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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > THE VALUABLE BOOK 14 > Number 11: Big Eye

Number 11: Big Eye Used Deck

Number 11: Big Eye
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Xyz Monster
Effect Monster
- 7 Spellcaster 2600 2000
2 Level 7 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 material from this card, then target 1 monster your opponent controls; take control of that monster. This card cannot attack the turn this effect is activated.
Average Rating Score 8.7(70)
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"Number 11: Big Eye" card reviews and rating scores

64% (45)
28% (20)
5% (4)
0% (0)
1% (1)

japan ブルーバード
2022/10/21 16:22
Yugioh Icon
A big love that spreads all over the world!
NTR the opponent's monster with that love. In the past, Dragon Ruler was used to attack second and collect hate. In the Dragon Ruler mirror, 《Obelisk the Tormentor》, which is not targeted just for countermeasures against this card, and 《Red Dragon Archfiend》, which collapses the own side during the end phase due to the disadvantage of NTR, were adopted.
In modern times, you can't turn over the opponent's field with heavy summoning conditions, even if you lose control of just one monster, and this card itself can't attack, making it difficult to one-kill. That doesn't change the fact that it's a valuable card that steals control all the time without restrictions. It can be seen as a card that can be removed by breaking through destruction resistance, and if you think that you can steal a subjugated monster, you can also see it as a level 7 x 2 body to subdue 1...
Recently, Kashtira, a level 7 intense theme, has been released, so how much presence can I show there?
By the way, in the VB14 appendix that contains this card, all two cards are power cards that will leave their names in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh.
japan みめっと
2022/08/08 6:48
Yugioh Icon
It is a free material that is one of the Numbers that appeared in the main part of the anime, and is a general-purpose Rank 7X monster with two materials, and a monster with a mysterious race setting reminiscent of Sacrifice.
Its effect is simple: by removing 1 of your own X Materials during your Main Phase, you take control of 1 target opponent's monster, and nothing else.
The effect that targets is adjusted so that you can't attack on turn 1 and the turn you activate the effect, but the control takeover is permanent & you can select set monsters, and there are restrictions on the player and the monster you stole. Since it doesn't cost anything, it's a very high-quality control-taking effect, and you can expect it to work beyond simply acquiring a numerical advantage.
Other than his ATK being moderate, he doesn't have any stats, and it's not suitable as a monster to put out on the first turn, but with his Deck, which mainly consists of Level 7 monsters, I think it's worth choosing him as an EX Deck member. hey.
japan ジュウテツ
2022/08/08 5:03
Yugioh Icon
In exchange for your own attack, I think the effect of permanently taking control of the opponent's monsters is excellent.
japan カディーン
2022/06/06 21:34
Yugioh Icon
One half of the Cheat Numbers used by Jin.
Since the environment that descended from the heyday of Synchro was centered around the development of low-level monsters, there weren't many ways to line up two Level 7 monsters, so taking control was a reasonable price.
Due to the nature of choosing his deck to be adopted compared to the shock ruler, he did not play an active role that distorted the environment, and spent time in the standing position of an ace that was adopted in a slightly fan deck construction.
The turning point was the rise of Dragon Ruler. The performance that should have been allowed because the material is heavy is strange, and it turns into a cheap and delicious pointy cone that comes out regardless of the board.
The Dragon Ruler's weakness of not being able to break through destruction resistance was compensated for at a perfect level, and it supported a rapid advance without any hindrance.
Due to its excessive strength, it was collaterally regulated and temporarily listed as a restricted card, but it goes without saying that the root of all evil is the Dragon Ruler, and after the Dragon Ruler was defeated, Konami acknowledged the false arrest and released him. Returning to the bodyguard business that is pinned in the category with level 7 as the main axis in a form that fits in the scabbard. By this time, the level 7 development had become much more flexible than at that time, so he remained in the environment even after the death of Dragon Ruler, and never returned the human rights of Brain Muscle Ace.
The performance itself is reasonable considering the time and effort of preparation as mentioned above, and the high evaluation of this card has evolved the development power of Yu-Gi-Oh regardless of the level, resulting in versatility and versatility regardless of the material. This is because only the performance as the highest peak removal called control seizure remained.
