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Bystial Magnamhut LimitedUsed Deck

Bystial Magnamhut
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 6 Dragon 2500 2000
You can target 1 LIGHT or DARK monster in either GY; banish it, and if you do, Special Summon this card from your hand. This is a Quick Effect if your opponent controls a monster. If this card is Special Summoned: You can activate this effect; during the End Phase of this turn, add 1 Dragon monster from your Deck or GY to your hand, except "Bystial Magnamhut". You can only use each effect of "Bystial Magnamhut" once per turn.
Average Rating Score 9.8(24)
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"Bystial Magnamhut" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ルーナエ
2023/06/02 4:11
Yugioh Icon
Strong meta effects on specific cards are not uncommon, but this card was just too versatile.
It's an effect that pops onto the field from your hand while being meta, and it's an effect that can be conditionally used in a free chain even during the opponent's turn, right? What's more, he has an ATK of 2500, and he's able to gain an advantage with DARK's Dragon and Special Summon trigger effects...
When adding such an effect to a monster-shaped card, you have to be very careful about its activation conditions and status.
japan ごまくま
2023/06/01 17:08
Yugioh Icon
The hated child born of 2022, who finally came to the Master Duel.
With too outrageous common effects, he's part of The Bystial, a gang of thugs who slaughtered major anime themes such as Blue-Eyed and Sky Striker Ace and Eldlich, a gang of thugs.
Although it has been designated as a restricted card since its implementation, it is certain that Ruberion will not be put under any shackles and will relive the OCG nightmare.
japan アキ
2023/04/01 20:18
Yugioh Icon
A dragon with the effect of being able to Special Summon just by excluding one light/dark monster from each other's GY.
He has a powerful unique effect that allows him to search and salvage his Dragon monsters other than himself from his Deck/GY during the End Phase of the turn in which he Special Summons himself.
If you do a Special Summon on your turn, the Dragon you searched and salvaged will basically have to wait to be used on your next turn, but if there is a monster in your opponent's field, for some reason he will be able to Special Summon even during your opponent's turn. Because it can, it is possible to move even from the 0th turn of the second attack.
Personally, I'm glad that he can search and salvage "Judgment Dragon", which is not compatible with melody, and with the effect of Lightsworn, it is easy to send to GY.
japan かどまん
2023/02/22 13:42
Yugioh Icon
In addition to the effect that can be SS by excluding light and darkness of GY common to Beaddet
This is also the reason why it was restricted due to its high business trip performance due to its powerful search effect called Dragon Search.
These two attributes are attributes that are always present in the environment regardless of general purpose or theme, and are often used.
Works as a strong meta for Decks where it's a key card
Of course, this card is dangerous because the theme itself has this common effect.
Especially for [Eldlich] and [Sky Striker Ace], it was a fatal blow to the few elite themes.
It is in a form that has driven these decks out of the environmental zone across the board
japan 愛佳
2023/02/11 21:50
Yugioh Icon
Another outrageous monster that appeared with 《Kashtira Fenrir》.
In terms of the timing of its appearance, the purpose is to deter [Tearlaments], ``If it wasn't for that, everyone would have been able to spend happy days! In reality, with Baldrake and others, [Sky Striker Ace], [Dark World], [Blue-Eyed White Dragon], [Black Magician], etc. will be shredded. I know.
The effect of ① is the same effect as other "The Bystial", and it's scary because everyone has such an effect.
The effect of ② is particularly strong, and even at the end, combined with the effect of ①, it's actually a free chain, and it's too wide a range to search and salvage his Dragon anything other than himself.
His high RBI of ATK 2500 at level 6 is also attractive.
Moreover, it is very dangerous that it is often in the side deck other than [The Bystial].
Even among The Bystial, it was one step ahead of the limit, but on April 1st, the other three were also limited, which seems to be quite a blow, but other Decks such as another Dragon There is a high possibility that it will survive by incorporating it into the "but we can't let our guard down yet."
japan asd
2022/12/15 18:24
Yugioh Icon
A sample of what happens to the less-than-environmental cards in the meta range if you make a meta card that can compete with the environment.
japan ウキキーボード
2022/12/15 2:35
Yugioh Icon
A monster that is said to have never existed as a whole theme.
① is an SS effect common to The Bystial that needs no explanation. Transforming into Friche DD Crow is really brutal.
Sometimes, the original fans who entered from MD's bramagi and Blue-Eyed are meta-meta, sometimes Sky Striker Ace is easily excluded and forced to be unable to fight, and sometimes Evil Twins' distribution is performed by a peculiar act. He harassed many Deck users and forced them to stop streaming.
