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Gold Sarcophagus LimitedUsed Deck

Gold Sarcophagus
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Normal Spell - - - - -
Banish 1 card from your Deck, face-up. During your 2nd Standby Phase after this card's activation, add that card to the hand.
Average Rating Score 9.1(48)
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"Gold Sarcophagus" card reviews and rating scores

79% (38)
16% (8)
2% (1)
2% (1)
0% (0)

japan プンプン丸
2023/03/27 15:44
Yugioh Icon
It's a banished version of 《Foolish Burial》, so it's natural to limit it, but it has a strong synergy with cards whose effects can be used by banishing them, and being able to pinpoint them from the Deck is strong. Sometimes it returns to your hand, so one grain is twice as delicious.
japan かどまん
2023/03/27 15:04
Yugioh Icon
A card that was used in the final duel in the original, but its effect has changed significantly in the OCG.
It used to be a slow environment, so it's slow
It was also used to search for cards that were difficult to draw.
It will soon be used to remove arbitrary cards from the Deck.
It is a card that is repeatedly regulated and lifted as it is used in his deck destruction without 《Necroface》and in the all-purpose search of [Dragon Ruler].
After that, the number of removal effects has increased, and it has become a powerful card in some of his decks.
In [Thunder Dragon], which can activate various effects when excluded, it becomes a versatile first move card.
Even with [Flowandereeze], there are many effects that can be used under exclusion
japan ねこーら
2022/04/11 0:16
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: A useful card that can be triggered by exclusion.
A very useful card as it can be used quickly when it is banished.
In addition to 《Necroface》, it can also be used in Dragon Ruler, Shiranui, Metaphys, and even Ritual Beast, where banished cards are important.
It's useful to simply add it to your hand after 2 turns, and after using its effect, you can search for it and use it again.
Although it takes too much time for search purposes, it is quite useful as it can earn an advantage if you think about it as a side effect of exclusion.
japan ブルーバード
2022/03/01 19:41
Yugioh Icon
Excluded version. It is outrageous that it was used as a search tool in the past. For his first-class decks, all of them were used like a slam dunk.
An archetype that excludes 《Necroface》has appeared since its introduction. Combined with 《Soul Absorption》, it was exploited as the engine for Devifla One Kill and Saturn One Kill. Necroface The effect of the Golden Chest was so great that most of the cards involved were regulated.
After that, it was used sparingly in 《D.D. Scout Plane》and Laval, but after the appearance of Dragon Ruler, it became a card that searched unconditionally and was regulated again. After that, surprisingly, he was not punished in the turbulent 9th term, but in the 10th term, he went on a rampage with Thunder Dragon and was finally restricted.
It's an effect that doesn't even look like the original, but later a card similar to the original version, 《Crossout Designator》, was created and is still in use today.
japan 京太
2021/09/06 2:46
Yugioh Icon
A card for earning exclusion ads.
The search is at most 《Final Countdown》.
japan 死なない男
2021/04/06 12:48
Yugioh Icon
An exceptional ability to bring any card from the Deck to your hand.
Moreover, since it goes through exclusion, it can't be negate in Urara, so it's delicious to be able to activate it with confidence.
However, there is a time lag as compensation,
Adding the selected card to your hand is very slow in your second standby phase after activation and in the current environment.
However, it works well with banishing triggers such as Sandra and Necroface, and most of the time it is used for that purpose.
Even so, it can be used effectively as a normal search for slow-moving Decks and Decks with a lot of Traps such as Dyzer.
japan カディーン
2021/02/01 21:34
Yugioh Icon
It used to be known as an all-purpose search, and was a power card that was used in various decks, but its position declined as it became out of reach in the second standby phase of the present age, where the speed is increasing.
This time it is treated as the excluded version of "Foolish Burial" and runs at the top of the line.
