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"Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon" Rating Score by ミドラ

Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon ▶︎ Deck 《Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon》
japan ミドラ
2022/01/15 13:25
Yugioh Icon
Using 2 Fusion Monsters as material, the extremely heavy condition is exactly the trump card. It's like the final evolution of Starve Venom.
It may seem difficult to find at first glance, but with his Predaplant, which has doubled its deployment power thanks to its newness, it is a product that can be put out unexpectedly easily. If you use the topic 《Branded Fusion》, the stability will be further increased.
Equipped with Predaplant's long-awaited suppression effect that negates the effect while removing opponent monsters with counters. 《Predaplant Dragostapelia》can now interfere with spells and traps that could not be covered by just Predaplant Dragostapelia .
Even if you are knocked down, you can revive yourself only once, so you have a good place. Anything is fine if it's DARK, and depending on the situation, reviving someone other than this guy would be a good idea.
Don't forget to pay attention to details, such as being treated as "Predaplant" due to rule effects.
The weak point is that the interference effect cannot be used without a predation counter. I want to make good use of 《Predaplant Triantis》and 《Predaplanning》.
URL https://en.yugioh-list.com/reviews/view/155712

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