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White Aura Whale Used Deck

White Aura Whale
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
- 8 Fish 2800 2000
1 WATER Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner WATER monsters
When this card is Synchro Summoned: You can destroy all your opponent's Attack Position monsters. This card can make up to 2 attacks on monsters during each Battle Phase. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage. If this card you control is destroyed by an opponent's card (by battle or card effect) and sent to your GY: You can banish 1 other WATER monster from your GY; Special Summon this card, and if you do, it is treated as a Tuner.
Average Rating Score 8.9(21)
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"White Aura Whale" card reviews and rating scores

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23% (5)
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japan 波切
2023/05/12 19:01
Yugioh Icon
Fish The whale (Fish) that came to be used in the theme [ghotti].
Gotis is a theme that can be synchronized during your opponent's turn, so it's fun to wipe out the Attack Position monsters that your opponent has lined up with this card.
However, since it is a ``optional effect of time'', it is easy to miss the timing.
With 《Gotis Fairy Sif》, if he increases his ATK by 500, he can attack twice with 3300 RBI, and when the opponent destroys this card, he can banish GY's Gotis monster.
japan コングの施し
2021/07/24 19:25
Yugioh Icon
His Synchro Monster has a somewhat strict material restriction, but has a dynamic effect to that extent.
Attack Position destroys everything, and Defense Position penetrates with two attacks.
The resurrection effect without turn limit is like a real destruction resistance.
With his moderate WATER level of 4 minutes + Quantum from Halifair, it's like a bomber blowing away all his Attack Positions on the opponent's turn.
In addition, Steam Synchron etc. also descends on the opponent's turn.
Also, with 《Ready Fusion》, it is possible to recruit 《Sea Monster of Theseus》, so it is strong that he can easily synchronize with even one WATER at level 3.
Byakutouki of course would be great in his deck with Frogs, Swordsoul and Crystron.
japan 奇怪賊
2020/11/30 18:00
Yugioh Icon
He is a monster that chooses Deck because he requires his WATER as a material, but the card has been re-evaluated with the appearance of Ice Barrier Strak and continues to be out of stock.
The feature is four merit effects, and ① to ③ will be engaged.
If the S summon is successful, the opponent's Attack Position monsters are completely destroyed, and the surviving defense monsters are attacked twice and penetrated.
The effect of ④ also revives him with 1 GY cost and no limit per turn. The effect of becoming a tuner doesn't have much of an effect because normally level 8 isn't used as a synchro material.
This card also has an interesting use. That is to S summon on the opponent's turn with Steam Synchron. The non-tuner can be Wayne, etc., but I personally recommend Dragon Ice.
japan ああ乙乙
2020/10/18 21:19
Yugioh Icon
In his deck of WATER, it has reset effect, penetration, double attack, and quite aggressive effects, and it can self-regenerate, so I think it will be an attacker. As expected of a whale.
japan バルクホルン
2020/02/25 22:50
Yugioh Icon
His conventional WATER tuner is honestly a monster that needs getting used to. Fishborg, Archer, etc.
However, Synchro and Tuner Monster Coral Dragon
Since it has appeared, it has gradually become easier to handle.
Other than that, I still feel like I'm not strong enough...
The ace monster used by Ren-san is her Synchro Monster, which greatly overturns the impression of WATER.
Its own effects are total removal, continuous attack, penetration and destruction.
Turning yourself into a tuner from your own girlfriend's GY is a place you can't miss, but the drawback is that her Deck that can be adopted is limited, and it can't be activated for exclusion or bounce, so it's not used frequently. is a pity.
Fish is not good at sweeping, so be careful.
Some heavy whale, maybe Citadel Whale?
As expected, I can't ignore comments that look down on other monsters...
japan sin FWD
2019/02/03 22:18
Yugioh Icon
Ace of WATER. Material designation is heavy, but he can be adopted without difficulty if it is a WATER theme.
japan シエスタ
2018/10/10 17:06
Yugioh Icon
Since it is completely water-bound, it is basically a card dedicated to water. Is it quicker to lift it from a double fin or deploy it in large quantities with a coelacanth?
Continuous attack for total removal, and also has penetrating and offensive effects.
Since it can only attack monsters in succession, I am concerned about the bad interaction with removal, but it is possible to kick and corner walls that could not be removed, so the value of existence is not small.