There are many cards whose evaluations change greatly depending on changes in the environment, but it is quite rare to say that a card that completely compensates for lost strengths with newly gained strengths.
japan アキ
2019/06/17 14:39
Yugioh Icon
His spell card has been regulated due to the increase in cards that benefit from exclusion.
Had it been used as a search tool, it would not have been regulated even now.
japan kitty
2019/06/12 17:18
Yugioh Icon
Due to the increase in cards that can be excluded and earn ads, the excluded version has been neglected.
japan ター坊
2018/11/26 1:14
Yugioh Icon
In effect, the excluded version "Foolish Burial". It is good to use it for the type of monster that activates the effect simply by being excluded.
japan 肉体派おじゃる丸
2018/09/15 0:38
Yugioh Icon
Let's destroy Metaphys.
japan シエスタ
2018/07/24 14:37
Yugioh Icon
It's similar to Different Dimension Capsule, and unlike over there, it reveals the search destination, but since it doesn't need to be kept on the field, it's less time-consuming and more reliable.
However, as a search, the delay is conspicuous in any case.
As it is often said, it is mainly used as an exclusion version "Foolish Burial" rather than as a search.
Depending on the environment, there are many class transfers due to the revision of restrictions, but with the current card pool, isn't it already unlimited?
japan 備長炭18
2018/07/16 0:02
Yugioh Icon
You can banish any card from your Deck at no cost and bring it into your hand in 2 turns.
There is a problem with this slowness, but the main point is that the effect of the card can be activated immediately by excluding it with his face-up.
Once active in Dragon Ruler, it can be considered Ritual Beast, Metaphys, and more recently Thunder Dragon.
(Although it has been restricted this time, it is speculated that the influence of Tempest is also included.)
japan はわわ
2018/03/22 15:13
Yugioh Icon
Great success as a fill-in for the excluded version
Of course, it can be used as a search card even though it is slow at 2 turns.
A strong card that is currently unlimited, but could be regulated at any time in the future
japan ペンギウィン
2017/08/03 20:43
Yugioh Icon
Commemorating the release of the alloy golden chest
It's a little disappointing that you can't feel the original image in the effect at all
If there was an effect like "Sealing the activation of cards with the same name while the selected card is removed", it might have become like that?
Aside from that, search is still powerful
Even if you use it as it is, it's quite difficult, but it's a card that shows its true value when combined with exclusion use tactics.
japan もも
2017/07/06 14:10
Yugioh Icon
The usage may have changed a little from the past to the present, but
Depending on the environment, it will become a brutal card.
That's why unlimited limits change over and over, this card! !
Metaphys is probably going to get worse again.
japan なす
2017/07/05 23:09
Yugioh Icon
If you remove a card from the Deck and add it to your hand after 2 turns, it will have a search effect with a time lag.
In addition, it can also be used in combos with cards that exert effects through removal. If it's a deck that revolves around exclusion, I'd like to include it.
japan ナナ
2017/06/27 11:07
Yugioh Icon
An impressive card that decorates the beauty of the end in the original work.
It is one of the best in terms of effects and illustrations.
japan ルイ
2017/06/11 20:21
Yugioh Icon
I am always indebted to Ritual Beast and Shiranui.
The all-purpose search is certainly powerful, but the 2-turn lag is painful, and in high-speed environments, the duel is often over before it reaches the hand.
However, if the time lag was one turn, it would have been too strong, so I guess it can't be helped.
Since it passes through the exclusion zone once, it is simple but convenient to be able to search by bypassing the search meta.
Basically, it seems that it will be the mainstream in the future to use it as the excluded version "Foolish Burial".
There was a time when the price continued to soar because it was an appendix card of the Valuable Book, but I'm glad that the price has settled down since the reprint was decided.
I think it's a tricky card that is neither too strong nor too weak.
Let's give full marks from his deck correction currently in use.
japan デルタアイズ
2017/06/09 18:40
Yugioh Icon
Congratulations on your re-recording.
It works well with cards that are effective when banished. It's also good to simply banish key cards.
