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HOME > Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists > V JUMP October 2006 and up > ✪ Dundee White Lion

✪ Dundee White Lion Used Deck

✪ Dundee White Lion
Card Kind Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Effect Monster - 3 Plant 300 300
The effect of this card name can only be used once per turn, and you cannot Special Summon monsters from the EX Deck the turn you activate this effect.
Average Rating Score 7(10)
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"✪ Dundee White Lion" card reviews and rating scores

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japan KARA
2023/06/17 17:33
Yugioh Icon
Remake card of banned card 《Dandylion
In order to issue a token, it is necessary to send it from the hand or field to his GY, and it has the considerable disadvantage of not being able to use EX when the token is issued.
Unlike the original Dandylion, it is an enhancement point that you can now get 3 tokens
Quite a weird card to be honest.
Since it is no longer compatible with the Deck, handling is quite bad and EX cannot be used. The disadvantage is that it is quite large.
Even if it's a Tribute, I'm not sure how much I need to use this card.
In today's Yu-Gi-Oh, it's not uncommon for developments to fill the field.
Since there is also a name turn 1, it is difficult to stack multiple cards and it is inconvenient to use
japan シエスタ
2023/05/25 14:38
Yugioh Icon
A card that can be said to be a remake or an adjusted version of 《Dandylion》, as it is often said. It appeared in the same V Jean appendix.
It's a bit disappointing that the appearance of this card has reduced the chances of the head family returning with errata.
The part that was too strong in the original has been nerfed, making it difficult to use as an EX Deck material in addition to worsening handling.
However, there are some parts that have been strengthened, and 3 tokens are generated. It is immediately available for Tribute Summon.
Since it's a low-status plant, there are many ways to pull it, and even though it's worse than the original, it's not bad to handle.
The habit has become stronger, but the card seems to have potential in the future. It seems to be used as a bullet of some sort.
japan ねおんちゃん
2023/05/25 5:50
Yugioh Icon
EARTH & "If sent from hand to his GY". I understand that you can use it in Vernusylph.
However, this token generation is not entwined with the EX Deck, and the status of the token is not suitable for the Ritual Summon Tribute, so it is inevitably used in the Tribute Summon. This is the biggest adjustment point, shackle, and guideline.
The fact that there doesn't seem to be a Tribute Summon theme that synergizes with Vernusylph is probably the biggest reason why it's currently difficult to handle. If this problem is resolved, it will be able to jump to the front lines at once.
Somehow, there is no room for denial that procuring three Tributes is a very strong effect, and although the disadvantages are certainly severe, there is no room for ingenuity as "completely impossible to use" like "Red-Eyes Fusion". It doesn't have a weight that can't be explained without thinking that it was made with clear and strong malice. I think it will be a useful card somewhere.
japan アルバ
2023/05/25 0:05
Yugioh Icon
A remake of Dandy, who went out of control on the link and was sent to prison.
Of course, the turn 1 restriction is in response to his GY drop by Cherubini and Masuma, which was the reason for the ban, as Special Summon is not possible from the turn extra that uses the effect, and it does not correspond to his GY sending from his deck. However, the aptitude for link materials has decreased, making it much more difficult to use than the original remake.
However, unlike "✪ The Price Of Flesh And Blood", it's not just downgraded to a mere backward compatibility, and since the number of tokens it produces has increased by one, its suitability for use in Tribute Summon has increased.
Since it has 3 bodies, it is a card that can be played quite easily because it can be used for heavyweights such as God, Evil God, and 《Destiny HERO - Plasma》.
However, it is painful that it does not correspond to his GY sending from Deck, and if it is used for Tribute Summon, how to send it to his GY will be an issue.
I wonder if 《Forbidden Droplet》, which allows him to send GY even if he's on the field or draws into his hand, would be a good matchup.
This time, it is naturally harder to use than the prohibited remake source, but in one respect it has been adjusted to exceed the remake source.
japan 愛佳
2023/05/24 7:11
Yugioh Icon
I personally think that the remake method was adopted because it is likely that remake cards, which are a common practice in recent V-Jump, would cause a tremendous amount of repercussions if they were not errata-free like 《Brain Control》and 《Makyura the Destructor》.
The V jump attachment is the same as the original.
As most expected, the name Turn 1 and the restriction that cannot be used as a material were given, so it seems better to give up on returning the restriction of 《Dandylion》.
It's quite painful that it can't be activated from the Deck, but it can't be helped because his GY fertilization system is abundant these days.
However, there are some good points, and it's good to be able to get 3 Tributes, you can support God cards that require 3 Tributes, and 《Gilford the Lightning》and 《Destiny HERO - Plasma》, which is an advantage that 《Scapegoat》doesn't have. hey.
It might be good to use [Vernusylph] to revive you during your opponent's turn, and of course it's not bad to use it as a cost for 《Troymare》or 《Lonefire Blossom》, or as an emergency wall.
You'll be able to use fluff token cards again! I thought it was a white fluff token, did you put some extra effort into it? But it's a waste, so I'll use that token card.
japan ルーナエ