By the way, it was the culprit that completely changed the evaluation of target resistance, which was coldly treated at the time, and duelists who were satisfied with destruction resistance were mercilessly trampled by their own servants. Common sense has taught the duelists of the world the folly of failing to prepare for change and of changing with time.
japan 超弩級スライム
2022/05/01 21:10
Yugioh Icon
"Dragon Ruler" All-purpose rank 7 that supported the heyday era
It's powerful to be able to reduce your opponent's monsters with removal that doesn't involve destruction. A monster that has taken control has no restrictions such as returning it to its original state at the end of the turn, so it can be used as it is after stealing the opponent's ace.
When it first appeared, it was difficult to get a Rank 7, and it was treated like a strong monster if it was produced, but with the appearance of "Dragon Ruler", it was strongly engraved in duelers' memories as a removal factor for general-purpose Rank 7.
Compared to the current X monsters, it is somewhat inferior in that it cannot be used during the opponent's turn and has no other beneficial effects. If you can get a rank 7, it's not enough to put it in for the time being, but it's a monster that can be adopted.
japan ミドラ
2021/04/11 11:06
Yugioh Icon
If you just look at the simple effect, Numbers boasts the strongest level of permanent control seizure among OCG, surpassing 《Change of Heart》and 《Mind Control》. A terabyte can cry.
The rank was adjusted to make it difficult to put out, but it gradually began to break down around the time Dragon Ruler appeared. Now he's a general-purpose Rank 7 that anyone can play as long as they match the level of the main deck.
Dark Magician and Red Eye are representative of easy-to-summon Decks.
japan アキ
2019/07/15 13:09
Yugioh Icon
A general-purpose Rank 7 monster with a built-in 《Change of Heart》.
There are no particular restrictions on the effect of gaining control, and since you can permanently steal the opponent's monsters, it's easy to activate.
It is currently unlimited, but it may be regulated again if level 7, which is highly versatile and easy to Special Summon, increases.
japan お空は青い
2019/06/22 1:25
Yugioh Icon
It's a card I'd like to have in a deck with a level 7, along with Dragosac. That said, there are now many large cards that are immune to target resistance and effects, and the situation where you can manage just by getting this card out has decreased. In the Bramagi Deck, Rush from 《Ebon Illusion Magician》is very powerful, so even though it is necessary, it is not a card that you absolutely want to play.
japan 痺れデブ
2019/04/17 16:19
Yugioh Icon
When it first came out, it had high performance like the Shock Ruler, but it was difficult to put out, so the evaluation wasn't that high.
It's easy to put out now that the deployment power has increased.
japan ナナ
2018/11/15 17:49
Yugioh Icon
Change of Heart》turned into a rank 7 Xyz Monster.
Permanent control capture is not weak.
Since he himself is her DARK/Spellcaster, it is also good that he is easy to receive Spell support cards.
japan シエスタ
2018/05/08 9:47
Yugioh Icon
The ruler is the number between the things recorded and regulated in the same VB.
It is a rank 7 that requires two bodies without specifying materials, and its offense and defense are average, but it has a powerful effect of permanent control seizure.
However, it is not suitable for rushing because it limits its attack.
Also, due to the increase in the number of people with resistance to the target, not only the suppression personnel, there are more cases where it does not work compared to the past.
It has enough power as a general-purpose rank 7, but I wonder if it will be prioritized depending on the environment.
japan ルイ
2018/03/23 8:20
Yugioh Icon
Change of Heart》・・・Catch the eyeball・・・Ugh! head···!
A general-purpose that has become a big mess as a result of KONAMI releasing her Dragon Ruler into the world.
Thanks to "Dragon Revival Rhapsody", an assassin coming from overseas, and "Dragon Shrine", it seems that he will be able to play from one card.
It's completely disappeared now, but when it's played, it has the ability to overturn the duel with the effect of stealing control, so be careful not to let your guard down.
For the time being, it would be helpful if you could re-record it soon. How expensive is this card?
It's hard to put out, but with this score to say it's strong.
japan 備長炭18
2018/03/23 5:14
Yugioh Icon
General-purpose rank 7 with permanent control seizure.
Compared to rank 6 and 8, Rank 7 is harder to line up, and when it first came out, even with this effect, it was a card that was not used.