Well, you definitely have the image of Dragon Ruler...
japan アルバ
2016/07/31 8:10
Yugioh Icon
Wait 2 turns and he will get whatever card is in the deck.
However, if you only have 2 turns, your opponent will be ready for countermeasures against that card, and by the time it comes into your hand, it will already be a slow card.
Excellent as a combo part as it can remove any card from the Deck.
Although it is his old Deck, representative ones are Dragon Ruler and 《Necroface》.
Or to return with DDR or Levier.
japan げおんぬ
2016/06/19 20:08
Yugioh Icon
You can bring the card you want, even if it's not on the turn you activate it. An impressive card for first-generation Yu-Gi-Oh lovers. Yami Yugi vs Omotesu Yugi. I was impressed.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/06/16 1:51
Yugioh Icon
In the original work, the card sealed in the Golden Chest was rendered unusable, so it became a key card in the direct confrontation between Yugi and Atem.
Yugi: You can't even use the [Monster Reborn] I sealed in the [Golden Chest].
It is also an indirect message to Atem, who says, ``The (souls of the dead) must not remain in this world.''
It is a card that says, "Yugi decided to part with Atem."
In OCG, it is a card that can search for [any type of card], and since it is temporarily removed and searched, even 《Thunder King Rai-Oh》interference does not work.
However, since waiting two turns is a long time, a Deck with an exclusion gimmick can be used as a pseudo 《Foolish Burial》.
It's also perfect for bringing cards that are difficult to search for. [Final Countdown] The Deck is easy to use because you can search for key cards.
In Japan, it is unlimitedly relaxed, but overseas it is still a restricted card, so it is very difficult to win with 《Final Countdown》under overseas rules.
japan ラーメン
2016/03/17 0:51
Yugioh Icon
Although it is slow and indirect after 2 turns, the effect itself is a card with a rather dangerous statement that "you can search anything from the Deck", and the wide search range is top class, or rather, top among all cards.
However, I don't have the luxury of waiting for two turns in the current card pool, and it's difficult to use it for the purpose of "searching for my favorite card". It is a card that can be said to be an exclusion version that allows you to "fertilize".
It's a required level for Ritual Beast, which mainly moves in the exclusion zone, and there's room for Shiranui, which activates its effect with exclusion, and so on. I can't even use it.
It was restricted because it was abused by Dragon Ruler, but one year after Dragon Ruler disappeared, it finally returned to unlimited after going through a semi-restriction. So, from now on, Ritual Beast will fight with Wen and the strategy of stacking this card and increasing the rate of moving on the first hand.
japan チョコチップ
2016/03/16 20:26
Yugioh Icon
Although it takes two turns, its pinpoint search is powerful. Almost any deck can be included.
In addition, it is a convenient card that is also used as a pseudo 《Foolish Burial》in decks that use a lot of exclusions.
japan sento
2016/03/12 13:05
Yugioh Icon
He can be used in the deck and is strong!
Searching for your favorite card is strong even if it becomes a time machine
japan ジュウテツ
2015/11/30 12:52
Yugioh Icon
In the "Thunder Dragon" Deck, I think it will be useful because it can activate the effect when most of the "Thunder Dragon" monsters are banished.
japan カンノーネ
2015/11/30 0:16
Yugioh Icon
When Dragon Ruler was there, it was a convenient card that could search for a 4-attribute Dragon and get Dragon Ruler in your hand two turns later.
Now Shiranui is a roundabout search where he removes Guji from his deck, splits one card, and adds it to his hand after 2 turns. It also has the role of forcibly fulfilling the activation conditions of 《Miracle Dig》.
japan ゆくら
2015/11/29 10:13
Yugioh Icon
pinpoint search
A time machine that can be found out by the other party but can be searched absolutely
I thought...
