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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > BOOSTER4 > Man-eating Black Shark

Man-eating Black Shark Used Deck

Man-eating Black Shark
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Fusion Monster
Normal Monster
- 5 Fish 2100 1300
"Sea Kamen" + "Gruesome Goo" + "Amazon of the Seas"
Average Rating Score 4.7(15)
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"Man-eating Black Shark" card reviews and rating scores

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japan みめっと
2021/02/11 15:37
Yugioh Icon
A 1st generation Fusion Monster that requires 3 monsters, and is characterized by shark ruby in katakana.
Although the fusion material is solidified with WATER vanilla monsters, including his Fish, which is the same as himself, the more I look at it, the more I get the impression that it's an unreasonable fusion material, and it's not an ability that's worth the effort at all.
Monsters with this kind of RBI usually have 1500 to 1800 DEF, and it's normal for the total value to exceed 3500 and become level 6, but this card stays at level 5 due to its extremely low DEF, and after the result 《I got the advantage of being able to fusion summon with Instant Fusion》.
The existing Fusion Monsters of Fish are all monsters that did not have effects that appeared in Phase 1, and there are also Deepsea Shark and Marine Beast (both of which have two fusion materials) in the Level 5 zone. This card has the highest RBI among them, probably because it requires one more fusion material.
Instant Fusion》has become a restriction, but with the advent of the replacement card 《Ready Fusion》, it has become easier to put out again. If you want to resuscitate and use it, it will be an option.
japan ねこーら
2020/10/27 22:49
Yugioh Icon
Overall evaluation: 《Sea Monster of Theseus》is more convenient than 《Instant Fusion》, and I want to use Fish Support.
It can be used for Xyz materials and Synchro materials, but it's not a tuner, and his ATK is lower than over there.
Well, if it's a premise that you can use it with 《Instant Fusion》, you can't attack, so it doesn't make much sense.
If you use Fish Support's 《Fish Depth Charge》, will there be more opportunities to make use of this?
japan サンパイ
2020/02/01 12:23
Yugioh Icon
A level 5 monster that can be summoned with 《Instant Fusion》. Since it is WATER, it will be very useful in the X Deck.
japan シエスタ
2019/08/10 17:13
Yugioh Icon
This shark was made by mixing various things. It is also the first fusion that uses three materials in OCG.
It's a Sidera RBI that doesn't have any effect even though it uses 3 materials, so there's basically no value in regular fusion.
Luckily, it's compatible with 《Instant Fusion》, so I'll use it from there.
In the same level 5 water fusion, there is a tuner Deceus with a higher RBI, but since it is a non-tuner and a fish, it will be possible to differentiate it.
There are more rivals than before, but I wonder if I can still expect her to play an active role in a particular deck.
japan とき
2019/01/26 17:52
Yugioh Icon
A Fusion Monster born from the fusion of 《Sea Kamen》, Killer Blob, and 《Amazon of the Seas》.
It's ability is lower than "Aqua Dragon" which is the same 3-body fusion synchronization, but thanks to that, I was able to get the right to deal with level 5, that is, "Instant Fusion".
It can be used for Xyz to Super Cheap Gods, and can be used for synchronizing White Monsters.
japan 備長炭18
2018/07/23 0:16
Yugioh Icon
Shark fusion vanilla with material designation and status that are too much for regular fusion.
Let's put it out for 《Instant Fusion
japan なす
2018/01/18 20:47
Yugioh Icon
One of the Fusion Monsters that can be drawn from 《Instant Fusion》.
Because of WATER and Fish, it can be connected to synchros such as 《White Aura Whale》, rank 5, 《Mistar Boy》and Sara Kivis.
After that, you can revive with 《White Aura Monoceros》.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/09/05 13:00
Yugioh Icon
3 fusion monsters that are rare even in the early days.
Because it is level 5, it is also saved where it corresponds to cup noodles.
There may be a turn for level 5 Xyz and his WATER binding Xyz.
Useful as a material for Crystal Zero, which is strong in battle due to the effect of halving ATK.
japan ラギアの使徒
2015/07/26 9:32
Yugioh Icon
It's a terrible stat for a 3-body fusion, but it's very compatible with 《Instant Fusion》, and if you need a WATER level 5 monster, I'll call you anyway. His ATK is 200 higher than Deepsea Shark, which is the runner-up, and even if he is revived, he can become an attacker, so if you have it, basically this is your priority. However, "Midrash" has lost the position of highest RBI against "Instant Fusion".
japan 3108810
2013/09/18 23:31
Yugioh Icon
The highest ATK that can be put out easily.
Come on the Garret Deck and more.
japan ナル参照
2013/05/09 19:44
Yugioh Icon
seafood noodles.
Fairly usable for Rank 5 or Synchro.
Deepsea Shark》is your choice.
japan ファナナス
2013/02/06 13:00
Yugioh Icon
It was really good to correspond to 《Instant Fusion》. It would have been really disappointing if I hadn't responded.
japan ファイア野郎
2012/11/15 17:54
Yugioh Icon
It's a level 5 fish monster that can be Special Summoned with 《Instant Fusion》, so it can be adopted.
Regular fusion is not worth it, so I think it's better not to aim for it.
By the way, the first monster that uses 3 bodies as a fusion material is
It's this card, not the ultimate dragon.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/09/18 21:49
Yugioh Icon
After merging the three bodies, they finally line up with Sidera...
For the time being, it can be called with 《Instant Fusion》, so if you're mainly aiming for Gungnir, you might want to use it.
japan たたた
2024/01/12 17:37
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Man-eating Black Shark"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
BOOSTER4 --32 1999-08-01 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 9,050 / 12,758 Cards
View Num 18,750
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 84th


Japanese card name 黒き人食い鮫

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