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Mermail Abyssturge Used Deck

Mermail Abyssturge
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 4 Fish 1700 1100
When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can discard 1 WATER monster to the Graveyard, then target 1 Level 3 or lower WATER monster in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand. You can only use the effect of "Mermail Abyssturge" once per turn.
Average Rating Score 6.4(9)
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"Mermail Abyssturge" card reviews and rating scores

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japan 超弩級スライム
2023/02/02 22:30
Yugioh Icon
A place like 《Mermail Abysspike》where Saatchi was salvaged.
You can discard Mermail or Atlantean, activate its effect, and salvage your hand to +-0.
It's an effect that can contribute to the development, but even Abyss Pike isn't something you want to do with summoning rights, but this card can only be used after the middle stage, so it's even more difficult to use.
In MD's solo mode, it is used in a mixed deck with "Marincess", but since "Marincess" is a theme with many salvage methods, this card's effect is unnecessary, and it is just a hindrance because it cannot be used as a Link 1 material. is.
japan ABYSS
2014/02/27 10:24
Yugioh Icon
Salvage effect with reduced range.
The effect isn't bad, but he tends to be put off by Atlantean Mermail due to his perishability in the early game.
Because of his versatility, he'll do well in the WATER Deck.
japan うぃな
2012/12/05 13:55
Yugioh Icon
In addition to being rotten in the early game, Salvage has a higher cost in almost the same range. If so, the range of tactics will definitely expand.
In terms of versatility, it is the best among Mermail cards, so it is a card that can be used for business trips within WATER.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2012/11/18 10:12
Yugioh Icon
Unlike the female team, which activates when discarded, the male team throws away their cards.
This is the collection of mermail, but this range can be mostly salvaged.
On top of that, compared to the search spike, the fact that it rots in the early stages makes it a little harder to use.
However, it can also be used as a trigger for Atlantean like Spike, so it can be used in terms of using Diva etc.
japan ファナナス
2012/09/04 10:06
Yugioh Icon
For a while after its release, he was able to use the effects of Atlantean and Gunde even if he collected discarded monsters, but due to the change in ruling, he was forced to weaken the card. His salvage effect, which allows him to activate the effects of Atlantean and Gunde while reducing consumption, is not bad, but the problem is that he can't play an active role until after the middle stage.
Pike is given priority, and it is better to add about 1 piece as a hidden flavor.
2012/07/20 21:57
Yugioh Icon
It has the salvage effect of a star 4 monster.
I think the situation will change depending on the cards you discard from your hand.
Will the Mermail Deck bring out a female mermaid?
The figure that saves a woman from a predicament is a gentleman.
japan みかんゼリー
2012/07/20 16:40
Yugioh Icon
Dropping Gunde is profitable, and good to use in combination with Atlantean.
It's hard to use when summoning, but it seems to do a good job because it can collect Daevas.
By the way↓
Q: If the discarded Mermail Abyssgunde is added to the hand as a cost due to this card's effect, can the effect of Mermail Abyssgunde be activated?
A: It cannot be activated in the case of 《Mermail Abyssgunde》.
japan とき
2012/07/20 8:19
Yugioh Icon
This is salvage. Level 3 or below is also possible, so Diva and 《Swap Frog》can also be targeted.
However, it is undeniable that it is unexpectedly difficult to use because it is limited to summons and special summons, and it has little development potential after it comes into play.
After all, level 4 mermail doesn't make sense if it's the cost of Megalo Abyss...
Poi Atlantean was on the rise with his work to collect other Atlantean and Daevas.
japan 天帝リッチ
2012/07/20 0:21
Yugioh Icon
You can salvage level 3 WATER from GY.
His main job is to collect female mermails.
It's a powerful card.

Decks with "Mermail Abyssturge"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
ABYSS RISING ABYR-JP017 2012-07-21 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 6,569 / 12,758 Cards
View Num 39,867
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 58th


Japanese card name 水精鱗-アビスタージ

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