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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > RARITY COLLECTION -20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION > Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon

Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon Used Deck

Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Pendulum Monster
Normal Monster
- 7 Dragon 2700 2000
Pendulum Effect
If an "Odd-Eyes" card(s) you control is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 "Odd-Eyes" monster from your hand, Deck, or GY. You can only use this effect of "Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon" once per turn.
Card Text
Made from miracles, this valiant and beautiful dragon has gleaming eyes that reflect an arc drawn in the sky.
Average Rating Score 10(20)
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"Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon" card reviews and rating scores

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japan かどまん
2023/03/12 14:24
Yugioh Icon
A design that could be called the Zarc version of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon"
Since the P effect is a combo effect that does not work by itself, you will need several cards including this card.
Because there are abundant search methods just by saying vanilla P of Odd-Eyes
Accident rate is very low
As usual with Yuya's theme, there are too many choices, and the problem is that it tends to be his deck that you can't decide what to choose even within the theme.
japan ???13
2022/12/18 20:31
Yugioh Icon
good as a support
information (lie)
Good as a bottom-up
japan アキ
2019/12/22 22:43
Yugioh Icon
Probably the best support card in the Odd-Eyes Deck. Also, the illustrations are cool.
japan ラーメン
2019/04/12 15:51
Yugioh Icon
Odd-Eyes, who came to Japan after appearing overseas, had a fairly high rate due to the low inclusion rate and strong effect in the rare collection before it was scattered in the 2018 expa.
As a monster, it is vanilla with 2700 RBI, but it has a powerful P effect and can call your favorite Odd-Eyes with a loose trigger. But it's okay, so it's possible to use the Vortex repeatedly, and it can move flexibly according to the situation.
However, the best selling point of this card is the number of search methods, Revolution, Advent, Iris, Strike Burst, 19 stacks including terafo for skill support, bring this card to half of the Deck It's easy to bring threats that can be filled with means, and because it's this effect, it's no wonder why it skyrocketed when the inclusion rate was low.
japan はわわ
2018/11/24 16:56
Yugioh Icon
Even though Odd-Eyes is strong at the time of vanilla P, it is cheating that the P effect is also quite excellent
japan ジュウテツ
2018/02/22 9:54
Yugioh Icon
I think it's excellent that if you recruit "Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver" with an effect, you can immediately connect it to "Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon".
As long as you meet the resurrection restrictions, you can resurrect "Odd-Eyes" monsters such as Fusion and Synchro.
"Sky Iris" can destroy "Odd-Eyes" cards and has good compatibility with "Odd-Eyes" Decks, so I think it's a good candidate for a card to combine with.
I think one of our strengths is that we are blessed with a wealth of search methods, including 《Spiral Flame Strike》.
japan しょきちょー
2018/02/17 8:27
Yugioh Icon
The rating suddenly dropped, so I thought something was wrong, but it's bad again...
It looks like it will play an active role as a must-have card for the Odd-Eyes Deck in the future.
japan 備長炭18
2018/02/16 19:55
Yugioh Icon
His Odd-Eyes monster, new overseas, recorded in Rare Collection 2.
There are many triggers for activating effects, as long as they are destroyed on the field.
Also, he now has another support for his Synchron entertainment with the Odd-Eyes name. It doesn't matter if you use it or not.
japan 闇を彷徨う彗星
2018/02/12 2:53
Yugioh Icon
Release it in the main story, I was looking forward to it (bosso
The never-before-seen, regular P Odd-Eyes dragon. Inheriting the easy-to-search Odd-Eyes P series, this card can only be described as a mass of ads for the Odd-Eyes Deck, which also has the abnormal recruiting ability of the P zone. The effect of the P zone is activated even if you destroy yourself, so you can combine it with Iris and Electrum to create even more combos. Now that it's normal, it even supports 《Advanced Ritual Art》, making it easier to deal with gravity.
It's simply excellent as a scale, and even if it were to be summoned, it would have a reasonable RBI of 2700, so honestly I can't find any bad points.
Although he has lost the monster effect, he has inherited the spirit of his Odd-Eyes P that destroys the P effect and calls the successor, and this card is his Odd-Eyes P's. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that it was an orthodox evolutionary system.
japan もも
2018/02/10 5:49
Yugioh Icon
The Ark Dragon.
A card that brings a dramatic change to the Odd-Eyes Deck.
japan とき
2018/02/07 21:49
Yugioh Icon
Will this card be the canonical evolution of Odd-Eyes? It's an OCG original, but it still retains traces of Zarc...
Since it is a vanilla Pendulum, the effect is only the P effect. When his Odd-Eyes on the field are destroyed by battle or effects, Special Summon his Odd-Eyes from his hand, deck, and GY.
Since it is a top-class vanilla Pendulum, Odd-Eyes, and Pendulum, the range of support is unusually wide, and it has an extremely wide range of skills such as summoner skills, super heavenly new dragons, "Sky Iris", skull bats, "Spiral Flame Strike", and duelist advent. Still, Scale 8, which has a powerful effect, makes a huge contribution to his Odd-Eyes P Summon and Special Summon.
Of the above supports, Sky Iris can even trigger this card's Pendulum effect. It is a card that can dramatically change the rotation of Odd-Eyes, and it may also affect Magician, which has good synergies such as Super Ten Shinryu. Is it a card to watch out for?
