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Heroic Champion - Kusanagi Used Deck

Heroic Champion - Kusanagi
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Xyz Monster
Effect Monster
- 4 Warrior 2500 2400
3 Level 4 Warrior-Type monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn, when a Trap Card is activated: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it, then this card gains 500 ATK.
Average Rating Score 4(27)
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"Heroic Champion - Kusanagi" card reviews and rating scores

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japan タマーキン
2023/02/17 3:43
Yugioh Icon
Add san, you deco helper!
heroic figurine crew
I would like to say, but the required materials are three level 4 bodies, and it is quite heavy as it is limited to Warriors.
Still, if you ask whether it is worth the resources that only Trap can be done in negate, the answer is no
It would have been nice if he could at least negate the spell, but the reality is heartless
Once negate, ATK will rise, but it would be nice if the other party used Trap.
In modern Yu-Gi-Oh, he can use Dinomorphia to counter Weasel's big flatulence, but after sealing the effect of Lexterm, he can afford to make Kusanagi a move that can be used by Ai.
Above all, if it's against Dinomorphia, who will probably fly Solemn Judgment, it's still better to rely on Red Reboot alone.
Even against Labrynth, the presence of 《Compulsory Evacuation Device》is scary, but Yarln Grape, which grants resistance and deploys at the same time, is fine.
He was lined up with Crave Solish even though he tried to use it for ATK, and as an attacker, he has a real ATK of 4000, and he can use Excalibur with two Warriors. Rhongomiant and shoulders are too narrow
This is partly due to the increase in the card pool, but there is no slot for Kusanagi in modern heroics.
Heroic itself has room for extras, but rather than adding Kusanagi, it's much more meaningful to include Hope-related and simple "Ready Fusion" personnel "Karbonala Warrior".
In the original anime, he played an active role in a combo that raises his firepower by using his own trap as his negate, but I have to say that his success in reality is tough.
If you say that the 4 materials Azeus are easy to get out, it's easy to get out, but hope → Hope Ray → Azeus is good.
The extras are oppressive, but there is an overwhelming difference in the ease of deployment, and the ATK is also 2500 (2510 is even more advantageous with Hope ONE).
It's safe to say that it's a card that was swallowed up by the wave of inflation and disappeared.
japan asd
2023/01/20 11:30
Yugioh Icon
The biggest reason for using it is that it can be issued even under the 《Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades》limit.
I think it would have been more practical if the required materials were two Warrior level 4 monsters...
japan 超弩級スライム
2022/01/22 10:25
Yugioh Icon
"Heroic" Rank 4 monsters that can negate Traps
It can be attacked fairly safely, but it cannot deal with Counter Trap, and there are many holes such as not being able to deal with Traps after the second sheet because there is a counter trap.
In the first place, how is it that it can only handle traps, even though it requires 3 materials?
A single use of the effect will give him an ATK of 3000, maxing out at 4000, but for scoring purposes other "heroic" monsters like Excalibur will suffice.
He had the highest ATK among the "Heroic" monsters, but was lined up with Cravesolish.
japan サンパイ
2020/05/29 11:19
Yugioh Icon
Even Mr. Kusanagi is not a former member of a certain idol group.
Claim 3 warriors and all you can do is Trap meta.
Give priority to other Xs.
japan ソレイユ
2018/08/27 10:50
Yugioh Icon
It might not have been bad if it was still a two-body material...
japan シエスタ
2018/08/27 9:45
Yugioh Icon
An eye-catching card with a name similar to one of the members of a certain idol group and a batter-like standing pose.
The material is double specified as 3 warriors, but it's not that difficult if you have a photothra or a warrior with 《Goblindbergh》. Even more so if it's heroic.
If you can negate a trap and strengthen yourself, it's strong against traps, but it's powerless against summoning negates like the God series, which is once per turn, so it's a little halfway. You can also use it on your own cards, so you can do combat tricks.
The dilemma that it is difficult to bring out the effect in situations where there are many downs, but the weight of 3 materials is also a hindrance.
Trap is now faster and has a low adoption rate, and in addition to being able to summon Rongomi with the same material, over there can demonstrate complete resistance with 3000 hit points with 3 materials, so it is stronger than Trap.
The advantage here is that it is easy to receive support. There is a romance that can be greatly strengthened by chance by using 3 EX swords as materials.
However, due to the lack of interaction between Trap's adoption rate/characteristics and its own effects, it is a card that is very low priority and difficult to use because of its weight.
japan アルバ
2018/03/18 14:54
Yugioh Icon
A card that is messed with in various ways because of its name, which is a rare miss for this bullet.
The effect and RBI are not bad, but 3 Warriors are required and this is unsatisfactory.
It's strange that he's wary of Trap after establishing 4x3 Xyz in the first place.
japan ヒコモン
2015/01/18 11:10
Yugioh Icon
3 warriors are specified where it is honestly difficult to adopt even 2 materials. No one bothers to use Trap in a situation where you can't get rid of this by playing it. It's possible to negate your own Trap and increase his ATK, but there's no reason to use it over Rhongomiant.
japan ラギアの使徒
2015/01/16 19:40
Yugioh Icon
