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Curse of Dragon Used Deck

Curse of Dragon
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Normal Monster - 5 Dragon 2000 1500
A wicked dragon that taps into dark forces to execute a powerful attack.
Average Rating Score 4.7(35)
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"Curse of Dragon" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ブルーバード
2023/07/03 7:27
Yugioh Icon
Even though it's a single Tribute, it only has enough hit points to grow hair on Gemini Elf. Everyone should think about the derogatory term of elementary school students such as "Cass of Dragon" at least once.
It used to be like that in the past, but now there are more monsters that can reach 2000 RBI at lower ranks such as 《Gene-Warped Warwolf》and 《Alexandrite Dragon》.
On the other hand, it is sometimes used as the only 5-star DARK dragon in the Holy Hour. Since it's DARK, it's good to use it as a material for Kaodora.
japan かどまん
2023/03/20 10:38
Yugioh Icon
Put Gaia The Fierce Knight on a card that Yugi often used
It becomes 《Gaia the Dragon Champion
With Gaia because it stops at 2000 at 5
Since it became a rule that requires Tribute, the number of times it appears has decreased significantly.
Although it is a subtle vanilla with a high rarity in OCG
Even if it rots like Gaia, it has name value, so remakes and support are substantial.
japan みめっと
2023/01/12 19:27
Yugioh Icon
One of the monsters used by Yu-Gi-Oh in the original work, it is the first level 5 monster created in OCG, that is, a monster that can be summoned with a single sacrifice.
It's just "Cursed Dragon", so don't say it's "Dragon's Curse" with this card name.
If you're a duelist who understands what Yu-Gi-Oh English is, you shouldn't mind such rudeness.
Although it cannot be said that it is a high-level monster, it is a named fusion material, and there are many effects that correspond to the ability of its own level 5 Dark Vanilla Dragon, so it is worth 2 points. You should be able to expect activities that are a little different from each other.
And above all, I can't say enough about the beauty of this Ulrea card that comes out of the 1st season's regular pack.
Even in the game, he has an ATK higher than 1700 and lower than 2000, and in addition to being able to combine Dragon and Zombie, he is given the ability to change the field to a wilderness that reproduces his activity in the original.
japan gaya
2021/03/11 6:48
Yugioh Icon
One of the most famous cards in the early days. The performance is not good, but the support is reasonably good, so it rarely does a good job.
japan アキ
2021/03/06 9:11
Yugioh Icon
If this guy was a Level 4 Normal Monster, it would still be used and rated highly.
There are also many remake monsters carelessly.
japan プンプン丸
2020/08/27 8:30
Yugioh Icon
There are plenty of supports such as the original 《Curse of Dragon》and 《Artillery Catapult Turtle》, and there are also 《Curse of Dragonfire》and 《Curse of Dragon, the Cursed Dragon》, but the advantage of this guy is that it's a Normal Monster, and when you think of normal dragons, [Holy Time] is what comes to mind. Well, 《Artillery Catapult Turtle》and 《Galloping Gaia》specify level 5 dragons, so 《Hieratic Dragon of Eset》and 《Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet》can share the support.
I think it's a card that plays an active role as a Level 5 Normal Monster that comes out of these two bodies, so it's worth remembering it when mixing a [Gaia] Deck with a Holy Hour.
japan ねこーら
2020/08/26 17:39
Yugioh Icon
Comprehensive evaluation: The support is increasing and the usability as a fusion material is reasonably good.
Curse of Dragonfire》or 《Curse of Dragon, the Cursed Dragon》is better than 《Artillery Catapult Turtle》for Special Summon.
Since this is designated as a fusion material, the advantage is that you can use the fusion material support.
It is possible to search for 《Fusion Conscription》and connect to another search for 《Galloping Gaia》.
japan シエスタ
2020/07/06 16:38
Yugioh Icon
A particularly impressive piece as Yugi's Dragon, such as burning down the forest and having an aerial battle with Blue-Eyed in the anime OP.