Is it realistic to hire Brahmaji and his Odd-Eyes and Harpie now?
japan 如月
2017/12/04 17:04
Yugioh Icon
Spell user with this appearance? I think, but it has the effect of permanently stealing the opponent's monster!
The 7×2 can be used in Gagaga as he is a spell caster, can be used in Dragon Ruler, Bramage, and much more in his deck.
You can easily turn the tide by stealing the enemy's ace monster.
No limits! happy.
japan 舞姫
2017/11/01 18:09
Yugioh Icon
A scary monster that steals opponents indefinitely
Seriously dead if it's restricted
But ultra rare...
japan アメメ
2017/09/14 5:40
Yugioh Icon
One general-purpose rank 7
It has a built-in permanently stolen version of 《Change of Heart》, and it goes without saying that it is powerful.
If a deck with a rank 7 gimmick takes the environment, the price will rise again
japan プンプン丸
2017/06/14 13:28
Yugioh Icon
Well, if you look at the old evaluations, you'll understand, but in the past, using two level 7s was considered a very heavy card, and the RBI was 2,600, which was a bit of an understatement, but the environmental inflation was extremely high. It's accelerated, and it's no longer difficult to line up multiple level 7 monsters.
japan なす
2017/06/14 1:03
Yugioh Icon
A rank 7 monster with control-stealing effect. The RBI is also in the middle of the day, and it is excellent.
If it's his deck that can get rank 7, I'd prefer to include it.
japan アストラル
2016/10/16 12:36
Yugioh Icon
I'm surprised it's unlimited.
The effect is powerful!
japan 負導師
2016/06/26 15:44
Yugioh Icon
Xyz that you definitely want to have in a deck that can set up rank 7
Honestly worse than Goyo Guardian
In exchange for not being able to attack, it has a simple and powerful effect of taking control of the opponent's monsters, and since it will remain in your field unless it is removed, if you steal the opponent's trump card, you can quickly turn the tide.
His ATK is also quite high at 2600, so it is difficult to destroy in battle.
However, since there is no resistance at all, conversely, if this guy is taken away, it may become a catastrophe as soon as it is taken.
Also, even if it is convenient, if you use it too much, the other party will hate you, so use it in moderation.
japan ふくべえ
2016/06/26 13:29
Yugioh Icon
The Valuable Book 14 is Yaba w
japan デルタアイズ
2016/06/07 21:17
Yugioh Icon
All-purpose rank 7 One of the three giants. (Most powerful)
It has a simple yet powerful effect that uses X material to take control.
I would like to positively adopt him if it is a deck that can raise rank 7.
japan Meteor
2016/03/31 15:20
Yugioh Icon
These days, it's pretty easy to line up 7 stars, and it's powerful to NTR your opponent's monsters.
One of the rank 7 essential cards
japan 音響Em
2015/12/24 23:50
Yugioh Icon
Strong depending on the opponent's position
japan ラーメン
2015/08/17 23:04
Yugioh Icon
A card that can almost certainly be included in her deck that can rank 7, such as Red-Eyes, which is the top general purpose rank 7 on par with Dragosak.
In exchange for an attack, it steals without any disadvantages. It's a brutal effect, but it's a rank 7, so it's well balanced. I feel like
japan wings
2015/06/27 12:20
Yugioh Icon
Living 《Change of Heart》.
You can easily take away powerful monsters with high ATK and destruction resistance that can not be broken through, so there is no reason for such monsters to be weak.
It used to pop up from Dragon Ruler, but now it pops up from Odd-Eyes or he's Red-Eyes.
In his Deck, which uses level 7 as its main axis, I think it's worth putting it in.
It's a card that comes with a book, but unlike V-Jean, Valuable Book 14 is in stock, so I think it's worth getting it for the time being.
japan ぷれあです
2015/05/14 12:32
Yugioh Icon
Original Dragon Ruler Toy
It has a powerful effect that makes enemy monsters 《Change of Heart》with its eyes.
Harpie makes it relatively easy.
japan かのん
2015/05/14 10:21
Yugioh Icon
When I first saw it in a match, what was this broken card!? I thought
Since the Dragon Ruler has disappeared, I wonder if it's a monster that can still be forgiven w.