Also, if it is destroyed, it can self-regenerate with GY's water as a cost, and there should be at least two costs due to binding. We will also make it a tuner, but the level is too high for a tuner, and in the first place, it can only be activated when the opponent is destroyed, so it is not an element that can be used very much.
I think it's a card with performance that matches the restrictions.
A rare and strong card for a whale card. I want you to follow the example of a super heavy whale that requires 4 cards in your hand to summon. No one can refute even if such a thing is looked down upon.
japan 備長炭18
2018/02/22 22:06
Yugioh Icon
Due to the material, it is only used in his deck of WATER, but it has sufficient performance even considering it.
At the time of S summoning, Thunderbolt is still at the beginning, and it can be completely revived with a cost when the attack is penetrated twice and self-destruction is destroyed. Moreover, as a plain tuner.
Personally, in Graydle, which lacks stable means of attack, I am more grateful than a dragon.
japan 宵闇の変態
2017/10/07 7:40
Yugioh Icon
His Crystron savior who is short on RBI. Blow away those who rushed in during the opponent's turn with a pseudo mirafo, and do whatever you want with a penetrating double punch to those who are crouching.
Self-regeneration is unexpectedly difficult for GY, and he doesn't fit well with Crystron, and there's a lot of possibility that he'll be pushed back by something other than destruction, but I'm really thankful for an aggressive monster that can return to the main monster zone.
japan ジュウテツ
2017/05/18 17:19
Yugioh Icon
The effect of (1) can eliminate all Attack Position monsters, and the remaining Defense Position monsters can also be dealt with by the multiple attack and penetration effects of (2) and (3), which I think is excellent.
Due to the S material, I am grateful that the self-regeneration effect of (4) can be activated at least twice.
There are restrictions on the S materials, but with the "Graydle" Deck, you can use the effect of "Graydle Slime Jr.", and with the "Fish" Deck, you can combine Royal Swamp Eel, Double Fin Shark, and Silent Angler, so I don't think there's a problem. .
japan アルバ
2017/05/15 8:31
Yugioh Icon
Due to restrictions, he can only be used with a WATER Deck, but the effect itself is powerful.
Effect 1 is a simple yet powerful effect that annihilates the opponent's Attack Position monsters when Synchro Summoned.
The ability to attack 2 monsters twice and the piercing effect of 3 don't mesh well with the 1 effect, but if there is a monster in his Defense Position when the opponent is Synchro Summoned, the remaining monsters can be annihilated.
The double attack with pierce itself is a good combination, so it's effective when you put out the opponent's wall and extend your life.
4 is a GY like a dolphin, and he can be revived as long as there is a WATER monster, so he is almost destroyed.
As for tuning, I don't think you need to worry too much about it because it's hard to make it into a synchronized material at this level.
japan メンタル豆腐デーモン
2017/05/13 16:06
Yugioh Icon
It's a tight bond, but with WATER there's nothing to worry about
Demonstrates murderous intent in different ways against attacking monsters and defending monsters.
Like dolphins, if there is a cost, it will be revived no matter how many times it is destroyed, so it has real destruction resistance.
japan とき
2017/05/13 14:51
Yugioh Icon
A whale full of killing intent against monsters. Dolphin was a general-purpose card, but he is a WATER-only card.
However, there is a way to easily get it out with Double Fin Shark and White Eel, and due to the material, it will be easy to activate the 4th resurrection effect.
A trump card that is easy to understand, killing the attack position with the Raibol effect and continuously penetrating the wall card. Moreover, it is difficult to deal with it because it can easily be revived by destruction. The ability to take Ultra with this pack of outstanding faces is not just for show.
japan ABYSS
2017/05/02 9:35
Yugioh Icon
water binding level 8
It has a Mirafo effect when Synchro Summoned, and has attack performance that meshes perfectly with double attacks and penetration.
RBI is also enough with 2800.
It also has the effect of turning it into a tuner like a dolphin and reviving it, so it's pretty tenacious.
A monster that can be the ace of WATER.
japan ラーメン
2017/05/02 0:31
Yugioh Icon
WATER bound ★8 synchro, finally someone who can put out with launcher and dinik or megalo has come.
First of all, when summoning, the mirafo of the activation effect can't be weak, and the introduction of link summoning that can only be performed in the attack position is also a tailwind, and even the enma that gets involved is strong, so the strength of this effect is No explanation required.
