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Upstart Goblin Used Deck

Upstart Goblin
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Normal Spell - - - - -
Draw 1 card, then your opponent gains 1000 LP.
Average Rating Score 9(66)
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"Upstart Goblin" card reviews and rating scores

77% (51)
21% (14)
1% (1)
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0% (0)

japan asd
2023/01/13 18:52
Yugioh Icon
It is mainly used for the following purposes.
1. I want to store spell cards in GY (Sky Striker Ace etc.)
2. I want Deck compression (like Exodia)
3. I want to heal the opponent (Simochi Burn, etc.)
4. I want to use his spell card anyway (Endymion etc.)
By the way, when the Deck has 40 cards, the probability of drawing 5 cards and drawing 3 cards is about 33.8%. Of course not at all.)
In a special victory deck that doesn't want to shave his LP, it becomes a hand exchange card that has almost no disadvantages.
japan 超弩級スライム
2023/01/08 11:00
Yugioh Icon
If this is adopted, the number of cards in the Deck can be reduced from 40 to 37.
Basically, he is a card that is adopted in decks that aim to win other than LP such as Exodia, but in that you can use his spell card with almost no loss, Decks such as Magical Musket and Sky Striker Ace, and Simochburn's cards. It was also compatible with a deck that could make use of such recovery.
The downside is that besides his LP recovery, the chances of drawing a hand trigger on turn 1 are also reduced, so I don't think there's a benefit worth it in a normal beatdown deck.
Also, with the advent of Gokin and Kinken, it is becoming difficult to adopt other general-purpose draw sources, which is also a headwind.
japan ブルーバード
2022/10/12 12:46
Yugioh Icon
1 draw is not weak, but I choose Deck . A strange card that you don't see very often in an environmental Deck.
It's not an exaggeration to say that in Yu-Gi-Oh, or in other words, games in general, stopping an opponent's life is the simplest and most powerful way to control them. That's why I'm thinking about one-kill combos, but because I used this card, the fixed number was off and I couldn't get one kill. To put it bluntly, gaining an advantage is to win, but if you fail to finish off your opponent because of this card, it's putting the cart before the horse.
However, his deck, which is well suited, can be used even in modern times because it guarantees a 1 draw with no risk. It goes well with his Exodia, which has special victory, and Meta Beat, which is good at endurance battles.
Also, the ability to recover LP can be abused. 《Hope for Escape》, 《Bad Reaction to Simochi》, and 《Life Equalizer》are famous examples.
japan まくろる
2022/09/23 11:02
Yugioh Icon
This is a convenient piece that can be used for various things.
If this card passes, you can compress the deck for the time being, so you can actually reduce the number of decks he has when building the deck.
Furthermore, due to its draw effect, it can also be used as a trigger check in a Master Duel. Urara, proliferating G, and attractors are often hidden.
It is also possible to accumulate a number of magic counters for spell cards.
As written, he is simple and easy to use, so I recommend him for decks that want to increase the probability of drawing the cards you want to draw. With this card, you don't have to worry that there are no cards that can be scraped in EX, and that removing 10 cards is too risky. LP recovery sounds unexpectedly in a deck where he's slow to scrape LP, but...
japan ノクト
2022/04/14 21:06
Yugioh Icon
If it's a casual deck, wouldn't it be okay to stack 3 in brain death? A highly versatile card.
Not only is it easier to draw key cards by compressing the deck (it will be a deck of 37 cards if fully loaded), but it is also possible to activate [GY has a spell card] or [spell card] such as Sky Striker Ace, Endymion, Black Magician, etc. ] is also used in tournament decks for themes that demonstrate additional effects under the condition of In addition, in his Deck of Simochburn, [deals 1000 points of damage while exchanging cards], the phony effect turns into a terrible card.
At first glance, it may seem that his LP difference will give his opponent an advantage, but it can be said that this card has more performance than the first impression.
Personally, I would have been happier if the illustrations were a little cooler... I like this one because it's charming! ! ! !
japan みめっと
2022/01/17 10:27
Yugioh Icon
One of the spell cards that I myself could not grasp the magnitude of its existence at the time.
It is also a card that marks the beginning of one of his Goblin stories called Goblin of Greed.
It is said that having 3 copies of this card in his deck is equivalent to building his deck with 37 cards, due to the fact that he can exchange his hand for another card in the deck without loss.