Even so, with the appearance of the Red-Eyes theme triumphant return, it became easier to line up 7
His new Deck will be a new threat.
japan ダニー
2015/03/29 1:08
Yugioh Icon
i got darkrow cuckolded and i died
Decks like Harpie, where rank 7 is easy to put out, can be used at all.
japan ヒコモン
2015/02/03 12:50
Yugioh Icon
At the time of its first appearance, it was evaluated that it was only level 7 x 2, but with the appearance of Dragon Ruler, who lined up level 7, the evaluation skyrocketed. When Dragon Ruler was active, he showed a fierce cuckold battle, but it became a restricted card because it went too rampant. However, his Dragon Ruler has also become quieter, so he returns to semi-restricted. As expected, it is impossible to have 3 stacks without Dragon Ruler in its prime, so the day when there is no limit is near.
japan c・emperor
2014/12/20 16:38
Yugioh Icon
Finally one piece was released and it's quasi ♪
I wonder if two pieces are good no matter how much?
If this guy and Junon fall, what a surprise Monarch becomes a dragon♪
Furthermore, the Dragon Ruler swore revenge on this guy who became a quasi.
japan 幻獣先輩
2014/09/09 1:49
Yugioh Icon
A poor child whose evaluation is lower than Sac for some reason because he first appeared early.
Even though it can't attack, it's a companion to Dragon Ruler who earns explosive ads with stylish 《Change of Heart》.
japan wisteria
2014/05/11 9:47
Yugioh Icon
A terrifying eyeball with a simple yet powerful effect of permanent control seizure. Starting with his Dragon Ruler, Star 7 has a lot of easy-to-use monsters that are easy to special summon, so it's easy to get out despite the rank. The RBI is also high as it is, and you can defend yourself to some extent from opponents who have no countermeasures.
However, if you play this, your opponent will take top priority and remove it, so basically you should think of the effect as being used up. If the opponent is his deck that can use rank 7, it will be stolen in return, and the effect may be used. Also note that if you steal a monster that activates with her GY, such as Recruiter, the risk of being used is quite high.
japan ABYSS
2014/03/24 11:27
Yugioh Icon
A monster with particularly serious performance among Numbers.
Permanently steals opponent's monsters regardless of battle position.
Previously, it was a rank 7 that was difficult to get out, but after the appearance of Dragon Ruler, he went on a rampage and became the first number to be restricted.
Jin who used this and the shock ruler...
japan モートン
2014/02/12 0:41
Yugioh Icon
The only drawback was that it was difficult to put out, but that drawback disappeared because there were a lot of easy-to-use level 7, including Dragon Ruler.
Although it can't attack, "Change of Heart" is quite powerful and has a more gruesome effect than simple destruction. If this monster comes out, it will have enough power to bring it to the end of the game.
japan 黒生
2013/09/11 15:31
Yugioh Icon
Together with Sack, he gave the back of the head a turn in the 4th axis.
I have often been nearly killed by diabolical effects
japan ペイン
2013/09/02 17:44
Yugioh Icon
It's a restriction, so once it's used it won't come out.
...it's safe! (while stealing the opponent's big eye with my own big eye)
japan サンダー・ボルト
2013/08/20 23:11
Yugioh Icon
If you specialize, you can get it relatively quickly. The effect is to take control permanently regardless of front and back, and it is extremely powerful. The RBI is also quite high, and since it is DARK, it is excellent because it can use 《Deck Devastation Virus》and 《Eradicator Epidemic Virus》.
japan ファイア野郎
2013/08/20 22:24
Yugioh Icon
A highly versatile rank 7 monster.
It's very brutal because it has a permanent 《Change of Heart》effect.
The disadvantage of being unable to attack yourself is a place where you want to close your eyes.
It was difficult to put out two level 7 monsters, but
Since the number of decks that can deploy a large number of level 7 monsters, including Dragon Ruler, has increased,
Perhaps it was judged that the ability to take control that can be easily put out was too much to be seen, so it became a restricted card.
japan 聖なる破壊
2013/08/05 10:16
Yugioh Icon
Lightly with Mermail or Dragon Ruler.
Taking control easily breaks down the wall and prepares for battle...