As a card that uses 3 materials, its performance is somewhat unsatisfactory. The fact that it is written is by no means weak, but rivals such as "Rhongomiant", which can be produced with the same number of materials and the same number of materials, and "Shock Ruler", which has high versatility, stand in the way. If you have room to put it in the extra deck, you can put it in, but if you don't have room, it's a card that's so unsatisfactory that you'll be the first to put it off.
japan hio
2014/12/22 21:45
Yugioh Icon
Because Tsuyoshi is dancing
Perhaps it's the gift of idol activities, but the effect of negate traps is obediently strong.
However, the material specification of the person is too heavy.
If the removal trap is face down, it is obvious that the material will be shot before this card is played.
Excess is often shot after Xyz, so in that case it's useful, but...
Even if you close your eyes to its weight, it's not a bad performance, so it might not be possible to use it in his deck that utilizes heroic support.
japan ユリウス
2014/12/22 21:18
Yugioh Icon
Heavy specifications, the effect of telling someone else to use it, and even the illustrations are fatally lame
Also, I can't sleep because I'm worried about the mysterious space in the lower left
japan ファイア野郎
2014/09/25 18:45
Yugioh Icon
NG Words: SMAP, Kusatsu Go
His art was shocking to me.
He is an Xyz Monster with the effect of 《Seven Tools of the Bandit》and RBI enhancement.
However, the difficulty is that it has the role of a shock ruler that can seal cards other than trap cards.
In addition, he has three level 4 monsters, and he has many rivals among Xyz Monsters, and he is inevitably inferior to them.
japan オバマ
2014/04/27 15:23
Yugioh Icon
The appearance of Mr. Rhongomiant in the same category is even more headwind... No, since the activation is negate, it can't be helped to think of it in the same line.
It's not weak, but if you're wary of 4x3 shock rulers equipped with cold waves, race unification or abyss, there are many rivals who are too strong with Delta Cross.
japan 青(じょう)
2014/02/06 23:06
Yugioh Icon
If ATK was 3000, I don't know if it would still be in the adoption range.
Although you can hit 3000 points with your own effect, passive activation only works for those who do not read the text.
Consider traps resistant.
If you still want 3000 RBI, negate your Trap like Mr. Ghosh, or use Excalibur from Hana.
japan ファナナス
2013/02/18 13:25
Yugioh Icon
The restriction of once per turn is difficult, and because of this, it is vulnerable to free chain escapes and the like. There is a bonus of 500 up, but if the opponent cannot remove this card, he will never use traps.
It's Rank 4 for 《Heroic Chance》, but Gandeva and Excalibur are enough, and I can't think of a scene to put this out before Ruler.
japan うぃな
2012/12/22 11:56
Yugioh Icon
It's nice to be able to attack without worrying about the attack reaction trap, but the material is heavy.
Furthermore, rulers, which can flexibly choose to block activation without binding, are in the same rank, which is bad.
I think it would have been better if there were no racial ties.
japan 未確認非行物体 
2012/12/10 15:37
Yugioh Icon
I hope I don't fall for the trap
It's heavy~
                       by Yamayu
japan 平蔵
2012/10/05 6:47
Yugioh Icon
I wanted to be able to use the effect on her spell because it's 3 materials.
If it's just a trap, it's worth it unless you have 2 Xyz.
2012/08/22 22:52
Yugioh Icon
No matter how much the three designated materials are heavy ... (crying)
The Kusanagi sword, one of the three sacred treasures, is supposed to be the origin of the name, but I feel that the effect is not worth it. It might be strong if you think of it as a 2500 that doesn't fall into the abyss?
japan ユウ
2012/07/25 18:00
Yugioh Icon
If there are two...
i want to put...
If it's a normal Warrior Deck...I wonder if I can play an active part...
japan パディヨンV
2012/07/24 17:51
Yugioh Icon
japan オンリー・MARU氏
2012/07/24 17:07
Yugioh Icon
This is terrible.
It's as bad as Shark Drake Vice. I don't want to go that far.
japan みかんゼリー
2012/07/20 22:02
Yugioh Icon
I'm happy not to get caught in the trap, but the 3 materials are heavy.
On top of that, there's a shock ruler that can seal things other than traps...
Due to the visible effects, he can't be expected to increase his ATK, which is a disappointing category among Xyz designated as warriors.
japan わたV
2012/07/20 11:21
Yugioh Icon
SMAP's... No, nothing.
It's unlikely that your opponent will use Trap when this card is out.
You have to think of it as a level 4x3 monster that essentially negates traps, but level 4x3 has a more versatile shock ruler that can handle monster effects and spells...
If it's a race-limited casual tournament, is there a place to stay...?
japan スクラップトリトドン
2012/07/20 8:36
Yugioh Icon
Shingo! Shingo!
Stepping on a trap will negate it and increase it by 500.
It's not bad at all, but 4x3 has a shock ruler that doesn't even allow it to activate...
There should be at least one restriction per turn...
japan とき
2012/07/20 8:08
Yugioh Icon
In fact, there will be no scene where you can use Trap, so you should consider it as a 2500 card that seals Trap.
In that case, the same guy can seal traps, and I'm worried about the stronghold of a versatile shock ruler that can do other than that.
If it becomes a 3-body Xyz, a considerably expensive thing is required. I wonder if this card answers that question...
japan 2014/09/24 20:54
The incarnation of SMAP's Kusa*go. After all, I think that SMAP is doing well in both variety and music.

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ABYSS RISING ABYR-JP043 2012-07-21 Super

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Rating Score Rank 9,668 / 12,535 Cards
View Num 38,574


Japanese card name H-C クサナギ

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