Some four brothers told me
japan 音響Em
2015/07/16 0:43
Yugioh Icon
9 points for certain decks
If you can win by drawing, search for a card and survive 2 turns to win
Crystal Wing + 1 body bounce with this and beigoma
japan サンダー・ボルト
2014/09/11 22:04
Yugioh Icon
It's slow, but it's a very rare card that can search for spells and traps, and it's a useful card in decks that have cards that you really want to draw into your hand. However, it is important to exclude more than that. Needless to say, the compatibility with Necroface from the same Valuable Book 9 is powerful, such as combining it with a returning card to make an indirect search, excluding "Dragon Ruler" and changing it to his Dragon search. This card can also be used for combos.
japan フカヒレ
2014/06/05 16:34
Yugioh Icon
Dragon search card. picture? different?
Add any card from Deck to hand after 2 turns
The limit was lifted because it was slow, but it was returned to the limit because it was too compatible with Dragon Ruler with exclusion search...
japan exa
2014/04/24 8:28
Yugioh Icon
It is extremely effective when there are cards that must be drawn in or when cards that have been removed can be used immediately. However, if you use it for search purposes with his normal deck, the slowness of 2 turns and the ease of reading the development by revealing the card are bottlenecks.
Also, now that Dragon Ruler is heavily regulated, I doubt that this card is a restricted card.
japan wisteria
2014/02/28 1:50
Yugioh Icon
A very strong piece. The biggest attraction is that it almost never rots in your hand. It boasts outstanding synergy with Dragon Ruler, but I would like to ask Dragon Ruler to regulate it so that Decks that don't use Dragon Ruler won't be completely affected.
japan ジブリ
2013/11/26 17:39
Yugioh Icon
Gold Sarcophagus》is a good card for me, but I think it's natural that it's not an all-purpose card.
When used in Yamidora, it was excellent because Redame was a light monster for its size, but when used in Dragon Ruler, I couldn't think of using the search effect to exclude his Dragon Ruler, which is essential. I think there are many people who recognize that this card is often used in sets for Dragon Ruler, but if you just exclude it, it doesn't have to be a Dragon Ruler, so if you start using this card, it's the same. You have to accumulate D/D R in order to return from banishment. There's certainly synergy, but I don't know if it's really necessary. I thought it looked strong because everyone was just using it. And I don't understand why an advisor recommends such a card to others even though the concept is unclear.
This card itself is probably excellent, but I didn't think it would be that good when used for Dragon Ruler, so I gave it this rating.
japan ファンデッカー
2013/09/21 12:54
Yugioh Icon
it's expensive
please re-record
japan 降衣
2013/04/16 18:07
Yugioh Icon
There is no reason why the card that can bring the key card to the hand is weak.
It is strong because it can be excluded by the effect of Dragon Ruler → It can be connected to search. If you didn't have one before Dragon Ruler, you'll be in tears.
It's also nice to be able to pinpoint the effects of the included "Necroface".
The loss of 2 turns is painful in a high-speed environment (it can't be helped).
However, that weakness has become less of a concern in his Dragon Ruler, making him at the forefront of regulation. It's strong w
japan サタン
2013/04/15 18:52
Yugioh Icon
A versatile search card that can reliably pull out any card.
In Dragon Ruler, of course, it is used in his deck where it makes sense to remove 《Necroface》. Waiting for 2 turns or salvaging is a bit of an annoyance, but either way the performance is high.
However, since it has not been reprinted, it is naturally difficult to obtain.
japan とき
2013/01/23 17:05
Yugioh Icon
A Normal Spell that removes one card from the Deck and adds it to the hand during the second Standby Phase after activation.
It is an unparalleled all-purpose search card, and although waiting for two turns is slow in a high-speed environment, this effect that can reliably search for any card is not weak. In particular, you want to use it in decks that are key to cards with poor search methods such as Continuous Spell and Continuous Trap.
In addition, although it will be collected in the end, it can also be used as the excluded version of Foolish Burial, and it is possible to combine cards that activate effects mainly when excluded. Or rather, the reason why it is regulated is this effect.