Furthermore, in the case of Magnumoth, it is considerably more vicious than other The Bystials because it touches GY twice when you pass it once due to the search effect of ②.
The effect of ② is the dragon anything search and salvage at the end.
Although it is slow to apply at the end, it boasts a formidable search range. Basically, it is the iron plate that brings "Bystial Druiswurm" as the subsequent The Bystial. As a result, one Magnummut banishes his opponent's GY light and darkness twice, so you can see how much it kills GY-dependent light and darkness themes.
Of course, it's not just limited to The Bystial, you can search for monsters such as 《Archnemeses Eschatos》that are strong alone or 《Chamber Dragonmaid》, bring up 《Dragonmaid Sheou》and prepare all-purpose negates, and do whatever you want.
To be frank, the search effect of this ② alone is quite exceptional. Although the usage is very different, search dragons such as Dragon Ruler and 《Eclipse Wyvern》are prohibited, but the looseness of the conditions and the wide search range alone seem to be misadjusted.
Moreover, this search effect is not limited to your own ① SS effect. Since it can be activated even from the resurrection of 《Branded Regained》, the follow-up will spring up as much as you want. With this, even his deck, which doesn't use light and darkness at all, will have a hard time if he uses the Magnummut effect repeatedly.
In this way, while giving his GY meta fatal damage with one card, the overpower that brings the subsequent The Bystial and the expansion card is exactly the core of The Bystial. It was a nightmare-like existence that would be extremely disadvantageous for the light and darkness theme, and sooner or later it was regulated because it was judged to be a cancerous substance that stopped the breath of many themes.
If The Bystial and the others could exterminate the heinous theme as the so-called "good yakuza who protect the city", it would be a pity, but...
In the end, his Tearlaments opponent, which is the most important, can't be stopped because of the number of moves over there, and he doesn't hit Kashtira or his Spright opponent at all. It was only a thug group.
Now that it's become like this, Magnumoth will be restricted for life, but in the end other The Bystials such as Druidwurm and Baldrake are still alive,
A strong light and darkness theme appears → The Bystial proliferates → other light and darkness themes are fatally hit... I doubt the day will come when the scheme will be resolved...
japan Rさん
2022/11/26 19:42
Yugioh Icon
The worst card that pushes environmental failures below the environment.
Creating "Tearlaments" was a mistake, and I tried to stop it, but with this theme, he can't stop Tearlaments, and "The Bystial" is the worst card design that stops all light and darkness except the environment. It should be regulated quickly and prepare a meta that only affects the environment, but I think it would be difficult to make cards that only affect the environment.
japan タマーキン(封印)
2022/10/21 6:47
Yugioh Icon
GY The ultimate weapon group for decks based on light and darkness, the beast of the abyss
It seems that his current strongest Tearlaments could not be completely stopped
As a result, his deck outside the environment is no longer allowed to even dream of raising the big Venus.
Due to this ease of use, not only ranking duels and CS, but Yu-Gi-Oh Day, free matches, DISCO's KONAMI official remote duel server's free room encroached, resulting in a large number of retirees along with Tearlaments and his Kashtira.
Reprint packs and such are capable, but I don't think it's a good idea to ruin everything with a new one like this
Unless you're an advanced environmental decker, it's best to withdraw from Yu-Gi-Oh and wait for KONAMI to reflect.
Ah, his Dragon All-Purpose Search is excellent, even though it's late in the end phase.
Especially when attacking second, you don't have to worry about the delay of the end phase.
ATK is also perfect with 2500
Naturally 10 points
japan ティンダングルの慟哭
2022/09/25 23:20
Yugioh Icon
People who were born to stop Tearlaments, but couldn't stop them completely, and just finished off the already degraded themes like Orpheus, Sky Striker, and Eldlich.
Can you please stop eating GY's Divel and Intruder right away?
Versatility is high and the range of construction is wide, but I feel like I crushed more themes than that
If only his GY was targeted, it would have been an excellent dragon support...
I can't help complaining, but I can't help it before the theme concept itself is strong and weak that denies multiple other themes from the ground up
japan 京太
2022/09/25 21:11
Yugioh Icon
Although it was born to crush Tiaments from the 0th turn of the second attack, the result was that Shailene, the root of all evil, could not be stopped, and other light and dark GY Themes were disappointing.
I thought I could search for Redame, but it seems to call other abysses.
You have to limit this. And go to hell Shaelane too.
japan アルバ
2022/09/21 23:38
Yugioh Icon
The Bystial has a 2500 RBI special effect while DD Crowing Light and Darkness.
This and Druidwurm have a versatile effect that can take adverts, so the business trip performance is high, and it is a tremendous headwind for the light and darkness theme that uses GY.