2013/07/23 23:46
Yugioh Icon
I'm using it in the Madou no Gachi Deck.
Permanent deprivation is strong.
No matter how you look at it, it's strong.
It is an important fenissor.
It's a little pricey, but it's a card worth having.
japan 3108810
2013/07/23 16:39
Yugioh Icon
The Dark Eye Dragon Ruler...! !
japan 天穹覇龍
2013/07/23 13:38
Yugioh Icon
Great effect!!
but expensive
japan たたた
2013/06/24 23:31
Yugioh Icon
NTR monsters that can be used in his deck such as Black Magician and 《Machina Fortress
If this is banned, the Dragon Ruler will be on the ground
japan 萩谷亮
2013/05/14 19:57
Yugioh Icon
The final trump card in my Bramagi Deck
I don't know why Dragon Ruler is the bad guy, so please stop banning them...
If it's the cost of Dimema after ripping it off, it's great.
japan ナル参照
2013/05/09 21:18
Yugioh Icon
I was surprised when my friend forced me to XYZ from the Chakra Ritual Summoning just because my eyeballs were big. I will stop being a fan of IV.
Everyone's trauma Big Hi. In the past, it was said that it was difficult to get out, but now you can see it!
No matter how you look at it, there's no reason for him to be weak in taking permanent control, and his RBI isn't low either. Furthermore, since it is dark, it will be momantai if it is also compatible with viruses. Now that the difficulty of showing weaknesses has been removed, there is no way to suppress it.
In the past, NTR battles were held at Bighai in every tournament, but to curb the Dragon Ruler's rampage, it was restricted. No first restriction. Jin will be happy too.
japan ガウラ
2013/04/08 2:18
Yugioh Icon
A monster with the strongest class removal ability that permanently steals the specified monster.
In the past, it was a little difficult to put out, so the evaluation was so-so, but after receiving a fierce level 7 push after Tachyon, it was a big success.
I'm worried that someday I'll get a big eyeball from Konmai-sama. Only for the eyeball (laughs)
japan セラ
2013/03/09 18:31
Yugioh Icon
A card whose value jumped with the appearance of Magical & Harpie enhancement, Dragon Ruler & Mecha Phantom Beast
Originally, the effect was strong, but it was difficult to use and her ATK was low, so it was treated delicately.
However, now it is no longer difficult to put out, so the adoption rate has increased.
Although the low ATK remains, the permanent brainwashing is powerful and easy to put out, so let's close our eyes
japan DD
2013/03/09 12:08
Yugioh Icon
You can't use it unless you prepare two level 7s, but the effect is permanent 《Change of Heart》. The strongest class effect among Xyz Monsters. For the time being, if you use Damned or Gunner Dragon, it will be easier to put out to some extent.
japan エクシーズ!!!
2013/02/20 18:32
Yugioh Icon
Machina Fortress》A Rank 7 Xyz that can be played with two bodies. I'm in the Compensation Machine Gadget with Shock Ruler!
japan ファナナス
2013/01/23 17:53
Yugioh Icon
do not look at me. It's hard to find at first glance, but if you specialize, Kamikaze will easily come to the field. Among the many Xyz Monsters, he has a top-class counterattack ability and a high RBI. As for the effect, although it has the disadvantage of not being able to attack, it's a pretty nasty effect that you can't choose a monster and there are no restrictions on the monster you steal.
japan ゼンマイ
2013/01/09 21:16
Yugioh Icon
Strong but...
japan 未確認非行物体 
2012/11/24 14:49
Yugioh Icon
How about using galaxy light with Gaia?
                              by Yamayu
japan みかんゼリー
2012/07/30 12:17
Yugioh Icon
General-purpose rank 7 that can do Giro Giro and NTR.
Although it can't attack itself, its permanent 《Change of Heart》can't be weak, and you can use things like Bramagi, his Neos, and Red-Eyes, which are rich in support, and Muji, which is easy to put out.
Recently, there are more opportunities to use rank 7 with Mecha Phantom Beast, Harpie, Seiryu, etc., and I highly evaluate it as the most easy-to-use general-purpose monster of rank 7.
japan ハネヒツジ
2012/02/19 20:32
Yugioh Icon
A ridiculously heavy card that requires two 7s.
