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Inferno Reckless Summon Used Deck

Inferno Reckless Summon
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Quick-Play Spell - - - - -
When exactly 1 monster with 1500 or less ATK is Special Summoned to your field while your opponent controls a face-up monster: Special Summon as many monsters as possible with the same name as the Summoned monster, from your hand, Deck, and Graveyard, in Attack Position, also your opponent Special Summons as many monsters as possible with the same name as 1 of their face-up monsters, from their hand, Deck, and Graveyard.
Average Rating Score 8.3(36)
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"Inferno Reckless Summon" card reviews and rating scores

33% (12)
63% (23)
2% (1)
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japan ブルーバード
2022/09/10 11:18
Yugioh Icon
Last resort for mass deployment. In Dragunity, the phalanx swarms out, and the one person who wins turns into Batteryman. It's not his original ATK, so if he lowers his ATK like Machine Duplication, he can deploy a large number of monsters. The famous combo with 《Celestial Transformation》.
It's pretty flashy, but the drawback is that it can't be activated unless there's a monster in the opponent's field, so it's easy to get spoiled early. It's a Quick-Play Spell, so keep in mind that it can be activated during the opponent's turn as well. A Deck that can climb over this wall is more than enough to use in modern times.
Also, you can avoid or reduce the situation by creating a situation where your opponent only has EX monsters in their field, or only restricted cards in their field. Unusually, you can use hand triggers such as Urara and Extra G or force his Kaiju Ravago against your opponent to kill the opponent's interference cards. As for Lavago, if it is decided, it will do 4000 damage, so I would like to try it once.
japan ねこーら
2022/02/09 0:22
Yugioh Icon
Overall Rating: An important card in a deck for combos that line up monsters.
Although Special Summon is required for ATK 1500 or less, the return is large in terms of using the same name card as much as possible.
He can also Special Summon the opponent, but since there are many situations where all the monsters come out of the Extra Deck, it is easy to deploy only yourself.
If you want to put out, the basic kana is something that will be strengthened by the number of cards with the same name, and something that can protect each other.
It is also possible to increase the number of deployments by using cards with the same name, such as Special Summoning 《Cyber Dragon Nachster》and putting out 《Cyber Dragon》from Deck/GY.
The drawback is that it requires monsters on the opponent's field, and the situation in which it can be activated is somewhat limited for the expansion effect.
japan 備長炭18
2020/03/16 23:10
Yugioh Icon
One of the strengths of RBI 1500 or less.
Due to the specifications, it can't be used when going first and sometimes sends salt to the opponent, and while it has many quirks such as missing the timing because it doesn't support damage staging, it's quite possible to get the same name card from the Deck, hand, and GY as much as possible. Powerful.
This increases the advantage of cards with other names in Field GY.
It has a lot in common with duplication of similar cards, but as much text as possible will continue to be its strength.
japan kitty
2019/06/09 13:24
Yugioh Icon
A card that works well with Sidra Harpie but is quite quirky
japan げおんぬ
2019/02/24 8:10
Yugioh Icon
Honestly, it's difficult to handle because it can rot in your hand.
Goes well with frogs. With the effect of "Swap Frog", he special summoned "Ronintoadin" that he dropped to GY, and on the field, using "Ronintoadin" that is treated as "Des Frog", he used this card "Inferno Reckless Summon" to level up. Special Summon 5 monsters, 《Des Frog》. Can be linked to Special Summoning a rank 5 Xyz Monster.
Or do you use it to summon excellent and heavy summoning monsters such as obelisks?
japan ルイ
2018/07/18 19:33
Yugioh Icon
The peculiarities and effects are quite good, and it's a representative card that feels great when it's decided.
Recently, it's not uncommon for the majority of monsters to come out of the EX Deck, and is it a good thing or a bad thing that only you can runaway summon?
It is often treated as a basic disadvantage to let the opponent deploy, but it depends on the way of thinking.
For example, pulling Hydride, the King of Illusions from Halifair, and dealing with Griongand, Mistworm, or Trishula from Rampage Summons is often an advantage in the end.
Isn't it unique to this card that you can use it to increase the number of targets on purpose?
It's not stable, but there are plenty of entertainment elements, so it would be interesting to build his deck around this card.
japan シエスタ
2018/07/18 18:00
Yugioh Icon
It's an effect that makes 《Machine Duplication》more complicated and general-purpose. Currently, the number of expansion cards has increased significantly, so it's easier to meet the conditions, but it depends on the opponent, so it can't be activated first. This point is a little more painful than duplication.
Since the conditions are somewhat complicated, it is necessary to understand the rules properly before using them.