japan 光芒
2018/02/01 0:36
Yugioh Icon
It is his Odd-Eyes who is new overseas, and since it has the name of Normal Monster and Odd-Eyes, it is possible to search with many cards.
In addition, the P effect is very powerful, and you can Special Summon monsters with the name of Odd-Eyes from your hand, Deck, and GY using the destruction of Odd-Eyes as a trigger.》Of course, it will be possible to fusion summon Odd-Eyes Synchron and Vortex, which can be connected to the link summon of Harifiber, and you will be able to summon Dissolver.
For that reason, I destroyed Vortex in the EX Zone with Sky Iris and used this card's effect to revive it in the Main Monster Zone, then used the Vortex SS effect to reuse the bounce effect of one card on the opponent's face... A literal miracle card for the Odd-Eyes Deck.
japan アイギス
2018/01/30 23:17
Yugioh Icon
Odd-Eyes is the first person from overseas that I thought would never come. Although it's usually a Pendulum Monster, there are a lot of search methods, such as 《Sky Iris》and 《Duelist Alliance》. In addition, the Pendulum Scale is 8, which is a nice addition to the Magician Pendulum Deck. Also note that when his Odd-Eyes monster on the field is destroyed, he can send Odd-Eyes monsters "from the deck".
You did it! Oppa will increase more and more!
…It reacts to 《Sky Iris》and Electrum's destruction, so even if you add a few parts, you'll be able to make full use of this monster's power.
japan ABYSS
2018/01/28 21:42
Yugioh Icon
Vanilla P from Odd-Eyes.
In addition to high RBI, it has a powerful P effect.
Destruction is the trigger, so there are many compatible cards such as self-destruction of Opp, Iris, Pen Magic, etc., and his Odd-Eyes can be deployed from a wide range with Deck GY.
Since it is a level 7 Odd-Eyes Normal Monster, it also has the advantage of having many search cards that can be easily summoned into your hand.
It seems to be a card that strongly supports Odd-Eyes.
It's nice to have Zarc's name on it.
japan Arcanas
2018/01/28 2:00
Yugioh Icon
Highest ATK update in normal P...
However, with this P effect and scale, the first card I want to put on the scale
Good compatibility with 《Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
japan シエスタ
2018/01/26 10:08
Yugioh Icon
Odd-Eyes has a design that looks like the founder of Odd-Eyes, and although it was written on the wiki, the name is Z'Ark and the design of Z'Ark is incorporated here and there.
It's the first Odd-Eyes Normal Monster, but it doesn't have any effect, but it has a high stat, and he has a very wide range of supports like Blue-Eyed.
Pendulum Scale is easy to use with 8 without demeanor and P effect also he can trigger her Odd-Eyes from a very wide range by destroying Odd-Eyes. P is good at destroying and earning ads, so the activation conditions are easy, and there are no level restrictions on the monsters that can be created.
Anyway, it's easy to bring into your hand, but it's vanilla on the field, but it's also an excellent material, so it's a very useful card for Odd-Eyes.
japan ヒコモン
2018/01/25 21:17
Yugioh Icon
I thought I would have to wait until the extra pack, but it came to Japan in just 4 months. However, the extra secret frame is almost confirmed in terms of number, and a considerably high price is expected. Will it be reprinted in an extra pack and scattered? The performance is worth it just for vanilla Pendulum Odd-Eyes, and it supports 《Summoner's Art》as well as 《Spiral Flame Strike》. In addition, his Pendulum effect is very strong, and when the "Odd-Eyes" monster is destroyed by battle or effect, he can Special Summon the "Odd-Eyes" monster from the Deck and GY. 《Sky Iris》can be used to bring yourself, and it works great as an activation trigger.
japan なす
2018/01/25 21:07
Yugioh Icon
A scale 8 with an expansion effect triggered by the destruction of Odd-Eyes.
It can be searched with 《Sky Iris》, 《Summoner's Art》, etc., and it can be used as a search with 《Sky Iris》and his Pendulum Dragon, or reviving Vortex Dragon and connecting it to a bounce, so many combos are possible.
From now on he will be indispensable for Odd-Eyes.
japan shiro
2018/01/25 20:55
Yugioh Icon
Normal P that raises the Odd-Eyes Deck
P Deck Therefore, destruction can be arbitrarily caused by the iris etc.
You can easily Special Summon Odd-Eyes monsters, which leads to various combos.
It can be searched with a strike burst and the scale is also excellent
Even the Ritual Axis can be used and strengthened, so that's a wonderful word.
japan デルタアイズ
2018/01/25 19:42
Yugioh Icon
Yabe normal P monster finally landed in Japan
Since the SS conditions are so loose, Odd-Eyes Lancer and Dissolver, which were difficult to use until now, are easier to use, contributing greatly to strengthening the board.
Of course, if you combine it with the Electrum, you will earn an explosive ad.
His Odd-Eyes Vortex that was once released can be revived from his GY and repeatedly jumped sideways to the main zone.
Scale destruction can be treated with recruited Lancers, but be careful as it is weak against Urara.

Decks with "Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon"

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Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
EXTRA PACK 2018 EP18-JP047 2018-09-08 Super
SECRET UTILITY BOX SUB1-JP036 2022-12-24 Normal
QUARTER CENTURY CHRONICLE side:UNITY QCCU-JP077 2024-02-23 UltimateUltra

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 1 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 57,296
Type "Dragon" Type Best Monster Ranking 2nd
Card Type "Monster" Best Card Ranking 14th
Level 7 Best Monster Ranking 1st
Card Type "Pendulum Monster" Best Card Ranking 1st
Card Type "Normal Monster" Best Card Ranking 1st
Attribute "DARK" Best Monster Ranking 7th


Japanese card name オッドアイズ・アークペンデュラム・ドラゴン

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