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Scrap Shark Used Deck

Scrap Shark
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 4 Fish 2100 0
When an Effect Monster's effect or a Spell/Trap Card is activated, destroy this face-up card on the field. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" card and sent to the Graveyard, you can send 1 "Scrap" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard.
Average Rating Score 7.1(16)
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"Scrap Shark" card reviews and rating scores

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japan ブルーバード
2021/09/21 23:53
Yugioh Icon
Why does he die so soon after Scrap?
Compared to instant death gorillas, it's a little better in that it doesn't die immediately, but in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, it often dies due to hand triggers and hand traps flying around. Furthermore, this monster itself is difficult to deploy and gives an outdated impression.
There is surprisingly little scrap that can be used for GY fertilization, so that is an additional point.
japan 備長炭18
2018/12/09 12:19
Yugioh Icon
A sensitive shark that is one of the reasons why Kong was said to be an industrial waste.
Unlike Kong, he can hit with a maximum of 2300 RBIs without activating the card, and he is easy to handle even in the early stages because he has a GY effect when destroyed.
However, recently, this card has been adopted only for the ease of self-destruction because of the increased G that activates Friche and the high RBIs that are lined up without hesitation.
He used to travel to Soya Combo as his coelacanth-enabled EARTH, but that too disappeared due to the errata over there. Or rather, I am surprised at the lack of Fish in EARTH.
What was really different from Kong?
japan ラギアの使徒
2017/01/02 22:51
Yugioh Icon
A card that changed all at once with the appearance of 《Scrap Factory》. The effect when self-destructing is very powerful with the search from his deck, and the "factory" does not reduce the board ad even if it self-destructs, making it a high-performance monster. Even by himself, he has a high ATK of 2100, so you can fight him in case of emergency. However, if the opponent activates a card, it self-destructs, so it often self-destructs before the attack passes.
japan 不憫なギリシャの戦神
2015/09/17 19:07
Yugioh Icon
I'm out! Shark's self-destruct combo!
It's strong when attacking with high ATK, but it becomes useless when it goes to defense,
I would go to GY and ask my friends to comfort me,
Only this child is blown away by the searcher and the uselessness stands out,
I wonder if it's the idol of Scrap Deck (crazy)
Seriously, bring it to Factory Trigger
You can hit up to 2300 RBIs, so you can hit midrashy and it's excellent.
japan ナル参照
2014/07/10 23:17
Yugioh Icon
The name of the sensitive shark is not Date.
With 23 RBIs under the 21 RBI factory, it's a pretty good effect, and it's a pretty good effect, and as a man who kills Midra, he supports Scrap. With the appearance of the factory, it has become useful, but it's a pity that you can't do it with just one jam card. The appearance of turning into algae just by activating a flitch such as Repulsion or Increased G is like a vampire who has been exposed to the sun. The point is, his habits are just too damn strong.
For the time being, "Masked Chameleon" is also supported, but there are restrictions on that one...
japan アマツカゼ
2014/06/23 18:30
Yugioh Icon
His GY drop effect instead of salvage effect.
Because it is easily destroyed, it has excellent compatibility with the Factory.
It should be a disadvantage attacker, but the disadvantage easily becomes an advantage. It's now a core card in Scrap.
japan SOUL
2014/05/20 22:50
Yugioh Icon
It was a hard card to use because it self-destructs too easily, but with the introduction of Factory, that became an advantage.
GY's Fertilization effect allows you to revive golems called from the factory, so you can move from the beginning of the duel.
It's a combo premise, so I can't say it's a stable existence, but I was able to make a leap to an excellent card.
japan いうえけ
2014/01/22 18:22
Yugioh Icon
Until now, this card was difficult to handle due to its self-destruct effect, which was too easy, but with the appearance of Scrap Factory, it has evolved into a card today.
Factory activation from shark summoning causes him to drop the tuner on GY and call golems from his deck. strong…
It hurts that Redox has become second, but it's still the center of combos, and it can be said that it's almost gone, so it's safe to say that three stacks are guaranteed. Some people say that sharks are perishable or can't be a wall, but tell them what era they're talking about.
japan 世沙
2013/08/23 22:36
Yugioh Icon
The center card of my Scrap Deck.
I really appreciate that you almost certainly fulfill your role and feed GY.
It is possible to drop two in a squall, and the RBI is 21, which is unexpectedly itchy.
It was originally the core of my Deck, but with the addition of the Factory, it has expanded its playing field even further.
This girl is the only one who can get a twin or a dragon out of the factory with one card!
japan 宵闇の変態
2013/07/05 22:25
Yugioh Icon
You can send his Scrap to GY without missing the timing from Deck.
Inviting the abyss and hitting a squall can make 2 GY fertilizers, and it's much more useful than a gorilla out of nowhere.
It might be interesting to try adopting a red golem type.
Coelacanth seems to be working hard together with Soul Eater, but that's another story.
japan メダぷっちょ
2013/05/14 19:01
Yugioh Icon
Surprisingly strong combo with 《Creature Swap
He might still be better than Scrap Kong because I can steal opponent's monsters while dropping Scrap on his GY.
Disadvantages Even if you think of it as an attacker, it is a status that can be traded with Cyber Dragon, and it can be used surprisingly
But please don't die in End Cycle
japan みかんゼリー
2012/07/04 17:59
Yugioh Icon
There is no sense of stability, but it is nice to be able to fill it by itself.
Since he is a Scrap, there are many things you want to fertilize, such as golems and searchers, as well as beasts that serve as a starting point.
In addition, since it has a high RBI, it is strong against low-level attackers, and it can be a little bit of a restraint on the activation of the effect.
japan おんぼろ
2011/08/09 18:59
Yugioh Icon
A poor (?) child whose title of "The Runaway" was taken by "Scrap Kong".
It has a very high hit point of 2100, but it is very difficult to handle because it self-destructs very easily. However, it is not possible to say that GY will die in vain in order to earn her advantage.
Owner of EARTH Fish and a very rare status.
japan スクラップトリトドン
2010/11/12 7:02
Yugioh Icon
Although it has a disadvantage, an attacker has finally arrived at the low-level Scrap...
As a ruling, he can't dodge the abyss, but his Special Summon of the Searcher and his Meklord Monarch is possible by self-destruction.
It's convenient to be able to easily send searchers to her GY, and as a way to send a sos Soldier to her GY
Better than Squall, which is too useful to use for the Soldier.
His work as Scrap, which was caught in 《Masked Chameleon》, was the main work, but the appearance of Factory attracted a lot of attention.
Since it can be the most trigger for the factory without losing the ad, it has become an essential position if the factory is to be built. There were no gorillas.
japan とき
2010/11/11 23:31
Yugioh Icon
Mr. Shark to his Scrap (lie
It self-destructs extremely easily, but I'm thankful for the 《Foolish Burial》effect that I can hit at that time.
Taking advantage of being a monster, it is also possible to aim for the effect many times with the effect of the Scrap Tuner.
When using searchers and mind readers, there is a strong possibility that he will not have enough GY fertilizer with just Scrapstorm. Is it time for Mr. Shark to come out?
japan ねこーら
2023/09/09 15:32
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "Scrap Shark"

* is adopted as a key card.

Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
STORM OF RAGNAROK STOR-JP030 2010-11-13 Normal

Ranking and View Num

Rating Score Rank 5,378 / 12,758 Cards
View Num 32,243
Type "Fish" Type Best Monster Ranking 46th


Japanese card name スクラップ・シャーク

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