Also, since the opponent can deploy regardless of the RBI, there is a risk of deploying multiple ace-class bodies. However, it is rare that you can't deploy from EX and drop to GY multiple times, so in the current environment where there are many reliance on EX, this difficulty is being resolved.
It's a very interesting card that enables various combos, but it's also somewhat difficult, so I think it's a high-risk, high-return card for experts.
japan アメメ
2017/09/05 8:05
Yugioh Icon
This card seems to be fairly major as a combo card.
As good as it is for combos, it's high return and just as perishable
I want to think carefully about the number of inputs
By the way, he can't be activated if he is Special Summoned by Dameste (recruit when destroyed in battle, etc.)
Beginners should be careful
japan なす
2017/08/17 15:55
Yugioh Icon
A Quick-Play Spell that can be deployed in large numbers if the conditions are met.
In addition to securing materials, you can deploy a large amount of high-level Fairy in combination with Kojinka, and you can kill 1 by short circuit after arranging 《Batteryman AA》.
japan ペンギウィン
2017/07/14 10:25
Yugioh Icon
cluster of possibilities
Although there is a risk, one deck that becomes easier to use as the number of decks mainly consisting of EX decks increases
Since it has the same name, it can't be used for Synchro as it is, and due to the ATK limit, the level tends to be low, so it was difficult to call a powerful Xyz, but with the appearance of Link, a new path has come into view.
japan メタルサイクロプス
2017/01/07 23:41
Yugioh Icon
The conditions are strict, and even if the conditions are met, the opponent will hesitate to activate if there is a monster that can be Normal Summoned. In addition to being able to call from anywhere, it's a Quick-Play Spell, just like a runaway summon. Various combos have been created, and if you have multiple 3 stacks of 1500 or less, you can consider adopting this card.
japan EXデッキ焼き
2016/09/24 14:27
Yugioh Icon
Although it has its own drawbacks and restrictions, it is still strong in arranging monsters together, and many combos have been created using this card. However, it was a card that was expensive and rarely used, but it will finally be reprinted and the price will come down.
japan デルタアイズ
2016/07/22 15:38
Yugioh Icon
It's a fairly expensive Quick-Play Spell. It's a card with strong combos and quirks, but it's exhilarating once it hits.
Congratulations on your re-recording!
japan SOUL
2015/12/20 17:34
Yugioh Icon
You have to Special Summon ATK 1500 or less in some way, and you can't use it unless there are monsters in the opponent's field, which is quite a heavy condition, but the effect is very powerful.
There are various explosive combos, such as the deployment of monsters that can be terrifying when three of them are lined up like Aokiki, and the deployment of a large number of high-level monsters that can be used as a Cyber Dragon Core to deploy Cyber Dragons. can be connected to
It's a large card, but if you value explosive power, you should definitely incorporate a combo using this card.
japan ペジャング
2014/02/28 12:08
Yugioh Icon
Although there is a risk that the opponent will deploy it, it is a card that plays an active role as a companion for mass deployment.
You can SS most fairies with a combo with Kojinka.
Also, Special Summon monsters can go out of control if they go to his GY by regular means.
One of my recent favorites.
japan ぴ愚民
2014/02/26 18:05
Yugioh Icon
To the Palico of Xyz. If the opponent is only his Xyz Monster, the opponent will not go out of control and only you can go out of control. Well, today is also a runaway summon!!
japan シロタ
2014/02/22 20:47
Yugioh Icon
The name of the runaway summon is not date. As long as the conditions are met, the other two can be summoned from almost anywhere.
Depending on how it is used, such as Batteryman and Fairy after Light Godization, it creates amazing explosive power.
However, there is a risk of allowing the opponent to deploy a large number of large monsters, so be careful when using it.
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/12/27 18:29
Yugioh Icon
It's a card with a slightly strong combo, but since you can deploy 3 of them at once, it's a good idea to use it to activate cards that have effects when placed on the field, or to Xyz Summon. It can only be activated during Special Summon, and it cannot be activated unless there are face-up monsters on the opponent's field, so it is a bit restrictive, but if it can be activated, it is a card with explosive power.
japan 黒生
2013/11/07 4:30
Yugioh Icon
Now that Xyz Summoning has become the norm, it's hard for opponents to go out of control, so with a Deck that can easily perform Special Summons, it might be a good idea to try stacking it.
japan 光天使
2013/10/23 11:12
Yugioh Icon
The main use of this card is to line up a large number of low-stat monsters and connect them to Xyz. The activation conditions aren't all that difficult, but if you chain to this card's activation and get hit with a free removal, you can end up in a hellish situation where only your opponent will play out... It's strong, but it's also high risk, so it's this score.
japan もきゅおーん
2013/04/30 9:28
Yugioh Icon
