark World where there are many effects activated by GY.
japan ダイナソー紅月
2012/10/02 18:23
Yugioh Icon
It's an interesting card that can do various combos on its own, but
A real fight inevitable card when combined with the Rock Deck.
The trap card is also a drawback that can be stopped with Royal Decree or Psycho Shocker.
For the time being, seniors should use 《Jirai Gumo》.
Boar Soldier》and 《Nuvia the Wicked》's self-destruct effects cannot be stopped.
Exe costs also cannot be negated. What a surprise...
japan 二酸化炭素
2012/08/30 20:41
Yugioh Icon
Mr. MARU “I would like to introduce it to the side in Dark World. But I hate Dark World.”
japan ドラゴンX
2012/08/18 17:25
Yugioh Icon
Wow effect negate . Hooray!
japan 真ロストマン
2012/08/14 10:08
Yugioh Icon
A card that plays an active role in the Dark World. ((((;゜Д゜)))
japan みかんゼリー
2012/07/22 23:26
Yugioh Icon
In today's world where people tend to rely on monster effects, it's extremely annoying when used.
Any powerful opponent monster turns into vanilla in the early days.
Let's attack one-sidedly with Barbaros, Gunner Dragon, Vanilla, etc.
The LP cost seems cheap and can be heavy, so he wants to be careful with his LP when using it with Sentence or Warning.
It is recommended to use it in Dark World because it can exert quite a controlling force.
japan TT
2011/12/26 11:02
Yugioh Icon
The strength is that you don't have to keep paying the cost as long as you pay the cost first and successfully activate it. If you guard with 《Imperial Custom》etc., it is less likely to be destroyed.
If you combine it with a monster that can be compromise summoned, such as Barbaros, you'll have a pretty strong combination. It's amazing how there are no restrictions.
japan へろ
2011/04/03 13:17
Yugioh Icon
A super powerful card that can destroy some decks with just this card.
It's a card that affects your own field, but if you use a card that can use it in his deck, it will have a beneficial effect. You can kill two birds with one stone! !
I wonder if the cost of 1000 LP is plainly painful, and if you come to the second half, you can't activate it because you don't have enough LP...
japan とき
2011/01/20 17:32
Yugioh Icon
In the golden age of Effect Monster, its meta power is super first class.
Makes the cards in the field almost vanilla, and in some cases turns them into paper.
Since it is possible to negate the disadvantages of demerit attackers and the weakening of compromise summons, beatdowns that take advantage of this have become the core of meta beats for a while.
Note that it cannot be stopped until GY is activated. However, there are also his decks such as Moon and Sun that can introduce this card for that reason.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/13 20:56
Yugioh Icon
Although it can't be stopped if you aren't in play when GY is activated or activated, it's one that sticks in the current environment.
"Tyrant's Tirade" with a similar effect also came out, but I think it's easy to understand which one is easier to use, two releases or 1000 points.
Also, Decks that use Effect Monsters do not need to be in play at the time of resolution,
There are cases where it is used in Dark World and Hikari Dual.
japan NEOS
2010/08/12 20:03
Yugioh Icon
A trap that negates most monster effects.
Once out, it can be quite troublesome.
However, it is powerless against monsters that are demonstrated in GY. Be aware that in some cases you may be able to help others.
japan まくろる
2023/12/03 20:50
Yugioh Icon
japan 惑星調査隊
2023/11/11 12:52
Yugioh Icon
japan PORD
2023/11/09 15:18
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2023/10/01 19:53
Yugioh Icon
japan OKA山
2023/09/02 20:59
Yugioh Icon
japan 天和
2024/03/16 2:29
Yugioh Icon
japan 2013/11/08 23:27
Cards that shine in the Dark World
I'm always indebted to you (・w・)
The face that the other person dislikes pops up in my eyes (fufufu
japan 2013/09/15 18:26
brain muscle ally

Decks with "Skill Drain"

* is adopted as a key card.

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EXPERT EDITION Volume.1 EE1-JP211 2004-09-23 Rare
DUEL TERMINAL - Dragunity of the Gale! - DT06-JP048 2009-07-01 Normal
Power of Guardian 304-049 2002-11-21 Rare
GOLD SERIES 2010 GS02-JP016 2010-01-23 Gold
THE GOLD BOX GDB1-JP036 2012-08-25 Gold
20th ANNIVERSARY PACK 1st WAVE 20AP-JP025 2016-12-17 N-Parallel
Structure Deck R-Devil's Gate SR13-JP040 2022-08-06 Normal

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Rating Score Rank 948 / 12,768 Cards
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Card Type "Trap" Best Card Ranking 46th


Japanese card name スキルドレイン

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