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Knightmare Unicorn Used Deck

Knightmare Unicorn
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Link Monster
Effect Monster
- - Fiend 2200 -
2+ monsters with different names
If this card is Link Summoned: You can discard 1 card, then target 1 card on the field; shuffle it into the Deck, then, if this card was co-linked when this effect was activated, you can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Knightmare Unicorn" once per turn. While any co-linked "Knightmare" monsters are on the field, for your normal draw in your Draw Phase, draw 1 card for each different card name among those co-linked "Knightmare" monsters, instead of drawing just 1 card.
リンクマーカー左上 リンクマーカー上 リンクマーカー右上
リンクマーカー左 LINK - 3 リンクマーカー右
リンクマーカー左下 リンクマーカー下 リンクマーカー右下
Average Rating Score 9.5(24)
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"Knightmare Unicorn" card reviews and rating scores

87% (21)
12% (3)
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japan かどまん
2023/02/11 12:19
Yugioh Icon
1 [Troymare] that produced a general-purpose link
It has a summoning trigger effect with a hand cost of 1 common to the same theme.
Has the effect of bouncing one card into his deck
Often used as a set with 《I:P Masquerena
In that case, it is also possible to hit like Spell Speed 2
In addition, the synergy is tremendous because it is also connected to "Accesscode Talker"
The summoning conditions are loose, so it can be used on any deck, regardless of the battle position of the bounce target.
There is a feeling that 《Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer》etc. was stunned due to the strong cooperation between the above links.
Since its introduction, it has occupied a position as a general-purpose link 3, and it was also a card that was expensive due to its slow reprint.
japan 愛佳
2023/01/26 23:24
Yugioh Icon
A long-awaited reprint and a version with different illustrations is now available in Japan.
The summoning conditions are loose, the cost is low, the type of card can be targeted, the deck bounces regardless of the front and back, and the fact that you can easily return the card to the deck is valuable, making it one of the best Link 3 cards. , After all, I:P Mascarena's Accel Link is powerful, I want to connect to Link 4 after using the effect, and the draw effect is a bonus, but it's a nice effect, so if you can aim for it, I'd like to aim for it. Even if you don't have 《Knightmare Goblin》and 《Knightmare Mermaid》, I think you can still aim if you try hard.
Even if a very good card is reprinted, the new illustration version is likely to be quite expensive, but I really want to get one.
japan asd
2023/01/11 14:40
Yugioh Icon
While many powerful Link 3s require 3 or more as materials, this card is fine with just 2 and has a highly practical effect.
It's currently the most popular card in Link 3.
In other decks that don't use Link 3, it can be used just to make Accesscode Talker with 5300 RBI even without using effects.
Also, Deck Bounce, which is considered to be the most powerful of removals, can be used from EX, and this card can handle most of those with destruction resistance and his GY effect.
japan tierraの供物
2022/06/11 18:43
Yugioh Icon
To commemorate the re-recording of World Premiere 2022. congratulation! Now, starting in September, I won't have to mess around with unicorns in his decks... as long as unicorns don't end up in the rarest slot...
A famous monster that is said to be strong no matter what deck it is piled in any deck because it has 3 loose links and a powerful removal effect called deck bounce. Using it with the IP Mascarena as a set to remove furiche is already a beauty of style. The draw effect is a bit airy, but it's quite feasible in a Deck that does a lot of Link Summoning, and you can also use the highly versatile 《Knightmare Phoenix》.
In the new illustration released in the overseas advance and World Premiere Pack 2022, it has been confirmed that Ivries is happily flying in the sky with Evries on his back, but I wonder if Ivries is like that when looking at the ecology of a creature called a unicorn. .
I'm sorry I'm not sure yet. However, 5 different illustrations from the past are included! It was advertised that it would be possible to record it!
[September 8, 2022 postscript]
Good night! ! ! I'm sorry! ! ! Even though it's still disrespectful! ! I told you that the re-recording was confirmed... I wonder if it can't be canceled...! ! !
japan 金平糖
2021/11/21 8:46
Yugioh Icon
The strongest general-purpose link 3. A card that everyone would like to see reprinted.
In addition to the extremely strong performance of this card itself, there are no general-purpose cards that are easy to put into Link 3 in the first place, so the market is completely monopolized.
japan ティンダングルの慟哭
2021/08/20 19:05
Yugioh Icon
The highest peak as a general-purpose link 3
The material is loose and the deck has some expansion power.
You can aim for a bounce on your opponent's turn with Mascarena, or team up with Reeve.
The attribute of darkness is also a tailwind