Also, it mercilessly penetrates Defense Position monsters that couldn't be destroyed and attacks twice at once. It has plenty of brain muscle that doesn't even allow you to buy time on walls like tokens. .
In addition, even if he is destroyed, he will revive his WATER of GY at the cost, the effects of 2 and 3 are still valid even when revived by this effect, so it can be reused as a piercing attacker with 2800 RBI, and since it becomes a tuner, it will be even more synchronized. can also be connected to
It's a very good card that can be said to have strengthened Enma instead of binding the material, and it will definitely be used in his WATER Deck that can produce ★8 Synchro.
japan EXデッキ焼き
2017/05/01 14:08
Yugioh Icon
A monster that seems to be stronger if you read the kanji as it is rather than the English equivalent.
One of Fish's Synchro Monsters, which is one of the few, has an amazing destructive effect that destroys all Attack Position monsters at the time of Synchro, although it has a specified material, and can be said to be one of the answers to Link Monsters that cannot be in Defense Position. With the effect of ①, the field is leveled and waiting is a miracle card that has all the effects of multiple attacks + penetration effect that complement each other.
Plus, even if it's removed, it'll come back as a tuner at a loose cost, which is a bonus. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Fish, who hadn't been blessed with a synchro place, X, fusion, or P, has been given this much.
With the introduction of Link, Synchro's answer, which was inevitably weakened, would be a short-term decisive battle with "overwhelming card power".
If this was a general-purpose synchro, I would have given it 10 points, but due to the specification of the material, it has become a semi-exclusive synchro, so I gave it a 9 point.
Anyway, whales are not fish.
japan プンプン丸
2017/05/01 13:49
Yugioh Icon
"One of the three great demonic beasts. When it senses danger, it emits ``Mist of Annihilation'' from its mouth, erasing anything it touches from the world. What has been erased is neither remembered nor recorded."
Double Fin Shark》and an eel can be easily put out.
At the time of S summoning, the attack position on the front side is destroyed by the effect (erasing the memory with fog), and the remaining defensive ones are pierced and attacked twice (divided into 3 bodies) to devour them.
In addition, it has the effect of reviving many times even if it is destroyed, and it can be said that it has an exceptional status as a fish Synchro Monster. "But whales are mammals, not fish."
japan デルタアイズ
2017/04/30 23:12
Yugioh Icon
An S monster used by Ren.
It's not for general use because it's tied to WATER, but the effect is undisputed brain muscle.
The resurrection effect depends on the opponent, but it's good that the conditions are loose and tenacious.
japan ランペル
2017/04/30 21:53
Yugioh Icon
Both tuners and non-tuners have specified her WATER as the material, so let's do our best with the WATER Deck. A very powerful effect if you can remove all of your opponent's Attack Position monsters when S summoning is successful. ATK can of course be used to remove powerful monsters from your opponent at once. Not only that, it also has the ability to penetrate monsters twice, so it seems that the remnants who survived in ① can be destroyed without waste.
And his GY resurrection effect unique to White Aura. This is also convenient because it has the effect of excluding his GY's WATER and treating it as a tuner to revive him, just like Dolphin. Since it will be a tuner, it can be connected to further S, but since it is normally strong with 2800 RBI that has two attacks penetrating, it is more likely to fight as it is. Since it's a resurrection, it doesn't put pressure on the EX monster zone, so you can deploy another monster with peace of mind.
If it's in WATER, there's no other specification, so I think it's a powerful card that can become an ace in WATER!
japan にしん
2017/04/30 17:09
Yugioh Icon
WATER's S monster, although the material is limited to his WATER, the effect is very strong. With the effect of 1, it is limited to Attack Position, but it shoots Sambol, and it has two attacks and a piercing effect.
As long as GY has a WATER monster, it can be revived on any difficulty, and at that time it becomes a tuner, so it's good to have a good time. The only downside is the lack of resistance.
japan みめっと
2023/10/05 10:36
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "White Aura Whale"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
COLLECTORS PACK 2017 CP17-JP020 2017-05-13 Ultra

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 1,865 / 12,858 Cards
View Num 47,804
Card Type "Synchro Monster" Best Card Ranking 83rd
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 12th


Japanese card name 白闘気白鯨

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