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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness > Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair

Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair Used Deck

Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 8 Dragon 3000 2000
Your opponent cannot Tribute this face-up card on the field, and cannot target it with card effects. You can only use each of these effects of "Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair" once per turn.
●If a DARK monster you control is Tributed (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card from your GY (if it was there when you Tributed) or hand (even if not).
●You can Tribute 1 DARK monster; your opponent places 1 card from their hand on either the top or bottom of the Deck.
Average Rating Score 10(43)
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"Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair" card reviews and rating scores

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japan まくろる
2022/12/05 15:57
Yugioh Icon
Sierra aside, did Himmel and Arcus follow suit around here?
japan 京太
2022/10/14 9:58
Yugioh Icon
Demon king of overwork.
Now that Baldrake is out, it might be a good idea to make Demon King The Bystial.
japan みめっと
2022/04/14 18:51
Yugioh Icon
Originally, Strak's signboard monster, which was said to be Chirami King or Yadoking, was remade with Strak R, but its swing was too wide.
Moreover, all of them have been strengthened more than properly while leaving enough relevance to the original monster's effect. A card that is too wonderful to be.
According to a passage, he was reincarnated as a dragon of darkness to protect Sky Striker's princess, and there are many cards that have a high affinity with this monster's self-SS effect. To do.
I'm very interested in Infernal Flame Emperor and Exxod, Master of The Guard R monsters because I can transform Diabolos, which was one of the most disappointing signs, into a monster like this!
japan ねおんちゃん
2022/04/14 13:24
Yugioh Icon
A gentle devil who visits various girlfriend's DARK Decks to solve the lack of power.
For example, there are a great many monsters that can be self-released, such as The Black Stone of Legend in the Red-Eyes Deck and the Traveling Dragon, and Ray's Flicelink in the Sky Striker Ace.
In response to them, he easily springs out of his GY and hits him with his ATK on the Blue-Eyed line.
Furthermore, it has a handicap, and it is impossible to release on Kaiju.
Even so, it doesn't have the type of disruptive ability that can cause her opponent's deck to malfunction, so it's a really refreshing and pleasant card.
japan ブルーバード
2022/03/26 18:34
Yugioh Icon
Performance and versatility without saying as a trump card for the main deck. As a trump card, it is like a role model, and it is loved by serious decks, minor decks, and fan decks.
As soon as his DARK monster in his own field is released, he rushes in, and the appearance of shaving himself reminds me of a dragon god in some Dark World. Did he receive any self-education?
japan ソリティアマスター
2021/09/29 10:11
Yugioh Icon
It can be said that it is a very excellent monster that has two effects. Appearing under the condition of DARK release, you can steal the opponent's hand, and because of its high RBI and resistance, you can play a role in both attack and obstruction. Since it is level 8, it can be used as a train cost, and it can also be used as a material for Rank 8 Xyz, which is rich in human resources. I think he will be able to play an even more active role in the future by strengthening DARK.
japan 低糖
2021/09/18 7:06
Yugioh Icon
Corrected the rating. We apologize to those who have been offended (below is the revised evaluation).
Thanks to his excellent stats and race, he can receive various support (train, melody, mausoleum, etc.), and his effects are self-contained, so he can do his job as long as he appears. If I had to pick a weak point, it would be the point that it would be necessary to build a little more, and the point that it would be weak against the GY meta.
Personally, the only thing that makes it stand out from the other 10 ratings is that it's not a win if you put it out, and it's not easy to put it out. It is also an accident worker because it cannot move by itself. Discard is also rough, but how well it hits depends on the opponent. However, his Blue-Eyed RBI, which has target resistance that can be put out without being burdened, turns into a fortress after the middle stage. Overall, it can be said that this is a card that will test your construction skills.
japan ノクト
2020/08/02 22:16
Yugioh Icon
A demon king who compensates for the lack of RBI of Sky Striker Ace. It's strong enough to be used simply as a firepower, but it's also ridiculous to be able to self-release and bounce the opponent's hand to his deck while opening the main monster zone. It is quite convenient to use it in the first attack.
Furthermore, if you combine it with Ray, you will be revived infinitely as long as the extra deck is not exhausted. Too compatible.
Rei's relative or something? ? ?
japan KCの人
2019/09/25 17:58
Yugioh Icon
The demon lord who became even more vicious thanks to Guardragon.
Elpy calls out to two or more links. Then release yourself and leave the place. I call this act of general passage Diabolos.
japan むーちょ
2019/06/11 8:33
Yugioh Icon
I got my thoughts
last day
Dragon as a bonus.