It is useful as a means of accumulating spell cards in GY, and recovery of the opponent's LP, which is a disadvantage, can be said to be extremely effective as a means of activating and applying effects on the condition that the LP is lower than the opponent's.
As you can see in the illustration, it's designed to give the opponent a gift in the form of recovering 1000 LP. hey.
japan ユメ
2021/05/17 0:01
Yugioh Icon
When used as a gimmick puppet, he increases the stability of the deck and turns him into an excellent card that can make a difference in LP. You can do the same thing with 《Chicken Game》, but if you don't like reverse usage, you might want to use this.
However, as the LP increases, the kill line shifts, so sometimes you may miss the final blow. Be careful about that.
japan ねこーら
2021/01/30 10:32
Yugioh Icon
Overall Rating: Drawable at no loss, he becomes Deck Compressed and can be used just to store spell cards in his GY.
If it's a special victory system such as Exodia, he won't be a disadvantage even if he recovers LP, and he can earn magic counters at no cost.
You can also combo with cards that refer to his LP difference, such as "Hope for Escape", and if it converts to his ATK, such as "Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula", you can easily make up for the recovered difference with damage.
Also, if you attack 1000 recovery, the difference is easily filled.
I might put it in his regular deck for compression purposes.
With things like [Sky Striker Ace], he is hired for the purpose of accumulating spell cards in GY.
japan まさむね
2020/03/17 16:53
Yugioh Icon
In the current environment where ATK is inflated, a demerit of about 1000LP doesn't make much sense, but if you activate it continuously, the opponent's LP will increase in the blink of an eye. If you team up with "Chicken Game", you can draw without taking damage yourself, and if you activate it when the library is present, a counter will be placed on it. It is written that it is strong despite its appearance.
There is no doubt that this card shows its true value in special victory decks such as Exodia, but the fact that there is no limit to the number of times it can be activated is actually quite strong.
It's pretty useful to draw all 35 cards in his deck on the first turn, but with a normal beatdown deck, a small LP difference can decide the outcome. If it's a deck that can deal 5-digit class damage in one turn, you may not have to worry about that, but if it's a deck that doesn't, you'll need to think about it.
However, if you can activate it, you can almost unconditionally compress one of his decks with any of his decks.
japan シエスタ
2020/01/20 17:55
Yugioh Icon
Illustrated effect.
What I'm doing is simple, and it's a big selling point that it's more immediate than a bottle without a turn limit of the same name.
It leads to Deck compression and makes it easier to pull in the key card, but the point of giving a large LP ad is small and painful.
As already said, it is desirable to use his special victory deck, low speed type, and his deck that can hit a large firepower that exceeds 8000 damage.
It's a simple but deep card.
japan サンパイ
2020/01/18 17:29
Yugioh Icon
Opponent's LP increases? It's okay if you win. Definitely a useful draw source in special win decks like Exodia. LP recovery also helps the escape route Exo, and it becomes a burn in Simocchi.
japan ophion
2019/03/17 11:57
Yugioh Icon
His easy-to-use deck compression card that allows you to draw instead of recovering your opponent's LP.
Since there is no restriction on activation once per turn, if you can fire it repeatedly, you can accumulate magic counters at high speed.
Also, by taking advantage of the disadvantage of recovering the opponent's LP, you can play a role in fulfilling the activation conditions of 《Hope for Escape》, and by combining it with Simocchi and Reficule, you can deal 1000 damage while drawing. becomes
japan フラワーウルフ
2018/05/25 23:12
Yugioh Icon
When I was in elementary school, I thought it was a garbage card because the number of cards in my hand didn't change even though I was given 1000 LP.
I am surprised that it is now used in conjunction with the escape route.
japan わがじゃん
2018/04/29 10:06
Yugioh Icon
Generic Deck compression card.
