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"deep sea ruler" Deck 2017

WATER Deck List Image

Deck Introduction/Deck Commentary

Deck Category / how to win
"WATER" / Beatdown
Key Card
Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
Deck commentary


Using the Yu-Gi-Oh TFSP Deck
If you have any problems, please write down your comments.
If you don't want it, put it in the side deck.


For the time being, it is basic to fight while using a large amount of equipment cards.
I don't focus on special combos.
It is easy to secure level 1 and 3 tuners with a good presence due to the recruit effect
No matter how high the opponent's RBI is, you can hit it.
As above
You're almost guaranteed to win!
I think that I can respond to various situations because the support is substantial.
Since GY is fully utilized, please change the deployment depending on the monsters that are falling.
I don't really understand combos and strengths lol
Strength in damage races.
The recruit effect makes it easy to secure level 1 and 3 tuners with a good presence.
Once you get it right, it's hard to stop. Furthermore, even when it fails, it is not impossible to fight as an injector. It's tight.
Naraku doesn't work
Hitting point height
deployment speed
Exhilarating when decided! ! ! !
Ability to summon many in one turn
Kettle and fun
It's a great advantage against slow-moving opponents (with some exceptions). Can be blocked by chaining attacks, etc., even in the cancer mawashi deck.
If you do your best, you can line up high RBI monsters in one turn.
Combo depends on operation method
The point that a monster complements each effect and can be connected from anywhere.
You have a high chance of interfering with your opponent's actions. I think he has decent DEF for his low trap count.