There is no question even though it is rated 10 points with this much evaluation.
strong (confidence)
japan お空は青い
2019/06/07 16:33
Yugioh Icon
It seems like I can't give anything other than 10 points, so 10 points (;・∀・)
A card that allows you to travel to various DARK Decks. Excellent compatibility with viruses.
Maou Buramaji and Maou Sky Striker Ace are fun to use.
japan すいせん
2019/05/17 12:48
Yugioh Icon
Strong to say the least. A demon king that comes from the hand and GY with a dark release. 3000 hit points that cannot be released and cannot be targeted. After hitting, in the main 2, it will be handicapped at its own cost. Friends of 《Linkuriboh
japan カンベイ
2019/05/09 2:48
Yugioh Icon
Release the curse! !
A superlative Dragon monster that can be Special Summoned just by releasing the darkness of the field.
It also has a high ATK of 3000, has resistance to release and effect targets, and boasts a good presence that doesn't match the ease of Special Summon.
The handicap effect in the second half may help the opponent, but it is much stronger than the original glimpse effect.
Overall a very good monster. Depending on your ingenuity, you can consider adopting it for various decks.
japan シンシン
2019/04/06 22:23
Yugioh Icon
It's crazy to have release and target effect resistance and RBI of 3000 even though it has a self-reviving ability and revives almost every turn.
japan エンジョイ勢
2019/02/21 11:18
Yugioh Icon
A powerful monster that pops up out of nowhere with a lightness unworthy of the name Demon King.
With this status, it can easily be revived not only from the hand but also from GY, so it can't be weak.
japan 幽玄藍都
2019/02/14 23:24
Yugioh Icon
Isn't it too much stronger than the original card? (Praise). A strength worthy of the name Demon King.
japan sin FWD
2019/02/03 22:14
Yugioh Icon
High performance that I want you to emulate the original story.
He's not compatible with Monge, but he's also highly compatible with Infernoid.
japan SEA
2018/06/24 23:15
Yugioh Icon
An enhanced power card that is incomparable to the original card.
On top of 3000 RBI, it is a powerful card with untargetable effects and a handicap effect. Since you can self-regenerate and summon cards just by releasing DARK, even if you don't have a dystopia, you can go with Afurima and a business trip set. Plenty of support for virus, gospel, etc.
japan 幽鬼十代
2018/06/24 9:54
Yugioh Icon
The reason why the seemingly strange combination of the demon king and the princess has become a combo: This card.
After all, it's a DARK that can be easily released by the important princess...
japan BK201改
2018/06/14 13:00
Yugioh Icon
A broken card with a powerful effect and high ATK, but with very loose summoning conditions.
It's scary because it comes out suddenly in various situations. It's like a snack.
japan アルバ
2018/06/14 11:07
Yugioh Icon
The returned illustration and the demon king whose name was lost.
This time he is able to Special Summon, his level and ATK have increased, gospel, melody, train correspondence and many other blatant adjustments have been made.
Special Summon The condition is loose, although it increases the combo, so there are monsters that can't be targeted by 3000 RBI, so it's normally powerful.
Since it also comes out of GY, it can attack many times depending on the construction.
The clogged deck is completely clogged because it has a resistance that is conscious of his Kaiju that it can't be released.
japan カイ
2018/06/06 12:34
Yugioh Icon
A pretty powerful monster.
Despite its strong status and resistance, the lightness that comes out just by releasing it is also attractive. Strong enough that Special Summon also responds from her GY.
However, compatibility with shadow dystopia is bad.
japan 機械好き男
2018/05/16 23:17
Yugioh Icon
What's with this cheat!? The Demon King has been resurrected after a long time. 《Gravedigger Ghoul》I have to use it (sense of mission)
japan ヤマト
2018/04/06 8:33
Yugioh Icon
It is a vicious monster that can be revived many times under loose conditions, even though it is a fang king-class monster with a target resistance of 3000 RBI. Because he is DARK, he has plenty of means to send him to GY, so there are few scenes where he feels the weight.
Reading this terrifyingly perfect effect makes me realize the inflation of Yu-Gi-Oh
japan れい
2018/03/31 10:44
Yugioh Icon
An easy-to-play power card with strong resistance and handicap effects.
This one is powerful enough to carry the "Devil King" sign on his back, and even if he gets a total removal, he will come from GY, so there is almost no chance.
However, because the specs are so high, not only is it a match of the same type, but if it is used by the opponent with Monster Reborn or Shark Cannon, it is normal for a gag-like development to occur that makes it difficult for you to break through.
Since Maou is resistant to removal by release, there are many occasions when you have to trade with Diabolos to break through your opponent's Diabolos.