By stacking 3 of these cards, almost 37 decks are completed. Well, 1000LP will be given to the other party unconditionally, but if the deck parts are less and the category cannot be filled with 40 cards, it is more stable to compress with this than to insert a poorly filled-in-the-blank card.
japan SEA
2018/04/29 9:08
Yugioh Icon
General-purpose Deck Compressed card exchange card has the disadvantage of recovering 1000 points to the opponent, but in the past this disadvantage was a bit painful, but now that speed has progressed, it is not a big disadvantage, and it is a strange place. It is insignificant unless used in If it's Sky Striker Ace, he'll compress the deck, and this card I used will help Kagari and Shizuku's ATK-related effect with his GY feed, so it's a good match.
japan はやとちり
2018/04/05 2:22
Yugioh Icon
Deck compression is strong anyway. Yu-Gi-Oh is a game that emphasizes combos, so this card that makes it easy to get combos is a very good class depending on his deck. It seems like 1000 recovery doesn't exist because it disappears with continuous attacks.
You lose a lot of variety in your deck, but it's safe to say that if you want a consistent combo, you're going to need almost 3 stacks.
japan 備長炭18
2018/03/03 10:09
Yugioh Icon
You know, a general-purpose draw card.
The disadvantage of recovering 1000 LP from the opponent doesn't matter so much if it's a Deck that aims for a special victory or scrapes with a large amount of damage.
If it's just a draw effect, you'll have a hard time choosing Gourd, so I'd like to consider the difference, such as using him to accumulate his spell cards in GY.
japan ソレイユ
2018/02/28 11:58
Yugioh Icon
Versatile card. His 1000 gives his opponent an LP advantage, but if you don't use it without thinking, it's like an error (it doesn't matter in the case of a special victory)
japan アナスイ
2018/02/21 14:21
Yugioh Icon
By adding 3 of these cards, 3 of Chicken Game, and 1 of Terraforming, his deck can be effectively reduced to 33 cards. If you use it to the full, the number of cards in your hand will remain the same, and the difference in LP with your opponent will be 6000, so it's something to think about...
As a result, the probability of drawing a key card in the first hand (when a draw card comes in and uses it) increases by about 20%.
Not only the upcoming Sky Striker Ace, but also Ritual Church, he will be happy if he accumulates spells in GY, so there will be more opportunities to add more advantages to hand exchanges.
I would like to use 《Contract with Don Thousand》for the burn deck, but other than that, wouldn't most of him fit in the deck?
japan おー
2018/02/07 15:38
Yugioh Icon
Even if you restore 1000 LP (3000 with 3 cards), it's a card that can be fully recovered just by making his deck practically 37 cards. However, there are many cards that I want to put in every deck of him, and the frame is tight and there is no space to put this card in.
japan アキ
2018/01/11 18:56
Yugioh Icon
When used with Reficule, it becomes a power card that draws 1 card and deals 1000 damage to the opponent.
japan A
2017/12/17 22:59
Yugioh Icon
Cards that reduce the number of decks
LP like 1000 is an error so you don't have to worry about it
japan 如月
2017/11/07 18:49
Yugioh Icon
1 My draw sauce.
It's a 1:1 exchange, but it comes in handy when you want a better card.
Recovering 1000 of your opponent's LP is not only a disadvantage, but you can also expect further draws such as 《Hope for Escape》!
I want to put it in the countdown deck~
japan カミア
2017/08/31 5:59
Yugioh Icon
Recently, perhaps because of the existence of 《Chicken Game》, the LP difference of about 1000 is not a disadvantage, but rather an advantage. If it is to that extent, it may disappear with an ordinary low-level direct.
Can be used as long as there are no compelling reasons.
japan シャイニング
2017/08/20 15:39
Yugioh Icon
Simply put, this is a card that reduces the number of cards in his Deck to a maximum of 3 at the cost of slightly increasing the opponent's LP.
There's no way it's weak, and it's a little regulated overseas
Whether it's a fan deck or a serious deck, if he can do what he wants to do or win, the more deck he is, the higher the priority of this card. In terms of escape route Exo, even the recovery effect is an advantage.
However, with Burn Deck, the recovery effect is super disadvantageous. should not be adopted.
japan なす
2017/08/20 11:40
Yugioh Icon
Instead of recovering 1000 LP, you can draw 1 card.
Although the disadvantage is not small, it can be drawn immediately at no cost. Indispensable as a draw source for special win decks that don't care about opponent's LP.
If used in conjunction with Simocchi, damage can be dealt.
japan 百式
2017/03/14 17:29
Yugioh Icon
I'm his LP cost 1000
Buy "Last 1 Draw"...
It is 10 points without complaint.
I don't think it bothers me compared to the preciousness of 1 draw.