Even in the OCG, at the time of its appearance, there was no need to release it for advanced summons or higher, and even this was one of the high hit points, so it was a powerful existence next to Blue-Eyed.
Now the RBI line has risen far, and at 2000 RBIs it is already in the lower class.
There are also remakes with better effects, but since they are vanilla and are designated as fusion materials, there is a great deal of support available.
It still has the strongest RBI as a level 5 normal dragon, and has its own strengths.
japan サンパイ
2020/02/18 21:22
Yugioh Icon
Since it is DARK/Dragon, there are many supports. Also, since it's vanilla, it can also be used in the Hierarchy. A card that can still be used in early vanilla.
japan シルキン
2019/12/06 16:48
Yugioh Icon
Cards used in the initial game. Can be fused with 《Gaia The Fierce Knight》. There are also remake cards such as 《Curse of Dragonfire》, and those who are given preferential treatment among the early cards.
japan お空は青い
2019/06/18 0:02
Yugioh Icon
It's cool, isn't it? At the time, he was the second most hit Dragon after Blue-Eyed.
japan ナノーネ
2019/01/11 21:56
Yugioh Icon
I really like this super rare.
japan なす
2017/11/15 19:55
Yugioh Icon
A level 5 Dragon vanilla monster.
It can be recruited from the Sacred Time, and can be connected to Nephte and others to Rank 5.
In addition, since it is a fusion material of DARK and Dragon Knight Gaia, it has abundant support and is easy to handle.
japan アルバ
2016/09/01 9:31
Yugioh Icon
At level 5, he has an unreliable ATK of 2000, but he has DARK, Dragon, Normal Monster, and Fusion Monster that names this monster as a material, and is blessed with support as a material.
It was remade as Effect Monster in the flow of the original, but it was too much, so this one seems to be stronger due to the difference in the amount of support.
japan げおんぬ
2016/06/19 22:42
Yugioh Icon
I have never used it. for collection. A game card. If it's a single Tribute Summon, I'll give you Summoned Skull. The illustrations are cool.
japan ミシガン州知事
2016/06/18 16:37
Yugioh Icon
One of Yugi's companions.
He played an active role by burning down the opponent's field and becoming Dragon Knight Gaia.
Because it is an early monster, it is ☆ 5, but the support such as Vanilla and Dragon is substantial.
In some cases, it is employed as a Rank 5 personnel in the Sacred Time.
Rather, it can be used more than the remake version that came out with the Millennium Pack (just like that)
japan ラーメン
2015/12/22 1:27
Yugioh Icon
Because it's normal, I think it can be used more than the remake, which has become a disappointing Effect Monster because it can be used in Holy Hour.
japan かのん
2015/01/24 11:11
Yugioh Icon
It's pretty strong at the beginning, but it's not used much now.
The illustration is pretty cool because he is one of the early Yugi ace!
japan 盲信するデュエリスト
2015/01/12 10:42
Yugioh Icon
I see, it's true that he's DARK, which is good from a chaos point of view.
But recently, even though he's level 4, he has a dragon with the same ATK as this guy...
Let's cover with original love.
japan 福人ズッコケ
2014/04/05 17:21
Yugioh Icon
"Gaia the Dragon Champion" fusion material. I like the design overall.
Among DARK・☆5・Dragon monsters, the presence of 《Purple Shiryu》and 《Vice Dragon》, which are easy to Special Summon, are significant. However, in addition to 《Allure of Darkness》and 《Dragon Shrine》, it is a definite advantage that you can receive Normal Monster support such as “Holy Chronicle” and 《Silver's Cry》at the same time. Related cards include 《Tri-Horned Dragon》, 《Red-Eyes Black Dragon》and 《Labradorite》, so level differentiation seems to be a lifeline here.
Of course, one of the must-have cards when using "Gaia the Dragon Champion". In the original, it first appeared in the "Dueling Kingdom" arc, and has saved Yugi many times with combos with 《Burning Land》and 《Polymerization》. Such a simple and memorable design is so rare. I like these deceptive illustrations because they are very Yu-Gi-Oh!
japan サンダー・ボルト
2014/03/09 21:48
Yugioh Icon
His attacks aren't very powerful, but he's level 5 and has the highest RBI in Dragon vanilla. Although it's not very useful, if it's a Rank 5 Sacred Chronicle Deck, it can be used as a cost for something like "Emissary of the Beginning" by taking advantage of being DARK.
