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Branded Opening LimitedUsed Deck

Branded Opening
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Quick-Play Spell - - - - -
Discard 1 card, then take 1 "Despia" monster from your Deck, and either add it to your hand or Special Summon it in Defense Position, also for the rest of this turn after this card resolves, you cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck, except Fusion Monsters. If a Fusion Monster(s) you control would be destroyed by card effect, you can banish this card from your GY instead. You can only use each effect of "Branded Opening" once per turn.
Average Rating Score 9.8(10)
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"Branded Opening" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ツバサ
2022/11/24 19:28
Yugioh Icon
The effect of recruiting or searching Despian monsters from the Deck is powerful, but the drawback is the effect of discarding 1 card from your hand.
In the past, it was a good match because the hero-related was abandoned, but now that the hero is regulated, it's just a difficult effect to handle.
That said, Recruit is strong, so he's a must-have card in the Despian Deck right now.
japan くず
2022/09/14 4:47
Yugioh Icon
The strongest card that can recruit Despian who can search for the strongest card 《Branded Fusion
japan タマーキン(封印)
2022/04/06 18:53
Yugioh Icon
Cards related to KONAMI's recommended Albus story
Therefore, as usual, naturally strong at the level of missing two heads (Springans can cry)
Although it's a Defense Position, you can choose between Special Summon or Search, and the effect that other themes and races want.
Special Summon Albel to bring 《Branded Fusion》or 《Branded in Red》, yes strong
In addition, he can Special Summon the Great Drama God and Kageki, and can search for Comedy, which is a triggered defense card, depending on the situation.
Special Summon is designated as Defense Position.
Since you're discarding your hand with effects, even if you get hit with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring by Branded Opening, it won't be a big disad like Cynet Mining. If you throw it away, the act of throwing it away won't be a disad, yes strong
In addition, his GY effect protects himself by excluding himself from his GY when Fusion Monster's effect is destroyed.
Will you go there?
Moreover, there is no category designation, and it is a generosity that protects all Fusion Monsters.
After using 《Branded Opening》, fusion binding is attached, but before using it, there is no particular binding, which is also flexible.
Most of all, if you use 《Branded Opening》, you will also use 《Branded Fusion》, so there is no point in using only Fusion Monsters as extras.
Furthermore, since it is a Quick-Play Spell, even if you double it, you can use it immediately on the next turn.
Even if you are shot by Cosmic Cyclone and excluded, it can be recovered with 《Springans Kitt》because it is a Branded Spell.
That female brat is too convenient
Yet the rarity is normal
It is a reasonable power card to think that it was made with regulation from the beginning
About a year after the actual implementation, it became a semi-restricted
Even though it's a highly recommended theme, KONAMI couldn't ignore the high market share.
Is it possible to give this a score other than 10?
Rarity is N even in Master Duel
It's a highly recommended theme, so you can build it at a low cost, so everyone should use it♪
japan 京太
2022/03/19 9:51
Yugioh Icon
A card to connect from Albert to 《Branded Fusion》.
On top of that, discarding your hand is an effect, so there is no loss even if you throw it away.
There was no reason why this normal guy wasn't regulated.
japan ジュウテツ
2021/08/23 15:50
Yugioh Icon
Although there are restrictions due to the effect of (1), if you recruit 《Aluber the Jester of Despia》, you can search for your favorite “Branded” Spell/Trap, which I think is excellent.
Even after being sent to GY, the effect of (2) can take over the destruction of the Fusion Monster's effect, so I think there is no waste.
japan シエスタ
2021/04/22 9:13
Yugioh Icon
Using his hand as a cost, he can search or recruit Despian, and since that cost is also processed and discarded, he can combo with not only Despian but also Dark World, making it easy to make up for losses and aim for further development.
Moreover, since it is a Quick-Play Spell, it can also be used as a defense.
GY's destruction resistance is also good for his Despian fusion, which is combat-powered but not effect-resistant.
It is a defensive deployment and you can only use EX after the effect of 1 is activated, but this performance makes you think that it is not good, and it is flexible to some extent because it is activated "after" and haste.
It's very good as a support, and it's one that will be essential if you operate Despian.
japan みめっと
2021/04/22 8:14
Yugioh Icon
Branded Spell Trap has his Despian name in Gekijyo, but as of April this is the only card with an effect that references Despian.
But one of them is the strongest Emergency Teleport called Quick-Play Spell, which allows you to search or recruit his Despian monsters while discarding your hand with an effect.
He may not be as versatile as the nadir, but he is undoubtedly Despian's strongest spell, and it's not even a rarity...
With this effect, you can bring in a derivation that creates the initial move, and because it is discarded by the effect, even if you get hit by Urara, it will not cause a big disadvantage, and it will also trigger a tragedy.
You can also search for a comedy that can keep you in check and recruit Daido Gekijin, so if you already have enough divinity and branded cards, you can choose that as well.
Of course, it's not all about the good things, but after activating it, everything other than fusion is blocked, and since it's recruited in the Defense Position, it has disadvantages such as not being able to use it in battle immediately unless it's used as a fusion material, but this is an acceptable level. prize.
The Great Drama God has 3000 ATK, but his defense is low, so it's a pain that he can only be Special Summoned in the Defense Position, but if you use it as a fusion material, he can regenerate himself and get up. You can.
Rather, you should be grateful that this ability comes with his GY effect that can be used as a substitute for Quick-Play Spell & Fusion Monster when the effect is destroyed.
japan ウキキーボード
2021/04/20 18:46
Yugioh Icon
Tragedy Begins
It has the strongest performance of recruiting from Deck.
Aluber the Jester of Despia》is the first move to recruit, and it is urgent to bring in a Field Spell 《Despia, Theater of the Branded》that can be fused every turn with Arbel's SS effect.
If you can afford it, you can recruit Dramaturge of Despia to solidify your board.
However, Despian monsters tend to be overly ATK-heavy, so if you're defending, you'll be quickly defeated. I want to use it as a fusion material as soon as possible.
Since it's an effect rather than a cost, it's even better if you discard 《Despian Tragedy》or his Shaddoll to trigger the effect.
However, if you use it, you won't be able to get anything other than Fusion Monsters, so you won't be able to get Link Monsters or Rank 8 monsters that are relatively easy to get out of Despian.
Mixing with Shaddoll or Invoked might be quite a pain as it would seal Gracon, Artemis, and Anaconda if this was the first move.
japan ムー大陸
2021/04/20 16:39
Yugioh Icon
Discarding your hand with effect processing is strong, and Special Summon is strong regardless of level.
The GY effect is strong as long as it's a fusion body.
A card that can only be seen to become even stronger with his Despian additions in the future.
japan 波切
2024/06/12 10:02
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Branded Opening"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
DAWN OF MAJESTY DAMA-JP054 2021-04-17 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 320 / 12,858 Cards
View Num 19,698
Card Type "Quick-Play Spell" Best Card Ranking 17th


Japanese card name 烙印開幕

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