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"Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon" Rating Score by ジュウテツ

Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon ▶︎ Deck 《Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon》
japan ジュウテツ
2022/02/27 5:43
Yugioh Icon
With the effect of (1), I think it's excellent that you can negate the activation of various effects while releasing and removing monsters with predatory counters.
Even if you are sent to GY, you can revive "DARK" monsters with the effect of (2), so I think there is no waste.
The fusion material is heavy, but if you combine the continuous fusion of 《Predaplant Chlamydosundew》"Predaplant Fufericula" with the loose fusion material "Predator Chimera Frecia" and "Predaplanning" by "Predaplant Ambromeldus", you will find "Preda I don't think there is a problem because we can secure a means to put a counter.
During this process, I would like to supplement my hand by using 《Predaplant Byblisp》・[Predaplant Thearsheniant] on the field as a fusion material.
Among the "Predaplant" monsters, it has the highest ATK and can be said to be a trump card.
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