japan ショウ♪
2013/08/17 5:13
Yugioh Icon
It was strong in one Tribute at this time.
The illustration is also cool, so let's put it in the early game Deck.
japan たたた
2013/07/03 13:58
Yugioh Icon
Stats are not good, but DARK Dragon has a lot of support
There are some people who put it in the sacred time
japan ファナナス
2013/02/05 11:35
Yugioh Icon
Although the attributes are different, Alexandrai appeared in the same race and the value dropped further. This one is level 5, so if I get a rank 5 with holy time... that's about it. Other than that, almost exclusively for fusion materials
japan cork
2012/11/24 14:12
Yugioh Icon
I feel like Alexandrite Dragon with the same ATK and race would be better...
It can also be used as a sacred level 5 Xyz.
japan ファイア野郎
2012/11/12 21:14
Yugioh Icon
A monster that was used by Yugi and was quite active.
As a high-level monster, its status is insufficient, and I have to say that the dragon knight Gaia, who can be called by fusion, is also insufficient. However, it is also used as a level 5 monster to summon a rank 5 Xyz Monster in Holy Time.
japan わたV
2012/10/20 22:16
Yugioh Icon
In Holy Hour, they are sometimes pinned for Level 5 Xyz.
japan オンリー・MARU氏
2012/10/20 19:40
Yugioh Icon
Now, even if you don't advance, there are ATK 2000 normal level 4 monsters, so this is unlikely.
Alexandrite Dragon》is enough.
japan 光芒
2012/09/03 0:09
Yugioh Icon
The dragon that Yugi rode in the OP and fought in the air. But the opponent is ATK 3000 and he is Blue-Eyed, so if you fight normally, he will be shot down.
If you want to use it as a 5-star monster, there is a wall called Sidera that can Special Summon + ATK is high, but since it can reach rank 5 with holy time, it can be expected to play an active role in some decks.
japan とき
2012/02/05 14:54
Yugioh Icon
A normal monster dragon from DARK Dragon.
It is a fusion material for Dragon Knight Gaia, and it fuses as much as Gaia rides on it.
His stats aren't all that impressive, and the Dragon Knight Gaia isn't that strong either...
It seems that this is the vanilla that supports Pulsar, but what happened to it?
Among the level 5 dragons that can be summoned by Sacred Time, it's a category that can be used.
Even if it was remade, the miserable situation did not change, but rather worsened.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2011/05/15 13:47
Yugioh Icon
Exclusively for Dragon Knight Gaia, which is a fusion just by riding the first generation.
Neither the fusion target nor one of the fusion materials is that strong, and it's not so strong that it can't beat Sydra itself.
However, as the only vanilla dragon with darkness level 5, it is being reevaluated for being able to form a combination with Nefteaceto.
Some say that the heyday was the first OP and he was tackling with Blue-Eyed.
japan NEOS
2010/10/08 0:14
Yugioh Icon
Even with Tribute Summon, it's inferior to Cyber Dragon, let alone 《Summoned Skull》.
If you use this card, I recommend using it as a fusion material for Gaia.
Usability is normal.
japan パンピー
2023/11/21 0:15
Yugioh Icon
japan asd
2024/04/17 16:14
Yugioh Icon
japan 2014/12/02 12:39
It's not like you can't use it in the Holy Hour.
However, it is subtle that the sacred time is basically 6 axes and this card cannot call the Pleiades because it is dark.
Well, you can call Volka and Tyrus, and it will be the cost of opening, so I like it.

Decks with "Curse of Dragon"

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Card Category and Effect Category

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Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
BEGINNER'S EDITION 1 BE1-JP123 2004-06-24 Normal
Vol.2 --25 1999-03-27 Ultra
BEGINNER'S EDITION 1 (7th period) BE01-JP105 2011-05-14 Normal
Memories of the Duel King -The Kingdom of Duelists 15AY-JPA07 2014-03-08 Normal
Structure Deck - Yugi Muto SDMY-JP014 2016-06-18 Normal
EX --021 1999-12-16 Normal
EX-R EX-08 2000-11-23 Normal
PHANTOM GOD PG-05 2000-08-10 Super

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 9,147 / 12,891 Cards
View Num 41,942


Japanese card name カース・オブ・ドラゴン

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