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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > LORD OF THE TACHYON GALAXY > Sharkraken

Sharkraken Used Deck

Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 6 Fish 2400 2100
You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by Tributing 1 WATER monster.
Average Rating Score 6.5(19)
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"Sharkraken" card reviews and rating scores

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31% (6)
63% (12)
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japan さこそう
2022/07/07 18:43
Yugioh Icon
Level 6 monsters that can be summoned with loose conditions
It has a moderate amount of firepower, and it is convenient to use it as a material and expand it.
japan ヒコモン
2018/02/16 12:58
Yugioh Icon
A level 6 monster that can be Special Summoned from your hand with the loose condition of releasing WATER. However, since it has no other effects, it is still difficult to adopt.
japan ルイ
2017/04/09 20:54
Yugioh Icon
A handy Special Summon with loose conditions.
It is also a card that I personally pay attention to after the new rules are enforced.
If you can put it into EXZ and deal with Synchro, Xyz, Fusion, etc. after using its effect, and Special Summon it, it will lead to the next development, it seems quite strong (Konami feeling)
Or you can apply it to Synchro and Xyz materials.
It would be nice to simply make the weak WATER a 2400 RBI attacker.
If there are more types, it should be able to play an active role, so it's a card I'd like to expect in the future.
japan アームド強化来
2017/04/09 16:26
Yugioh Icon
It would be nice if an effect like this appeared in my favorite category
Also, it would be more preferable if it came with a once-in-a-turn effect destruction, battle destruction resistance, etc.
japan ギャラクシー
2014/01/10 22:04
Yugioh Icon
It can be used as another main attacker with 《Call of the Atlanteans》. And since it's a Special Summon, you can do another Normal Summon. I wish there was one more effect.
japan スイッチ
2013/10/24 22:02
Yugioh Icon
A convenient child who transforms into a coelacanth with 《Transmodify》.
If it's a Coelacanth Deck, I'd like to stack it with Tiger.
japan 白タウナギ
2013/05/25 19:32
Yugioh Icon
It is very convenient. In the Coelacanth Deck, you can release a special summoned fish to attack, and on the first turn, he releases the WATER summon and special summons this card to put pressure on your opponent with 2400 RBI. can.
japan へる
2013/04/24 20:34
Yugioh Icon
Special Summon is good
RBI is not low at 2400
Interesting card how to connect from here!
japan スクラップトリトドン
2013/04/16 10:51
Yugioh Icon
A Special Summon monster that didn't actually exist.
Since it has the Monarch line, it's a compromise as an advanced level, and it's an excellent card as a rank 6 and as a synchro material.
Many frog Monarchs were saved thanks to this.
By the way, it's a summoning rule, so he can't be used as Atlantean's trigger, so be careful.
japan せな
2013/04/16 1:24
Yugioh Icon
It can be used in the same way as raising the rank of a monster that has exhausted its effects. WATER is also strengthened and he has ATK as it is, so it's relatively easy to use.
2013/02/27 12:42
Yugioh Icon
I thought it was a frog, but it turned out to be a huge shark
Change WATER monster to LV6 vanilla with RBI 2400.
You can disguise 《Treeborn Frog》, or stack it on the Ice Barrier to make up for the lack of firepower.
Free to use. Moderately good card.
japan みかんゼリー
2013/02/18 17:06
Yugioh Icon
One summon of WATER can give 6 stars + 2400 RBI.
I think it's a card that can play an active role in various water decks, such as Gishki, which is difficult to rank high-level decks, and Gael Monarch, which can be popped out of 《Treeborn Frog》.
japan わたV
2013/02/18 7:51
Yugioh Icon
Shark's card this time is not bad, except for a certain whale...
After remaining in a field like Undine, you can turn a weak vanilla card into a level 62400 RBI card.
If you leave it on the field, you may be able to use it to deal with dangerous monsters.
It might be good to aim for rank 6 with a deck like Gishki.
sorry, ↓ is me
japan 光芒
2013/02/13 23:46
Yugioh Icon
Special Summon 2400 RBI possible. However, after summoning it, it becomes practically vanilla, so I want to connect it to Synchro and Xyz immediately. Combined with Monarch and 6-axis Gishki, his deck can be used to aim for powerful rank 6s such as Tremys and Bounzer.
japan 天帝リッチ
2013/02/12 17:32
Yugioh Icon
Many decks have been saved thanks to this guy.
A star 6 that allows you to Special Summon from your hand simply by releasing WATER. WATER Decks that can get rank 6 such as Gael Monarch and 6-axis Gishki are enough to be adopted.
However, once it comes into play, it's vanilla, so I'd like to quickly turn it into a Synchro Xyz material.
japan ファナナス
2013/02/12 17:22
Yugioh Icon
2400 vanilla for Special Summon.
It works reasonably well with Coelacanth and 《Treeborn Frog》. It's attractive to be able to change undines with poor stats to 2400, but it doesn't have any other effects... Will it be noticed or not as a material for Rank 6 Xyz?
japan セラ
2013/02/12 0:11
Yugioh Icon
A card with a fairly interesting effect that can be used in various ways
However, after entering the battlefield, it's like vanilla for free, so this evaluation
japan とき
2013/02/10 22:47
Yugioh Icon
The idea of this effect was unlikely.
It can be said that it is an ability that converts a weak but powerful card into a 6 star 2400 vanilla.
I can't say that there are many ways to use it once it's on the field...
As soon as I can think of it, try enabling level 8 synchro with Diva, or try Xyz with Gael Monarch or Gene Monarch.
Still, it's pretty good enough to be able to beat weak cards.
japan 2013/02/23 15:09
Thanks to this guy, I was able to process Abyss stopped by Veiler.
There are many simple effects that are safe and good

Decks with "Sharkraken"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 6,383 / 12,768 Cards
View Num 24,164
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 54th


Japanese card name シャークラーケン

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