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Red-Eyes Wyvern Used Deck

Red-Eyes Wyvern
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 4 Dragon 1800 1600
Once per turn, during your End Phase: You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 "Red-Eyes" monster in your GY; Special Summon that target. You cannot Normal Summon/Set during the turn you activate this effect.
Average Rating Score 6.1(27)
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"Red-Eyes Wyvern" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ねこーら
2022/10/13 0:35
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: Reviving can be done easily if trained with 《Red-Eyes Insight》.
GY's Red-Eyes can be revived in the end phase, but the probability of being defeated in the next opponent's turn is high, and it is not convenient.
If you use an equipment card on 《Red-Eyes Slash Dragon》, it seems like you can aim for suppression.
Turns that are not Normal Summon are also difficult to satisfy when using various supports.
After the turn has progressed to some extent, it is null to revive and maintain the front.
japan ブルーバード
2022/08/23 12:43
Yugioh Icon
A card that can be revived by sending Pure Breeds and Redame to his GY with 《Dragon Shrine》or 《Red-Eyes Fusion》.
For a time, I was able to revive Dragoon with this card.
japan ねおんちゃん
2022/07/01 5:30
Yugioh Icon
Overall Review: Due to the fact that the other Red-Eyes cards have too many flaws, this card is supposed to be really weak, but for some reason it's getting a lot of unique places.
Red-Eyes is the only WIND, one of the few Special Summons that has no level limit (= you can Special Summon redame). Considering that it is necessary to wait until the end phase, it can be said that the adoption value is almost nil in a decent construction.
If Red-Eyes had a powerful interference suppression monster, it could be an advantage in that it could easily stand up just by burying it and this card with a variety of GY manure such as 《Dragon Shrine》... And that card is now a banned dragoon.
For the time being, it is the only card in the Red-Eyes theme that allows you to put a Red-Eyes Black Dragon into play without putting an Effect Monster on the field in one turn. If you want to activate it, you can activate the search effect of Pacifis while summoning the black dragon by burying this card and the black dragon with Dragon Shrine. From there, you can lock with 《Dragon's Bind》and at the same time throw interference out of your hand. (Addendum: I tried really hard, but it was ridiculously weak. Phantasm is strong, but Red-Eyes is too weak, so the advantage of mixing it is 1, and there are about 1000 disadvantages.)
If this card is used as a dragoon fusion material, it will be possible to summon a demon-like card called "dragoon that will be revived on the next turn even if it is removed". However, needless to say, it is now less than a desk theory.
However, it's not that there are no practical uses for it, but since it's the only WIND that can be searched with the Black Steel Dragon, it's convenient because it can be quickly secured when you need Tempest's hand cost in a Dragon Link deployment. do.
Illustrated ads are super expensive.
japan シルキン
2019/11/30 12:19
Yugioh Icon
At the time of its appearance, it had useful uses such as redame revival from future fusion.
Adoption is now declining thanks to increased Red-Eyes support.
However, the fact that it can also be used as a fusion material for 《Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon》cannot be overlooked. 《Dark Magician the Dragon Knight》《Amulet Dragon》can also be used as a material, and in a 《Dark Magician》Deck where Special Summon is the main, it is easy to meet the activation conditions for this card.
japan ヒコモン
2019/09/20 13:00
Yugioh Icon
A revolutionary card for the time it categorized Red-Eyes. It can be used as a low-level attacker, and since it was able to revive 《Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon》, which was unlimited at the time, it was possible to combo with 《Future Fusion》. However, it is currently treated delicately because of the activation conditions. "Red-Eyes" monsters can be revived, but the end phase is slow and he can't activate when he's in Normal Summon, which is a pain. By the way, this card is the only "Red-Eyes" monster that is WIND.
japan もも
2019/02/13 21:40
Yugioh Icon
Lower class Red-Eyes.
Red-Eyes revive is good, but the late timing of the end phase of the turn where Normal Summon is not performed is still difficult.
If there are more cards that benefit from not using the summoning right, it may attract attention again.