I don't think it's going to rot unless there's too much to do.
japan もも
2017/02/21 1:45
Yugioh Icon
I think it's a card that brings stability to the Deck at the cost of recovering 1000 LP.
It's not even a disadvantage in a special victory deck that doesn't care about the opponent's LP, and it's actually a card to make it into his deck of 37 cards.
japan Enter
2017/01/06 1:49
Yugioh Icon
1000LP is too big and he can't even compress the deck
japan ジュウテツ
2017/01/01 9:42
Yugioh Icon
I think it's excellent to be able to draw immediately even though it heals the opponent.
In the case of the "Sky Striker Ace" Deck, he has a lot of cards that benefit the more his spell card is dropped in GY, so the point is that it is his spell card that can be activated almost unconditionally without a limit on the number of times it can be used. , I think it's a good match.
japan アルバ
2016/12/31 19:40
Yugioh Icon
His deck compression card with potential for inclusion in almost any of his decks.
If you want to make good use of the disadvantages of recovering 1000 points, you can combine it with Simocchi or a way out, but you can spin around and deal about 10000 damage and one kill. Can be used without thinking about recovery even in Deck.
You might want to be prepared if he goes first and starts running decks with this and Chicken Game.
japan ルイ
2016/12/29 21:16
Yugioh Icon
Wai, a beginner at that time. When I first saw it, I didn't want to give 1000 LP, I thought I should just let him draw 1 (Konami feeling)
Since you use 1 card and draw 1 card, it's great that you can actually start with a deck of 37 cards.
That alone speaks to how strong he is at being able to draw 1 instantly with spells without lag.
Even if you recover 1000 LP, it will disappear if you hit it, so it's not a big deal ◎.
It's a bit negative to recover in beatdown, but in special wins and combo decks, this is an advantage, so it's not necessarily a disadvantage.
It can be said that it is a super-excellent draw card.
japan メタルサイクロプス
2016/12/29 0:36
Yugioh Icon
For Deck compression. It's a Normal Spell, so it's a very convenient draw source.
However, 1000 cannot be ignored, and in general beatdowns, it is not a good card to put in without thinking because it cannot be scraped off due to giving his LP. If you use 2 cards, the difference is 2000. This is big. Think about it.
Stack 3 in decks that don't care about LP, go ahead.
japan デルタアイズ
2016/07/14 19:32
Yugioh Icon
Chicken Game》I am always indebted to you for the countdown.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/07/14 10:46
Yugioh Icon
It's an excellent draw source even though it gives the opponent 1000 LP.
If you are his deck with a special victory system, you can use it without hesitation.
Also, with Simocchi Burn, you can do 1000 damage to your opponent, so there is only merit.
10 points without any complaints in the special victory system and Simoch burn.
In addition, since it is a restricted card overseas, be careful if you are building his deck according to overseas rules.
japan くろゆき
2016/07/14 10:26
Yugioh Icon
Easy one draw just by giving 1000 LP to your opponent. Since it is a spell card, it can be used immediately. There are many decks that go well with him, such as Decks that can be turned at once like Bunmawashi Dark World, Simoch Burn, Decks that can create a powerful lineup that doesn't care about the LP difference, and Katsuro Exo.
Overall, it can be said that it is a convenient draw source.
japan げおんぬ
2016/06/21 1:45
Yugioh Icon
If you give 1000 LP, take another draw card. Increased G or something.
Chained Exodia Decks can be used for draw combos. Increase his opponent's LP and draw with a way out. Align the Exodia!
If you want to draw a key card like Skidre Qlihort, and you want to deal a lot of damage from a mass deployment, and 1000 LP is insignificant, it's a no-brainer.
japan ヒコモン
2016/05/19 12:17
Yugioh Icon
Recover your opponent's LP and draw 1 card. At first glance, he's just a card that gives his LP ad to the opponent, but in terms of deck compression, it can be used immediately, so it has the advantage of being faster than Legacy of Yata-Garasu or Jar of Greed. Also, with Simoch Burn, you can deal damage while drawing, and with Katsuro Exo, you can increase the number of draws by increasing his LP difference.
japan ゆくら
2015/09/28 17:34
Yugioh Icon
I want you to re-record it
Powerful Deck compressed card
LP 1000 recovery is quite big
If I hadn't recovered, I could have won...
A must-have card for special wins, simoch burn, etc.