japan ソリティアマスター
2021/06/01 9:49
Yugioh Icon
beautiful unicorn. The price is rising because it is not reprinted against demand. Combined with Mascarena, Friche Deck Bounce can be used, so it feels like a flexible card that can be quite useful as a countermeasure or a flip.
japan みめっと
2020/01/23 19:09
Yugioh Icon
A splendid monster that defended the general-purpose link 3 most right wing until the end for the three years of the 10th term when Link was introduced.
His decent ATK, a deck that doesn't choose the type of card, a useful removal effect called bounce, extremely loose restrictions and the number of materials required, unlike the Troymare guys in Link 2, it's not suitable for the opponent's side, and it's a main extra Which zone? A capable link marker who can work from anywhere.
If you put it in your extra deck, you can't miss it, and it's pretty good to be able to insert one removal at the relay point following Link 4.
It is also easy to be adopted in a set because it is mutually linked with the versatile Phoenix.
japan カンベイ
2019/07/12 23:42
Yugioh Icon
One of the Troymare and one of the general-purpose Link 3 monsters.
If you link summon, he can bounce the cards on the field with just the cost of the hand, and the removal performance is excellent. Normally, it is used because of its high removal performance, but in the heyday of FWD, it was used to return cards on the field.
Also, in the new pack chaos impact, Link Monsters such as Unchained Soul of Rage and IP Mascarena that can Link Summon this card during the opponent's turn will appear, making this card even more powerful. .
japan お空は青い
2019/06/04 15:31
Yugioh Icon
Built-in castel + draw. just with a phoenix down there
It becomes a draw 2 with battle destruction resistance. too strong
japan kitty
2019/05/25 21:50
Yugioh Icon
General purpose link3. Deck bounce and bonus draw effects
japan げおんぬ
2019/02/25 11:06
Yugioh Icon
Castel from Link 3.
japan TK
2018/08/15 17:43
Yugioh Icon
A corner of Troymare. When doing EX Link-like things, Droso will be at home because the Divine Sword is enough or too much.
As a general-purpose card, he has a strong deck bounce, so if you have an EX slot, I recommend it.
japan デルタアイズ
2018/07/04 1:04
Yugioh Icon
Yu-Gi-Oh unicorns are all fierce
Easy bounce general-purpose link 3 Draw recovery is very strong
japan 京太
2018/06/24 14:31
Yugioh Icon
A representative of modern oppression cards
japan ジュウテツ
2018/01/31 11:30
Yugioh Icon
Although it is a little heavier than LINK3, I think it is excellent that he can bounce the deck regardless of the type of card or battle position because the material is looser.
japan ルイ
2018/01/25 13:39
Yugioh Icon
Unicorn... bounce... ugh! head···!
It's still better than some unicorn in jail, but the Deck bounce is pretty bad.
The strong bounce of Deck has already been proven by Tiramisu and Kokansho, so no explanation is necessary.
It is an exceptional level as a draw source because it increases the number of types of Troymare that are usually linked to each other.
Since it's LINK3, the weight of the material is a little worrisome, but I don't mind that because the ad is an order of magnitude worse.
In the first place, you will be able to achieve an extra link when a large amount of draws are decided, and it will not be a problem to surpass the turn.
In the course of the solitaire, there will be FWD in the Trigate Wizard that is fully linked to each other, so I don't think there is anything to worry about.
So the short story is that it's a pretty dangerous card. It feels like inflation has come this far.
japan ヒコモン
2018/01/25 12:24
Yugioh Icon
Link 3 Troymare that can be bounced by Deck when Link Summoning is successful. Since anything can be bounced, it is extremely versatile. It is very useful even if you subtract the point that requires a cost as a common effect. The second effect is to increase the number of cards drawn during the Draw Phase by the number of co-linked “Troymare” monsters. It's nice to have more draws, but it's necessary to have your turn while maintaining mutual links, so if you're superior to that, isn't that important? Even so, there is no difference in the pleasing effect. When I say bounce with a unicorn, I associate it with the infamous 《Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin》.
japan illjiji!
2018/01/24 16:50
Yugioh Icon
I thought it looked like a griffon and the attributes were reversed ((
With relatively loose material restrictions, he has a top-class removal called Deck Bounce, and one marker down, so his versatility as an individual is outstanding.
As Troymare's unique effect, a great power word is written, but if you succeed in maintaining it, it's basically overwhelmingly superior, so you can't deny that it feels a little overkill.
japan シエスタ
2018/01/23 16:49
Yugioh Icon
Unicorn cards are very good cards. As long as the card name is different, tokens can also be used for material designation, so it's a fairly loose category.
You can use the marker position on either the main or EX, but I want to put it on the main as much as possible due to the effect.