Of course, the Necroface included in the package was transformed into a Dragon Search Card in the era of Dragon Ruler. Currently, it is excellently compatible with Thunder Dragon.
It was evaluated as a search card for a long time and became semi-restricted, and later became unlimited, but after the appearance of Dragon Ruler, it was temporarily restricted due to its good compatibility. Dragon Ruler was buried in black history, and I thought it would return to semi-limited and unlimited again, but this time, with the return to Tempest and the success of Thunder Dragon, it was a turbulent card that restricted again.
japan ファナナス
2013/01/23 13:15
Yugioh Icon
Almost completely upward compatible with 《Different Dimension Capsule》. There is also a time lag, and speedy cards such as Koken have also appeared, but as an all-purpose search card, it boasts top-class usability. It can be used simply as a search card, but he can also be combined with other cards with removal-related effects, such as Laval, Fortune Lady, and Dragon Ruler.
japan ファイア野郎
2012/11/15 18:17
Yugioh Icon
A card that can be pinpoint searched from the Deck for any key card.
Unlike 《Different Dimension Capsule》, it has the drawback that the search card is revealed to the opponent,
The advantage is that once removed, the search card will not remain removed.
It would be interesting to use the exclusion to activate 《Necroface》or Scout Plane effects.
It takes 2 turns to come to your hand, so it's a bit late, so be careful not to take any countermeasures or get killed by 1 turn during that time.
To be honest, wouldn't it be nice to have it reprinted soon?
japan 7878
2011/07/09 20:56
Yugioh Icon
I think 《Different Dimension Capsule》would be fine, but...
japan 氷結界の龍
2011/06/30 16:25
Yugioh Icon
A second keycard that puts a keycard in your hand
japan キラープリン
2011/05/20 20:56
Yugioh Icon
Since it takes 2 turns, it is often too late to remove the card you want to add to your hand at that moment, but focusing on the fact that you can remove it from the Deck with pinpoint accuracy, if you combine it with a return card, you can conversely increase your quickness. A tricky piece that can be done.
It's an indispensable card for various combo decks, but he puts a lot of emphasis on stability, so even if he puts pins in the deck randomly, it won't be very useful due to the disadvantage of time lag, so he plans to introduce it in consultation with the deck.
japan NEOS
2011/01/25 21:57
Yugioh Icon
Unlike 《Different Dimension Capsule》, it has the advantage of being able to stably add a key card to your hand, even if your opponent knows about it.
Also, since it is on the front side, it can be thought of as a similar exclusion version 《Foolish Burial》.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2011/01/25 20:19
Yugioh Icon
General-purpose search card. 《Different Dimension Capsule》Tearful eyes.
As long as you can activate it, it's strong that you can safely add it to your hand after 2 turns.
Even now that the speed has increased, there are many convenient points such as bringing materials for one-turn kills.
Sometimes I remove the same VB 《Necroface》and cut 5 cards.
I was encouraged to be late for a period of time, but I became a toy for the Dragon Ruler, which benefits from excluding it, and became a body that can't get out of the limit...
japan フッキー
2010/08/14 0:45
Yugioh Icon
Dueling speeds up, but still a card that will shine as long as you have a key card.
japan みめっと
2023/08/24 13:36
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Gold Sarcophagus"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
The Valuable Book 9 VB09-JP002 2006-08-26 Ultra
Memories of the Duel King 15AY-JPC26 2014-08-23 Normal
Structure Deck -Cyberse Link SD32-JP027 2017-06-17 Normal
PRISMATIC GOD BOX PGB1-JP031 2020-12-19 Normal
Structure Deck: Albaz Strike SD43-JP027 2021-12-04 Normal
LINK VRAINS PACK 2 LVP2-JP015 2018-11-23 Rare
QUARTER CENTURY CHRONICLE side:UNITY QCCU-JP198 2024-02-23 UltimateUltra

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 1,484 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 331,123


Japanese card name 封印の黄金櫃

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