Can also be used when you just want to spin with the Fun Deck
japan ぷれあです
2015/09/04 23:39
Yugioh Icon
Among the draw cards that have undergone strict adjustments, this is the most powerful draw card.
It goes well with special victory decks that pursue romance, such as his Exodia, and Simochi Burn.
In fact, the cards in sync are Cyclone, Hurricane, Mischievous Twin Devil, 《The Forceful Sentry》, Confiscated, Robbery, 《Painful Choice》, and Sacrifice.
2015/08/29 15:17
Yugioh Icon
I personally don't like it that much, but it's a very versatile card.
japan カンノーネ
2015/08/12 0:52
Yugioh Icon
Well, in exchange for 1,000 LP, you might think that he can make one less deck.
You can't stack 3 in the normal beatdown because it's just one step behind to defeat it, but it plays a very important role in Simochi Burn and Katsuro Exo.
Magical Musket raises the value yet again.
japan 音響Em
2015/07/12 12:05
Yugioh Icon
9 points in his particular deck
1000 LP is exquisite
500 LP fits in most decks so no
japan wings
2015/06/28 9:15
Yugioh Icon
Simocchi does damage, and Kakuro Exo increases his LP difference to boost Kakuro's draw.
With recent decks, 1000 LP can be blown away with just one attack, so even if it was his normal deck, this disadvantage would hardly be a disadvantage.
If it's a special victory, LP recovery won't be a disadvantage for him at all.
Also, I have the impression that foreigners often use it in some places. especially Chinese.
In that case, he's more for deck compression than draws.
At first, I was thinking, "I'll fill the deck for now," but I think the expression above, "I can make less decks," is a good one.
japan パックリボー
2015/05/08 21:46
Yugioh Icon
1 draw card for deck compression that can be used for other decks
He doesn't lose his hand, his LP doesn't decrease, and there are quite a few cards that can be used against 1000 recovery, so it's good for his deck that uses it.
If you want to fill the deck number, this is the first
japan 真の仲間
2015/03/11 4:36
Yugioh Icon
Combo Deck, Special Victory Deck Purveyor
Pretty high priority as a compression factor
japan otsk
2015/02/21 0:21
Yugioh Icon
Recommended for high damage decks and special win decks
Cross-compatible cards have greedy and humble cards
Over there, you can flip over three cards and add one card of your choice to your hand, and on top of that, you won't give your opponent an LP ad.
However, there are some drawbacks that cannot be Special Summoned, so I think both of them are pretty good cards depending on his Deck.
japan かのん
2015/01/12 16:08
Yugioh Icon
The same goes for his Exodia, which has nothing to do with his opponent's LP...
Simotchi Deck is the perfect companion.
japan wisteria
2014/04/27 22:22
Yugioh Icon
It's not a card that's 100% strong even if you stack it without thinking, but because it's relatively loosely bound, it has the potential to be used regardless of deck type.
Since the number of cards that can be referred to is higher, I think it's good to decide which one to choose based on whether or not to use Special Summon a lot and the stability of the deck. Of course, there are decks that can do both. If you feel that even 40 cards in your deck are too many, it's worth considering.
japan たたた
2013/06/24 3:43
Yugioh Icon
It's already a convenient card, but when Simocchi is activated, it becomes a complete madness effect that "I draw 1 card and deal 1000 damage to the opponent's LP".
It's also great that it's a Normal Spell
japan ファイア野郎
2013/05/20 23:00
Yugioh Icon
A simple but strong draw card.
The opponent's LP 1000 recovery is never light, but aim for a special victory or a 1 turn kill
Minor drawbacks with combo decks.
Under the influence of Simochburn, there will only be benefits.
It should be noted that his goblin would have a tragic experience later...
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/05/13 2:00
Yugioh Icon
It is very powerful to be able to draw 1 card just by getting 1000 recovery. However, 1000 is not a small number, so it's a card that really shines in special win decks and one-kill decks. In other words, it's basically a card that can only be abused...
japan みかんゼリー
2013/05/07 21:06
Yugioh Icon
An excellent Droso that draws very easily. 1000 Donation is painful, but it's not a problem with special wins like Countdown or Exo, or Simochi Burn, which turns healing into Burn.
There are others such as Kyoken, Car D, and 《One Day of Peace》, but these are popular for their ease of use and stability.