His Deck of "Evor" and "Wight" is totally useless...
I was so strong...
I often get stuck with oppression and Christia.
In addition, there are many cards that do not function on their own, so it is not easy to rebuild once they are destroyed.
Don't get too carried away with Valkyrion.
If a key monster is destroyed in the middle of a combo, it's hard to start over. If you use something like Raibol when you have no cards in your hand, it will easily wipe out the monsters, so be careful.
[Shaddoll] ... The fusion body is tough as a whole.
[M・HERO] … 《M・HERO Dark Law》is tough.
[Evilswarm]... If you take too long to process 《Evilswarm Ophion》, you can't usually win.
The "Evor" and "Wight" decks are completely useless...
I was so strong...
Herald of Perfection》alone cannot compete against monsters with ATK over 3000 or Counter Traps.
His deck moves with monster effects, so it's scary to skid (sweat).
It's a special meta after all.
Since the specs of one piece are not high, you can not fight with one piece, so be careful about destroying the back.
But I think it's okay because I have DNA.
The rest is natural
You can't beat Cyber and Galaxy.
vulnerable to exclusion. Also, it's hard to block the "Deck to GY" flow itself.
Since there is no draw card, if a bad card accident occurs or a handless occurs, it will be clogged. Also, since it's a synchro deck, it's tough even if you set up a midrash. Paper defense because there is no meta card.
It doesn't turn around and my LP is in front of my opponent's deck running out...
Evilswarm scary (´・ω・`)
Naraku, Kyodatsu, and Shinsen are included to the extent of comfort, but it's still scary (´・ω・`)
Since it consumes a lot of cards, if you don't consider the situation of the opponent's field and play, you won't be able to rebuild in time.
Since it is a Deck that mainly uses LIGHT and relies on his GY, be careful about exclusions, 《Silent Graveyard (Updated from: Forbidden Graveyard)》, and magic mirrors that absorb flashing light.
① The opponent's monster with ATK 2900 or more is the strongest.
②Monsters with ATK over 2900 are terrifyingly scary, his ATK surpasses his own monsters.
③ Normal Spell and Quick-Play Spell cards are scary.
➃Three types of trap cards are activated, Special Summon monsters are negate, destroyed, or removed from the game.
⑤ Vulnerable to Special Summon Bind, Spell Bind, Trap Bind, and Extra Bind.
This Deck is also a theme that relies on GY resources, so it is quite vulnerable to indiscriminate removal such as Macro Cosmos and Dark Law. If you are good at burning down, you can overcome it well,
From the side, let's support with cards such as 《Torrential Tribute》and 《Forbidden Seiyu》.
Special Summons and cards that negate effects are natural, but dueling with Dark World requires special attention. Because Neo's anger shifts to Grapha, and Neo immediately says goodbye. And since the opponent can summon Grapha just by drawing one low-level Dark World, when he really wants to use Neo's effect against the Dark World opponent, he will look at the hand information such as Aoi and "Mind Crush". It is necessary to devise such as inserting a card that can be used.
Low beat seal, Skill Drain and so on. Destroy it as soon as possible with Cyclone.
In addition, it is not good at blocking attacks such as Hope. Most of them are cards that respond to attacks.
It's extremely weak against non-targeted effects. Black holes and total solar eclipses can be dealt with by bribes, and bralos and buttes can be dealt with by warnings and Watts, but they are far from perfect.
Also, before the lock is completed, he will expose monsters with about 1000 ATK defenseless, so be careful not to run out of LP when you want to use Soul Charge.
Since the hit point is low, it is difficult to handle if a large one can be set up first.
Due to the nature of the deck, Macro Cosmos cannot be loaded, so it is not compatible with decks such as Seiryu that are competing for the top.
It will not be possible to deploy if it is wiped out at once, such as a torrent funeral.
Opponents, such as Infernity, who do a lot of Special Summon, are weak.
Of course, it is also vulnerable to exclusion.
Dealing with "Dark World", "Fabled", and "Evilswarm" will cause the card to develop.
It doesn't turn around and my LP is in front of my opponent's deck running out...
Special Summon is sealed, and it's troublesome if the opponent is his Deck that fights with his Field Spell.
Hand trigger cards such as "D / D Crow" and "Effect Veiler" are effective even in the turn you took the lead, especially if the card dropped to his GY is excluded, it is impossible to win. become.
Cards like "Macro Cosmos" and "Evilswarm" are also tough. After all, all discarded cards are removed.
If you can't Xyz, you lose lol The basic monsters are weak. . .
Effect negate , special negate is tight. . .
Since the firepower is soberly low, it is weak against high firepower
Hand Destruction》or 《Magical Mallet》are also acceptable instead of 《Swift Scarecrow》. 《One Day of Peace》is now a restricted card, so the deck is slowing down.
As a countermeasure against 《Deck Destroying Virus》, I would like to have Ban and 《Royal Decree》on my side.
Since it turns with basic monsters, it will be clogged with skidre
I don't care, but I hate 《Counter Trap
After all, it is extremely weak against SS meta, GY meta, and monster effect meta.
Exclusion, Special Summon Bind, Bounce
Due to the variety of Synchro Summons, Synchro Meta is also directly received
Weak to Special Summon Bind
I had no idea what the accident rate was
Very vulnerable to total destruction and attribute unification
It often goes handless, so it can't be rewound
Sorry for the high accident rate (sweat
Weakness = Special Summon Total destruction such as sealing and holy burr
The biggest challenge is how much you can negate with 《Koa'ki Meiru
On the plus side, it is weak against long-term battles.
It's a personal customization, so there may be likes and dislikes depending on the person who uses it.
There are many advanced monsters, and they are quite heavy.
It's basically for short-term decisive battles, so it's not suitable for long-term battles.
If you make a card accident, you may lose without being able to do anything.
Since there are almost no traps, the defensive ability is also low.
Weak against exclusions such as 《Abyss》and 《Macro Cosmos
Might be weak against cards that seal spells
Exclusion type (《Darkrow》, 《Macro Cosmos》, 《Dimensional Prison》, etc.
Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
Dust Tornado
Light-Imprisoning Mirror
Chain Disappearance
Skill Drain


15 side decks
Top grade 00 sheets
Advanced 01 sheets
THE Tricky
Lower grade 03 sheets
04 spells
The Shallow Grave
Monster Reincarnation
A Feather of the Phoenix
Mystical Space Typhoon
05 Traps
Dust Tornado
Starlight Road》×2
Macro Cosmos
Magic Cylinder
Extra 02 sheets
Stardust Dragon》×2