The handicap to return to the deck will be chosen by the opponent, so it is difficult to inflict fatal damage, but since it does not increase GY, you can reduce your hand exactly without letting it become a resource.
japan わがじゃん
2018/03/18 22:51
Yugioh Icon
The demon king who came back with a super power up. Despite being a demon lord, he rampages under a loose Special Summon condition that seems to pop up from anywhere. Lately he's been on the butt of Sky Striker Ace (laughs).
However, the effect is real and strong.
japan ラーメン
2018/03/16 10:43
Yugioh Icon
Demon King-sama, who resurrected with all his might, didn't really like being ridiculed as the "King of Peeping", and came out with a tremendous amount of seriousness.
Resurrected many times with a loose trigger of DARK release on the field, stays with a solid resistance of release resistance and target resistance, and uses DARK as a cost to create a pseudo 1 handicap. If you don't have a hand or you have to return the card that you draw out to the Deck, it can be rather negative, but if you can use it when the opponent's hand is low, it's effective. It can be expected to play an active role as a hidden ace of the corresponding Deck, which is strong enough just to have resistance.
Decks that are compatible with this card alone include Sky Striker Ace, Red-Eyes, and Vampire.
japan はやとちり
2018/03/11 13:08
Yugioh Icon
A renewed demon king who can only give 10 points. The Special Summon condition is easier than 《Illusory Snatcher》, the release resistance is stronger than that of Obelisk, and the handicap effect that finally made an ad.
When I was a boy, I tried hard to use the old demon lord because it was cool, but I was disappointed by its poor usability.
For the time being, a Darkness Deck or a Tribute Summon Deck will work, but I'd like to use it together with Shadow Dystopia and Viruses to keep fighting.
japan とき
2018/03/10 15:58
Yugioh Icon
It would be great if the demon king, who had one of the most miserable things in the 5th term, got serious.
When his DARK in your field is released, a light-weight Special Summon effect that hellos not only from your hand but also from GY, resistance that is not released and cannot be targeted by the effect, releases 1 DARK and the opponent reduces your hand to 1 It has the effect of sending to the top or bottom of the deck.
Summoning conditions are light enough if you build his Deck around this Strak. It also works well with simple releases and self releases for self effects. 《Linkuriboh》, Juraked, and Rei are good mates.
The resistance to not being released has become more excellent than when the demon king had it, and it is strong against opponents who use Shadow Dystopia as well as not being released to Kaiju. The effect target resistance is stable and reliable, and even if it is destroyed, it can be easily regenerated, so it is quite tenacious.
The handicap effect is unreliable because the opponent chooses it, but in Shadow Dystopia, the opponent's monsters can be used as a cost, so that's the main focus. A glimpse of the genes of the former Demon King can be seen in the destination.
Easy to regenerate, strong resistance, perfect effect. An ace monster candidate who can also ask the environment.
japan クリームどら焼き
2018/03/09 14:15
Yugioh Icon
It's strong at the point where "Linkuriboh" is released and the devil appears.
Under the Wrinkle environment, he has almost the potential to be included in a DARK Deck.
In the current environment, Evil Thorn is also active, and I wonder if Demon King Plants will appear soon?
japan もも
2018/03/07 21:56
Yugioh Icon
A demon lord who can Special Summon every time his DARK monster on his field is released.
Although it has turn 1 restrictions, it can be activated even if a card with the same name is released, and it has a handicap effect.
japan はわわ
2018/03/07 20:58
Yugioh Icon
The true demon king who stopped glimpsing
Not bad resistance, strong handicap
It's also good to be able to do Special Summon from GY
japan マスじい
2018/03/07 16:32
Yugioh Icon
Flickering demon king who awakened after releasing the curse. Maybe his original curse was too strong, almost a different thing.
Originally, he couldn't Special Summon, but not only did that limit disappear, but he got the activeness that allowed him to Special Summon himself under fairly loose conditions, and the resistance that could only prevent the release by the effect also improved the release in general. Get resistance + target resistance. He lost the glimpse effect, but instead got the effect of returning the hand to his deck. Seven Swan Deck Don't give up when you're topped.
Since it's level 8, it supports trains, its status is melody range, and since it's a level 8 dragon, it supports gospel. The effect is almost self-contained, and the gimmick of DARK release should be prepared, so the versatility is reasonably high.
japan ルイ
2018/03/05 20:51
Yugioh Icon
oi! Where's the glimpse element! ?
Rather than coming back stronger, it would be more correct to say that he was reborn as a completely different creature.
If you drop it into his GY while drawing with a trade-in, even if you use 《Advance Draw》, you will get your change back.
When released, you can play it from your hand or his GY, so it goes without saying that you can hit 2 virus cards in a row.