If you meet the conditions of the Special Summon, there is a sign of reversal even in a cornered situation! ! If the opponent is powerful, there are often restrictions and summoning restrictions, so there are many one-sided developments.
I love him for Harpie, and oddly for Fortune. Dalkey, which can increase the number of deployments by increasing the number of opponents, Waterry, which can draw 6 cards, etc.
Romance is wonderful! !
japan ととら
2013/03/15 19:50
Yugioh Icon
A card you want to use if you are confident that you can deal with opponent monsters
The habit is quite strong, but it can be used quite well if you get used to handling it.
2013/02/25 22:16
Yugioh Icon
I can afford one kill
japan ファナナス
2013/02/12 11:54
Yugioh Icon
The activation conditions are fairly strict, but not so much that you can't aim. A powerful expansion card that can be put into various decks. It is necessary to do a Special Summon, but there is no shortage of means these days, such as the Living Dead.
It's fine as long as it's 1500 or less when it's on the field, so it's great compatibility with Light Deity. 3 of the splendid VENUS are out of control. It goes well with the Batteryman AA type and 《Naturia Fruitfly》, which show their true value by lining up with many others.
japan わたV
2013/01/24 18:41
Yugioh Icon
An excellent card that can be evaluated as a monster just by the existence of this card.
Combos with AA type and light deity are very famous, but there are many other uses such as Shark Drake from 3 extra swords.
japan ファイア野郎
2013/01/14 17:14
Yugioh Icon
A card that rampage summons monsters on each other's field.
Since it deploys a large number of monsters with the same name, it is an interesting card that can be connected to all sorts of combos, such as satisfying the activation conditions of Batteryman and Gael's sweep cards and 《Three of a Kind》, and deploying finisher class Fairy monsters with light deity transformation.
Although it will cause the opponent to Special Summon as well, it will be effective if you prepare a removal card in advance or use it when there is a limit card or his Special Summon monster.
Note that it can not be activated by Special Summon by Recruiter.
japan みかんゼリー
2013/01/14 16:40
Yugioh Icon
A fun combo card to use.
The key is how to Special Summon the monsters in your mind, but if you can arrange the activation conditions well, you can deploy them in large numbers.
However, be careful that your opponent can also go out of control, so use it for an attack that you have absolute confidence in.
japan オンリー・MARU氏
2012/11/06 21:19
Yugioh Icon
Mass deployment is possible. There is a fairly minor card called "Mitsukobu Rakuda", but summoning them and drawing 3 is also attractive.
The downside is that the opponent can do it, but it's still great that he can Special Summon from various locations.
japan そうだ、ロリコンだ
2012/04/28 23:58
Yugioh Icon
An excellent card that can be expected to do various combos, such as Batteryman, of course, summoning a runaway wok, and summoning a runaway redame with holy time. Since it can be summoned from anywhere other than exclusion, it is easy to line up 3 monsters with the same name on the field. Note, however, that the opponent can also be summoned.
A card that can target the recently released 《Three of a Kind》. However, if he is not in a situation where he can be special summoned, it will be rotten, so he should try to build a deck.
japan daruku
2011/10/13 18:26
Yugioh Icon
The opponent also has a special summon, so you have to deal with it
Three bodies are attractive Well, assuming a combo
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/20 10:00
Yugioh Icon
A card that can do some pretty interesting things.
1 card that can be used as a fire starter for combos, such as 1 kill with Batteryman or 3 draws + 3 cards destroyed by Destroyer.
Note that it cannot be used for damage.
japan NEOS
2010/10/22 18:59
Yugioh Icon
Deployment is good, but it depends on the opponent anyway.
I want to activate when the opponent's monster is a monster that cannot be Special Summoned.
japan とき
2010/08/16 21:59
Yugioh Icon
The peculiarity is quite strong, but it is still an attractive mass-deployment card.
The combo with Batteryman AA type and Koshinka is famous. A battery corps with ATK 3000 and a large angel with his ATK as it is attacking.
I don't want my opponent to summon a runaway as much as possible. I want to use it when there are only monsters that came out of Extras, Ritual Monsters, and monsters that cannot be Special Summoned.
A card with tremendous destructive power also poses a great risk. Find out where to use it.
japan みめっと
2023/11/26 16:03
Yugioh Icon
japan ねおんちゃん
2023/10/11 0:43
Yugioh Icon
japan 2013/05/26 0:03
Explodes when used with the 8th Axis Sacred Engrave. For the time being, 3 Blue-Eyed can be lined up.

Decks with "Inferno Reckless Summon"

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Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Duelist Pack - Manjome hen - DP2-JP025 2005-10-20 Super
Structure Deck "MACHINER'S COMMAND" SD18-JP028 2009-12-12 Normal
Structure Deck R -Kikai Ryu Rebellion-! SR03-JP030 2016-09-24 Normal

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Rating Score Rank 2,978 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 302,889


Japanese card name 地獄の暴走召喚

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