This card is also used in decks that want to quickly one-kill with a large number of deployments.
japan パの字
2013/03/15 1:40
Yugioh Icon
Although it adds 1000 LP to the opponent, it is a draw source with no other disadvantages. It seems to be treated unfavorably in one-kill decks, but it is quite effective in other decks. It may be interesting to combine draws while burning with Simocchi, or draw a lot with your desired escape route.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2012/08/02 12:32
Yugioh Icon
One that you often see as Droso when it's easy to one-kill.
Unlike Kyoken and One Day of Peace, it is strong in that it can be one-killed immediately after the turn it is drawn.
Therefore, in a special win system that doesn't care about LP, or a handicap deck that shreds ads other than LP ads, it is one that takes precedence over strong modes.
japan ゼロ
2012/03/31 11:32
Yugioh Icon
Combined with Simocchi, it shows 1000 damage + draw, which is about the same level as the prohibition.
japan とき
2011/12/18 20:22
Yugioh Icon
A draw source that draws 1 card from the deck and restores 1000 LP to the opponent. A former glory for Goblins, but as a card it still holds its value.
A pretty strong draw booster card. Its greatest strength is that it can be compressed with Normal Spell. Compared to pots such as Greedy Humility, Greedy Greedy, and Greedy Monetary, the disadvantages are light and easy to use, but since it only draws 1 card and recovers, there is a possibility that you can't beat it, so you should choose his Deck.
It recovers the opponent's LP, but if it's a deck that uses Special Summon to rush overkill levels, it's also a good idea to use this. Of course, it's also great for special win decks and simocchi burns that don't care about LP.
His illustration Goblin has become a regular card illustration, and there are plenty of stories.
japan m
2011/08/27 20:34
Yugioh Icon
Healing the opponent by 1000 points...it's a bit painful though.
If you think about it carefully, if you activate "Bad Reaction to Simochi", the opponent will take 1000 damage instead of recovering. And you can draw one card.
By the way, this Goblin of his appears on quite a few cards.
It might be interesting to look at them and imagine his life.
japan キラープリン
2011/05/21 0:27
Yugioh Icon
It has its drawbacks, but it's not that fatal, and since he can effectively compress the deck, it's a must-have card for combo decks.
In Shimotchi Burn, it's a scary card that does 1000 damage and draws 1 card...
His Goblin in this illustration appears in various cards, so it's fun to try to guess his life.
japan NEOS
2011/04/10 21:01
Yugioh Icon
1000 is a bit painful.
However, the draw is strong, so cards such as Exodia and Simocchi will come in handy in his deck.
This Goblin is gradually...
japan B
2010/09/26 17:25
Yugioh Icon
For special wins or locking purposes, you can have a 37-card deck with no risk.
Simotchi Burn and magic counter will also be adopted.
Also for overkill gimmicks.
japan フッキー
2010/08/15 11:49
Yugioh Icon
If you land a combo, you win, right? A card that can be stacked three times in the Deck.
Unlike "Legacy of Yata-Garasu" and "Jar of Greed", the difference is that it's a Normal Spell. (also how to use)
japan 惑星調査隊
2023/11/12 19:31
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2024/04/02 9:19
Yugioh Icon
japan PORD
2024/01/24 17:55
Yugioh Icon
japan 2014/05/29 19:46
Pot of Greed's backward compatibility restores the opponent's LP.
However, it was banned because the Pot of Greed was simply too powerful.
I'm not tired of just drawing, but I want to steal his LP that I gave to my opponent
Reversal Quiz》is recommended for those who are greedy to replace the entire LP.
I don't even know if I fail. There was once a legal cheat deck that was all green.

Decks with "Upstart Goblin"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
BEGINNER'S EDITION 1 BE1-JP018 2004-06-24 Normal
Magic Ruler MR-33 2000-04-20 Normal
BEGINNER'S EDITION 1 (7th period) BE01-JP015 2011-05-14 Normal
Structure Deck - Pendulum Evolution SD31-JP030 2016-12-23 Normal
Deck Build Pack - Spirit Warriors DBSW-JP043 2017-08-11 Normal
Deck Build Pack Secret Slayers DBSS-JP043 2020-03-07 Normal
SELECTION 5 SLF1-P095 2022-11-05 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 1,614 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 409,976


Japanese card name 成金ゴブリン

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