japan シエスタ
2018/07/11 13:07
Yugioh Icon
In the past, the impression was that it was a high-ranking existence as a low-class Red-Eyed Dragon that was easy to use.
As a low-level attacker, it is necessary to save the summoning right late, but it is a red eye just by excluding GY. It was particularly attractive to be able to revive Darkness.
Unlike other Red Eyes, it is a disadvantage that it is difficult to share darkness support, but it is not a small advantage that it can trigger Tempest's search effect.
Currently, there are many low-class dragons, and many more convenient resurrection methods have appeared, so it is rare to see it, but I would like to differentiate it from the fact that it belongs to the Red Eyes.
Recently, I was hired on a business trip with Dragoon for a long time.
japan Closedays
2016/07/27 22:03
Yugioh Icon
A low-ranking crimson eye who is disappointed in many ways. The RBI itself is not low, but if you equip the Black Steel Dragon, you can exceed the 2400 line. If the attribute is wind, and the resurrection cannot be paralleled with the development, it will be very difficult to use. Just like the tracer, you can use the effect of the return just by NS, so it can be evaluated.
japan wings
2016/02/22 0:31
Yugioh Icon
Red-Eyes resurrection card. However, there is a strict condition that Normal Summon is not possible, and the timing is late as the end phase.
Dragon has a lot of resurrection methods, so if you put it in as a resurrection method for Redame for the time being, and make him a candidate for dropping to GY with Mr. Dark Matter, I feel that Deck will be a little more stable.
japan アルバ
2016/02/17 12:41
Yugioh Icon
In Dragnitistrac, it was like being thrown into a reprint with just one point, the wind dragon, so it was just like vanilla and it felt like it was floating.
In the giant dragon remake, it was thrown together with Redame, so the effect can be used, but since the target is only Redame, I feel like I'm floating with this...
Even though you don't need to use it on the turn sent to GY, you can only use the effect during the end phase of the turn you didn't Normal Summon, so the aim is still useless.
If you just want to use Redame, the problem is that there are too many rivals such as general-purpose resurrection, Apocalypse, and Light Pulser.
I was able to send a large amount of it to his GY along with Redame in Future Fusion, but that was also banned and now the headwind is very severe.
japan ファイア野郎
2016/02/06 11:57
Yugioh Icon
A card that resurrects Red-Eyes.
Not bad for a low level Dragon attacker,
It is very powerful in that it can bring out a Darkness Metal Dragon with a powerful expansion effect,
The timing is late with the end of your turn,
The difficulty is that it is necessary to surpass the opponent's turn in order to operate properly.
Furthermore, since he is his WIND, it is difficult to share attribute support with the original Red-Eyes.
The fact that Apocalypse, the Darkness Metal Dragon that had fallen into his GY, has been recovered, and the fact that it can also be used as a cost is also a headwind.
In addition, one piece that was treated as an unfortunate treatment that there was no target in the reprinted structure deck.
As expected, there was no second tragedy.
japan ラーメン
2015/01/12 0:10
Yugioh Icon
The end phase and restrictions are quite heavy on turns where Normal Summon is not performed, but the effect of reviving Redame is still not to be overlooked.
It's a pity that he's called WIND, although he appears a lot.
japan 消しゴム
2013/06/29 10:00
Yugioh Icon
I think the end phase is really hard.
If you want to use it, it's Ulrea and he wants to make the deck sparkle.
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/04/27 0:18
Yugioh Icon
If it was DARK, I think it would have been a lot different, but with WIND it's pretty painful that we can't share support. On the condition that Normal Summon is not performed, the timing during the end phase is quite troublesome, which makes it even more difficult to use. On top of that, "Future Fusion" has disappeared, so it seems that my shoulders are getting smaller and smaller...
japan サタン
2013/04/13 18:59
Yugioh Icon
A monster that has been robbed of its place of activity due to the existence of Apocalypse.
At the end, the mere presence of this card in GY can revive "Red-Eyes", but since it's not the main card, it has to be used as a wall.
In addition, the attribute is wind and the RBI is a subtle line, so only the difficulty of handling stands out.
japan バーン信者
2013/04/12 12:10
Yugioh Icon