2023/05/24 4:04
Yugioh Icon
Whether it's a deer or a tiger, white beasts are very mysterious and have a very special feeling to them!
There are actually individuals called white lions, and it seems that these are not albino but white mutants.
It is a card that has been remade in a standing position like an adjusted version of 《Dandylion》, which has become a banned card. Based on the current situation that it has become possible to send to GY many times from the field, it has been readjusted in a reasonable way.
Instead, I feel that times have changed when the usage restrictions on the release of Tribute Summon have been relaxed.
This limits the decks that can be used, but being able to transform one monster into three is still appealing, and I wonder how it can be done smoothly without using EX monsters and using tokens. I think it's a good card that makes you want to think about various things!
At first glance, the number of tokens that appear at once has increased from 2 to 3, so as not to be backward compatible with "Dandylion". Note that the effect cannot be used if there are 3 or more monsters in the
But I liked the dandy expression of 《Dandylion》-kun in the illustration of Lion-san.
japan ブルーバード
2023/05/23 13:23
Yugioh Icon
That strongest condemned prisoner, Dandylion, is a de facto errata. From the EX Deck, he can't Special Summon, and while it's greatly weakened in that it doesn't respond to his GY sending from the Deck, it's also strengthened by being able to recruit 3 characters.
Compared to cards like 《✪ The Price Of Flesh And Blood》and 《Magician of Faithfulness》that are too subtle, this is a finish that can be expected. If it's a Ritual theme, you don't need an EX Deck, you can voluntarily drop this into her GY, and you can fine-tune the level. "Nekroz of Areadbhair" and "Magician of Black Chaos MAX" require a monster to activate, so you can cover it with this guy. It would be nice to send Shadow Mist or Airman to the Ritual theme and use it as material for 《Destiny HERO - Plasma》, or simply use the Plant Deck to release 《Pollinosis》or 《World Carrotweight Champion》. Or maybe try reviving in Vernusylph?
It has potential, but for now I can't think of a way to get to the heart of it... Since I can't use Jasmine, I don't have a search method, and it's too painful that I can't fertilize his GY from the deck.
japan みめっと
2023/05/23 10:33
Yugioh Icon
A "Dandylion" remake monster that was born in 2023 as VJ appendix cards were created by remaking cards that have played an active role in past environments.
I always thought that Dandy, the monster used by the main character in the anime, would one day be errataed and return from the ban, but it has been remade with almost the same performance as errata, and it is the same as "Ultimate Offering". But that line has become quite thin...
Like the previous Tomato and Potato, the five basic stats are the same, and the tokens that come out have the same abilities, just with slightly different names.
The main difference from Dandy is that the use of the effect has the name Turn 1, the turn it activates cannot use Special Summon from the EX Deck, and its own effect is the GY from his Deck. It is not compatible with sending.
The enhancement is that the number of tokens that appear is increased by one, and the tokens that appear can be used for release for his Tribute Summon from that turn.
The point that cannot be said either way is that while Dandy is a mandatory effect, this one is an optional effect.
Even if the name Turn 1 is natural, the restriction that he cannot Special Summon from the EX Deck during that turn is very heavy, and this makes it possible to use the tokens that were a great strength of Dandy as S materials and L materials. is becoming very difficult to do.
It's a reasonable adjustment because the remake source is a banned card, but honestly, if this specification is the worst compatibility with EX development, I think it would have been good for him to trigger the effect even if he sent GY from the deck.
If you use the method of sending this card from your hand to GY with a card that discards your hand with a cost or effect during the opponent's end phase, you will not have to worry about sending this card to GY during the opponent's main phase or battle phase, and you can use EX Deck The disadvantages of Special Summon from 1 are also irrelevant, but if you use it that way, you need to set it on the field and there is a risk of being targeted by removal effects, but you can activate it alone and the tokens that come out are also better than this card. 《Scapegoat》, which has one more creature and doesn't get a grave, is generally better.
If you use this card, you can send GY from your hand or field by means as effective as possible without using the summoning right on your turn, and release the tokens that come out for Tribute Summon and some Special Summons. It will be necessary to use it for , and to take advantage of the fact that the token that comes out is a Plant.
In particular, since there are 3 tokens, it is compatible with all cards that require the release of 3 tokens. It can be said that the existence of 《Slifer the Sky Dragon》, which is one of the cards, is quite conscious.
However, Foolish Burial is also included in this pack, making it all the more mysterious that this card's effect doesn't trigger when he sends GY from his deck.
japan くず
2023/10/03 23:10
Yugioh Icon
japan かどまん
2023/10/03 22:36
Yugioh Icon

Decks with "✪ Dundee White Lion"

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Card Category and Effect Category

Products in Japan

Product No Release Date Rarity
V JUMP October 2006 and up VJMP-JP236 2006-10-01 Ultra

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Rating Score Rank 5,537 / 12,758 Cards
View Num 2,010


Japanese card name ダンディ・ホワイトライオン

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