Star 8 Dragon is easy to drop GY and can search with melody, it's already too good, are you really a remake? That's what it feels like.
It's easy to revive, and his fiend is reminiscent of the president of a white company.
Also, it's not taken as a target, so it's too strong that it almost certainly does Handes' work without worrying about Veiler.
...Everyone, once in a while, please remember Chirami Maou-san.
japan シエスタ
2018/03/05 9:14
Yugioh Icon
A remake of the demon king Diabolos, who was famous in a bad way. Unleash your chains and unleash your true power! An illustration that I want to say.
As the illustration shows, the difficulty of handling the original remake has been removed, and it has been properly strengthened.
Not only does the Special Summon limit disappear, but if the darkness of his army is released, he will show his immortality that will make GY boil.
Furthermore, RBI is on par with Blue-Eyed. If the defense is low level, it will be worthy of the highest level, and it will not accept release processing from the opponent regardless of whether it is due to an effect, and it even has target resistance.
Equipped with handicap as a bonus. He asks for a release, but he can also cost himself, and since he returns it to the deck, he doesn't even let him use GY.
The drawback is that it is still difficult to move alone. After that, I thought that I wanted to leave the glimpse element somewhere.
I think it's a good remake that is generally powerful, but there are places where the skill of the user is tested.
japan デルタアイズ
2018/03/03 14:22
Yugioh Icon
A remake of Chirami Maou-kun with great power.
First of all, there are various access methods (it is easy to drop into his GY, it corresponds to the awakening melody, etc.)
It's strong to use the release as a trigger to pop out of GY in your hand.
In addition to the release resistance (only added by the opponent) that existed before the remake, target resistance has been added, making it more reliable.
The essential effect has been further developed and brutalized with Handes + Release.
His specs make it easy to go on business trips, and we can expect him to be an ace of DARK.
japan ヒコモン
2018/03/03 2:59
Yugioh Icon
The sneaky demon lord can easily come out of the hand and GY, and it has become resistant. The fact that it can't be released isn't limited to the effect, so even Kaiju can't remove it. It also has a handicap effect that can be used every turn. The part that the opponent chooses is a drawback, but the effect of returning it to the Deck is very brutal. Dragon, level 8, awakening melody correspondence status, etc. are blessed, so it is expected to play an active role.
japan アキ
2018/03/02 22:46
Yugioh Icon
The demon king who tore off the chains and released his true power. Since it has a blessed status of 8 stars, DARK, Dragon, and ATK 3000, it is an advantage that it supports 《Return of the Dragon Lords》, 《Trade-In》, and 《The Melody of Awakening Dragon》. All three effects are excellent, and (1) works well with 《Linkuriboh》, 《Juragedo》, and Sky Striker Ace - Ray, which can be released even during the opponent's turn. As for (2), he cannot be removed by Kaiju or Lavago, and cannot be targeted by effects. (3) can be activated by releasing this card itself, and at the same time it can also be a trigger to Special Summon the second 《Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair》. The illustrations are cool too.
japan 備長炭18
2018/03/02 22:23
Yugioh Icon
Diabolos has come back stronger.
By releasing DARK, he can also special summon from GY, so it is easy to use, and since it is not released by the opponent, it is strong against Kaiju. Discard, which is a glimpse component of the original card, is dependent on the opponent, so it's a little unusable, but I think it will lead to frustrating the opponent's nose.
I'm glad that there are many access methods even with level 8 Dragon / DARK.
japan コングの施し
2018/03/02 22:14
Yugioh Icon
3000 points flying from DARK release.
The handicap effect is strong.
Mochiron is expected to play an active role in the dedicated deck, can it also be used in Monarch? this.
And, surprisingly, he can resurrect himself from GY, so he can Special Summon even after becoming a virus medium, a monster worthy of the name of the Demon King.
japan なす
2018/03/02 21:59
Yugioh Icon
A superlative monster that can be revived or drawn from the hand when DARK is released.
It is very strong with a high RBI that can be put out under loose conditions, resistance to targets and releases, and a handicap effect that does not allow the use of GY.
japan にゃ釜
2023/07/28 0:05
Yugioh Icon
japan すっp
2024/02/08 14:29
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness SR06-JP001 2018-03-10 Ultra
tournament pack2024 Vol.2 24TP-JP204 2024-04-01 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 1 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 175,536
Type "Dragon" Type Best Monster Ranking 1st
Attribute "DARK" Best Monster Ranking 2nd
Card Type "Monster" Best Card Ranking 2nd
Level 8 Best Monster Ranking 2nd
Card Type "Effect Monster" Best Card Ranking 2nd


Japanese card name 闇黒の魔王ディアボロス

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