Honestly, in relation to Redame, God Dragon Apocalypse is completely compatible with this guy, so I don't think there's any merit to using this guy. If the attribute was darkness, it would have been saved, but it's wind, so it's tough. A monster in many ways.
japan ファナナス
2013/01/22 16:44
Yugioh Icon
A card that can revive Redame. However, the end phase exclusion that does not perform Normal Summon and the important revival are slow. There are plenty of ways to send it to GY, but now that Monster Reborn and Living Dead are available, I don't think it's necessary to use it.
japan みかんゼリー
2012/06/29 17:17
Yugioh Icon
ATK is not low and can be used as an attacker.
I definitely want to use the GY effect.
The problem is that it cannot be used in the turn where Normal Summon is performed, and that the resurrection will be at the end.
If it's a redame main, you can get by without doing Normal Summon, but it's the end time...
Are you still strong?
japan 愛と正義の使者
2012/01/16 3:02
Yugioh Icon
An excellent category among low-level dragons with thin layers.
The conditions are a little harsh, but if the redame pops out, it's not a bad thing.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2011/07/15 21:35
Yugioh Icon
The greatest significance of adopting Red-Eyes and a servant of Redame.
Although there is a critical timing of resuscitation at the end, there is no way that the attacker who works even if sent to GY is weak.
Moreover, if it can be used to deploy Redame...
japan とき
2010/10/22 0:04
Yugioh Icon
In the past, it was delicious when I sent it to her GY with Damedora in Future Fusion, but...
Future fusion is banned, and its existence value is quite doubtful. This is a very painful place as it is a meaningless card unless it can be dropped to GY.
In the work of reviving Damedora, a rival called Light Pulser was born, and Apocalypse was able to aim for his Special Summon from the salvage, so the number of rivals increased rapidly.
The name "Red Eyes" was originally intended for this card... It's a pity that it can only be used in decks that are played with the original Red Eyes.
japan NEOS
2010/08/12 20:51
Yugioh Icon
ATK is okay.
Since the attribute is different from other crimson eyes, it is difficult to use, but it is quite usable.
Currently, it is classified as easy to obtain, but there is a problem...
japan フッキー
2010/08/04 1:11
Yugioh Icon
The end phase is pretty tough, and it's vanilla on the field.
It's a type of card that looks strong, but surprisingly it's not.
japan 2015/04/29 22:05
It was also strengthened by the black dragon's shadow.
You can summon and get 2400 RBI with black steel dragon equipment.
His ATK is inferior to Kuroishi Kuroryu, but Hiryu can be summoned even if it comes to your hand.
And the biggest enhancement is definitely Gaisen.
First of all, you can become Toradora or Dragocytus by reviving Labra.
You can do it with 《Dragard》, but you can also bring Wyvern with Atumus.
Also, you can get damage with the effect of Hiryu, but if you have Gaisen, the wall will increase.
One body in the end phase and one body in the opponent's turn.
Also, you can get 4 stars with Gaisen, or you can get Rank 4 with Keeper of the Shrine.
However, it's still too early to be relieved that this enhancement has given the wyvern a standing position.
Surprisingly, the retrograde dragon is also a star 4.
I wonder if ATK is trying to differentiate itself...
japan 2014/08/22 16:31
WIND - The end phase of the turn you haven't summoned is a very deductible point.
However, just thinking of him as a low-level attacker will do the job.
I am not afraid of being sent to GY. Therefore, it has significance as a wall.
Not only for Red-Eyes, but also for Dragon level 4.
You can take it out and Special Summon it, or you can bury it back.
It will still be a bad card for your opponent.
japan 2012/10/15 20:19
In the re-recorded structure deck, it is quite floating.
Being able to revive Red-Eyes easily is strong. Especially if you can get a redame.
Red-Eyes and attributes do not match, Normal Summon must be abandoned,
I wonder if the resurrection timing is the end phase.
japan 2012/04/16 21:25
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Decks with "Red-Eyes Wyvern"

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Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Structure Deck - DRAGONITY DRIVE SD19-JP014 2010-06-19 Normal
Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX TAG FORCE 3 GX06-JP002 2008-11-27 Ultra
Structure Deck R-Giant Dragon Resurrection SR02-JP009 2016-02-06 Normal

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Rating Score Rank 6,943 / 12,535 Cards
View Num 80,269


Japanese card name 真紅眼の飛竜

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