The effect is a powerful effect with a wide range and high versatility, even though it is his deck bounce and the effect of taking the target. Since it requires 3 links and a hand cost, it's a little heavy, but as long as it's mutually linked, you can draw, so it's effectively a no-cost removal. Where you want to aim.
The effect of 2 is also related to the mutual link, and the current Troymare itself is like a business trip theme, so with his deck, which has the ability to develop, you can aim for 2 draws, but the low stats of his own are a concern. It may not be necessary to force it so much, but the more you interact with Troymare, the more powerful the resistance will be, so if you prepare your back, you can aim relatively realistically.
It can be said that it is a highly versatile Link 3 as a whole because it is excellent even if it only removes 1.
japan カンノーネ
2018/01/23 1:15
Yugioh Icon
The star of a general-purpose link removal that can hit a removal that takes targets close to the highest grade, Deck Bounce, with virtually no hand consumption in some cases. Mostly compatible with Ningirsu... Maybe the difference in weight makes it slightly better
Unlike Keroberos and Phoenix, you can cast all kinds of cards, but it's heavy and the versatility of the marker is too low. The direction is straightforward, so it doesn't matter where you put it, but it's neither more nor less.
Since Troymare tends to be installed as a sub-weapon in decks that are relatively lined up, it's not impossible to line up about 3 types. The problem is that it's doubtful whether the mutually linked Troymare, including himself, will survive until the return turn. There are points where it is doubtful whether it can be activated before it is strong or weak, such as the fact that it often does not remain in the field in the first place when it moves to connect to a higher link while removing it. Naturally strong if it can be activated.
japan アルバ
2018/01/21 10:41
Yugioh Icon
The direction of the link marker is easy to use, left, right, and bottom, and the material designation is just a matter of changing the name, so you can use a link 2 monster and an appropriate monster.
When Link Summoning, he has an easy-to-use removal effect that allows him to bounce cards on the field with one card in his hand, and even if you ignore the second half of the effect, you can operate as a general-purpose link removal personnel.
If you are in a co-linked state, you can draw 1 draw, so there is virtually no cost, but due to the direction of the marker, it is difficult to aim for a co-linked state when link summoning. There are times when you can't even remove it with , so you don't have to aim forcibly.
The permanent effect in the second half is that you can normally draw as many Troymare monsters as you have co-linked monsters in the draw phase, but you need to outrun your opponent's turn, and if you can maintain it, you'll be pretty dominant and it's only going to hurt you, so don't aim too much. may not have the opportunity.
If you are aiming for it, you will need to devise ways such as creating a mutual link state during the opponent's end phase with a resurrection card.
japan とき
2018/01/13 21:21
Yugioh Icon
Link 3 of Troymare with an unprecedented draw acceleration effect.
When link summoning, the effect of discarding 1 card from the opponent's field and returning 1 card to his deck (if mutual link, draw 1 card after this), and the normal draw increases according to the type of Troymare card in the mutually linked state. It has a super-dreadnought ton demo effect.
It is a card that assumes a mutual link, but since there is no marker in the upward direction, I would like to place it in the middle position. There is also a marker in the downward direction, so it can be in the EX zone, but I'm worried about keeping the spot if there is no RBI reduction effect for Mermaid. Although it is within the range that can be overcome with Link 2's Tolomeia.
If the reciprocal link spins at full throttle, you can get an astonishing amount of hand cards every turn. You don't have to worry about the card consumption due to Tolomeia's CIP effect. Even 2 or 3 cards is a non-standard job, so you can enjoy a level of brain juice-filled draw festival that will solidify his deck in Troymare.
This card is also a highly versatile CIP link card, but since it's a link 3, it's a bit difficult to put out. For that reason, his deck bounce that doesn't choose a card is powerful, but in this application, I think it's a little more light than Cerberus Phoenix.
japan 惑星調査隊
2023/11/09 10:48
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Knightmare Unicorn"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Flames of Destruction FLOD-JP047 2018-01-13 SecretSuper

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 786 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 135,805
Type "Fiend" Type Best Monster Ranking 46th
Card Type "Link Monster" Best Card Ranking 61st
Link-3 Best Link Monster Ranking 12th


Japanese card name トロイメア・ユニコーン

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