Deck self-score
deck score
Each item description
Deck Maker
Yu-Gi-Oh! Icon リョウマ ( Total 29 decks )
Posted date : 2017/05/26 12:52
Main Deck (26 Types・40)
monster (13 Types・23)
NumNameAttributeLevelTypeATK / DEFcheapest price
1 List of decks using this cardBig Whale WATER 9 Fish 1000 / 3000 ¥18
2 List of decks using this cardSuperancient Deepsea King Coelacanth WATER 7 Fish 2800 / 2200 ¥70
1 List of decks using this cardPoseidra, the Atlantean Dragon WATER 7 Sea Serpent 2800 / 1600 ¥40
1 List of decks using this cardDeep Sweeper WATER 4 Fish 1600 / 1300 ¥5
1 List of decks using this cardGolden Flying Fish LIGHT 4 Fish 1700 / 1000 ¥20
2 List of decks using this cardMetabo-Shark WATER 4 Fish 1800 / 0500 ¥20
2 List of decks using this cardUnshaven Angler WATER 4 Fish 1500 / 1600 ¥12
2 List of decks using this cardNeedle Sunfish WATER 3 Fish 1500 / 0100 ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardOyster Meister WATER 3 Fish 1600 / 0200 ¥50
2 List of decks using this cardDrill Barnacle WATER 3 Aqua 0300 / 0000 ¥30
3 List of decks using this cardGeomancer of the Ice Barrier WATER 3 Spellcaster 0800 / 1200 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardCreeping Doom Manta WATER 3 Fish 1300 / 1200 ¥9
3 List of decks using this cardEffect Veiler LIGHT 1 Spellcaster 0000 / 0000 ¥80
spell (7 Types・9)
1 List of decks using this cardMonster Reborn - - - - ¥50
1 List of decks using this cardPot of Avarice - - - - ¥49
2 List of decks using this cardSalvage - - - - ¥65
1 List of decks using this cardLightning Vortex - - - - ¥25
1 List of decks using this cardDifferent Dimension Deepsea Trench - - - - ¥20
2 List of decks using this cardBurden of the Mighty - - - - ¥10
1 List of decks using this cardMystical Space Typhoon - - - - ¥10
trap (6 Types・8)
1 List of decks using this cardPoseidon Wave - - - - ¥19
1 List of decks using this cardBottomless Trap Hole - - - - ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardTorrential Reborn - - - - ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardFish Depth Charge - - - - ¥30
1 List of decks using this cardMirror Force - - - - ¥29
1 List of decks using this cardSolemn Warning - - - - ¥20
Extra Deck (11 Types・15)
1 List of decks using this cardTrishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier WATER 9 Dragon 2700 / 2000 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardAlly of Justice Field Marshal DARK 9 Machine 2900 / 2600 ¥50
2 List of decks using this cardThought Ruler Archfiend DARK 8 Psychic 2700 / 2300 ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardGungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier WATER 7 Dragon 2500 / 1700 ¥18
2 List of decks using this cardDewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier WATER 6 Beast 2000 / 1400 ¥20
1 List of decks using this cardArmory Arm LIGHT 4 Machine 1800 / 1200 ¥160
1 List of decks using this cardDark Rebellion Xyz Dragon DARK 4 Dragon 2500 / 2000 ¥49
1 List of decks using this cardBujinki Amaterasu LIGHT 4 Beast-Warrior 2600 / 2500 ¥30
1 List of decks using this cardGagaga Cowboy EARTH 4 Warrior 1500 / 2400 ¥25
1 List of decks using this cardFull Armored Black Ray Lancer WATER 4 Beast-Warrior 2100 / 0600 ¥10
2 List of decks using this cardBlack Ray Lancer DARK 3 Beast-Warrior 2100 / 0600 ¥10
Main deck minimum construction amount ¥1698

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