Ishizu, who was rampaging, has a characteristic that makes it look like he came to Tearlaments blatantly, but as a result, Ishizu Tiara can't be stopped and has a very nice battle result of annihilating other light and dark themes.
Its unique effect is End Phase Dragon Search or Salvage.
Search is slower than the end phase, but with a shared effect, you can Special Summon him during the opponent's turn, so you can set up follow-up attacks while interfering with the opponent's actions.
Anything but the same name is fine and he can be salvaged from GY, making it easier to make the build feel like Highlander.
japan まくろる
2022/08/25 22:54
Yugioh Icon
The searcher for the kidnapping theme The Bystial that appears after excluding the light or dark monsters in the GY of your opponent's girlfriend.
Since the search for this card is slow during the end phase, it might not be as good as just searching...
The problem is if the opponent uses light darkness and this happens, the story is different. Even though it's the opponent's turn, he suddenly starts to move, and he suddenly turns into a terrifying group of DD Crows who kidnap the Golden Lord, the princess, etc. With this, when the turn comes around, you will be able to effectively use the cards you searched for.
It seems that it was born mainly to suppress his Tearlaments, which has a lot of DARK, but anyway, if you try other light and dark themes, it will be terrible.
Gentlemen of Tearlaments. I think it's cute to look at, but due to its unlovable performance, quite a few themes have suffered tragedy. Don't you think you should restrain yourself a little?
japan シエスタ
2022/08/02 17:15
Yugioh Icon
DABL has become a hot topic for his Kashtira strength, but this group of cards is pretty much the same.
Like Tearlaments, it has the ability to develop the illusion of "Oh, I was the first?"
The Bystial has good stats in common and self-deploys at a low cost. Offense and defense are also advanced level.
It is also possible to develop from the opponent's GY during the opponent's turn.
There are some conditions, but it can be treated like a DD Crow who does not lose an ad.
Taking advantage of the fact that it is a Friche, it is also possible to chain and aim for a dud when trying to disable your own card with Called by the Grave.
The unique effect is slow to activate at the end, but unlike other The Bystials, it triggers summons and has a wide range of responses that can bring in dragons, which is quite attractive.
Regarding the slowness, as mentioned above, it can be deployed during the opponent's turn, so it can be compensated to some extent.
One that boasts high versatility and business trip performance.
japan みめっと
2022/07/30 6:48
Yugioh Icon
One of the dark dragons that has the effect common to level 6 The Bystial, which is that you can SS from your hand by excluding one of the two attribute monsters related to chaos among the GY monsters of each other's GY.
If there is a monster in the opponent's field, it will change to a triggered immediate effect that can activate the effect with Friche on each other's turn, so the opponent's GY's GY light / DARK monster can also be excluded, so in the opponent's turn It can also be a jamming card by the GY meta.
His Dragon's universal search salvage effect other than monsters with the same name that is activated when this card's unique effect SS is applied during the end phase can also compensate for the delay by self-SSing during the opponent's turn. , the two effects are very well connected.
He doesn't need to be alive in the end phase, and unlike other level 6 The Bystials, he has a unique effect even if he doesn't send GY, so it's very good that he doesn't have to rely on others. hey.
Since it doesn't matter what kind of monsters exist in the opponent's field, and if it's light or dark, you can exclude items other than dragons of each other's GY, so it's versatile as a level 6 monster and can be used in related decks in terms of race and attributes. It has high business trip performance, and I think it's a good monster that will be an asset for the Dragon race.
japan PORD
2023/11/22 15:57
Yugioh Icon
japan ハッ セフィロス
2023/11/22 11:23
Yugioh Icon
japan E−HERO愛用中のクリムゾン・ノヴァ
2023/11/21 22:58
Yugioh Icon
japan 波切
2023/11/18 21:34
Yugioh Icon
japan フラクトール
2023/09/11 11:50
Yugioh Icon
japan 脳筋中毒者
2024/03/25 13:04
Yugioh Icon
japan ただのくらげ
2024/03/22 15:22
Yugioh Icon
japan wairo
2024/03/12 22:18
Yugioh Icon
japan 2022/07/20 13:15
Searcher of The Bystial. The timing to search and salvage is late as it is the end phase, but it is possible to access all dragons other than the same name, and it is excellent that it can be deployed even in the opponent's turn with a common effect. In addition, it is also suitable for hitting because it has a reasonable RBI of 2500.

Decks with "Bystial Magnamhut"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
DARKWING BLAST DABL-JP006 2022-07-16 Rare

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 307 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 14,898
Type "Dragon" Type Best Monster Ranking 10th
Attribute "DARK" Best Monster Ranking 63rd
Level 6 Best Monster Ranking 10th


Japanese card name 深淵の獣マグナムート

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