However, the effect is fairly strong. Permanent version 《Change of Heart》and banned cards are also pure blue power cards.
japan ジュピター
2011/10/31 20:18
Yugioh Icon
Pakuri? Let's put the name in Dragon Quest
japan B.A
2011/10/11 18:24
Yugioh Icon
[Dark Magician] Just put a few Gagaga Magicians in your Deck and it should be easy to put out. Good compatibility with 《Spellbook of Life》.
Combined with the highest-end vanilla-exclusive Counter Trap, 《Champion's Vigilance》, I have a feeling that he's going to be a fairly strong deck as a fan deck.
However, like Locomotion R-Genex, this card doesn't really show its true value unless there's a monster you want to steal when you're ready to summon it. That said, the effect is exactly the same as robbery, which is a banned card, so there's no way it's weak.
japan 青いBTB
2011/08/28 2:09
Yugioh Icon
Level 7 is still heavy even if Fortress is there.
However, compared to Tera Bytes, which has the same plundering effect, there is no upper limit to the level and it is permanent. There is a disadvantage that you can't attack if you use the effect, but honestly 2600 is subtle, so you don't have to attack. If used well, I think it will be a turning point.
japan とき
2011/08/23 11:29
Yugioh Icon
You are watching! ? Rank 7 Xyz.
With the appearance of Mecha Phantom Beast and Seiryu, Numbers changed their evaluation dramatically as they became easier to put out. At the same time, a powerful rival called Dragosak appeared, but it was only used together normally.
He easily appears and steals the opponent's monsters with permanent NTR.
It's not destruction, so it's a high-level removal if resistance doesn't work, and it's also scary that there are no restrictions on the stolen card.
In particular, he was used as a finisher in Dragon Ruler, and his ability to steal the opponent's monsters one after another was considered dangerous, so he was sent to the limit as the first Numbers and the second Xyz. Although it was later relaxed by weakening Dragon Ruler and lifted by banning Dragon Ruler.
The unprecedented shortage of Variable Book 14 is another story.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2011/08/22 10:37
Yugioh Icon
It was the first rank 7, and the first No. 1 to be banned and restricted in Japan. Overseas, he has not been released since rulers were banned around the same time.
The effect is permanent NTR. Although you can't hit the turn you use it, you can say that you will get a good reward for it.
Thanks to the Dragon Ruler, which has rank 7 as its main axis, it soared at once. The ruler book changed to the big eye book and grew to over 2k.
Due to that influence, it was restricted because it was more abused than Dragosak, but with the weakening of Dragon Ruler and the decrease in his Deck that makes rank 7 Enwa.
japan へろ
2011/08/22 0:31
Yugioh Icon
Using two level 7 bodies, it feels like 2600.
Taking control is quite an effect, so it might be a good idea to stick 7s in the deck where it's easy to line up.
japan NEOS
2011/08/21 23:11
Yugioh Icon
Summoning Xyz requires a high-level monster, so the summoning is a bit tough.
In terms of race, since it is a Spellcaster, it can be Xyzed in combination with the Normal Monster Black Magician.
The effect is to permanently steal the opponent's monsters, so it's quite a thing.
You can compensate for the effect that you cannot attack with the monster that took control.
Even so, what a simple monster (deformed).
japan ねこーら
2023/11/10 13:15
Yugioh Icon
japan 愛佳
2024/03/29 23:49
Yugioh Icon
japan asd
2024/03/19 15:19
Yugioh Icon
japan ねおんちゃん
2024/02/02 22:40
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2024/02/02 18:05
Yugioh Icon
japan 2013/06/28 14:33
If Blue-Eyed Party Duelist's favorite Xyz is Airnade, Brahmaji Party Duelist's favorite Xyz is here! !
japan 2013/04/28 9:44
japan 2011/10/13 17:00
This...《Change of Heart》built-in...? ! But it's hard to put out. The score is the same as the rank.

Decks with "Number 11: Big Eye"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
THE VALUABLE BOOK 14 VB14-JP002 2011-08-19 Ultra

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 2,191 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 530,965
Rank 7 Best Xyz Monster Ranking 9th
Level 7 Best Monster Ranking 75th


Japanese card name No.11 ビッグ・アイ

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